This was originally written first person, but someone actually thought that this happened to me, so I changed it to third person.


This was written in 2005, when people would make fun of LGBTA+ people. This is in no way how I think now.



“Will you go to the Sadie’s dance with me?” Kirra asked Johann, her boyfriend for three years. This was to be their last Sadie’s dance together.

“Sure, Kirra. I have something to tell you. I’ve wanted to say it since I first met you.” He leaned in and kissed her passionately.

The bell to their next classes rang, so they were forced part ways. During her next classes, Kirra tried to think of what Johann wanted to say to her. She then blushed at the thought that he might ask to marry her.

What shall we wear? She thought about the dress that she had been sewing for this anniversary dance.

She texted him, Wanna wear formal clothing?

He answered back shortly, What ever you want, honey.

Kirra was in a state of bliss for the next few days. She wore an elaborate gown with a Victorian look to it.

She waited for about five minutes before her date showed up. He wore a tuxedo that clung loosely to his skinny body. He grinned at her as he stepped out of his truck.

They walked hand in hand into the dance. The first song they heard was a slow song. They held each other lovingly, dancing to the song.

At the end of the dance, Johann took a knee. Kirra blushed as everyone around them stopped and watched. They crowded around.

Johann pulled out the picture from their first date. “I’ve wanted to tell you this since the first time I saw your glittering eyes, when I tasted your soft kisses and when you first asked me to Sadie’s three years ago.”

He looked at her with honest clear blue eyes. He then said the three words that would forever be embellished into her heart and soul forever.

“I am Gay.”

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