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A dark midnight blue royal carriage being pulled by pure black stallions appeared beside a girl of only sixteen. The girl, not paying much attention to the carriage, kept walking in the dark forest. The front horse neighed in a wolf’s growl. The girl looked up, saw the blood red eyes of the horses, and then began to run for life.

A tall pale man dressed in finery came out of the carriage, carrying ropes with him. His eyes matching the same bloody color as his horses’. He grinned as he disappeared into a puff of violet mist.

The girl, thinking she lost the stranger, slowed her pace. She spoke to herself, “Well, you all, I think we lost him.” She awaited an answer.

She heard a male voice in her mind, I think so too, Lavender.

The voice comforted her greatly. “Is everyone okay in there?” She heard    a multitude of voices answer her.

Lavender, thinking she was safe, began to continue walking towards her home. The mist appeared behind her, silent as the plague, it came closer until the last second. She did not hear him coming until he had her in his grasp.

He breathed in the scent of wild rosemary on her skin, as he bound her with the ropes. He knocked her out with a sharp pain to her mind then whistled, calling his carriage.



The Devil tied Lavender down onto an elongated oak table. Feeling drowsy, she woke up to the sweet and acidic smells of the combined scents of honeysuckle and decay. After a brief moment of confusion, she remembered what had happened, so she refused to look directly into the Devil’s eyes. She would have screamed, but she seemed to have lost her voice against the ice cold of the worn, well-used table.

The Devil cut away her clothes, marveling at her beauty. With lightly tanned skin, a hard, well-developed body, forest green eyes, and golden blonde hair, she was perfect in his eyes and mind. He drank in the sight before undressing himself.

Lavender tried to look away as he undressed, but his vampiric power was too much against her will, so she looked. His pure moon white body contrasted against his midnight black hair, but accented his eyes, making them seem brighter.

She felt tears fall as he set his cold muscular body on top of hers. She found her voice as he began to pulse inside of her; she screamed in panic. She was feeling hot with an inferno of rage welling up inside of her core, as he broke her. She felt him pulse in heartbeats inside of body her. Pain flickered in her eyes, her worst nightmares coming true all at once.

Then, another nightmare broke loose, but this time, the nightmare came from inside Lavender’s mind. Her eyes became a fiery orange, an unknown rage taking over her mind and body. She felt a burning from her soul, forcing herself to scream bloody murder. A manifestation of her anger flew from her screams. An inhumanly low voice came from its mouth, “You really should not have done that. Awakening a demon ’twas not wise on your part, Dante…”

The Devil recognized the voice immediately, “Hiku…” He growled, while he quit raping the girl’s body. He stood up and got off the table in one smooth, quick movement.

With a flash of black power, Hiku, as Dante called the voice, broke the binds the held the Lavender. She had quit screaming, as she fell into an unconscious slumber, the other voices in her mind trying to calm her spirit.

Hiku tackled the rapist to the ground, pinning the Devil under his power. “This girl is mine. Do not ever touch her again.” His deep guttural voice gave a dire warning.

“Tis too late, Hiku. She belongs to me. My seed has been planted.” Dante grinned devilishly. “Also, what do you want with the girl that kept you locked inside? She did not even want you in the first place. Just walk away now.”

Hiku looked at Lavender’s body, where he had slept. I should not care much. She kept me far away from her mind, refusing to let me out. He tried to think it all through. But she did save my life by hiding me. He made up his mind. “She is mine since the day she took me into her mind. So, I will repay my debt. Her and the spirits in her mind are the only friends I have ever had.” An energy sword made of the light of Heaven appeared into his hand. He stood ready to defeat the Devil.

Dante shook his head, stretched his arm to the side, palm turned up. A sword made of the fiery souls that reside in hell appeared in his upturned palm. “Prepare to pay for your insolence!”

Hiku could not help but think of the girl beside the table. He spoke directly into her mind, to the voices that comforted her. Keep her safe. With that said, he sprinted towards Dante, slashing the sword down when he was within range.

The Devil was hit, screaming in a fury of pain. The voice reverberated off the dungeon’s walls. But the simple attack did not do enough damage to destroy him. He kept slashing at Hiku, pushing him towards a wall. Hiku blocked every blow that the Devil did. From diagonal slashing to an almost beheading, Hiku blocked them all. Then the unspeakable happened, he was backed against a wall beside the table.

Hiku slashed again, this time hitting Dante square in the chest. The Devil retaliated with a strike of his own, stepping forward and stabbing in a downward stroke. “Good bye!” He pushed most of his weight into the stab.

Hiku closed his eyes to not see the blow coming, but it never came. He blinked his eyes open, and found Lavender in front of him, having took the blow. She fell to the ground, the sword going through her chest, but not killing her just yet; the voices in her head keeping her alive with their energy. She tried to take a breath, and was almost unable to, but she succeeded.

The Devil could not believe it; Lavender had taken the blow and was still living. Then she spoke softly but clearly with labored breathing, “I… bind… thee… to… me…” The Devil knew these words by heart; he had used them multiple times on fallen angels and souls.

The sword disappeared from sight, going back into the fires of hell from whence it had come. He screamed more as he began to disappear, being absorbed into Lavender’s body and mind. As he was being absorbed, she started to fall. Hiku ran forward and catching her just in time, before she hit the ground. Dante was completely gone, only his echoing screams were left.

Lavender sadly looked up into Hiku’s eyes, her body slowing dying. “Hiku… I am… glad you… are okay…”

Hiku felt a tear fall from his eyes. “Why am I crying?” He was curious about this. “I am damned to hell. And the damned cannot cry.” He let the comment drop, just holding onto Lavender, already knowing the answer.

“You saved me… You are no… longer damned…” She answered quietly. “Take care… of yourself…”

Hiku felt her body go limp in his arms. He cried silently in the lonely dungeon, until he felt a soft touch on his shoulder. He looked behind and saw a light purple light shining brightly. He smiled for her, knowing she was saved. “I will never forget you, Lady Lavender of the Light.” The light rose up and disappeared.

He felt a tug at the edge of his consciousness. He stood up grinning and looking at her dead body. “Well, brother, I am proud to send you.” He made a triangle with his hands followed by two circles and a finally pressing his palms together. The tug disappeared, sending Dante back to hell.

He pointed a finger at the body, and felt at true peace as a flicker of flame flew from his finger and to the body, starting a small fire. He bowed to the girl’s body, “So, your soul will be safe.” With that, he vanished in a cloud of white smoke.


“Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray the Lord my soul to keep.
If I should die before I wake,
I pray the Lord my soul to take.”
-child’s bedtime prayer – 18th century

The words, if I should die before I wake, ran through my head. Today was Friday the 13th, the first since the end of the war. Well, it was not a war that most people knew about, but it touched the ends of the universe and it crossed into three planes of existence. I drove my car, thinking back at the war, knowing the memories would never leave. It was a war between the angels and the devils, fighting over the young human race.

The date it started was December 23rd, 2012, the date of our destinies, my friends and I. We were the Fallen, the fallen angels who came from the human wombs. We were created from the depths of the Darkness but also from the light of the Grace. With our power, we did what we could to defeat both sides to protect the humans from the warring factions. We all knew we were going to die; we were certain of it, knowing our time would come in the midst of the war. We were right, well, except me.

I lived.

I still do not understand why, though. I should be dead, I should have followed the rest of my comrades into the cold sleep. But somehow, I lived to see the end of the war. I watched them fall beside me, as the war ended in a flash of light. The devils receded back into the darkness and the angels went back into the light. With our leader’s last words, they all drifted into death, their mission accomplished.

Except me.

The pain of the memories causes my eyes to tear up. I pull to the side of the lone highway, so I do not crash into oncoming traffic. “They shouldn’t have died…” I cry to myself, as I slump against the steering wheel. “I should have died beside them…” I felt the tears stream down my face.

I hear a soft pitter-patter on my car’s rooftop. As I slowly cry to myself, I notice the rain coming down harder. My car’s lights die out, leaving me stranded without a working battery in my car. I turn the car off, hoping it would help for the car to collect the last of its battery to get me home. I cry as I wait for the battery to slowly charge.

I see headlights coming towards me. The semi slows down and comes to a stop, just in front of my car. A male hops out and I watch him as he comes to the driver’s side. He taps on the window, asking for me to open my door. I disengage my seatbelt and open the door. He puts a gun to my head, and I let him.

“Get out of the car.” He commands me, and I do as he says. I take a good look at him and he slaps me across my face. “Don’t look at me!” He shouts.

I look at the ground, but I have his face memorized. He has a deep cut across his cheek, going from his eye to his upper lip. Knife fight, my mind tells me. He has dark eyes, probably a dark brown. Blonde hair, most likely graying at the sides, telling me he is about in his 40s or so.

“Get over to the truck.” He growled as he put the gun to my head. I started to walk to the truck’s passenger side.

“No, I meant get in the back of the truck.” He grabbed my arm hard, holding me so I could not run. I do not fight him, I gave up all hope of living when they all died. He opened up the back of the semi trailer and I gasped at what I saw.

He threw me into the pile of bodies and slammed the door shut. I scream and I cry as I see the faces. They are women who have gone missing over the last year. One of them hit me. “Shut up, bitch. We are trying to sleep.” I stop screaming; at least they are alive.

“Wha-what’s going on?” I stuttered.

“New ones always have to keep us awake, now don’t they?” I hear laughter behind her. “You’re going to die.”

“What?!” I cry out.

“What part of shut up don’t you understand?”

“Please, what can I do to not die?” I begged for the answer.

The leader woman thought to herself. “Find a way to free us, and you will live.”

“But how?”

“That’s your way to find out. Just get us out of here and you can live to see the light of day.”

“I… understand.” I tried to think of a way to get them free. “Who’s all alive in here?”

“There’s forty alive, one hundred dead.”

I thought of something, but that would require me to kill the man. I could not kill him, not unless he tried to kill me first. Knock him out. The idea was quick and easy. “I have an idea. We need to stack the dead bodies against the door. When he opens it, it’ll fall on top of him, burying him.”

The woman looked at me. “Well, it’s the best idea we have.” She whistled for the other live ones to come out. “You heard her. Let’s get moving.”

I helped the other women to stack the one hundred bodies against the door. We felt the truck come to a stop, before hearing the door slam. “He’s coming. Everyone get away from the door.” I told them, as they had become my new comrades against a mortal enemy.

I watched the door open, as the bodies started to tumble down. I kept an eye on the male as he fought to keep the bodies from falling. I saw the doors start to close. No! I ran from the other women and I kicked the door back open, leaping off the truck.

I did not see him draw the gun, but I heard him shoot. I fell to the ground, clutching my hand to my stomach. Shit… I tried to stand back up, using all my strength to do it. I noticed that his truck was unhitched form the trailer. He’s gonna leave them here… I watched him throw something into the trailer, before he slammed the door shut and locked it.

He walked over to me and propped me up. He held me on his lap, his hand snaking down into my pants. “So, you thought you all could escape, could you?”

I heard screams from inside the truck, before hearing a loud boom. The trailer exploded into a ball of flame. My eyes widened as I felt his finger flicker in and out of my body. He laid me down on the ground and pulled my pants down, taking my underwear with it. I screamed and tried to fight him, but he slapped me across the face. I felt my body get weaker as I bled from my stomach. He unzipped his pants and pushed himself into me. I was dying, I knew it, but I would not go without a fight. I kept fighting against the truck driver. I was not going to give up, I kicked him hard. I did what I could to stop him. But in the end, it wasn’t enough. He kept pushing himself in and out of me.

I saw the gun out of the corner of my eye get closer to my head. I lost all feeling in my legs, as the blood rushed to my dying heart. He whispered in my ear, “I kept a grenade from the Iraq war, just in case.”

He pulled his hand out of my pants, as he grinned. “Well, that was a pleasurable experience.” He pulled the trigger, shooting me in the head, before dropping my corpse on the ground. He got back into his truck and drove off.



Where am I?

I opened my eyes, but was quickly forced to close them again. I sat up, before carefully and slowly opening them to stop myself from being blinded by the bright light. After my eyes adjusted to the bright light, I took in my surroundings.

I sat in an endless field of clouds. I stood up and brushed myself off, but my clothes were not the ones I died in. I wore a dress made of ivory silk and satin, with a silver feather on my breast. I lifted up the pendant and examined it closely. My fingers danced on the silver, keeping to a light touch. I let the pendant fall back to my breast as I tried to find my way.

I saw the clouds start to move together and create a staircase in front of my eyes. I looked around and behind me, as a shadow grew from my left. I took this as a hint to run. I bolted up the stairs, with dark hands clawing at my feet and the train of the elaborate dress.

One hand caught a hold of the end of the dress and started to pull me back. I pulled forward, as I started to hear a rip from behind me. I looked back and saw dark wings rise out of the clouds. “Shit.” I mumbled before my instincts kicked in.

I had lost my Fallen powers at the end of the war. Michael had taken them away, as penance for the lives that were taken during the war. I had let him, because I knew it would help restore the natural order of everything. It was the right thing to do.

At the time.

But as I watched the dark figure rise out of the clouds, towering over me, I wish I had not let him. I was not going to survive this. Not without help. So I did what I could do, with my limited power and energy.

I ran.

Up the staircase. Higher into the clouds, I ran. But I knew that the dark being could still catch me. I whispered to myself, “May the holy one protect me…” I felt a flash of heat come from behind me.

I turned and gasped. Another dark angel stepped between the Darkness and me. He turned, “Get going, Love. We’ll stop him from following.”

I did not have to think of who the ‘we’ pertained to. I knew exactly who they were. “Thank you… Fallen…” I watched their shapes materialize in front of me. I then realized who the looming dark figure was. It was the true Darkness…

With that one word whispering through my mind, I kicked into fighting mode, a place in my mind where I watched the world slow down. I ran up the spiral cloud staircase as fast as I could. There was no telling what was going on down below, where my friends were fighting for me. I saw the end of the stairs, and an island on the other side. I did not stop…

I couldn’t.

I ran and jumped over to the island, knowing that if I missed… I did not think about it, as I lept over to the island. Sanctuary…

I hit the other side, but I was not fully on the island. I tried to hold onto the clouds, but I was slipping. I knew I was.

I’m going to die. Not just die. I’m going to Hell.

“Need some help?” I heard a male voice from above me. He extended his hand to me. I saw the brightest and purest wings ever though to have existed, giving me the feeling his aura was created to make people feel safe. I wanted to keep that feeling forever.

“Please.” I cried out to him as I grabbed his hand, as my other hand slipped off.

He easily pulled me up and set me on the cloud island. I curled up into a ball, knowing what might have happened if the guy did not show up. I kept saying thank you, through my sobbing tears.

He sat next to me and pulled me close to him. I continued to cry, as he stroked my hair, calming me down slowly. He whispered softly into my ear, “We have been waiting for you.”

“Who…?” I did not care, to tell you the truth, but he saved me, so I had to go along with it.

“St. Peter, Michael, God and myself.” His voice was soft and soothing.

“May I ask…” I did not know how to ask.

“You will know soon, Child.” He gently pushed me off his lap; after all, I had stopped crying. He stood up next to me and helped me up off the cloud-ground. “Follow me.” I nodded, not trusting my voice.

I took in his appearance, as I was helped up. The first things I noticed were his eyes. Colors swirled about them in a storm of confetti. I watched them change from the lightest blue to the darkest brown then back again. His hair was the next thing I noticed, with his long luxurious locks. His hair was tinted a light brown, but I saw specks of blonde, black and a dark brown going throughout his hair. He was taller than me, which was normal in just about everything else in the world. His shoulders were broad and were strong, as I knew from him picking me up onto the island. He wore a tunic and leggings to match the bright landscape, being made of the finest ivory silk.

He noticed me taking note of his appearance and he gave me a patient look. “Done?” I nodded before he turned on the ball of his foot. He led me through the island of clouds, as I saw palm trees made of clouds, thunderheads were waves on the cloud beach. I saw other souls surfing on the thunderclouds.

“Heaven…” I muttered to myself.

“Yes, child. But you need to see St. Peter before anything else. Your salvation is at stake.”

“I understand. Where is he?”

“He’s in the office. He is the head of admissions and he is the one who told me to find you.”

“Ah.” I followed the angel through the streets of sunlight towards a bright, granite-looking office building.

We went up to the door and just walked right in. It was like he owned the place, he did not stop at the information desk, he walked right passed the security gate. I tried to follow him through but angels stepped in front of me, blocking my passage.

“I need to see St. Peter!” I told them as they pushed me away from the gate.

“Sure you do. And what makes you so special that you think you can just walk right into…”

“My good sirs, I think you should let the child in.” The angel came back and opened the gate for me.

“Yes, sir.” The guards snapped to attention.

“Thank you.” I bowed to them before going to the angel.

“Thank you, security.” He waved at them and they went to at ease.

I looked back to the guards as the gate closed. “You must be pretty high up to be able to come back here. And the way they snapped to attention…”

“Don’t let it bother you. And we’re here.” He opened a golden door and I saw a man sitting on a judge’s bench. He was an old man with long silver hair, his shoulders stooped from being over the book for eternity.

“St. Peter.” I whispered his name to myself.

“Yes.” The angel pushed me forward to St. Peter. “Peter, I found her before she fell into the abyss.”

The old man looked up at me, his spectacles low on his nose. “I see.” He looked down at the book and then motioned me forward. I took the step towards him and I felt the angel step back.

“Peter, I’ll be back to pick her up later. ”

“I know.”

The angel walked away and I heard the door close behind me.

“So, you are Sarah Thomie, who also goes by the name of Solari, or Sori for short. You were born on May 11, 1989 and you died on September 13, 2013. Is that correct?”

“Yes, sir.”

He hopped off the stand and stretched. “Well, welcome to Heaven.” He reached his hand out to me.

I shook his hand. “Sir? May I ask a question?”

“Go ahead.”

“How many of my friends made it here?”

He looked at the ground. “None. None of the Fallen were admitted into Heaven.”

I felt the world whirl around me. “I was the only one…”

He rubbed my shoulder, knowing I was in pain.

“What determines if you go to Heaven or Hell?”

“The Scales of Virtue.”

“May I please see my friends’ and my scales?”

“Sure.” He led me down a long passage to a dark red door. He raised his hand to the red door and it slowly opened. He stepped inside the darkened room and instantly, the room filled with candlelight. “Please, come inside.”

I took one step into the room and a cold chill ran up my back. I saw silver thirteen scales set out before me. I went to the first one and saw my name engraved on the base. I walked by each and every one and read the names aloud, “Cecil Estein, Thomas Blake, Ashley Smith, Ashley Perez, Christopher Moran, Janette Goering, Samantha Woodmansee, Jessica Pierce, April Sorenson, Riann Wilson, Matthew Newmaker, and Xyleena Martin. The Fallen…”

“Yes.” He looked down at me.

“I have a question and a request.”

“You may have both depending on what you want.”

“What weighs more, sin or virtue?”


“And my request… May I be alone with them?” I asked quietly.

“I… guess I can do that.”

“Thank you, sir.” I bowed deeply to him.

St. Peter nodded his head to me, before he walked out the door.

I stood alone in the room. I pulled the scales off the shelf and into the floor, creating a circle around me. I looked at every one, paying attention to the ratio of sin to virtue. “They are all too much…” I muttered to myself. I looked at the sin side of the scales and noticed that three of them had the sin sides touching the floor. “Thomas, Cecil and Matthew… I’ll start with them.”

I lifted up a piece of coal from Cecil’s scale. It burned my hand as I lifted it out of his scale and onto mine. The stupid piece of coal weighs like a hundred fifty damned pounds… I looked at my hands after I dropped the coal. “Burns… Third degree if not worse. But they all have to be gone.” I swore to myself. I lifted up the next sin, then the next, until Cecil was left with no sins, only virtues left in his scale.

Next up, Matthew’s scale. His sins weighed more than Cecil’s did. A hundred seventy five… I lifted his sins up one by one, until he was cleared to go into heaven. I looked at my burned and blistered hands before I got an idea. I knew I would not be able to help Thomas if the sins were heavier and they burned at my touch.

I ripped off the end of my dress and created a set of gloves with it, wrapping my hands up tight. Once I had my hands wrapped tight and safe, I started with Thomas’s sins.

It felt like hours as I moved the sins from Thomas’s scale to my own. It once again weighed more then the other two sets of sins, making it about two hundred pounds by my count and estimate.

I took a rest as soon as I was done moving Thomas’s sins onto my scale. I looked at my scale, as the scale was brushing against the floor of the room. “I think… they are saved…” I sighed to myself.

I then looked to the other nine scales that were tipping into Hell. I sighed as I tried to think of what too do. There was no more room for their sins on my scale, so I would have to take the virtue and place it in their scales.

I carefully dipped my hands into the bowl of the scale. I pulled my hands out as I carried the virtues, little grains of sand, to my friends’ scales. I distributed the sands to the various scales, giving them just enough to get to Heaven, knowing if I gave too much, there would not be enough for the rest of them.

There was a big problem, as I soon discovered. There were not enough grains to get all of the scales. I was able to fill all but one. And the worst part of it all, his only sin was the fact that he was born a Fallen. But that sin weighed down heavily on his scale. Moran… His name gently brushed against my mind. He was the most innocent of the rest of us, and here he was, stuck in Hell, because I had not done enough in life to help him now.

I sat on the ground and started to cry heavily. All of the pain of getting raped then killed, the almost fall into Hell and the pain of the sins weighed heavily on my heart and soul. It would not be long, before the people of Heaven found me and they would throw me into the darkest pits.

Someone must have heard me sobbing, because I heard the door open and close behind me. The angel who saved me tapped me on the shoulder, just as I looked up to meet his eyes. He saw the scales and how they had been changed. He grasped me on the shoulder before pulling me to my feet.

“What do you think you are doing?” He growled to me, the carnal feelings of anger rose to the surface.

My instinct reacted instantly, causing me to get bolder. “I am saving them. I couldn’t protect them in life, so I’m finishing my job in death.”

“Who are you to go against the cosmos?”

“I am a guardian who is willing to change places with them in Hell. They don’t deserve to be there, just because some God created them to be damned. Isn’t that why humans were given logic? So they could choose the path as they will? Why couldn’t they be given the same chance?”

“They are Fallen, they deserve to be in Hell.”

“By who’s regard? Why should they be there, when they did what they could to protect the humans, the children of God?”

He was about to refute, but apparently, I hit a sore spot. He looked at the ground before looking back up at me, “How far are you willing to go to get them here?”

“I just need a few more grains of virtue to save the last of them.” I hid my hands behind my back and guarded my scale with my dress.

“Let me see.” He took a step forward, and I knew I had to show him. I lifted my hands so he could inspect them. “You did this with Sin.”

“Yes, every burning gagillion pound of it. But I could only do it with three of them, before there was no more room…” I stepped to the side, revealing my scale.

“You…” He was speechless, I saw that.

“I couldn’t think of any other way to save them. So I did what I thought would work. I moved their sins onto my scale, so they could be admitted to Heaven. Then I took my virtue and put them in the other eight scales, balancing them enough to get them up here… But…”

“You ran out.” He read my mind.


“I ask you again, how far will you go to save them?” He was testing me. I saw it in his eyes. But I was not going to lie to this angel.

“I would give up everything to save them all. My Salvation, my Reincarnation, my Soul… I would damn myself further into the depths of Hell to save them.”

He produced a scale in his hands, “This scale belongs to a person who has a single grain that could save them or damn them. What would you do with it?”

“Let them keep it. It’s not mine to give or take. But if it’s a single grain… I think…” I looked at my left hand, where I had once cut myself and saw two grains stuck in the groove. I put one into Moran’s scale and the other into the one that the angel held. “That should be enough to save him.” I mumbled.

“You now have nothing to give to save your friend. What will you do?”

“Trade Satan. I would beg a trade of souls between my soul and Moran’s.”

“He won’t do it.” The angel was curt as he vanished the scale. “How about I have a better idea?”

“May I please hear it?”

The angel bent over and picked up my scale. “You are trying to play God. What would you do if you met him?”

“I would plead my case, and beg for him to destroy me, if it would give one more grain to save him.” I told the angel.

He grabbed one of the sins off of the scale and crushed it between his fingers, creating a grain of sand.

“But… How?” I was confused.

“Are you sure you want to do this? To give it all up to save those who don’t deserve it?”

“All of them deserve it… in each of their own ways…”

He put the grain into Moran’s scale, admitting Moran into Heaven. “Then so be it…”

I felt myself fall to the ground, the weight of everything taking a toll on my soul. “What’s… going on?”

The angel caught me, dropping my scale to the floor. “You’ve been damned. You’re going to Hell…”

“Are they safe? Did they make it?” I begged for an answer.

“Yes, and you have my word that they are in Heaven.”

I breathed a sigh of relief. “I’m sorry for being a pain… But may I ask one more question…?”

“Yes, you may.”

“Who are you?”

“I am Lucifer…The voice of God… And He has spoken…”

“Then I guess I truly am damned.”

He lifted me up into his arms. “No, He wants you to meet him before you fall.”

“Then… I guess we can’t keep God waiting.”

A whirl of blue light lit up around us, as the room spun away from sight. We arrived into a grand chamber of pearly white and precious metals. Silver, gold and bronze adorned a grand throne that sat behind a globe.

“Sir, here she is.” He set me on the ground and stepped away.

I tried to see Him, but the globe hid His face from me. I did see long flowing silver hair, reaching down to a well-shaped male’s calves.

“I understand, Sir.” Lucifer bowed, before grabbing me again.

“What did He say?”

“Shh… Don’t speak with your tongue, show Him your words with your heart. Open yourself up to him.”

I felt the words dance along my skin. With my heart? But… I never believed in Him before dying… He’s going to see that and He won’t listen… My heart despaired at the thought.

Do not think that so lightly, Child.

I gasped as the other mind penetrated into my own. I felt a soft light glint through my head, clearing away all the thoughts of pain, sadness and other unhealthy emotions.

Sir…I came to ask for your forgiveness. I tampered with the scales of my friends, because I thought they were unjustly damned.

I saw the man’s face, as Lucifer set me down in front of him. I felt wholly unjust in everything I had done. Here I was, sitting in front of the Almighty, and I felt my Darknesses creeping up on me.

I felt the answer reverberate across my heart and soul. I know they were. But you were teetering on the edge of everything. That is why I sent Lucifer to retrieve you. And I am glad that everything had gone as planned.

Sir? I’m confused… You set all this up?

Mostly. I knew what kind of a person you were in life. You engaged in forbidden activities, ranging from lust to blasphemy, but I saw that you cared about other people more than you did yourself. I knew that your friends would be damned and taken to the Devil… but I also know that you would have done anything to save them. Am I correct?

Yes, Sir.

Please, call me Father. Sir is reserved to the Angels who wish to call me that.

Yes…Father… You’re correct.

So, I set this up. And… With your ultimate sacrifice, I grant you a place in Heaven, along with your friends.

Thank you, Father! I felt myself gain strength back. My Darknesses were retreating from the depths of my conscious. I used my own energy to stand up.

Go to your friends, and please, do not mess with any more scales… I can only do this once in millennia.

Yes, Father… Tears of happiness streamed down my face, as I ran up and gave God a hug.

I heard Lucifer laugh behind me, as the room swirled in a blue light and we were back into the room where the scales once sat. “And you thought you were going to Hell. You think He would let someone like you get into Satan’s hands?”

“I guess you’re right. Hey, Lucifer?”


I hugged him tightly. “Thank you… For everything…”

He was taken aback by the hug. “Is there anything else I can do to help you?”

I thought quickly. “What is your greatest desire?”

“What?” He pushed me away, slightly.

“If you could have anything… what would it be?”

He thought about it, before his lips brushed against mine. “Someone to love and protect…” He leaned in to kiss me, but I stopped him.

“I can’t… I have twelve other people I love and that I need to protect…”

“Then why can’t I protect you?”

“Simple… You’ve seen how much trouble I can get into within a day… Are you sure you want to spend eternity with a responsibility like that?”


He leaned in and kissed me before I could block him. The room swirled in a rainbow, as we appeared outside of the office building. I saw two males out of the corners of my eyes. They looked heart broken, so I was forced to pull away. I saw my friends standing around us, all looking like they were in need of proof I was there. And maybe some fun in Heaven.

“I can’t, Lucifer… They need me…”

“And you need me… I can feel it in all that I am…” He was heartbroken too.

“Well, then how about you try the human way… I know nothing about you and you know nothing about me… Outside of what my file says…” I pulled away from the angel, but I made sure I was playful as I said five words that would create a chase across the Heavens… “Catch me if you can.”

So, let me tell you.. I wrote this story when I had no internet and was filled with teenaged angst while staying with my grandparents over on summer in high school. I KNOW this story is terrible, but I put it up here, because I like to see where I came from, writing-wise.


Once you get passed the terrible storyline, flat characters, really awful dialogue, and pacing… There’s nothing really behind it. It’s just THAT bad

Destiny of the Sky Ch 26

Chapter 26

The End of the End

Sori woke up first, followed closely by the others. Where are we? She noticed that her thought became loud. She tried to speak but couldn’t. And where the hell is my voice?!

Chill. Cyn told her.

We died. So we must be somewhere else. Caz explained.

Hey guys. Jisika pointed to the spirits.

            Cyn took one look at them and grinned. Glad to see that we did something good, though we doomed the rest of the world.

You didn’t doom it. Kaori told them.

This was a part of the plan. Kia Cat explained calmly.

To destroy the world, by letting Stiller get into the Exeo Plane?! Jisika was pissed at this thought.

We failed. Sori’s voice was low, as she was in tears.

You never failed. This was all a part of the prophecy. Solis tried to comfort them.

I read the prophecy. It never said that we would die! Cazron yelled.

Listen to us. CJ mumbled.

Melody continued for him, You had to die. Now to save the planes and defeat Stiller, you have to find Bella.

What?! Jisika didn’t like the idea of finding some chick when they should be fighting.

Find her and kill Stiller. When he dies, then the planes will survive. Lucracious told the Champions.

We can’t win! He killed us! Sori shouted.

Bella can bring you all back to life. Kia Cat informed them.

You sure? If we find her, she’ll bring us back? Cyn asked the spirits.

Yes! The spirits all answered in a surround-sound unison.

How do we stop him? Jisika asked them.

Yeah, we don’t have weapons. Caz explained.

Those weapons were just training tools. Kaori smiled.

Then how? Sori asked.

When you find Bella, she’ll let you know. They will help you. Lucracious grumbled. This is taking too long. Get going to Oblivion! He sent the Champions to a place called Oblivion. The Champions lost sight of the spirits almost instantly.

We better find her fast. Sori mumbled. Oblivion was a mass of color and darkness. Everything had a contradiction.

Let’s go. Cyn told them.

How do we find her in all of this chaos? Jisika asked.

The same way Sori found her way in the maze in Hell. Cazron answered. I think Zim knew the whole prophecy, which is why he made the maze.

It’s worth a try. Sori placed her hands ahead of her. Take us to the Planar, Bella.

The masses of colors and darkness whizzed past the Champions. They reach what looked like an everlasting plain of desert landscape. They moved faster than any speed they’ve ever gone. Jisika watched the landscape pass by. Then she saw a small shape on the plain. What’s that?

Don’t know. But we’re being pulled right to it. Cyn was trying to get a good look at the shape.

It’s a tree. Cazron said, startled that there was a tree in this endless desert.

They zoomed up to the tree, stopping just short of the trunk. The tree itself was gnarled golden oak with its branches twisting every which way. There were silver leaves on almost all of the branches. Hello? Sori called up into the branches. A couple leaves fell on the other side of the tree.

I’m going up there. Cyn told the others, as he started to climb up the giant tree.

I’m coming with you. Jisika followed.

We’ll guard the bottom. Caz leaned against the trunk of the tree.

Cyn climbed the tree higher and higher. He was inside the bulk of the tree’s leaves when he saw a bare foot climb onto a higher branch. Stop! He commanded the foot, but it disappeared higher up. Quickly, he climbed higher until he reached the top of the tree and could see out. <Jisika! I found her! Go from below.>

<Aye, Aye.> Jisika answered. As she looked up, she saw a female figure. Please, stop. We just need to talk. She tried reasoning with the person.

NO! The unknown female yelled at them.

It’s about Stiller Naught! Jisika told the woman.

Stiller…Naught? The woman stopped climbing.

Yes. We need your help to defeat him. Cyn told her. He had climbed down from above to the two females.

I…please. Get me out of this tree prison. The woman begged.

Follow me. Jisika gauged the distance to the ground and jumped to the ground.

The woman nodded and followed. She touched the ground and landed gracefully. Cyn, however, fell out of the tree and landed on Cazron. Sorry Caz. He apologized as he got off of his friend.

They all took a good look at this unknown female. They knew she must have been the ‘Bella’ they were looking for. Her skin was as golden as the sunbeams glistening off the finest ring. She stood at Jisika’s height and her hair was just as long, shining a lustrous silver color. Her eyes were the most amazing things about her. They were as dark as Stiller’s had been, but they held a great warmth. A shredded, bloodied ivory wedding dress hung on her shoulders loosely. Her voice held hope. I am Bella Naught. Wife of Stiller Naught. She told them.

WIFE?! The whole group exclaimed at once.

Yes. We married the day before I was killed. Bella’s voice held remorse and sadness.

What happened? Sori asked curiously.

The Original Champions killed me. They heard the prophecy and each took their turn, trying to kill me. I was able to escape with just enough time to relay the prophecy to the Council. Then I died. Bella’s voice dropped. The words hung in the air.

Original Champions? Cyn had to ask.

Yes, they were the Planars protectors. When they heard about another set of Champions, they tried to kill me to keep it secret. The other Planars found out and saved my life. They destroyed the Champions and sent me on my way. Bella seemed relived to finally be able to tell people her story.

We’re sorry for what they had done. Caz apologized.

Don’t worry. You weren’t the ones who did it. Let me guess. You all opened up the Gate of Exeo and my husband went through. Then he killed you all. She had it right on the mark.

If we defeat him, what will happen to his soul? Sori asked, having sympathy for two lovers.

I don’t know. But I understand that you must kill him. Let me give you weapons to defeat him with. Bella’s hands went to the bark of the oak tree. She closed her eyes and opened her power into the trunk. The tree shifted and changed. It became four different items.

What the? Cyn asked as he stood up to get a better look. The others followed. They each looked at the different items.

Sori was compelled to go to a feather. It was translucent but held a shimmer when it moved. Cyn found an arrowhead a fascinating object. It was sharp and held fiery warmth. Jisika was attracted to a silver ring. It shone with an inner light. Caz went to a pair of dice. The ivory texture made the red dots seeming to stand out more.

They all grabbed their chosen objects and turned to face Bella. She smiled at them, softly. I will send you back to your bodies to stop my husband. She raised her hands to the sky and yelled, Send them back to whence they came! Send them back to their bodies same!

The Champions felt themselves lifted up and out of Oblivion. They watched as the endless desert disappeared and they were back in Exeo. The spirits grinned at the Champions and gave thumbs up, as the group went into their respective bodies.

Exeo had gone from the pure white of hope to the darkness of pain. A deep red blood, lifeblood, came up to the ankles of the lone figure. Stiller Naught found the controls to the Exeo plane, and he had made it into his personal domain.

Cyn woke up first, his body fully healed. He poked Sori, and she woke up, as well. Jisika and Cazron found themselves awake. All of their bodies were healed.

“Ready?” Cyn grinned and he jumped up. He held his arrowhead.

“Let’s kick his arse.” Sori hopped up, gripping her feather.

“And fix Exeo.” Jisika stood up, holding her silver chain.

“As well as the other planes.” Cazron sprung up, holding onto the dice.

“STILLER NAUGHT!” They all yelled at the top of their lungs.

The Vampire King appeared and looked at them, astounded. “How did you?”

“Bella helped us.” Sori growled.

“She wanted us to stop you.” Jisika added.

“So, she saved us.” Cazron continued.

“So, we could destroy you.” Cyn ended it.

All at once the Champions went to attack Stiller. They were forced to bend the plane to help them. Sori slashed her feather, diagonally, at Stiller, and a huge burst of wind came from it. She slashed again, going the opposite way, making another burst of wind appear. This second attack of air blew Stiller back and forced him to cover his eyes, against flying debris.

The Vampire King didn’t get the chance to recover from the last attack, because Cyn took this opportunity to activate the magic in his arrowhead. He made a horizontal slice, creating a crescent of fire to appear and hit Stiller square in the chest. Cyn reeled around and sent another blaze of fire at the Vampire King’s chest.

Stiller stumbled back, gasping for air from his torched and tortured lungs. “How is this happening?!” He asked, shocked.

Cazron continued the attack. He slammed the first die on the ground, created a giant crack to appear under Stiller’s feet. The crack widened, trying to make the Vampire King fall in, but he held his balance. Caz slammed the second die into the side of Stiller’s face, making a giant cracking sound, as it shattered the cheekbone. The dice both went back into Cazron’s hand.

Stiller fell to the ground. “You’re all humans. How can this be happening?”

No one answered him. Jisika held her silver ring ready to attack. They circled the Vampire King, mocking him. He tried to stand, but they would knock him right back down.

Stiller disappeared and reappeared outside the circle. He tried to get away, to bend the plane to help him, but the Champions had blocked this power from him. He drew his Tainted Blade and held it ready to strike. He slashed at Sori, getting her across the chest, but the wound was not deep enough to be death worthy. Cyn and Cazron retaliated by combining their powers. Cazron threw his dice in the air, causing the ground under Stiller’s feet to break apart from the plane. Cyn thrust his arrowhead forward, sending a massive fireball toward Stiller.

Stiller jumped off the rock at the last moment, dodging the attack. He sliced at Cazron’s neck. Cazron backed out far enough not to be decapitated, but a thin red line appeared where the blade touched. Stiller landed behind the Champions. Cyn went into a fighting stance, ready to take him on.

Jisika took this chance and flung the ring as it grew into a bigger ring that could hold anything. The ring grew until it could wrap itself around Stiller’s Tainted Blade. The ring started destroying the sword as it continued to shrink, cutting the blade in half.

Sori made a circle with her feather. A giant tornado appeared where the circle was drawn. It swept Stiller into the sky, then disappeared. The Vampire King fell from a great height, hitting the ground with a tremendous crash. Stiller, though almost dead, tried to stand back up.

Cazron threw both of his dice at Stiller’s feet, creating another giant earthquake, to shake the vampire to his knees. As the earthquake trembled, millions of cracks appeared around Stiller. The ground crumbled under the Vampire King. He fell into a deep hole.

Cyn grinned as he watched this whole scene take place. After Stiller fell, the elf went to the side of the hole and made a mark with his arrowhead. The entire hole filled with liquid fire. Stiller shrieked in pain as the hole filled up more and more with the fire.

Sori mumbled, “Poor guy…” Her sympathy was kicking in. Jisika held her back away from the hole as the shrieks died down. Sori’s sympathy disappeared.

Cazron raised the hole, as Cyn emptied the fire out of it. All that was left of Stiller Naught’s body was ashes. They all watched as his spirit lift up and out of the pile of ashes.

Bella’s spirit appeared with him. They were both dressed in finery, as if for a wedding. Bella curtsied deeply to them. Thank you Champions. You won. She held Stiller back.

Stiller growled deeply to them. You have defeated me this time… But my reincarnation will find your children’s children and tear them to pieces.

The two spirits disappeared. In their place, all of the people that helped the Champions along the way appeared. Kia Cat, Kaori, CJ, Melody, Solis and Lucracious appeared all around them. They all had their bodies back.

Sori ran up and hugged CJ. “I missed you.” She gave him a kiss on the lips. She then looked at Melody’s face. “CJ, I love you and everything.” She pulled off the wedding ring. “I know someone who deserves this more than I do.” She gave him the ring and turned around to leave.

CJ hugged her from behind. “I knew you would understand.” He went back to his fiancée.

Melody grinned and hugged Cyn. “Thank you.”

Cyn, a little taken aback, hugged her back. “You’re welcome.”

Cazron shook hands with Kia Cat. Then he turned to Lucracious. “I blame you for this.”

Lucracious grinned crookedly. “God is back, thanks to you.” Another angel appeared beside him. “Ronna, these are the Champions. Without them, none of us would be here.”

Ronna bowed deeply to them. “Thank you all.”

Jisika looked at Lucracious. “I don’t see the family resemblance, Half-and-Half.”

“Don’t call me that. Neither do I. Oh well. Good job, Sis.” He gave her a quick hug, which scared Jisika more than any of this.

“We must say our good-byes. I see some others who wish to speak to you all.” Kia Cat said in a diplomatic voice. “We’ll have a council in three hundred years. That okay with everyone?”

They all agreed and disappeared, one by one. First the angels, then the faeries, followed by Kia Cat and Kaori, then lastly by Solis and Melody.

The group turned around and saw six figures approach them. The figures varied in size and stature. There was one ahead of the rest. It was an Arabian looking girl, shorter than Jisika. She reached the group first. “I would like to personally like to thank you all. I am Judy. I am the head of the Planars.”

The Champions bowed deeply to the Planars. As they stood up, they noticed that the Planars were bowing back. The Planars stood back up and they were all smiling. Exeo went back to it’s pure white appearance, as all of the damage from the battle vanished. The Champions felt themselves change into their different forms.

A male one to the left of Judy shook hands with each one of the Champions, “My name is Pano.” He had this look of being from Greece. “I control the Earth plane. I was the one that chose you all for this mission.”

The female next to Pano grinned and hugged Cazron tightly. “I am called Riann. I am in charge of the Heaven sector.” Her face lit up brightly, as it glowed with a soft light. She had feather light and pure white wings adorning her back.

The male next to Riann shook hands with Jisika. “Damien is my name. Keeping control of Hell is my game.” He looked to be from Philippine descent. His back held two black demon wings.

One the other side of Judy, a male with faery wings hugged Sori. “I am Matthew. I take care of Tir na nOg.” He released her from the hug. His eyes glowed with great happiness.

Next to him, was a Planar that looked elven. He poked at Cyn, “I am William. I keep track of the balance for Aria.” His elven features mimicked Cyn’s almost perfectly.

The last Planar just bowed to them. “I am Niwa. I watch over Blood’s Keep, since Bella was killed.” He looked a lot like Stiller, almost like a twin.

Judy stepped forward. “You all have done well. I can send you back to Earth, or wherever you choose.”

Jisika thought for a second. “We need to go somewhere first.”

“Where?” Sori asked, curiously.

“My dream the day before we went to see Kaori. I just remembered that it was that dream that made me take you all along to Kaori’s house.” Jisika explained. “If you could take us there, then Earth, I think we’ll be happy with that.”

The other Champions agreed. “That works for us.”

Judy nodded and smiled. “Here you go.”

The Planars and the Exeo Plane disappeared, as darkness took over the group’s sight. “We’re here.” Jisika told them. She saw her human form walking towards them. “Jisika!” Her human form looked at her and walked over.

“Yes?” The human asked.

“Tomorrow, you need to go to the charred house at the end of the road. You will find out who your parents are there.” The demon Jisika told the human.

“Okay?” The human answered, as the Champions disappeared once more, their task done.

They appeared, back as humans, in Sori’s and Cyn’s house. “Home.” Cyn said quietly. It seemed like a dream of all they went through. They all stayed the night and slept thoroughly, in the living room.

Sori screamed as she woke up, “SHIT!” She ran around the room, looking for a pad of paper and a pen.

Jisika rubbed the sleep out of her eyes. “What’s wrong?”

“I forgot to write it. It’s due tomorrow! My editor is going to kill me if he found out that I forgot to write it!” Sori turned on the computer and opened up a new word document.

“What do you need to do?” Cyn went to the kitchen to get coffee.

“I have to write a story. What should I write?” She asked her friends.

“Write about what we just went through. It’d make a great story.” Caz suggested.

“What will it be called?” Jisika brought up.

“How about ‘Destiny of the Planes?’” Cyn thought.

“Nah. I got it. ‘Destiny of the Sky.’” Cazron thought aloud.

“That fits perfectly.” Jisika grinned.

“You’ll all have to help me write it.” Sori typed the title at the top of the paper. She looked at the date and time on the bottom side of the screen. “How long do you think we’ve been gone?”

Jisika looked at the clock, “No way!” The time was an hour before they had ever went to the charred house.

“Was it all a dream?” Cazron asked himself.

“Anyone wanna see a chick named Kaori?” Cyn grinned mischievously.


Destiny of the Sky Ch 25

Chapter 25

The Exeo Plane

The group appeared where the golden light ended. “Where’s my sword and shield?!” Caz shouted. All of them looked around. None of their weapons were with them

“Guess that means that weapons aren’t allowed here.” Cyn mumbled. He felt naked without his scimitars.

Jisika took a good look around. “It’s white.” She was right, though. All around was a feeling of purity and cleanliness. There wasn’t an ounce of darkness anywhere in sight.

That was true, until they saw a dark figure appear before them. Stiller had reached the Exeo Plane. “I must thank you, Champions. Without you, I would have never been able to make it here.” A wall appeared behind the Champions. He was already making the Plane into his own creation. “You are all worthless humans.” He said, causing the Champions to return to their human state, unable to fight back.

“You won’t win!” Cyn yelled. Stiller grinned, and with just a look of power, he slammed Cyn into the wall. Shackles appeared and held his wrists, ankles and waist against the wall.

“My power is magnified here.” Stiller sounded amazed. He pointed his index finger at Cazron and bird-like cage appeared around him. He tried to get out of it, but the bars were too strong. The cage moved back and melded into the wall, trapping him by Cyn. Jisika and Sori were the only ones left.

“Leave them alone.” Jisika’s voice dropped to a tenor low.

“That’s not possible.” Stiller waved her off, adding power in the wave. His motion sent her flying back until she hit the same wall, where her friends were trapped. As soon as she hit it, chains wrapped themselves around her whole body, making it unable for her to move.

“Let them go!” Sori yelled. She was the only left free.

Stiller used a speed faster than light to run a sword through Sori’s midsection. Her dark blood hit the ground, tainting the purity. She gasped for breath, but she couldn’t get any. He twisted the sword and pulled it out. She started to fall, but he caught her.

Jisika screamed, “LEAVE HER ALONE!” She didn’t want to see her friend killed.

“You’re the first of many to die.” He whispered into Sori’s ear. He pressed his mouth to hers, stealing the last breath, just as Night had to Melody. He dropped her onto the ground. He stepped over her, leaving her corpse.

“No…” A tear rolled down Cyn’s cheek. He couldn’t protect his little sister when she needed him most.

CJ helped Sori’s spirit out of her dead body. He lifted her out, though her spirit was unconscious from the shock of being killed. He held onto her as the other spirits were forced to watch the Champions be killed.

Stiller released Cazron from the wall. “How dare you…” Cazron’s voice was becoming a deep growl.

“Because you all were never meant to win!” Stiller closed the distance between the two of them, his sword raised high. He swung it low, using the flattest part of the blade to try and hurt Caz.

Cazron tried to block the blade, but as soon as it hit his skin, it burned his heart. He didn’t realize how much damage it caused until he heard Stiller’s evil chuckle. “The Tainted Blade will kill you easier than thought.” The Vampire King’s laugh penetrated Caz’s mind. Stiller stepped back, far enough away, that the Blade wouldn’t touch Cazron.

Cazron then felt a burn worse than before. He heard a sizzling before he felt it. The Tainted Blade, as Stiller called the sword, was going to kill him from the inside out. Stiller pushed the point of the blade forward.

Cazron collapsed onto the ground. He was feeling every movement the blade made, inside of his body. “How?” was the only word Cazron could say before Stiller made a swiping motion with the Blade. Blood appeared on his shirt, as a huge gash appeared.

Caz clutched his chest, where the blood started to spurt from an opened artery. Stiller took this chance to do the same to Caz, as he had to Sori. He held Cazron’s dying body, pressed his lips to Cazron’s and drank in the last dying breath.

“CAZRON!” Jisika screamed as she tried to think of a way to get out of the chains that bound her.

Stiller threw Caz onto the ground. “Just two left. Then nothing will stand in my way.” He stepped on Caz as he went over to Cyn.

Lucracious lifted Cazron’s spirit out of the dead body. He was unconscious, along with Sori. The spirits knew they couldn’t help the Champions unless they were all dead, but this was a painful for them to watch.

Stiller walked up to Cyn, not letting him off the wall. “I know you too well. You’re the brains behind all of them. How fast do you think I could kill you?”

Cyn spat on the Vampire King’s face. “Bite me.”

Stiller grinned. “Good idea.” He grabbed Cyn around the throat. The shackles let their prisoner go, allowing the Vampire King to take his prey. After he got Cyn off the wall, he used his other hand to move the elf’s head to the side. Stiller’s fangs extended as he bit down into Cyn’s neck.

Cyn screamed in pain, as he tried to get the Vampire King away, but it was useless. Stiller had him and did not want to let go. The vampire drank the blood deeply, hoping to drain the elf as well as he could. After a minute, Cyn’s body quit thrashing. Stiller tilted the Elf’s head, right before he died, and breathed in Cyn’s last breath. He threw the elf next to the other two.

Melody and Solis pulled Cyn out of his body. When will they awaken? Melody asked, looking at all three of the dead Champions’ unconscious souls.

Kia Cat answered, When Jisika dies. Her answer was simple, yet it was a strong sense of foreboding. All the spirits turned to Jisika, knowing they were the last hope, when Jisika dies.

Stiller sauntered over to Jisika. He let the wall disappear, leaving just him and her, though she was still bound. “You remind me of my lovely Bella.”

“Get the hell away from me, you monster.” Jisika tried to get away, but the Vampire King’s magic held her tight.

“Too bad you weren’t like her. You might have lived.” He gave her a deep kiss. As the kiss grew, Jisika felt her life start to wane. He was stealing her life through the kiss. She felt his tongue try to invade her mouth. As soon as he forced it through, she bit down hard.

Stiller broke the kiss, as he hissed in pain. “You stupid Demon! I was going to kill you painlessly. After that…” Blood started to well up against his lips, from the bite on his tongue. He took his sword and rammed it into her heart. Jisika screamed in pain as it pierced through the heart. Stiller kissed her one last time before she died.

“I win.” He drew his blade from her heart and spat on her. He looked around, changing the Exeo Plane into his own personal home.

Destiny of the Sky Ch 24

Chapter 24

The Beginning of the End

The vortex opened up into a dark black room, filled with bodies. Caz, Jisika, Cyn and Sori flew out of one darkness into another. Caz, being on the bottom of the pile, pushed the rest of them off. “Where are we?”

Cyn stood up and brushed himself off. “I don’t know. ”

“Maybe we should find out.” Jisika mumbled as she stood up.

“That would be good.” Sori rubbed the back of her head, having hit it on the landing. She stood up, along with Caz.

“Well, what do we have here?” The chilling voice of Stiller Naught came from all around. A sliver of light appeared to reveal the Vampire King.

“What do you want with us?!” Cazron yelled in question as they all grabbed their weapons and held them ready. They knew what they had to do.

“I just want you all to combine your powers to help me get passed the Gate and into Exeo.” He simply stated. He looked at each of the Champions, but his eyes lingered on Jisika the longest. He knew that she was not Bella, nor could she ever be in anything more than looks.

“Over my dead body.” Jisika growled lowly.

“Careful, little child. That might be a good wish.” He chuckled, slightly.

<Sori, do you see the bag he has?> Cyn asked his sister.

<Yeah. It’s the same one that he puts the souls in.> Sori answered.

<Think you can hit it?> Caz asked, knowing Cyn’s plan.

<If you guys can distract him.> She quietly knocked her arrow, into a ready position.

Stiller noticed Sori ready an arrow. “You think you can shoot me? Very funny.”

“Think she can miss?” Jisika ran at him, her scythe ready to strike. She went right through him. “An illusion.”

“You honestly think I would allow myself to be caught so easily? If you want me, you’ll have to find me.” Stiller’s voice felt an echo as the room became silent. The light disappeared, taking the illusion with it.

“Guys, ready?” Cyn asked them. The others simply gave their answer. “We need to find a way to stay together.” Someone put a bungee cord in his hand. “Then let’s go.” He led them away from the echo, hoping to find the owner of the voice.

After about five minutes of walking, they still didn’t find anything but darkness. “Cyn?” Jisika started to ask, “Can you turn on a flame so we can see?”

“Yeah, give me a second.” Cyn closed his eyes and concentrated. Flames began to flicker down his scimitars, as he kept trying to make light. The flames on the scimitars flared to life, but offered no light. The darkness just destroyed the light and would not be broken. After about thirty seconds of light from the scimitars was eaten by the darkness.

“Well, it was worth the try.” Sori tried to be optimistic.

Cazron shivered slightly. “Did it just get colder?”

“I can’t tell.” Cyn answered.

“We need to find a way out of here.” Jisika stated the obvious.

Sori tripped over something and hit the ground. “Ow.” She didn’t say it because she was hurt but to let people know she fell and not to get ran over or left behind.

“What’d you trip over?” Jisika asked.

“I don’t know.” Sori closed her eyes and cleared her mind. She used her fingers to touch what she tripped over, forming a mental picture of what it could be. She sent the picture to the rest of them.

“A body?” Cazron asked, debating whether or not Sori was lying.

“Yeah. Cyn send a flame down the cord, towards Sori.” Jisika told him. She was going to try and get the body to catch fire.

Cyn nodded and concentrated on not burning their lifeline. As the flame lit his hand, the darkness disappeared. He didn’t send the flame down, using the light from his hand to see. He found a wall sconce and added flame to it. He watched the flame spread across to all of the other sconces and lanterns.

Sori had indeed tripped over a body. “Lucracious? His soul must have been stolen.” She looked around, seeing other bodies of people they knew. “Kaori, CJ, Kia Cat, Serpent, Solis, and Melody.” She named them off as she saw them.

“That bag looks familiar.” Cazron exclaimed. He ran over and picked it up. He opened it, revealing all of the souls Stiller had taken, using the knife. “It’s them. We need to get them out of the jewels.”

“But how?” Sori asked.

“Exeo. We have to send them there, and they will be free.” Jisika mumbled. “I don’t know how, but I know that it’s the only way we can save them.”

“Then let’s get started.” Cyn told them.

Cazron emptied the bag onto the floor, then sat about three feet away from the pile. The others sat in a circle around the pile of jewels.

Cyn started by sitting cross-legged, his hands crossed over his heart. He created a barrier around them, for protection against physical attacks. “For the Worlds…”

Jisika sat down, her ankles crossed. She placed her arms in a loose circle, her hands a foot apart. She added to the barrier, strengthening it against physical attacks. “For the Planes…”

Cazron was next. His legs were stretched, out and his arms were held slightly away from his body, his hands forming a triangle. He also added to the barrier, against magical attacks. “For the Dead…”

Sori sat with the flats of her feet touching. Her arms were crossed and her fingernails were touching. She finished strengthening the barrier against magical attack. “For the Living…”

As they all spoke those words, they were given the knowledge of what to do. They all went into a relaxed state of being, with their eyes closed to stop all the distractions.

Cyn spoke, his voice was the essence of a roaring blaze, “From thy Blazing Fires, I call upon Thee.” A stream of red light jumped from his hands and into the pile of jewels.

Jisika’s voice was added to his, her voice the sound of rushing river. “Hear thy call from the Thundering Waters, I call upon thee.” A blue light flowed from her hands into the jewels.

Cazron’s voice was that of a grand mountain. “Thou’s help is needed from the Endless Plains, I call upon thee.” A majestic green light tumbled from his hands into the jewel pile.

Sori’s voice lit up in harmony with the others, as an echo in the wind. “To save those who shan’t need to die, I call upon thee.” A white light appeared and blew from her hands into the pile of jewels.

The magic combined all from individual parts into a whole. They continued to say their parts all at once, until their voices blended into the Harmony of Souls. All at once they stopped saying their different parts.

“We…” Cyn started, his light growing brighter.

“Call…” Jisika added, her light growing in intensity.

“Upon…” Cazron added his part, his light growing in power.

“Thee!” Sori yelled the finish, her light combining the rest of the lights into one.

The jewels shattered, one by one, releasing the trapped souls. The unknown souls flew off, back to their bodies. The souls the Champions met along the journey, stayed with them, but were unseen by the living. The shattered jewels started disappearing. Where they were, a golden light appeared. The Gate of Exeo was open. The spirits went through the Gate.

Stiller appeared right outside the barrier. He marveled at the Gate. “It’s taken me millennia to reach it.” He stepped forward, but the barrier blocked him. “Damn them!”

The Champions, upon hearing the vampire’s voice, jumped to their feet. “You will not pass!” Jisika yelled.

“We can’t fight him. As soon as we or a weapon goes through the barrier, it will shatter and disappear completely.” Sori warned.

“And what will happen if we leave and go to Exeo?” Caz asked.

“I don’t know.” She admitted.

“Then let me test it.” Jisika ran into the golden light and disappeared. There was no visual effect on the shield.

Cyn pushed Sori and Cazron into the light, sending them off as well. There was still no visual effect on the barrier. “Have fun.” He grinned then followed them through.

What they didn’t know, as soon as they went through the Gate of Exeo, the barrier slowly began to break apart. First, it was the magical barrier that flickered then failed. Then, the physical barrier disintegrated. Stiller grinned at this new development and passed into the golden light.

Destiny of the Sky Ch 23

Chapter 23

Final Sendings

Cyn heard a familiar giggle. He looked to the source of it and saw the others. Sori had an empty glass of what looked like a wine. “Oh God, she’s almost drunk.” He turned to Melody. “I gotta go get my sister.” He stood up.

“She can’t hold her wine?” Melody asked, standing too.

“She can’t hold dark wines. Anything else is no problem.” He walks over to the group, with Melody following behind. They reached the other group’s table. “Let me guess, she saw what I had and ordered it too.”

Jisika answered. “Yeah. We didn’t know you got the darkest wine, or we wouldn’t have let her drink it.”

Cazron had Sori’s mouth covered, to keep her from saying anything stupid. “Let me guess, you don’t have anything that can get her back to normal, do you?”

Solis mumbled. “You can take her outside, before you guys get in trouble.”

Cyn nodded. “C’mon, Sori.” He made a small flame in his hand.

Sori’s eyes lit up. “Pweety.” Cyn led her out the door, with Cazron, Jisika and Melody following, making sure Sori didn’t fall. Once they hit the rain, the flame went out. She sat down, leaning against the wall.

“Melody, do you have any bread?” Jisika asked.

“I’ll ask the cooks inside the café to let me have some. I need to pay our bill anyways.” Melody went inside.

“What were you guys doing in there?” Cyn asked them.

“Solis said he wanted to tell us stuff. So, he took us here.” Caz answered.

“What did you guys learn?” Cyn asked them.

Jisika and Caz explained the best they could about what they were told. From the introductions to the battles between the planes, to King Arthur, to the final battle. “Then Cazron asked one of Solis’s companions, Zephyr, what would happened to us when we defeat Stiller. His eyes went dull then came back and then Sori got drunk.” Jisika told him.

Melody came back out and gave Cyn the bread. He tore it up into little pieces and told Sori to eat them. She did and felt almost instantly better. She smiled. “Hi, Cyn!” She stood up.

“How did?” Melody tried to ask.

“The bread soaks up alcohol, causing her not to be drunk.” Cyn answered.

“How did you know?” She was curious.

“Last time Sori got drunk, was after she broke up with a kid named Vince. We found her on the floor, in tears with an empty bottle of dark wine.” Jisika explained.

“Since Cyn’s and Sori’s parents drink a lot, we learned from them that bread and greasy food are good for getting rid of alcohol in someone’s system.” Caz continued.

Solis ran outside to them. “Zephyr’s ready to tell you what he saw.” Behind him, Manic and Zephyr stepped out of the café.

“I saw what will happen to all of you…” Zephyr’s voice sounded distant. “… If you defeat Stiller.”

Manic stood away from the rest of them. He was the first to see them. Vampires had crossed into the elven plane. “Champions, get down!”

The vampires swooped over, trying to knock the group off of the platform and into the dark depths below. The champions hit the floor, dodging the vampire’s grasps. The vampires didn’t reach for them though. They grabbed Zephyr and Solis.

“Jisika, we’re above your element.” Cyn told her.

“I’m on it.” Jisika stood up, closed her eyes and felt the icy cold-water magic flowing below. A stream of water rose up and formed a whip in her hand. She opened her eyes and used the whip to hit the vampire holding Solis. It attached itself to the vampire’s entire wing. “Sori, drop the temperature around the water.”

Sori nodded and pointed her index finger to the water on the vampire’s wing. Her eyes turned to a light blue, almost white color. The temperature all around the vampire dropped to below freezing. The water on its wing became ice and froze the wing.

The vampire dropped Solis, not being able to fly with a frozen wing. Cazron knew it was his turn. He sent up a column of rock to break Solis’s fall. He caught Solis. The other vampire dropped Zephyr, to retrieve its fallen comrade. Sori quickly made a bed of air and caught the seer. Jisika made the rain stop. Cyn grinned and made a fire on the underside of the vampires. The vampires burned until they became fully ash. Sori sent up air to get Solis off the rock, while bringing Zephyr to the platform.

Manic watched the group work together. They really want to help us. They aren’t like the ones who attacked us. Zephyr touched the ground, just as Manic came to this realization. Solis followed right afterwards.

“How did they break through the barrier?” Solis demanded to know. “We have to call an Elder’s meeting. All of you come with me. We need to hurry.”

“Then why don’t we fly?” Cazron suggested.

“Can you carry people?” Solis asked the angel. “All of us need to be there.”

“Of course.” Caz grabbed Solis’s shoulders and lifted him off the ground. “See?”

“I can get there by teleportation, with Melody.” Solis told Caz, hopping out of his grasp.

Cazron nodded and grabbed Zephyr’s shoulders. “Got him.”

Sori lifted up Cyn. “I got big bro.”

Jisika closed her eyes and made a cloud appear. “There’s no way I’m carrying him if he hates me.”

“I’d rather you take me, than that cloud.” Manic mumbled.

Jisika sighed and lifted him up. They all took flight and started towards the giant pine tree, where the Elder’s would meet.


Solis was the first to touch the ground by the entrance of the Elders’ Chamber. He ran and rang a giant bell, calling an emergency meeting. The other Elders, upon hearing the bell, all appeared inside the chamber.

Cyn and Sori arrived, followed by the others, just as Solis and Melody went inside the chamber. Cazron and Zephyr arrived just after. Manic was having problems trusting Jisika, but they both made it to the platform. After they all arrived, they ran into the giant pine, to get to the chamber.

They could all hear Solis’s voice, loud and clear, “Vampires have gotten through our defenses. We have to act fast and send the champions on their way!”

They reached the chamber, just to see the other Elders talking amongst themselves, trying to decide a solution. Cid stood up and looked at the group. He asked, “Zephyr, what have your visions told you?”

Zephyr bowed to the council, “The faster you send them, the better. There’s four of us who will die, but the rest of our lands will live.” He told them. He looked back at the Champions. “I also saw what happens if you defeated Stiller. If you win, you die and the world lives. If you lose, you watch the world die before you do.”

The weight of his words set down on their hearts. They finally knew the outcome of their battle, win or lose. Cid sat back in his chair. “Send them. They are our last and only hope, now.”

Solis nodded and the Elders left. He formulated the spell in his mind. He didn’t even get the first verse made when a huge dark black vortex appeared from the wall. Stiller, along with his top two minions, Night and Black came out of the vortex. They were followed by another, newer vampire. “This is the end of the line, brats.” He was pissed. “Night, Black, tear the elves apart. Dooug,” he pointed to a vampire with dark black hair and yellow eyes. “We’re taking out the Champions.”

The Champions were busy trying to stay out of Stiller’s reach. Sori was the first to fall into the dark vortex. She could see the others, but it was deathly silent. She tried to run and help her friends but ran into a barrier.

She watched Jisika get punched in the stomach. Dooug lifted her up and threw her into the vortex. He grinned at Sori then pointed to Cazron. He lifted the angel up, with just sheer magic. He threw Caz into the vortex, with the others. They were useless to help their friends. Cyn was the only one left, and Stiller wanted to take care of him.

Stiller grinned as he slammed Cyn into the ground, for the forth time. “You know, this is getting quite boring for me.” He picked Cyn up and threw him into the vortex with the others. He noticed the other Champions glaring at him, and Jisika looked like she was shouting obscenities at him. He just waved his hand in front of the vortex, and it became black, sending the Champions to his lair. He turned to his minions. “Finish them.” He disappeared.

Black went to face off against Manic. But Manic was ready. He had been waiting to exact revenge against a vampire since his family was killed. A blade appeared in his hand.

Black just grinned. “You look just like the last elf I saw, last time I was here.” He knew Manic, from when he killed the elf’s family. They both lunged, hoping to take out the other before too much damage could be ensued. Their swords clashed, in a wave of fury.

Night disappeared and reappeared, invisible, behind Solis She had the Soul Thief’s knife. Solis heard her behind him, so he whipped around. He couldn’t see her. “What the…?” No one saw her as she stabbed Solis through the heart. She quickly took the jewel from the hilt and disappeared once more.

Melody ran over to help her friend, but he was too far-gone. Night took this chance to try and kill Melody. Melody tried to block the knife. She blocked the blade, but she still got slashed. Night still tried to attack her. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Dooug create four copies of himself.

Two of Dooug’s copies held Melody as Night stabbed the female elf in the stomach. “Sorry, hon.” Night kissed Melody on the lips, as the elf died. “Dying breaths are always better than anything else.” She explained to one of Dooug’s copies, as they dropped Melody’s body.

Zephyr squared off against the beastly Dooug. The elf couldn’t figure out why the vampires were winning so easily. Something isn’t right. He then knew. It was an unfair fight. Four more Doougs appeared behind him. Each of the copies tried to hit him, but speed was Zephyr’s specialty.

He easily dodged the attacks, but he was taken by surprise, when the real Dooug came up behind him and stabbed through his upper torso. The sword blade missed the heart, but Zephyr fell to the ground. Dooug withdrew his blade and kicked Zephyr to the ground. After the elf died, Dooug pulled out a vial and caught the soul. He spat on the elf’s corpse. “You should have never helped them.”

Two copies of Dooug tried to grab Manic, but he wouldn’t allow them to touch him. He ran his sword through Black’s heart. He twisted the blade, ripped it out and then decapitated the vampire. “That’s for my family.”

Night, in her rage, went after Manic. She used the knife to try and stab him, but he was one of the top fighters of the whole elven plane. He swung his foot low and tripped Night. She fell and Manic stabbed his sword into her neck. He twisted the blade, causing her head to decapitate, killing her. “That’s for my friends.”

All of Dooug’s copies grabbed and lifted him off the ground. “Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. You shouldn’t go around killing my friends like that.” Dooug muttered as he picked up the Soul Thief’s knife. “Now do you wish to die painlessly or painfully?”

“Sadistic monster!” Manic yelled. His eyes went to a dull white color as he started formulating a spell.

“Yell all you want. When Stiller arrived, he set up a sound barrier, so no one would hear any or you scream.” Dooug quickly slashed Manic’s neck.

Manic yelled in pain. But he still had his sword. As Dooug started to push the knife into him, he finished his spell and stabbed his sword into the vampire. “Holy Blade!” The final words of his incantation shifted the blade.

Dooug let out a shriek, but he stabbed Manic right into the sternum. As both the vampire and elf died, the Soul Thief’s knife vanished, along with the newly acquired jewels and bodies. The vial that held Zephyr shattered and his soul fled into the night.

Destiny of the Sky Ch 22

Chapter 22

The Stories are True

Solis took them to a small café and sat them down in the back. There were two elves already sitting at the table. Jisika recognized them as two elves that were on the battlefield when they were all forced into training with Vague.

Solis introduced them, “This is Manic and this is Zephyr.”

Manic glared at the newcomers. “Solis, who are these… Things?” The hatred in his voice gave Cazron the shivers.

Sori looked at Manic. <He doesn’t look all that tough.> She was right. He wasn’t built like a fighter. She would have thought of him more as a model. His hair was cut short and dyed a red from his natural black. His skin was a memory of a human from the Philippians. But Sori couldn’t look into his eyes. They seemed to burn with a seething hatred.

“I don’t trust them. Especially the demon.” Manic said it plainly.

“I don’t really trust you either.” Jisika snapped back.

Zephyr looked at them. “Will you two stop it?” He was as tall as Cyn and had the same build as all the other elves in this place. His hair was cut short, just as Manic’s was, but it was a light brown instead of the dyed red. His skin was closer to Cazron’s than it was to Manic’s. His light green eyes reflected intelligence.

“Don’t tell Jisika to shut up. It was Manic’s fault.” Sori growled.

Solis held up a plate as a barrier between the two groups. “Play nice. There’s a reason I brought all of you here.”

This got the two sides to stop from yelling. Cazron asked the question that was on everyone’s mind. “What’s going on?”

“Sori wanted to know why Vague was being a pain in the arse. Zephyr wanted to know more about his vision.” Solis stopped, once he saw the look on the champions’ faces. “Zephyr is a seer. He can see the future.” The group of champions nodded, understanding. “Also, Manic wanted to know why the elders gave you three reprieves even after the atrocities that happened.”

“What happened?” Jisika asked, curiously.

The waiter came over and the elves ordered elven wine. The others looked at each other. They ordered the same, not knowing what else to get. When the waiter asked what kind of food they wanted, the champions had no clue what to get because they were given a menu that was written in elven.

“I’ll have a hot off the tree.” Solis ordered.

“I’ll take the chef special.” Manic told the waiter.

“I’ll just take a pine tree in a lake.” Zephyr asked politely.

<I wish they served meat.> Sori’s thought grumbled. She saw Cyn across the café. “I’ll have what the elven prince is having.” She saw that it was a salad type food and it couldn’t be too bad.

“I’ll have the same.” Jisika thought the same thing as Sori.

“So will I.” Cazron ordered. The waiter turned and left.

Everyone looked at Solis to begin his story. He started, “I’ll start on the treaty to give some background. Way back when the races were feuding over who gets what planes, it was decided by the leaders to try and figure out a compromise. That’s the meeting that took place when the prophecy was told. I assume you all know the prophecy?”

Jisika and Caz nodded, they had read it in the castle. Sori shrugged. She knew the basic part of it. Zephyr and Manic, being elves, knew the full thing by memory. Solis thought, “What’s today?” he was horrible at remembering what day it was.

“The sixth of the half month.” Manic answered.

“Then it was exactly six hundred and sixty-six years ago when the prophecy was first told. It’s also sixty-six years since the attack happened.” The two groups were silent.

“There had always been trouble at the borders of the planes, since the beginning of time. There was a war brewing and nothing we could do, would stop it. Humans were somehow getting into the faeries’ plane. Vampire got into the human’s plane. Angels and demons crossed into each other’s planes. But there was something weird. The elven plane was never entered. We thought that there was something with all the other people’s defenses. Then we were attacked. The other races were jealous of our peace. They broke through our defenses along the cardinal directions. Vampires from the south. Faeries from the west. Angels from the north. And demons from the east.”

Jisika couldn’t help but ask, “No humans?”

“They have no magic. And those who do were already being killed. One thing you have to remember about the different planes. They all have different time scales. Sixty-six years for us who put humans during the early 1400’s.” Zephyr explained. He had studied human history as a hobby, thinking humans strange creatures.

Cazron thought for a second. “That would make it during the dark ages. So the ones who did cross over, probably thought themselves as bewitched.”

“Exactly.” Manic was starting to feel better about these outsiders being here. They didn’t seem to know anything about what had happened.

“Ya know, I think Solis wants to continue.” Sori pointed out.

The others stopped talking and looked at Solis, urging him on. So, he continued, “They attacked from all sides. There were too many of them for the elves to fight without help. The men were being killed left and right. The women and children were able to make it to the human plane and survive.”

Sori rose her hand. She found a loophole. “How is it that this place is thriving if the men were dying? Unless…” She blinked.

Solis knew what she meant. “No. We didn’t mix ourselves with the humans. Instead, we met with the mythical king, King Arthur. By that time, he was only a young boy, just pulling the sword from the stone. Merlin explained to him who we were and why we needed his help. The young king understood and had knights come with us, along with Merlin. With their help, we were able to push back the forces long enough to do a diplomatic meeting.”

“But we didn’t get that chance. Another fight broke out. During that fight, while we were gone, Lord Vague’s entire family was wiped out. His wife and daughter were some of the first killed.” He looked at Sori. “You look a lot like his daughter. That’s probably why he was harsh on you. I think he wanted to be absolutely sure that you could take care of yourself.” Sori felt bad about what had happened and decided that the next time she saw him, she would apologize for being a brat.

“Well, come to find out. This entire ruckus was started by Stiller. He had somehow found a way to get the races to feud. The other leaders didn’t send their armies to us. They didn’t even want to fight in the first place. But someone sent their armies into battle against each other.” His voice trailed.

Manic picked up the story. “In the same fight that Lord Vague’s family was killed, the same happened to mine. My parents, my brothers and sisters, were killed by a demon.” As he said it, he glared at Jisika.

Cazron then thought of something. “Zephyr, what happens when we defeat Stiller?”

Zephyr shrugged. “I’ll check.” His eyes dulled, sending him to find out the answer. Sori watched him; she was curious on how he could do that. He’s eyes refocused quickly. “I’ll tell you after we eat.”

The waiter came and gave them their food and wine. The elves immediately dug into their plates. The champions, though hungry, looked at their plates.

<A salad?> Jisika sent across. She had a plate full of leaves and herbs with a side bowl full of a dressing.

<Don’t know. Sori, taste test it.> Cazron poked at it with his fork.

<Great thanks.> Sori used her fingers to take a leaf and dip it into the dressing. She ate it. <Not bad.> She took a drink from the glass the waiter gave her. <Wow. That’s good wine.>

Caz and Jisika looked at each other, shrugged then began eating.

Destiny of the Sky Ch 21

Chapter 21

Date With Melody

They arrived in the healer’s hut, without Solis. Somehow he had disappeared, again. A healer woman, Spook, took one look at Sori and exclaimed, “Vague got another one!” She rushed over and grabbed Sori to start healing. “Melody! Tend to the others, they don’t look as hurt.”

Melody looked up and saw who it was and smiled. “You all don’t look too bad.”

Cazron answered, “That’s because he was trying to hurt Sori to make her learn. We’re all fine.”

Jisika grinned and nudged Cyn in the ribs. “Cyn has something to ask you.”

Cyn glared evilly at Jisika. “Melody, would you like to…” He never asked a girl out before. “Go to dinner with me, tonight?”

“Let me guess. You met your father.” Melody knew.

“Yeah. He wants me to get to know you and maybe fall in love. It’s weird.” He responded.

“Sure. At the seventh hour?” She smiled sweetly.

“Yeah. Wait. What time is it?” He looked around for a clock.

“It’s half past the sixth hour.” She told him.

“How about we leave now and you can show me where the best place to go is?” He requested.

“Give me a second. I need to change out of these healer’s robes.” She went into another room and after about five minutes, she reemerged in the clothes she had when the group first met her.

Cyn wrapped her arm around his and the two royals left to go on their get-to-know-you-date.

Solis reappeared and sat with Jisika and Cazron, while they waited for Sori to get out of the healer’s room. “How long has she been in there?”

The clock chimed outside. Caz answered, “About half an hour.”

Sori came out of the healer’s room with a bandage across her forehead. “Hi.” She grinned, feeling better.

“What’s with the gauze wrapped around your head?” Jisika poked at the wound.

“It wouldn’t heal completely, so she had to wrap it.” Sori shrugged. She looked at Solis. “So…?”

“Let’s go eat and we’ll discuss things there.” Solis was trying to put off what he had to tell them. “There’s a nice little café that I’ll take you guys to.” He led the way out of the healer’s hut and towards the café.


Cyn looked at Melody from across the table. He didn’t know things to ask about her to get to know her a little more. But he tried his best, “Why did you want to marry CJ and how did you two meet?”

Melody thought about this question. “We both were trying to get away from the royal lifestyle for a while. Somehow, we both ended up in the human world, though I still don’t understand how that happened. We met in a human city called Las Vegas. And it was love as first sight. Since then, we were planning on marrying. One problem with that plan, though. Our parents wouldn’t allow it. So we decided to elope and be married in the place we met. Then I hear that he is now married to your sister and dead.”

“I’m sorry to hear that. Anything you want to ask me?” Cyn was a little curious about her, but didn’t want to ruin the moment by asking.

“Yeah, I have two questions. The first one, how did you all get started being the Champions?” She asked.

“Jisika said that she had a dream that if she went to a charred house in our little God-fearing home town, the ghost there would tell her who her parents were. Of course we couldn’t allow her to go alone, so the rest of us followed. We met Kaori and she told us who we were and what we were supposed to do. She then sent us along our way. The rest is history.” He told her as the waiter came.

Melody ordered first, “I’ll have the tree salad with honey for a dressing and a glass of your darkest elven wine.”

The waiter turned to Cyn. Not knowing what else to order, “I’ll have the same.” The waiter walked off to go and get their food.

Melody looked back at her date. She blinked and started to notice that he didn’t look half bad. “What are your ambitions in life?”

Cyn had to really think about this question. “I want to protect the people I know and care about. That was my main goal in life before all this happened. But I guess things change quickly. Now, the main goal is to just stay alive long enough to defeat Stiller.” He just started to realize that Melody was actually kind of pretty. “What about you?”

“I have to become queen. It’s a part of my destiny, just as being a champion is yours. I wish I didn’t have to though. Then I would be able to have a normal life and friends. I wish I was like you.” She told him.

“No, you don’t. You have an influence on people. You can make a difference in people’s lives. I don’t get that chance.” He answered.

Their food came, and the two thanked the waiter.

Melody then asked him, “What’s it like in the human plane?”

He took a deep breath, “Do you want the good, bad or all of it?”

“All of it, starting with the bad.” She replied.

“Well, the humans are stupid. They start petty wars over things that could be avoided. They kill in the name of a savior named Jesus, even though he sacrificed his life to make them better. There are people dying every day because of hatred and jealousy. They don’t care who they hurt to get what they want. Like I said, humans are stupid creatures.”

Melody felt a tear fall, “How can they be like that? They are cousins to the elves…”

“Seems like the humans have forgotten their roots. But there are good things.” Cyn couldn’t stand seeing her cry. “Then you have the millions of lovers who would die for each other. You have the innocent children who are the hope for the future. Humans may be stupid, but they start off smart when they are younger. You have people who fight for freedom and peace. They strive to get it, not hurting a soul in the process. Humans may have their problems, but they also have their good qualities.”

Melody had stopped crying. She was looking at him, with a slight amount to love. “You sound like you idolize the children.”

“Life was simple when you are a child. Everything is either right or wrong. There is no gray area in between. Everything is in you imagination.” He smiled. “Things are easier to figure out.”

“Better than us, elves.” Her voice dropped.

“What do you mean?” He asked.

“As children, we are given our tasks in life. We don’t get a choice in the matter. Everything is hard. It’s even worse as a royal. We don’t get any freedom and can’t interact with people our own age. I’m lucky to know Solis. He’s the only friend I have had throughout the years.” She admitted to him.

“Well, I have officially ran out of things to say.” Cyn told her.

“So have I. I don’t think we’ll be getting married.” She grinned. “Well, might as well, not waste the meal.”

Cyn agreed, and they both started eating in silence.

Destiny of the Sky Ch 20

Chapter 20

Learning New Things

They all appeared in the middle of a field, in the middle of a battle. They had to fight their way out to a sideline. When they got out of the battle, the two sides broke away and seemed to all give each other pats on the back. Solis was nowhere in sight.

“What was that all about?” Caz asked.

“Battle training. Normal elves get it.” A cold voice came from behind him. “You all came here quickly enough.”

“Don’t you ever shut up?” Sori growled.

“Then I wouldn’t piss you off so much. And it’s just so much fun pushing your buttons.” Vague grinned. “This is my domain. I would welcome you to it, but I don’t like your faery friend so much. So I won’t.”

<He looks like he’s about to put on a hissy fit.> Jisika remarked through the link.

“Grab your weapon, little faery. Then come after me and try to kill me.” Vague stood there, his arms away from his sides and looked defenseless.

“Gladly.” Sori drew and shot an arrow at him.

He easily dodged it. “I bet you can’t even hit me once.”

She drew out the spikes in her bow and tried to hit him, but he just backed away and moved faster than she could. It wasn’t long until he slammed her into the ground and grabbed the bow. He put his foot into her back, forcing her to stay down. He drew an arrow from her quiver and knocked the bow. He shot it and it was less then an inch from her eye.

“Pathetic.” He took his foot off her, letting her get up. He threw her bow on the ground beside her as she sat up.

She had a deep gash across her forehead, along with many small cuts. Her pride hurt more than any of the cuts on her face and body. “How…?” She stood up and went opposite of her friends.

Vague looked at her with surprise that she wasn’t crying. “Because you haven’t been taught. At least you’re not bawling your eyes out.” He looked at Jisika. “You’re next, try to take me down.”

Jisika threw her blade as a distraction and tried to hit him with the staff. As the blade came back, he dodged it, but was tripped with the staff part of the scythe. He fell and Jisika slammed the staff’s length down his back. She grabbed the blade and reattached it. “I win.”

Vague brushed himself off. “Good job. You, next.” He told Cazron. “Hit me.” Cazron drew his sword and shield. He quickly tried to hit Vague with his sword. After a little bit of that, Caz threw his shield to hit him. Vague dodged it as it came towards him, but he didn’t realize that it was coming back. The shield hit him in the back.

“Done.” Caz grabbed his shield and stepped back.

“Well done. Now, you.” Vague told Cyn. Cyn came at him with a great speed. Cyn drew both his scimitars and slashed furiously at Vague. None of the marks hit. Cyn crossed his blade, releasing the two wolves behind Vague. The two wolves circled him. Vague couldn’t watch all three of them, so he took his eyes off of Cyn. Cyn took this chance and slashed Vague across the chest. The two wolves disappeared and Cyn stood there. Where he had hit, Vague’s shirt was sliced, but there was no mark on his skin.

“Congrats to you three. You all are excellent fighters. You all need to go visit the king and he will let you know what you need to do next.” Vague looked at Sori. “We’re going to work on your fighting skills, though I hate to say that I have to. The rest of you are dismissed.” He ran at Sori, a blade appearing in his hand. He was going to teach her, even if it caused her to bleed a lot more.

“Should we stay?” Cyn asked, worried about Sori.

<No. You guys seeing me not being able to fight hurt my pride. Go see the king.> Sori told them as she tried to block Vague’s attack.

“You heard her, Cyn. C’mon.” Jisika pulled him away to let Vague and Sori work.

“To the castle?” Cazron said and they disappeared.


The castle was a grand feat of wonder in the trees. Its walls were covered in moss and lichen. The roofs were made out of the treetops. Cyn, Cazron and Jisika walked through the castle gates.

Couriers recognized Cyn and carefully stepped out of his way. All around the three of them, people bowed to him.

“This is scary.” Jisika said aloud.

“I know. They seem to think Cyn is a true high blood.” Caz answered.

Cyn was getting a little annoyed. “Stop bowing. Where can we find the king?”

One of the maids pointed to the side of them, “He’s that way, Prince.”

The group turned to see a large ornamental door, covered in leaves, vines and a tree for the door itself.

“These tree people are weird.” Jisika mentioned softly.

They went inside and saw a dying light at the end of the hall. As the rest of the place, the interior was covered in leaves, vines, pictures of animals and plants, as well as something different. Along the walls of the hall, Cazron noticed the story of the prophecy. It was written up and down the walls.

“Cyn? Is this the prophecy?” Caz pointed to a particular section of the story.

Cyn read it and nodded. “Yeah, that’s it.”

Jisika came over and looked at it. “Well, that sucks.”

“What does?” Caz looked at her.

“Our destiny was preordained. We had no choice from the beginning. Also, it doesn’t say if we’re supposed to live or not.” She explained.

Cyn went up to the throne area. He saw a wizened old king sitting in the seat. The king looked up and Cyn noticed that he was blind.

But the king wasn’t deaf. “Who goes there!?” He shouted.

Jisika and Cazron stopped talking about the story. They looked at Cyn who answered. “I am just an elf. I have two friends with me. They are Jisika and Cazron.” His voice was clear.

“Just an elf? I don’t recognize your voice.” The king stood up and beckoned Cyn forward. “Please come forward.”

Cyn went towards the old king. He stopped just before the king. “Are you really the king, old man?” He couldn’t help but ask.

“Call me old man again, and I’ll smack you upside the head.” The king answered. “I am King Cid. And I have one son who was taken away for the prophecy. His name was Cyn. He was supposed to befriend a demon, a faery and an angel. Then bring peace to our troubled land by marrying an elf princess named Melody.”

Cyn almost started cracking up, but kept his voice steady. “I am Cyn. And I refuse to marry anyone unless I love them.”

“Cyn? Come closer.” Cid asked quietly. Cyn obliged and stepped up to the king. Cid set his hand on Cyn’s forehead and closed his blind eyes. “You are truly my son. Where have you been? And did you meet the chosen ones?”

“Yes, I have. Jisika is the demon. Cazron is the angel. And my little sister is the faery-” Cyn was cut off.

“Little sister? You don’t have one.” Cid knew that much.

“She is. I’ve known her my whole life, from the day she was born. I was born into a human family, and I have a little sister.” Cyn explained.

“My son, why do you deny your birth right to marry the princess? You will be succeeding me and becoming king.” Cid asked.

“Because I don’t know her enough to fall in love.” Cyn told his father.

“Then go and meet her. You never know. You might fall in love.” The king hoped.

“I’ve met her. But she’s in love with someone else.” Cyn tried to tell the old man.

“I’ll set you two up on a date. Then you can make your decision.” Cid announced.

“But-” Cyn was trying to get out of the date. “I gotta train to fight against Stiller.”

“Nonsense. Vague sent you up, meaning you passed his test. The date will be tonight on the seventh hour.” Cid sat down, ending the matter.

Cyn sighed. “I guess, I will.” He stalked back to the others and explained to them what just happened.

They just looked at each other and started cracking up. “Notice how it’s the brother and sister who are being forced to marry?” Cazron was laughing his ass off.

“I guess it must be in their genes.” Jisika snickered.

“Guys, I can’t get married. What if we don’t come back?” Cyn brought it up.

That got the other two to stop laughing. “Good point. The marriage between CJ and Sori would be ruined.” Jisika thought out loud.

“That would make two lost marriages if Cyn is forced to go through with it.” Caz wondered. “But they would understand and find new loves, won’t they?”

“I don’t know. We better find Sori and get a plan of action together.” Cyn told them. The other two nodded and they set off to find the youngest of them.


It didn’t take them long to find Sori. She was still fighting Vague, but she was getting better. She was landing hits on him and blocking a lot of his attacks. They weren’t using weapons, but were doing hand-to-hand combat.

Cyn looked at Jisika and Cazron, “Think she sees us?”

“No. But look at her. I’ve never seen her this determined or anything.” Jisika mumbled.

“Look at all her wounds.” Cazron remarked.

Cyn looked at his little sister and noticed all the scratches, scrapes and bruises. The gash across her forehead had stopped bleeding, but dirt was in it. Around the two fighters, a ring of elves came to see what was going on.

He then looked at Vague. Cuts of various sizes as well as scrapes were all over his body. Sometime during their little battle, his shirt came off. Red lines were everywhere on his body, where Sori had hit him with a spike.

He taunted Sori ever so often. “My grandmother can hit harder than you. And she’s dead.”

Sori didn’t retaliate in anger, but instead tried to hit him harder. She landed a good hit to Vague’s stomach. He doubled over and she took this chance to slam his chin with an uppercut.

Vague hit the ground, but stood back up. “That was the best hit I’ve seen you do.”

Sori didn’t let her guard down. She stood, ready to try to block and counter his next attacks. But he didn’t attack her anymore.

“Go to a healer. You passed my test. Congratulations.” He put his hand forward to be shaken.

Sori grinned and shook his hand. “You aren’t so much of a pain in the arse as I thought.” She quickly withdrew her hand, just in case he was going to try and hurt her.

“And you’re not so much of a brat.” He answered, then drew her in for a slight hug. He then let go of her, a little ashamed of himself. “Go to a healer then get going on your way.”

Sori turned and saw the others. She blushed slightly and walked over to them. “He said that I passed and stuff.”

Cyn checked the gash on her forehead. “You ok?”

“Yup. Just need to see a healer.” She answered, smiling.

Solis appeared out of nowhere and told them. “Melody is a healer. Go see her. I heard that all of you passed Vague’s test.”

“I have a question.” Sori wanted to ask this for a while. “Why was he meaner and harder on me than everybody else?”

“I’ll tell you guys later. He doesn’t like it told around him.” He told her.

“Hey Sori, your brother has to go and get married to Melody.” Jisika grinned.

“What?!” Sori yelled and Solis vanished them to the healer’s hut, and Melody.