Good Morning!

Hi, I am Thomie, and I’m the owner and Author of these different stories.

So, because this site is all stories that I’m writing, have written or started writing and stopped because ideas stopped. I write from dreams, whatever comes to mind (usually after seeing or hearing something that sounds interesting), and just random ideas that pop into my head.

Now, I write because there are ideas that need to get out or I feel like I’m going to explode. I don’t expect people to like them or even read them. They are therapeutic for me and I won’t let anyone take them way from me.

I know that a lot of the stories are written terribly, but I like to think there’s some diamonds in the rough. I initially started this website because it was an easy way to send to friends and family.

I’m currently married and have two cats. As of Oct 2018, I am preggo with our first kid, but we are waiting to find out gender, because I am an asshole.

So, I invite you to read, laugh at my stupidity and my writing style. Hopefully, you find a story that you enjoy more than for terrible comedic value.

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