Destiny of the Sky Ch 12

Chapter 12


The elevator stopped at the next level. They got off and the elevator disappeared. “Gone again?” Jisika asked.

“Of course.” Cyn answered.

“Where are we?” Sori looked around. It looked like the outside of her and Cyn’s house.

“Isn’t this your home?” Cazron asked.

“Looks like it.” Cyn spoke up. He went to the door and opened it. His eyes went misty as he became human again. “Come on in, you guys.”

The others looked at each other and followed Cyn inside. Each of them touched the door to keep it open. As they touched the door, their eyes went misty, just as Cyn’s had. They turned back into humans. They all went inside and sat on the couch.

“I’m bored.” Sori mumbled.

“So am I. I wish we had something exciting to do.” Jisika answered back.

“We could go play video games.” Cazron suggested.

“Or I can kick all your asses at Twister.” Cyn grinned. They all had forgotten about their mission, Stiller Naught and the Exeo plane.

“You’re on, pain in the ass!” Jisika challenged.

Sori grinned and got out the Twister game and two spoons. “It’s a showdown between the all time champion, Cyn verses the newest challenger, Jisika. Who shall win?” She did a commentary. “I’m here with my partner Cazron, ready to watch this battle commence. Caz, who do you think will win?”

Caz took one of the spoons and used it as a microphone. “Well, Sori, both of the battlers have something good about them. Cyn is the all time champ for a reason. He has flexibility because of his fencing times, and has the advantage of playing on his home turf. But Jisika has an advantage because she was in color guard and is more flexible. She also has the advantage because she’s a new challenger and has seen him play, but he’s never seen her.”

“So, who would you-” Sori started to say, but Jisika interrupted.

“Can we just play now?” she asked.

“I guess.” Sori turned around and watched Cyn and Jisika start, as Cazron spun the arrow. “Right hand blue.”

The two competitors did as Caz said. “Left hand red.” They followed. “Right foot red.” After about ten minutes, the two were thoroughly tangled up. Jisika was under Cyn, but could reach everything easier. “Left foot yellow.” Cyn fell on top of Jisika, hitting her head onto the ground, knocking her out momentarily.

“Damn it, Cyn.” She rubbed the back of her head. “Wait, Why am I lying on the ground? Shouldn’t we be trying to beat this level?”

“You finally woke up.” Cazron mumbled from the floor. Sori had kicked him off the couch earlier.

“We haven’t been playing a video game. There are no levels in real life.” Sori told her friend.

Jisika stood up. “How long have I been out?” She didn’t think she was knocked out, but Cyn hit the back of her head pretty hard.

“About two minutes.” Cyn answered. He was lying in a chair.

“Didn’t you think I might have been really hurt?!” Jisika felt her anger rise.

“Not really.” They answered in unison.

“Why are you guys just laying down? We should be getting out of here.” She tried to get them up.

“But we’re watching this show.” Sori complained loudly.

“And this is the best part.” Cazron added.

“Get up! We need to get out of here!” Jisika tried to lift them up.

“No.” They all refused.

“Then what do you want to do?” She grumbled.

“Lay around and not do anything that requires energy.” Cyn explained.

Feeling a little pissed, she pushed Cyn’s chair forward, hitting his head on the coffee table. “Get up.”

“Ok, ok…” Cyn felt his forehead there was a little bit of blood “What was that about? I felt like I just wanted to lay around and do nothing.”

“It’s this level. It somehow makes you…” Jisika knew it now. She pulled Cyn closer. “Sloth.”

“That’s it! It’s the seven sins!” Cyn exclaimed. “That’s what all of these levels are. We’ve gone through anger, pride and now sloth.”

“I think when I hit my head on the floor during the Twister game, it knocked the spell out of me. And when I hit your head on the coffee table, it got it out of you.” She though out loud.

“I think you’re right, for once.” Cyn smiled a little.

“We need to get Sori and Cazron our of this.” Jisika told him. They looked at Sori and Cazron, who were still watching the television. “Grab Caz’s leg and I’ll grab his arms. He just needs to hit his head.”

“Got it.” They lifted Cazron up to their waists and dropped him, slamming his head onto the ground.

“OW!” Caz yelled. “What the hell was that for?”

“We’ll tell you when we get Sori back to normal.” Jisika told him. They lifted Sori up and dropped her. “Sori, ready to go play?”

“No. TV. Calling me.” Sori said slowly.

“Why didn’t it work?” Jisika asked Cyn.

“You gotta remember. This is Sori. She’s thick headed to protect her last few brain cells.” Cyn had to remind her.

“Oh yeah, I forgot about that. Slam her head into the wall?” Jisika suggested.

“Works for me.” Cyn grinned to his partner in crime. They ran and slammed Sori’s head into the wall.

“OW, SHIT!” Sori yelled. “What the hell was that for?! Why aren’t we going through this level?” They dropped her. “Damn you guys. What happened?”

“I would like to know as well.” Caz helped Sori up.

“All of us were under a spell. It caused us to forget our mission and to slowly become lazier. I just happened to luck out and have Cyn hit me in the head during the game. If we hadn’t played, then I bet we’d all still be laying on the couch and become so lazy that we lose.” Jisika explained to them. “We’re also going through all of the seven sins of hell. We’ve already gone through anger, pride, and, now, sloth. Just four more levels and we are out of here.”

“How do we get out of here? And how do we get back to our true forms?” Caz asked.

“The backdoor. But we have to find a way not to touch it. It might make us go back to the sloth thing.” Jisika thought up. “Help me with the couch. It’s going through the backdoor.” The others nodded and picked up the couch. She looked at the glass backdoor. “On Three. One. Two. Three!” They rammed through the backdoor and saw the elevator. They went back to their inhuman forms. “C’mon. Let’s get out of here.” They climbed into the elevator and it started to move down.

Chapter 13

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