Ruins Epilogue

I ran into the library barefooted and ran passed the librarian. “If anyone asks, I ain’t here!”

The librarian smiled, “You promised!”

I slid to a halt and ran back to her. “I know, thanks for reminding me.” I pulled out a disc that would fit into the library’s holographic display case. “Thank you for everything.”

“It was lovely. Anyways, you have an office in the same building as everyone else, why do you hide in this one?”

“This is where I got my start… and… I found out I have a window that overlooks the display. The window was hiding behind a painting and when I moved the painting to clean it, I found the window.”

The librarian hid her grin behind her coffee cup. “I saw you on the television, you were beautiful and you spoke your knowledge well.”

“Apparently, I did. I couldn’t go thirty steps without some guy asking to dinner or someone ask to get free tickets into the Ruins. The Guardians had a wonderful idea to sell tickets to the Ruins, to donate into the restoration of some of them to what they looked like before my people left them.”

She ushered me on, “I have work to do and you look like you need peace and quiet.”

“I’ll go put this into the display case, so you can continue to drink your coffee and shush people.” I grinned as she waved me away.

I passed by many of the books I had been using for research and saw young scholars pouring over the same books. I was in my other home, second to the Ruins and before the house where my bed was. I strolled through the shelves, slowly making my way to the display case. I browsed books of fiction and found something that caught my eye. I pulled it off the shelf and read the summary, becoming enthralled. I held onto it as I reached the case.

I ran my hand along the glass remembering when I built it. It was a seven foot tall round case with a holographic model of the Ruins. When someone wanted to see a specific part, they would just need to speak the sector name and that sector would blow up to the person. They could chose any building and the case would explain what the building was for and it would even have a little movie of what the people would have done in it. Below the glass was a shelf full of books to purchase or borrow that only the librarian or I could open.

I put the disc in and watched it go through the opening sequences. The case started to run with ease and I turned to walk to my office, when I ran into someone. “I’m so sorry!” He was handsome and just looking at him made me blush. He looked like someone I used to know, but I could not quite find the memory.

He adjusted his shoulder bag and looked down at me, “You’ve grown since Iclia Bar.”

“Iclia Bar? Sorry, you must have the wrong girl. I’ve never been into a bar.”

He pulled out a pair of sunglasses and handed them to me. “You gave these to me six months ago and it took me until today to find you.” He set his bag on the ground as he pulled out one of my bots. “And this… missed you from what I could gather from the glasses.”

He handed it to me and I squealed, “Bot 13! I thought I lost you somewhere!” The bot purred in my arms as I held it tight. I looked to the stranger, “How did you find him?”

He smiled to me, “He found me, actually. And I renamed him Dawg.” His face sobered, “You really don’t remember?”

I shook my head, sadly, “Apparently not… But I’m glad you found him.” I smiled up at him. “My name is Sori.”

He leaned forward and kissed me. I took a step back and found myself against the case, “My name is Chris.”

“Chris… Tis a pleasure to meet you. If you come with me to my office, we can sit down and discuss it?” I asked hopeful that maybe it could go farther.

He looked thoughtful, “I have a better idea. Why don’t we drop off Dawg and the rest of your stuff and we can go on a date?” He put his arm out for me.

I blushed a deep red and linked my arm in his. “That sounds wonderful.”

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