Destiny of the Sky Ch 10

Chapter 10


The elevator stopped to let them off. “What’s this?” Sori asked as they got off. The elevator disappeared behind them.

Kia Cat said into their minds, <This is a maze. Navigate your way through it to the other side. And your wings can’t help you.>

Jisika seemed irritable, “A maze? Great. Sounds like fun, let’s go. I can find my way out of it.” She led the way. At the first fork in the road, they took a left. After about five minutes, they reached a dead end. “Damn it.” They tried to retrace their steps, but ran into another dead end. Once again, they tried to find their way to the front of the maze, but instead, it was another dead end.

“GOD DAMN IT!” Jisika yelled at the top of her lungs

“I’ll find the way. I can do it better than you ever could, Jisika.” Cazron gloated.

Within five minutes, he was lost as well. “Damn it.”

“I can find the way.” Cyn led for ten minutes before getting lost.

“I have an idea.” Sori spoke up.

“An idea? You? Is the sky falling? Is the apocalypse on its way?” Cyn joked.

“Shut up, Cyn. But there was this story I remember. In Greek mythology, a guy was about to go into a maze, so he tied a string to the door, to find his way back. We might be able to do that.” She suggested.

“That would work, if we had a door, had string and we were at the front of the maze. Why didn’t you think of it earlier?” Cazron asked, a little irritably.

“I have string, and anyways, I was trying to remember when the last time we ate was.” She tried to smile innocently.

“You were thinking about food. We’re stuck in Hell until we can get through all these levels, and you were thinking about food.” Cazron’s voice was getting angrier. That was until his stomach grumbled. “I know what you mean.” He sat down. “Let’s think this through.” Jisika and Cyn sat down as well.

“I’m going to go scout ahead.” Sori went around a corner. She tied the end of her string to an arrow and shot at the wall behind her. She tied the other end of her string to her belt loop and walked. After a while, she stopped. “Take me to the end of the maze.” She requested. She closed her eyes and felt herself being pulled forward by the wedding ring on her finger.

She was being led along until she was stopped. She opened her eyes and looked in front of her. It was a giant ornamental door. She thought she heard something say “exit” but when she looked around, the area was empty. “Guys!” she yelled as loud as she could.

<Yeah?> Jisika answered.

<I found the exit.> Sori felt weird. She actually did something right.

<How do we find you?> Cyn asked.

<I shot an arrow at the back wall by you guys and tied an end of the string to it. Just follow it.> She answered.

After about a minute, Cazron though to her. <We see the arrow, but no string. How many knots did you tie with the end?>

Sori looked behind herself. There was the end of the string. <Oops.>

<Sori, we’re gonna kill you!> Caz warned.

<Gotta find me first.> She smiled to herself. <Give me a sec.> She tied the end of the string to the door, with a double knot, and walked back towards the maze, shuffling her feet along the ground.

After about an hour, she found them. “I’m really sorry about that.” She apologized. She turned to grab the string to find their way out, but the string was gone. “Uh oh.”

“What do you mean ‘uh oh’?” Cyn asked.

“I had one end tied to the door and the other tied to my belt loop. The one on my belt loop is gone.” She smacked her head. “Guys, I’m truly sorry.”

“Sori, I don’t think you had found the door. I also think you’re just bluffing.” Jisika said. She was really in a bad temperament.

Sori looked at the others. “I did find it. I swear I did.” She pleaded to her friends. “You gotta believe me.”

“Sori, you didn’t tie a string to the arrow, you supposedly lost the string that was tied to your belt loop. I agree with Jisika, I think you’re lying.” Cazron was bad-tempered too.

“Cyn, you gotta believe me. I found the exit. At the end is a huge door and I tied the string to it.” She tried to tell him.

Cyn looked away from his little sister. “I don’t know what to believe. There is no proof that you found it or that you tried to get a way for all of us to get there.”

“I tried. I really did. And I found the exit.” She tried to tell them. They just looked at her like she was lying.

“Sori, shut up and quit lying!” Jisika yelled.

“Jisika, how many times have I told you? Shut the hell up!” Cazron yelled at her.

“Would both of you shut up? You two have no right to be yelling like this.” Cyn practically screamed at both of them.

“Don’t tell us what to do!” They both screamed at Cyn.

“Forget this and forget you!” Jisika yelled. She ripped off the ring that connected their minds and threw it at Cazron.

“Same back to you!” Cazron threw his at Jisika.

“Hold up a tick.” Sori thought for a second.

“Shut up, Sori!” Cyn threw his at Sori.

“I’m out of here!” Cyn, Cazron and Jisika yelled at each other at the same time. They all stalked off into different directions.

“Why am I not irritable?” Sori wondered.

<You weren’t fooled. You touched the door, once you do that, you don’t get the effects of this room.> A voice told her.

“Who’re you?” She put her back to the wall.

“I am Zim. And I helped you find your way.” A tall male clad in a blue robe appeared in front of her. The hood of his robe hid his face.

“Can you help them find their way?” She hoped.

“Only if you can convince them to follow you, I will show you back to the door.” Zim told her.

“Thank you.” She ran up and gave Zim a hug. She then ran and grabbed the rings that were thrown. She put them into her pocket.

“Don’t…mention it.” He was surprised at her reaction.

“So, how’d you get into Hell?” She asked.

“I was asked to build this labyrinth, and I was told to help anyone who just asked.” He explained.

“Thanks for helping me. Now to go get them to follow me.” She tried to think, but it was hard. It was Cyn’s job to think, not hers. “Any ideas?”

“You’re supposed to be thinking on your own. That’s the point of this room. To think of a way out.” Zim told her, as politely as possible.

“That’s it!” She exclaimed and had an idea. “Can you tell how far away they are?”

“Give me a second.” He concentrated. “The female is just around this corner. The angel is just around the corner to the left and the elf is to the right and around two corners.”


Zim smiled. “Don’t worry, they can’t see me until they reach the door.”

“That’s good.” She turned away from him and yelled at the top of her lungs, “I bet that none of you are smart enough, fast enough or strong enough to beat me! And you all smell like horse crap!”

“Sori, what the hell?!” Jisika yelled as she came out of her hiding spot.

“Sori, what’s wrong with you!” Cazron shouted as he turned the corner.

“Sori!” Cyn hollered back. It wasn’t long until he was back in the same area as the others were.

“Jisika, your mother never loved you. That’s why she left you to die in the orphanage and foster homes. Cazron, you will never fit in, no matter what you try to do. Cyn, I hate you and I don’t need you to protect me anymore.” She used things they feared against them.

“Sori, I am going to kill you!” Jisika shrieked.

“Get over here!” Cazron yelled.

“You’re dead meat, brat.” Cyn shouted.

They chased after her, but she followed after Zim. He led her down the many corridors to get to the door. The others came close to catching her, but every time they got too close, she would speed up.

After about twenty minutes of running, they reached the door. Sori stood in front of it. The others jumped to hurt her, but she ducked. They slammed into the door and fell to the ground.

Jisika sat up and rubbed her head. “What happened?”

“Ow.” Cazron rubbed his forehead.

“My head hurts.” Cyn sat up.

“Well. I think it worked.” Zim told Sori happily. “You passed the anger level.”

“I think so too. It’s probably because I seem to not get mad at a lot of stuff.” Sori guessed.

“Sori, who’s he?” Jisika asked about Zim.

“I am Zim. With a little bit of my help, your little friend here found the door to the way out. And she made sure that you guys would find it too.” He explained.

“What are you?” Caz asked next.

“I am just a wizard who heard a small cry for help and answered.” He lied slightly.

“How did you know where the door is?” Cyn questioned.

“I built this. I was told to make it for the Champions as a training area. The effect of this room was to make people think and to ask for help. It was also supposed to make those who were quick to anger, be blinded to the way out. All you could see was your anger and not the shuffle marks Sori made on the floor.” Zim grinned. “The kid here asked for any help to make it through. But I had to untie the two strings, so you would have had to follow her. She also thought of two plans and followed through on them.”

“Sori made two plans? Gasp.” Jisika said with sarcasm. She opened the door. The elevator was there. Cyn went onto the elevator. And the rest of them followed. Once on the elevator, Sori gave them their rings back.

“Are you coming, Zim?” Cazron asked Zim.

“Nah. I got to go check in with Kiante.” Zim bowed to them. “Good luck with the next challenges.” He sent them down then disappeared into a cloud of blue smoke, as they went down to the next level.

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