Destiny of the Sky Ch 11

Chapter 11


The elevator stopped. “This is level three.” They got off the elevator. Again it disappeared and they were stuck.

“Is that what I think it is?” Cyn asked. It looked like rock canyon. At the top was a bell, and the tops of the harnesses. They all looked at the harnesses.

Kia Cat’s voice went through their minds, <Climb to the top. Flying up this cliff will get you sent to the first level.> she warned. <There are demons down there and they will attack you while you are trying to climb. Dodge them, but you can’t attack back. When you get into the canyon, navigate through it and reach the end. Good luck.>

Cazron tried to help the others into their harnesses, but they refused.

“I can do it myself.” was the general answer that they gave to him. He shook his head and climbed into his harness.

They all started climbing the first wall to get into the canyon. The different demons pelted them with rocks and other objects, but no magic was used. They all dodged with no problem, until they got close to the top.

When they reached about thirty feet from the top, they heard a snap. One of the cords holding Cyn broke. He swung to one side. The other one was almost ready to snap as well.

“Cyn, let me help you.” Cazron swung over to help.

“I don’t need your help. I can do it on my own!” Cyn pushed Caz away. The second cord snapped. He started to fall, but he caught himself by grabbing onto one of the rocks.

“Cyn! Let me help you!” Cazron called down. “We can make it up this cliff together.”

“No! I will not need your help.” Cyn was being stubborn. He started to climb the cliff face.

Sori and Jisika were at the top. “Hurry up!”

Cazron finished and pulled himself up to the top. About five minutes after Caz finished, Cyn got up to the top, as well. “Told ya I didn’t need your help. I could do this whole thing by myself.”

“Yeah right. You can’t even get to school all by yourself. On the other hand, I can make it through this thing without anyone’s help.” Jisika bragged.

“If Jisika can do it, I can do it.” Sori added.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Jisika asked.

“It means that I can do anything you can. So I can make it through this level without any help.” Sori explained.

“Let’s go.” Cazron was getting a bad feeling about this level.

“I have an idea. Why don’t we race? Whoever makes it out last, has to cook the next time we see food.” Jisika thought up.

“Good idea. One your mark.” Cyn started.

“Get set.” Sori said next.

“Go!” Jisika yelled.

They all ran to find the fastest way through the canyon. After about ten minutes, they were all split up and separated. Cyn was climbing up another cliff face to get to the top of the canyon. Sori was going through caverns that were in the canyon’s wall. Jisika was going right along through the bottom of the canyon. Cazron took the middle road. There was a trail going through the canyon, at about the middle of the canyon’s wall.

There was a cracking sound by Jisika. She yelled, “Oh my god!” A mountain troll was taking her away. She tried to hurt it any way possible. Kia Cat had taken their weapons from the beginning of the journey through the canyon.

“Jisika! I’m on my way!” Cazron tried to help.

“No! I can defeat it by myself!” she yelled back. She found a heavy rock and slammed it in the head

The troll screamed and slammed her on the ground. She yelled and tried to get away. “Let go of me!” She found another rock and slammed it against its hand, trying to force it to let her go. The troll dropped her on the ground. It then grabbed a rock to try and crush her.

Cazron dove in and pushed her out of the way. The troll dropped the rock and crushed his leg. “SHIT!” He yelled loudly.

“Cazron! I told you not to help me!” He helping Jisika hurt her pride. She then saw his leg under the rock. “Shit.” She glared at the troll. “You’ll pay for that.” She saw Cyn watching them from about fifty feet away. He had climbed down when he first saw the troll. <Cyn! Where’s Sori? She still has all of our bungee cords!>

<I’m by you. Give me a second. Ok, see me?> Sori appeared behind the troll. <Slingshot?> She asked.

<Of course.> Jisika answered. “Cazron, hold on. We’ll get it off of ya.” <Cyn, I need your help to get the rock off Cazron.>

Sori set up a slingshot type contraption in less than a minute, having done something like this before, against an evil chemistry teacher. She grabbed a huge rock and set it into the center of the slingshot. “Aim well, fly fast, hit hard.” She launched the rock. “Watch out!”

The rock hit the troll in the back of the head, knocking it unconscious. As it fell, Cyn helped Jisika get the rock off of Caz’s leg. They saw a shadow above them. The troll was falling towards them. “Sori!” Cyn yelled.

“On it.” She kicked the troll out of the way. “I’m on a roll today!” She smiled and then saw Cazron. “Caz! Jisika, can you heal him?”

“No magic, remember?” Jisika reminded.

“This isn’t good.” Cyn looked closely at the wound. “The best I can do is a brace and splint. Unless you guys have any other ideas.”

“I think we should try to heal him. But it’ll take power from all three of us to do it. Will you help me try, because I can’t do it on my own?” Sori asked. She placed both of her hands about a foot above Caz’s leg. She sat up straighter and closed her eyes, concentrating.

“Couldn’t hurt, I guess.” Jisika followed suit.

“Caz, we’ll try to get you fixed.” Cyn mimicked Jisika and Sori.

They all concentrated on healing the bone and muscle in the leg. Cazron watched as a bit of magic flowed from his friends’ hands. Airy white, watery blue and fiery red came from their hands and went into his leg, trying to mend it. The power was working. After about a minute, he touched his leg and didn’t feel any more pain coming from it.

“It worked, you guys!” Caz was glad to see that he was going to be fine. “I think I understand what this level was about.”

Cyn said, “Enlighten us.” They opened their eyes.

Cazron gave his theory. “Well, at the beginning of this level, all of you had too much pride to ask for help. But during the course of it, all of you asked for help, breaking the effect of this level.”

“Why weren’t you affected?” Jisika asked.

“Well, you know how Sori wasn’t affected in the last room, because she doesn’t get angry that quickly. Well, I don’t have much pride towards anything because I know that I’m not the best and I can’t do everything myself.” Caz tried explaining.

“Well, there’s one last cliff to go over. Let’s get over it.” Sori grinned and helped Caz up off the ground.

“Sori, still got the bungee cords?” Cyn asked. “I have an idea.”

“Of course.” She handed them over. “What’s the idea?”

“Ever want too slingshot up a cliff?” He grinned and set the contraption back up but facing to the top of the cliff.

“We’re going to regret this, aren’t we?” Jisika mumbled under her breath.

“Yeah, probably.” Cyn grinned. “But it’s not like if we die, we’re going to be sent to Hell.” He joked.

“What happens if we don’t reach the top?” Caz looked at the cliff face. It was smooth, nothing to hold onto.

“You fly.” Cyn told them easily.

“We’ll be sent back to the first level.” Sori warned.

“Actually no. Kia Cat’s exact words were ‘Flying up this cliff will get you sent to the first level.’ She never said we couldn’t fly on the last cliff.” Cyn grinned. He had found a loophole.

“Then why the hell didn’t we just fly this entire time?!” Jisika growled.

“I just remembered the loophole while setting up the slingshot.”

“Why don’t we just fly up the cliff and not worry about the slingshot?” Sori brought up.

Cyn sighed. “I wanted to play with the slingshot. It took a little bit of time to set up. Which reminds me,” he looked at Sori. “How did you set it up so fast?”

“Hey look at the time, the wind is just right to get up the cliff.” She tried to fly up, but Cyn held her down. Sighing, she set herself back down. “Remember that chemistry teacher that quit this last year?”

“Sori, you didn’t.” He looked at her again. “You did.”

She tried to force a grin. “Jisika helped. And it was Mr. Valletti’s fault in the first place. He hated me and wouldn’t take my or Jisika’s work. So…” She couldn’t help but smile on the memory. She gathered up the bungee cords, just in case they needed them.

Jisika picked it up. “So we set up a slingshot in his classroom at the door. He came in, got flung back and the door ‘accidentally’ locked on him.”

Cazron piped up, “I heard that there were chemicals involved.”

Jisika was grinning from ear to ear. “If you count whiteout, poison ivy and acrylic paint as chemicals, then there were.”

“Is that why your class got detentions until the end of the year?” Cyn questioned.

“Nope.” Jisika and Sori both lied. “Let’s get going.” Sori grabbed Cyn’s shoulders.

“Cazron, lead the way.” Jisika followed Caz, with Sori and Cyn following afterwards. After a steady flight, they reached the elevator. “Three down, five to go.” They all got on the elevator and went down to level four.

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