Destiny of the Sky Ch 14

Chapter 14


The elevator stopped and the group got out. Once again, it disappeared to wherever they had to reach. Cyn looked around and saw a shelter made out of silk and was halfway see through. “That what I think it is?”

“A gypsy’s hideout?” Jisika guessed.

“It does not look like my grandparents house, though.” Caz mentioned.

“You’re grandparents are gypsies?” She asked, curious. “That would explain a lot about you.”

“They were not gypsies. They studied them.” He growled under his voice.

“This makes me think of a whore harem in Istanbul.” Sori spoke up.

“Why do you say that?” Cyn asked.

“There are belly dancing chicks inside and some of the areas look like they’re closed off. I can also see some really sexy dudes, giving the ladies something.” She explained.

“How the hell?” He was confused.

“Look through the silk, Cyn. Since it’s halfway see through, you can tell what it is.” She couldn’t help but grin.

“Well, the elevator is somewhere in there. Let’s get going.” He led the way, into the silk house, with Jisika and Caz following.

Sori stayed behind a little bit. “Why does this seem familiar? I swear I’ve seen this somewhere. Was it in a dream?” She asked herself, and then followed the others inside.

Inside the harem, shadows danced on the red and violet silks. They had an allure to them. The main parts of the shadows were the belly dancers, but there were also the shadows of other types of things. There were men with huge muscles, and a lot of the shadows were sexual acts. Sori looked around to find her friends. “Caz? Jisika? Cyn? Where are you, guys?”

A giant guy stopped her. “You shouldn’t worry about your friends. Come spend some time with me, Little Faery.” He smiled at her. He was the essence of perfection. His blonde hair was down to his muscular shoulders to match his clear blue eyes. His smile was perfect. She couldn’t see anything that wasn’t perfect about this guy. “I am named Kaain.”

“Hmm. I would, but I’m married.” She tried to push passed him.

He grabbed her by the arm, burning it. “I can’t allow you to leave, little one.” He pulled her to one of the rooms and threw her onto the bed. Once inside, he locked the door. “Now, I know you have special needs.” He grinned and reached for her.

“Stay away from me.” She kicked him in the mouth. <GUYS! HELP!> She screamed across the mind link.

<Just enjoy the fun, Sori.> Cyn told her.

<Yeah, Sori. This is not too bad. This chick is good at dancing.> Cazron answered.

<And anyways, Sori, you need to learn about sex one-way or another.> Jisika’s mind spoke.

“Wait,” Sori figured it out. “Lust!”

Kaain reached for her again. “It won’t hurt, much.”

“How fast are you?” She asked.

“Depends on how willing you are.” He answered

  1. She thought to herself. I’m so going to regret this. “Come over here, ya big hunk.” She pretended to be under his spell. “I want you.”

“Finally.” He climbed on the bed next to her. “How much do you want me?” he then jumped on top of her. Wherever he touched her skin, it burned deeply.

She willed the quiver on her back to give her something that would kill the incubus. An arrow appeared and she quickly stabbed it into Kaain’s back.

“What!?” He quickly got away from her. “What is this?!” He started to disappear where the arrow was.

“I told you, I’m married.” She growled and looked at her arm where it was first burned. “This is going to hurt later.” The incubus was gone. “Gotta go find the others.” She went to go find them.

She found Jisika first. Another incubus was seducing her friend. “Get away from Jisika.” Sori drew an arrow and shot the incubus, before he could finish undressing Jisika. She ran over to help her friend. “Jisika, time to go. Play time is over.”

“Wha?” She rubbed her forehead. “WHY AM I ALMOST NAKED?!” She screamed and tried to put her clothes back on.

“You were under the spell of an incubus.” Sori handed Jisika some of her clothes.

“Ugh. I could have done something I regret.” Jisika felt bad. “I think I failed Terence.” She was talking about her boyfriend.

“I think you didn’t do anything too bad.” Sori tried to cheer her friend up. “We need to go find the others. They might have gone farther than you.”

Jisika nodded. “The faster we find them, the better. I’ll lead.” She led Sori through the different rooms. They quickly found Cazron. He was almost totally naked. “NASTY! I DIDN’T WANT TO SEE THAT!” Jisika screamed.

“You know you want to join in, Jisika.” Caz was under a succubus’s spell. His face went into bliss, as the succubus went down on him, ready to give him pleasure.

Jisika growled and threw her scythe’s blade and it sliced off the succubus’s head.

Cazron yelled at the top of his lungs. “Jisika! That was too close for comfort!”

“Awww. Poor baby, get your clothes on. We gotta go find Cyn.” She threw him his clothes.

“I’ll go find him.” Sori announced. “I’ll let you two love birdies annoy each other.” She ran off before they could hit her. She ran through four different rooms, “Cyn! Where are you?!” She called out.

“What do you want, brat?” Cyn called back. He was lying down on a bed.

Sori shot an arrow and killed the succubus. He stood up, and she was forced to cover her eyes. “Cyn! Put your damn clothes on!”

“Oh, sorry.” He sounded weird. He threw on boxers and shorts. “You can look now.”

Sori uncovered her eyes. He was covered in blood. “What happened?” She asked.

“She tried to force me into having sex.” Cyn explained. “Can you do me a favor?”

“Whatcha need?” Sori was a little confused. “I would have thought you would have wanted to have sex.”

“I don’t need anyone to force me into it. Yeah, I wanted to have pleasure and everything, but sex isn’t my thing. I tried to scratch her to get her off of me. Then I fell under her spell.” He tried to tell her. “I need you to help me get this blood off. And to never repeat what I’m about to tell you.”

“Sure.” She tore off a piece of the bedding and handed it to him. He scrubbed and the blood wouldn’t come off.

He sighed. “It’s dried already.”

“I’ll get it off.” She knew how to get rid of blood.

“Sori, I…” he saw her burns. “What the hell happened?! How’d you get burned?”

“Incubus. It was a male version of what you had. All of us have them, wherever the sex creature things touched our skin.” She grinned. “Blood’s all gone.”

He quickly gave his sis a hug. “I was scared that something bad had truly got to you. But, I almost did something bad as well.” That’s all he would say. He let her go. “Let’s find the elevator.”

“Good idea.” Sori grinned. <Hey, guys. Let’s find the way out.>

<One problem with that.> Jisika answered. <The Incubi and the Succubae are guarding the elevator. They don’t want us to leave.>

<Yeah, we can’t go through without all of us here. We don’t want to be forced to leave without you two.> Cazron added.

<We’re on our way.> Cyn told them. He looked at his little sis. “Where were they?”

“Follow me.” She instructed him towards where she had last left them. They were still there.

“Well, short distance attacks would probably be the best.” Caz told the two new arrivals. They saw the elevator being guarding by eight incubi and succubae.

“Actually, if we’re too close, they could get us into the spell.” Cyn contradicted. “So long range attacks would be a better bet.”

Jisika suggested, “If we can get them from all different angles, we’ll have a better chance.”

“The faster we split up, the faster we can get out of this lust hole.” Sori grumbled. She hated it when people lusted and called it love, so this was a bad experience.

“Sori, you really hate sex, don’t you?” Jisika nudged her friend’s arm.

“Heh, whatever gave you that idea?” There was sarcasm laced all through Sori’s voice. She stalked off to the left, ready to take her position on the opposite side of the others.

“Sourpuss.” Jisika mumbled then went to the right.

“Wonder why…” Cazron asked himself quietly as he went to the left.

“I worry about Sori sometimes…” Cyn said to himself. <Five..>

<Four.> Jisika echoed.

<Three.> Cazron answered.

<Two.> Sori said.

<ONE!> They all yelled across the mental links.

From out of nowhere, an arrow flew and hit the nearest incubi in the back of the neck. The scythe’s blade flew and sliced off another incubi’s head. Caz’s shield flew and went through one succubus and hit another. Two black wolves tore through two other succubae as Jisika’s blade went through an incubi’s neck.

The last incubi looked around. He was trying to find out where the different things were coming from. He then saw Sori aim an arrow at him. He was about to put her under his spell when she shot the arrow. It hit him right in the forehead.

They all went to the elevator. Jisika and Caz grabbed onto Sori’s arm. “Why are you so close minded about this sex issue?”

“Let go of me.” Sori’s voice was below normal.

“Hey, Sori.” Jisika had a hunch. “Spell ‘fish’.”

“F-I-S-H.” Sori answered.

“Wrong answer, succubus.” Jisika took her scythe and sliced off Sori’s head.

“Jisika, what the hell is wrong with you?!” Cyn was a little frantic.

“Sori knows that fish is spelled, ‘G-H-O-T-I’.” She said in a matter-of-fact voice. “I bet she’s still where she shot her arrow from.”

Cyn went to go look. He found her, tied up, gagged and completely naked. “Sori, what have I told you? Houdini can make it out of this, you can’t.” He untied her and pulled the gag off. He then gave her clothes.

“Shut up, Cyn.” She grumbled.

“You ok?” He was worried.

“You don’t want to know.” She answered lowly. She looked ashamed.

“Are you sure?” Cyn was curious.

“Drop it, Cyn.” She did not want to discuss anything with anyone at this moment, especially her brother.

“Cyn, make sure it’s her!” Jisika yelled.

“Sori, spell fish.” Cyn sighed.

“G-H-O-T-I. Why?” Sori was confused beyond all reason.

“It’s her!” He yelled to Jisika.

“What was that about?” Sori asked.

“There was a succubus posing as you. And Jisika knew it wasn’t you because she misspelled ‘fish’. You have a very strange friend.” He grinned. “C’mon, brat. Let’s go.” He led the way back to the elevator.

“Sori, are you going to tell us why you hate anything sexual?” Jisika decided to ask.

“That’s a secret that I will keep. No matter what.” Sori answered softly. She climbed into the elevator. She was in a bad mood.

The others followed and went onto the elevator. “So that’s lust down. All that is left is greed and envy. Bring it on.” Jisika grinned and the elevator went down.

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