Destiny of the Sky Ch 1

Chapter 1

Charred Remains

“What do you mean that we’re going in there?!” Sori yelled at one of her best friends, Jisika. She was about five foot eight and wasn’t the skinniest person around. But she was all muscle. She was tan with dark blonde hair that seemed to glint a fiery red and orange in highlights. Her eyes were the best things about her. They were copper in the center then went to a light blue then a dark blue-ish green around the outside.

There was an urban legend around the neighborhood kids saying that, fifty years ago, a witch used to live there and she was the reason the house burned. The parents often told a lot of the kids that it was because she had angered God with her practice and He sent the dark angel, Michael, to destroy her.

“I wanted to see if the legend was true or not.” Jisika had climbed through the window of a burned house. The house was completely blackened by the fire but it still stood. No one wanted to go inside or near the house, scared that the witch’s ghost might take a hold of him or her and cause God to be angry with them.

Jisika, who had no parents, thought the opposite. She thought that the ghost would help her find her parents, if she asked. She was ethnically half black and half white. She had thought of her parents as people who didn’t care for her. She grinned, slightly evilly, from behind the windowsill she had just climbed through. Every time she grinned like that, it seemed to make the water in the area start to freeze. Her dark violet eyes were filled with amusement. Her dark black hair glinted softly against the afternoon light. “C’mon. You know you wanna.” She stood about nine inches taller than the windowsill, which was five feet above the ground.

“Jisika, you should really quit baiting my sister like that.” Cyn, Sori’s older brother, said coolly. He was about five foot eleven, with bleach blonde hair and orange sunglasses over his matching eyes. He was muscular and athletic. “C’mon, Caz.” He called his good friend.

Cazron, nicknamed Caz, brushed passed Sori. “The faster we get in there, the faster we get out.” He mumbled softly as he passed. He was as tall as Cyn and had the same type of build. His eyes were a stormy gray with bits of blue, to accent his light brown hair.

“I have a bad feeling about this.” Sori mumbled to herself. She suddenly noticed that she was the only one left outside. The others were already inside the house, waiting for her. She went to the window and climbed inside.


The interior of the house was bleak. Most of the furniture had been reduced to ashes. The pieces left gave a ghostly feeling about the living room. The couch was a prized piece in the area, was now a skeleton of its former glory and intrigue. The entertainment area wasn’t any better. It seemed as if the whole house was the same. A burnt skeleton of what it used to be.

Jisika led with Sori and Caz in the middle and Cyn at the end. “Hey Jisika,” Cazron started to ask.

She answered back quietly, as the silence started to grow slightly. “What?”

“Why do you think this ghost might know your parents?” He was curious.

“I had a dream about it.” She said as if that answered his question perfectly. “In the dream, I saw us, but we were all different.” Caz stared at her with a confused face. “Well,” She started to explain, “In the dream, the different version of me was talking to the normal me and said that the only way I can find out who my parents are, is to go into this house, today.”

“Okay, I think I got it.” Caz replied.

Sori looked around and saw a slight glow to her left. “Uh…Hi?” she greeted the glow.

Cyn smacked his sister in the back of the head. “That’s it! That’s the ghost!”

The glow began to take shape of a young woman in her teenage years. She wore a black poodle skirt and dark shirt. “I am not a ghost! I am a Spirit.” She snapped at Cyn.

Cyn glared. “Why the hell are you yelling at me? They’re the same thing!”

She yelled back, “They are not! Ghosts are apparitions of feelings. Spirits are dead souls.”

Cazron’s eyes grew darker. “Why are two arguing about this? Spirits are passed souls who should be on their way.” He looked at Kaori’s spirit. “Why haven’t you passed on your way?”

Kaori grinned, “I’ve been waiting for you four. Took you guys long enough.” She floated towards Jisika, “The daughter of the Fallen Angel, Lucifer…” She then went to Sori, “…One of Last Royal Faeries of Seelie…” Next to Cazron, “…The Fallen Savior of Oblivion…” And lastly, to Cyn, “… The Lost Prince of the Elves.” She went back to where she had originally appeared. “All four who can save or lose the world.”

There was a moment of silence as everyone stared blankly at the floating figure. All four of them were too shocked to speak. It took a few seconds for Kaori’s words to settle in. “What do you mean?!” Jisika finally broke the silence. Kaori gave her ablank stare, the truth shining in her eyes. “You’re saying that you have been waiting for us. And we aren’t human? We’re some superhuman beings that need to defeat some bad dude and save the world?”

“Yes, how did you know?” Kaori was a little bit surprised that they knew.

“Lucky guess.” Jisika answered.

“I’m not the only one who has been waiting for you. There is another. The dark side that wants your power has been waiting for you, as well. Stiller Naught will want to use you to open the Gate into the Exeo Plane.”.

“Exeo Plane?” Sori had heard that phrase somewhere. “What is that?”

“The Exeo Plane is where the life, death and all between is controlled. Everything is ruled there. Stiller wants to gain control of that plane to shape this world as he sees fit and to destroy the human race, making his Vampires the dominate species on Earth.”

“I can’t believe I’m listening to this! This is bullshit. You’re a ghost. Why should we believe you?” Cyn was skeptical. “How do we know that Stiller is the true evil and not you, witch?”

Kaori glared at him. “They told me that you wouldn’t believe. The others would understand and can see the truth in my words. But no, the Lost Prince has to have proof.”

Sori grabbed Cyn by the arm and pulled him down to whisper into his ear, “Please listen to me. I know it seems strange, but I trust her on this. Don’t you remember how mum died? She was killed by not trusting someone. I don’t want you to end up with the same fate. Just please try to trust her.”

He looked down at his little sister. “If you trust her… Then I guess it wouldn’t hurt to try it.” He knew that when Sori trusted somebody, then that person was truly a good guy.

Kaori looked impatient. “Are you ready, yet?” The group nodded. “Good. These are yours to keep.” She closed her eyes and put her hands at her chest. She clasped her hands together and spoke softly, “To the beings, whose power is from the Beckoned, give them their truest weapon.” Her hands went apart. “Unleash!” A weapon appeared in the four teenagers’ hands.

Jisika was given a staff with a sharp blade at the top. It was a scythe. She poked the blade and it fell into her hand. “Oops.” She put it back on and sighed in relief. “I thought I broke it. Unless…” She had an idea. She took off the blade and threw it softly. It went around and came back to the top of the scythe. “Boomerang.” She noted quickly to herself.

Cazron got a broadsword and shield. The sword was hardly ornamental, but it was made to last a while. The blade was made perfectly. It gleamed with polish and hard work. At the base, by the hilt, it was written, “Made by the forager’s of Heaven to give assistance to the Fallen Savior.” The hilt had wings to cover the hand. The shield had the image of an angel facing off against a demon. He pressed the center of the shield and spikes moved to take their places at the rim of it. Having the same idea as Jisika, he threw the shield across the room. It stuck itself into the wood, and he went to go retrieve it. After pressing the center of the shield again, the spikes disappeared back into the shield.

A two-handed longbow rested in Sori’s hands and a quiver of arrows on her back. She reached back and felt an arrow materialize in the empty quiver. She looked at the bow in more detail. It was connected at the top and the bottom, but it split about half an inch from the ends. Leaves, animals and plants were carved into the surface. She pulled slightly on the ends and two spikes appeared at the tips. “Spiffy.” She put the spikes back into the bow and grinned happily.

Cyn looked like he had nothing. The others glanced at him questioningly. “I didn’t get anything.” He appeared sad. “Just kidding.” He smiled and pulled two scimitars from their sheaths on his back. The ends of the hilts had two black wolves’ heads. He crossed the scimitars and the wolves’ heads disappeared. He was about to say something then he heard a howl behind him. He turned and saw two black wolves standing behind him. They gave him a quick nod then disappeared into the growing darkness.

“Uh, guys? Didn’t we come here in the afternoon?” Cazron asked.

“Yeah, it was about five when we got here. What time is it now?” Sori asked.

Jisika looked at her watch. “Whoa! It’s seven, but it’s summer. It doesn’t get dark until about nine.”

Kaori looked at the people who were still alive. “Time here passes slowly, because I’m here.” The darkness got thicker and lightning flashed. Thunder followed in less than five seconds, saying the lightning was less than a mile away. “This isn’t good.”

“What’s wrong?” Cyn asked.

She looked around rapidly. “He knows you’re here. So he created the darkness in the storm. You must hurry and leave here!”

“Too late.” Stiller was standing behind them.

The teens turned to face him.

Kaori went in front of them. “You will not have them!” She put her hands together again. She yelled as loud as she could, “Send them to a faraway land. Send them to God’s Right Hand!”

Stiller reached for Kaori. He drew back quickly though, blinded by a light from behind the witch’s spirit. Within seconds, the people behind her faded and were gone. “You will never gain their souls, or their power. You will not reach Exeo nor will you get passed the Gate!”

“And you will never reach reincarnation.” He drew the same knife he had last time he saw her. Kaori saw it and tried to disappear. He stabbed the knife into her, before she could. She screamed and was being sent down into the blade. After she was completely gone, a jewel appeared at the bottom.

Stiller removed the jewel and smiled evilly. “You’re mine, now. And you cannot help them. I will have them, and they will open the Gate, allowing me to reach Exeo. Even if I destroy the world trying!” He placed the soul jewel into a hidden pouch.

He tried to feel the trail of magic Kaori had created to send them. He couldn’t feel it. “NO! This cannot be happening!” She was successful in sending them to a place where he wouldn’t find them. He yelled at the top of his lungs, “BLACK!”

A dark specter appeared behind him. The apparition, called Black, was kneeling before the Vampire King. “Yes, Sire?” He stood up.

“Get Night, and find them! I don’t care who you kill, just find out where they are!” Stiller ordered the lesser vampire.

“Yes, Sire. We are on our way.” Black bowed then disappeared to get his partner, the deadly Night.

“It won’t be long, brats. They’ll find you and I’ll have your souls and powers. Just you wait.” Stiller vanished to his Dark Throne.

  Chapter 2

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