Destiny of the Sky Ch 15

Chapter 15


Stiller slammed his hands against the door into Hell. He had just been able to find them, and was going to deal with them himself. “Open the door.” He commanded.

Kia Cat stuck her tongue out at him. She was on top of the wall above the door “No way in Heaven. I know what you want and you ain’t gonna get them.”

“Let me in there, Kiante!” Stiller knew this female demon.

“No way! Just because you and me used to be married, you do not get special privileges. Hell is closed to all vampires.” She yelled. “And that’s final!” She went away.

“Damn you, Bitch!” He yelled back. “I know remember why we divorced. I need to think.” He looked around. He had to find a way in there. It was one of his last chances to kill the Champions before they could fully use their powers. He couldn’t find a way in. He thought to himself, I haven’t really gotten a good look at them. Maybe I can get someone to do my work for me.

He felt a snake slither between his legs. “Excuse me?”

<You should be excused.> The snake’s voice went into Stiller’s head.

“Can you do me a favor?” The Vampire King asked as nicely as he could. I can’t believe I’m stooping this low.

<Depends. What do I get in return?> The snake stopped and raised its head. It was an anaconda.

“What would you like?” Stiller hated this. He wanted to do the job himself.

<Well, I want one of the inhumans you are chasing.> The anaconda knew about the Champions.

“How did you… never mind. Which one would you like, since you seem to know exactly what I’m asking.” The vampire answered coolly.

<The faery.> The anaconda replied. <I’ll lure the others out to you, and I will keep my pet.> The snake seem pretty happy with himself and the deal. <By the way, I noticed that the demon girl looks a lot like Bella. Maybe they’re related, or they are one in the same.> The snake slithered away, leaving Stiller lost in thought about his lost love.


The elevator stopped on the next level. As usual, it went away and they were left to find it. Their weapons disappeared with the elevator. Jisika looked around. They were in a cave behind a waterfall. It looked to be miles wide and the cave reached to the top, a thousand feet up. The sound of the water falling was deafening.

“…loud.” Sori mumbled.

“What?” Cazron couldn’t quite hear her.

“I said ‘everything is too damn loud.’” she practically yelled at him.

“Sori, chill out.” Cyn growled. “I don’t care what happened back there, don’t take it out on Cazron.” That got Sori to shut up.

“She’s right though. Everything is sharp and clear. It has a different feel than any of the other rooms.” Jisika noted. “It’s also hella hard to hear.”

They started to walk down through the area behind the waterfall. They seemed to walk for hours and there was still no end in sight. They continued to walk, up until Cazron got hungry. He opened his bag and gave the rest them a little bit of food. He then took an inventory of what they had left. “We don’t have much. I couldn’t get a lot because Cyn started a food fight and most of the food went towards that.” He told them.

“How much more do we have?” Cyn asked.

“Less than a days worth.” Cazron answered.

They continued forward. It wasn’t long before they were forced to stop. There was a wall in the way. “What now?” Jisika asked.

“I’m getting tired of these levels.” Cazron felt exhausted. He sat on the ground. Sori and Jisika followed suit.

“Well, we’ll just have to beat these things, now won’t we?” Sori grinned. She was out of her bad mood.

“Yeah, cause after this and the next level, we face my father. Maybe Kia Cat will let us sleep after all of that.” Jisika hoped.

“C’mon, the faster we’re done, the faster we can rest.” Cyn sort of encouraged. He leaned against the wall.

“I wish I had Cyn’s stamina.” Sori mumbled under her breath, so no one would hear her.

“Sori! What happened?!” Jisika shouted. “Look at your arm.”

“What do you mean?” Sori looked at her arm. “Green?” It was tinted a light green color. “How the hell?”

“Are you sick?” Caz asked her, feeling her forehead. “You don’t have a temperature.”

“I don’t feel sick.” They all were trying to figure it out.

“We’ll wait here under the color fades a little.” Cyn sat down with them.

“I wish I had a big brother like Sori’s.” Jisika mumbled lowly.

“Jisika! You’re skin is changing too.” Cyn noted.

“Guess we’ll be here for a while.” Cazron thought. His wings were getting wet and that wasn’t a good feeling. He said low, so no one else would hear him, “I wish I was like Cyn and not have wings.” His skin went to a greenish tint.

“Caz!” Sori yelled, giving him a warning.

“Why is it that all of your guy’s skin is turning green?” Cyn wondered aloud.

“Don’t know. You’re the one with the brains, figure it out.” Sori told him, as the green in her skin got darker.

Cyn looked at his sister, a little shocked. “It’s getting darker.”

“I don’t understand what’s going on.” She was feeling a tiny bit scared.

“It’s ok.” Jisika told her friend.

“I wish I was had Jisika’s courage.” Cazron mumbled. His skin got darker as well.

“Hope this stuff doesn’t dye your guys’ white-ness.” Jisika told them. “How is this happening to us, but not to Cyn?” Her skin got a tint darker.

“Let’s try and get out of this area and by the elevator. Then we can try and figure out what the hell is going on.” Cyn told them.

“I’m more worried about our wings.” Cazron spoke up. “Will we be able to use them after this?”

“I hope so. It would suck that they would be useless.” Sori told them.

“At least you don’t have feathers.” Cazron’s skin went hunter green.

“Yeah but yours are tougher than mine are. These things are like butterfly wings. it sucks that they’re so freaking delicate.” Her skin went the same color as Caz’s.

“Will you two stop arguing?” Cyn asked. “We can test this by trying to go over the wall. Or at least on top of it.” He told them his idea.

“Well, no time like the present.” Jisika said. She grabbed Cyn and tried to fly up, but she couldn’t. Her wings couldn’t get enough air. “I’m not as strong as Cazron, he can try.” Her skin went the same color green and Sori’s and Caz’s had.

“Wait.” Cyn thought for a second. “That’s it. Green.”

“No duh.” Sori told him.

“No, not like that. Green with Envy. You guys are jealous of what someone else has, and that turned you guys green.” Cyn explained.

“Then how do we turn un-green?” Cazron asked.

“Well. What are some good qualities about yourself?” Cyn thought he had this figured out.

“Um… I…don’t know.” Caz couldn’t think of any.

“Sori? Can you think of any for him?” Cyn asked his little sis.

“Well. He’s smart, funny and hella fun to be around.” She answered.

“Ok, Cazron repeat what she just said.” He told his friend.

“I’m smart, funny and a good friend.” Caz made a small change. His skin went back to its normal white-ness.

Jisika was next, “I’m evil, demonic and I know that I’m not racist like cereal.” Her skin went back to its normal tone.

“Sori, your turn.” Cyn was glad he had figured it out.

“Uh… Yeah… Um…” Sori couldn’t think of anything.

“You’re an optimistic, too pure and a matchmaker with a death wish.” Jisika told.

“Ok? I’m optimistic, a pure person, and a matchmaker with a death wish.” Sori’s skin went back to normal. “All better. Now, how do we get out of here?”

“Not a clue. Our wings are too wet to fly.” Jisika explained.

Sori felt something wrap around her ankle. “Guys… Um… Does anyone else feel anything around their feet?” She looked down. A large snake had wrapped itself around her feet. Let it be a boa… please let it be a boa…

“Sori, don’t move.” Cyn warned. The others had stepped away from her.

“What kind of a snake is that?” Jisika wondered aloud.

“That’s an anaconda.” Caz told. “My dad studies them.”

“Isn’t there anyone is our family that does anything normal? Your grandparents studied gypsies, and your dad studies anacondas. What does your mom do?” Jisika asked.

“She works for the government.” Caz grinned.

“What job?” Cyn asked.

“She works out at Area 52. That’s where the aliens are.” Cazron couldn’t help but smile.

“Don’t you mean Area 51?” Jisika was curious.

“Nope. Area 51 is a cover up place. Area 52 is where all the aliens and things like that are kept.” Caz was proud of his mom’s job.

“Ok, guys. We need to get this thing off of me, please?” Sori requested. It had wrapped itself up to her waist. She wasn’t afraid of snakes, but she was losing feeling in her legs.

The anaconda’s head went eye level with Sori’s. It flicked its tongue out and touched her nose. She couldn’t suppress the shudder that followed the lick. Its head moved to the side to get a better look at her.

“Don’t hurt me?” Sori tried to tell it. <Uh… Guys? Have you figured out a way to get it off of me?>

“We can’t. If we try and pull it off, it can crush you trying to stay on. We don’t have our magic. And Kia Cat has our weapons.” Cazron explained.

<Try talking to it.> Jisika thought. >You seem to be able to talk other animals. Try it on this thing.>

<That was convincing a pit bull not to chew my leg off. I’ve never tried talking to a snake before. What if I offend it?> Sori wasn’t too sure in her abilities.

<Never know if you don’t try.> Cyn told his sister. He felt bad because he couldn’t help her.

<Alright.> She closed her eyes and collected her thoughts. The anaconda had wrapped itself up to her chest. It continued to watch her. She opened her eyes and whispered. “Please let go of me. I don’t want to hurt you, but I will if I am forced.”

<You… hurt me? That’s a laugh.> A new voice came into her mind. The anaconda’s head came close to Sori’s eye. <Pretty eyes.>

“You can talk!?” Sori was surprised.

“Sounds like he can.” Caz amazed.

<Of course I can talk. What did you take me for? A witless snake? Posh-Posh shouldn’t think like that.> The anaconda had a slight English accent and was a male. <I’m surprised you guys made it this far and beat this level in record time.>

“What’s your name? And what does Posh-Posh mean?” Sori was curious.

<I have no name. Just call me Serpent. Posh-Posh means ‘The one I chose’ You are Posh-Posh.> Serpent told her.

“Why her?” Cyn asked.

<Why anyone? I have been watching all of you since the first level. I have also been reviewing all of your memories and the such. I chose, Posh-Posh. She seems to be the strangest of all of you.> Serpent admitted.

“Can you help us find the elevator?” Sori asked.

<Of course.> He unwrapped himself and slithered towards the wall. He hissed at the wall and it fell away to reveal a cave darker than midnight. <Follow me.>

The Champions looked at each other and followed. The wall appeared behind them. Ahead, was the elevator. Cyn was the first one on, followed by Jisika and Cazron. Sori stayed by Serpent. “Will you come with us?”

<I’m a little too big to go on that elevator.> Serpent answered.

“Well. Thank you for all your help.” She smiled. “Good bye.” She turned to walk to the elevator, but the anaconda’s tail wrapped around her ankle. She tripped and fell.

<You’re not leaving, Posh-Posh.> He started to drag her back towards him. <I chose you, so you have to stay. It’s only fair, because I helped your friends make it through the wall. I need to be paid one way or another.>

The others got off the elevator. “Leave her alone.” Cyn growled.

<You can’t stop me.> Serpent’s tail wrapped itself fully around her ankle, not letting her go. The rest of his body began wrap around the rest of her. <And if you try, I will crush her. Get on the elevator and leave.>

The group was stuck. They couldn’t help Sori without risked her being killed. They didn’t have their magic, nor their weapons. <Do we have anything that we can use?> Jisika asked across the mental link. She knew that the Serpent couldn’t hear their thoughts.

<I got food and that’s about it.> Cazron answered.

<I need supplies before I can think of a plan.> Cyn told her.

<I still have the bungee cords. They are in Caz’s bag.> Sori told them.

<So what is your decision?> Serpent asked.

“What’s your price? To let her go, what would you ask in return?” Cyn questioned.

<Freedom from Hell.> The anaconda told them. <I will let Posh-Posh go when I am free from Hell.> He had Sori fully wrapped from head to toe.

“We’ll talk to Dad for you. You said that you followed us from the beginning, right?” Jisika had an idea. “Why don’t you just meet us at the end and then we can get you out of here. Deal?”

Serpent looked at all of them. <Deal.> He unwound himself from Sori. She took a deep breath and coughed. <Now just remember our deal, or I will keep her.> He was about to slither away.

“Wait.” Sori coughed. “I have an idea.”

<Well? Spill it, Posh-Posh.> Serpent was getting impatient.

“I noticed that you aren’t an anaconda. You’re a shape shifter.” She told him.

<But I can only stay a snake.> He explained.

“Then become a garden snake and then we can take you with.” She gave her idea.

<Very well, Posh-Posh. But I won’t be able to talk to help you guys.> He closed his eyes and started to shrink. He got to about a half a foot long and his color changed to a black.

Sori walked over and picked him up. “Let’s go.” He slithered up her arm, into her sleeve then wrapped himself gently around her neck. She shivered then walked back to the elevator. “He’s cold.” The others went onto the elevator and went to the last sin level. None of them saw the snake grin evilly.

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