Destiny of the Sky Ch 13

Chapter 13


The elevator stopped and they climbed out, this time it didn’t disappear like it had the last times. Instead a giant house made out of cakes and sweets appeared around it. It was covered in chocolate frosting and many different types of candy.

“Food.” Cazron’s mouth started to water.

“Finally.” Jisika was happy to finally eat.

“We haven’t eaten in how many days?” Sori asked.

“Two.” Cyn said bluntly. Something doesn’t seem right. Where’s the owner of this house?

“Don’t be such a sorry sport, Cyn.” Caz was at the house and broke a piece off. He had heard Cyn’s thoughts. “I’ll be the taste tester.” He bit into the piece then spat it back out. “Tastes like cardboard.”

“Caz, how would you know what cardboard tastes like?” Jisika teased. She had once dared him to eat a piece of cardboard for ten dollars.

“Shut up, Jisika.” Caz joked. “Let’s go inside and see if the owner can give us food.” He opened the door. “Ladies first.” He motioned to Jisika and Sori.

Jisika went inside and Sori grabbed the door from Caz. “Ladies first, Caz.” She motioned for him to go inside.

“Shut up, Sori.” He went inside and Cyn followed. Sori took one last look at the outside, pulling it to direct memory, just in case. She followed the others inside.

“It’s pretty bright in here for a chocolate cake house.” Jisika remarked. She was happy to have her sunglasses still on.

“Anyone home?” Sori called out.

“Doesn’t anyone else get a strange vibe from in here?” Cyn asked the others.

“Not really.” Jisika answered.

“Fridge!” Cazron leaped at the fridge and opened it up. “Guys, lots of food!” he grabbed a handful of food and went to the table. The others gathered around him. “Here.” He handed Jisika a large bowl of pudding. “For Sori,” He gave her some cold cookie dough. “To Cyn,” He gave Cyn a box of fudge.

Sori and Jisika sat down at the table, happy with their helpings. They nibbled on their share. Cyn, however, was reluctant. “Don’t you think that someone might live here?”

“Probably. But we’ll pay them back.” Cazron was eating happily.

“Guys, I don’t like this place.” Cyn put the fudge down on the table. “I think we need to get out of here.”

“Nonsense.” Sori was eating more than she usually would.

“I don’t think they’d mind sharing. I mean there’s a lot more food in there.” Jisika was eating more than she ever had.

There was a loud stomp on the floor. Cyn whipped around and grabbed his scimitars. It was a huge green demon. It growled at Cyn. “Join your friends in their feast. They seem to be eating quite a lot.” The demon’s voice sounded exactly like nails on a chalkboard, but it was distinctly female.

“I’m not hungry.” Cyn told the demon.

“Then I guess you wouldn’t mind.” The demon mumbled. Its voice went to an extremely low sound, “Join them. Give them more and more food, so I may have a feast of inhumans.” it suppressed Cyn’s will to fight. “Do as I say. Obey.” It finished its spell.

Cyn’s eyes swirled slightly. He felt something bite his hand. It was one of the wolves from his scimitars. It knocked the spell away from his mind, but he pretended to still be under it. “Yes, madam.” He went over to the fridge and got more food.

He took it over to the others. He had grabbed another bowl of pudding, along with other sorts of sweets. He looked at his friends. <Guys, stop eating. This demon is going to eat you. GUYS, STOP!> He tried to get them to stop, but their minds were clouded by the food demon’s power. The demon had them.

How can I get them out of this? He thought frantically. Think of a plan! He yelled at his mind.

“Slave!” The demon called to Cyn. “Clean up this mess!”

Cyn did as he was told, still trying to think of a plan. He couldn’t use his scimitars, or else the demon would do another spell on him. He was on his hands and knees, picking up fallen food. He then got an idea. Standing up he grinned to the demon. “I think I’m hungry now, ma’am.” He said in his best slave voice.

“Then eat all you want.” The demon commanded. She was sharpening her knives to cut them all up.

Cyn sat down at the table and whispered softly to himself. “Guys, forgive me for this.” He grabbed a handful of pudding from the bowl and threw it at Cazron. “Food Fight!”

“Don’t do that!” the demon’s concentration had shifted, letting the other go of the spell.

“Cyn, you’re so going to pay for that!” Caz grinned and threw frosting at him. Cyn ducked and the frosting hit Sori.

“Caz, you’re going down!” She threw a handful of cookie dough and threw it at Caz. He dodged and the dough hit Jisika.

“It’s on, now.” Jisika smiled and threw the cake batter everywhere, hitting everyone.

It was an all out food fight. All sorts of different sweets were being thrown. Within a matter of minutes, nothing was left on the table. it was all over the walls, the ceiling and each other.

“Stop!” the food demon commanded them, but they were no longer under her spell.

“Hey, Sori. Ready to aim and fire?” Cyn suggested.

Sori nodded and loaded her bow with three explosive arrows. She fired and they hit their marks perfectly. One hit the demon’s neck, the next at the heart and the last in the stomach. The demon exploded into a mass of green flash and red guts.

“Ew.” Jisika wiped the demon guts off of her face. “You didn’t have to use explosive arrows.”

“I didn’t mean too. I just asked the quiver for arrows that would destroy the demon. It gave me the explosive ones.” Sori tried to explain. “At least it was a good explosion.”

“Can we get out of here?” Cyn suggested to the others.

“Of course.” Cazron answered. He had a backpack full of food.

“What the hell?” Jisika asked the angel.

“We don’t know when the next we eat will be. Might as well pack some in case we don’t eat for another few days.” Caz explained happily. He wasn’t ready to miss another meal.

“Whatever. Let’s find the elevator and get out of here.” Cyn led the way. He used his ears to navigate through the house. It wasn’t long before they found it. “That was Gluttony. Only Lust, Envy, and Greed are left before we fight Lucifer.” They climbed onto the elevator and went to the next level.

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