Destiny of the Sky Ch 16

Chapter 16


The group fell and landed onto a wooden ship. The elevator was gone, nowhere to be seen. They would be forced to find it again.

“What the?” Jisika stood up. She was faced with a gun barrel.

“Where are we?” Cyn sat up and a sword went to his throat.

“Looks like a ship.” Cazron stayed on the ground, there were guns pointed as his heads.

“All I know, is that it hurt to land.” Sori kept her head down. “Serpent, move if you’re okay.” She felt the snake move itself gently. She was more worried about him being hurt than herself.

“Ease up, lads.” A female voice rose over them.

“Aye, cap’n.” The male pointing his gun at Jisika answered. He lifted it away.

“Sorry ‘bout tha’.” The captain smiled. “Ya don’ look like pirates.” She had a heavy English accent.

“That’s because we aren’t pirates. Where are we?” Jisika asked, helping Sori up.

“‘elcome to th’ Celestial. Th’ bes’ pirate catchin ship in all of ‘ell.” The captain looked over the new people on her ship. They look human. She thought to herself. The captain was buff with muscles and her brown hair went down to her lower back. She had two different colored eyes, one green and one blue with a bit of brown. “Th’ name’s Nakovi.”

Jisika glared at the man who pointed his gun at her when she landed. “Who’s he?” She asked Nakovi.

“I be Duo Katsuragi.” The man told her. “I don’ like the look of this on’.” Duo was tough looking and had scars all over his arms and one going down from his forehead to cheek, diagonally across the nose. He was taller than the captain and looked like he’d been in many more fights. His long silver hair was braided tightly, and matched his eyes.

“Yur’ names be?” Nakovi asked them.

“I’m Jisika. These are my friends Sori, Cyn and Cazron.” Jisika pointed them out as she said their names. “We’re looking for an elevator to get to the last level.”

“Elevat’r? Ain’t seen on’ o’ those bef’re.” A black girl by Nakovi spoke up. She has short black hair and skin to match. Her eyes were a dark brown.

“And you are?” Caz asked politely.

“Angelique. ‘all me Angel.” The female told them.

A voice called down from the crow’s nest, “’srael’s ship ahea’.”

“‘Ank you, Aza.” Nakovi yelled up. “Time fer busy-ness.”

“Aren’t you guys pirates, as well?” Sori asked.

“O’ course. Bu’ we catch oth’r pirates. Tis how we st’y in busy-ness.” Angel answered. “Cap’in, wha’ we do ‘bout them?”

“Th’y got weap’ns. Let’em fight.” Nakovi told Angel. The captain turned and yelled, “Ship off ‘tarboard. Aim cannons, ‘ire at will.” She commanded. “Mona, don’ even answer.” She cut off a smart-ass remark.

Cannon blasts ripped through the air. The group looked at each other. The other ship met and fired back. There were shouts as the other ship took many more hits than the Celestial. It seemed as if this ship had a shield.

“‘et below deck, new com’rs.” Nakovi told them. “e’ll need ya to keep th’ Celestial safe.”

Agreeing that the captain knew best, the group went below deck. Inside the hold, they found a group of females singing. One of the girls turned to the group. “Welcome. I am Jasmine. Come sit with us.”

Cazron and Cyn stepped forward automatically. Sori had heard about these beings. “Sirens.” She spoke softly and followed the guys.

“What are sirens?” Caz asked.

“They are ancient creatures from Greek mythology. They lure sailors to their deaths with their songs. They are truly beautiful beings.” Sori answered. “I think they are sirens.”

“Are you sure?” Jisika asked while following the others.

“Not entirely. But I think they are.” Sori sat down next to Jasmine. “Excuse me, but aren’t you and the others… Aren’t you guys sirens?” She was trying to be polite about it.

“Of course. We have to keep the ship safe to get what we want.” Jasmine smiled. She had the lightest blonde hair and the clearest blue eyes. Her smile gave off a sense of innocence. “I’ll introduce you to everyone.”

Sori looked at the other three girls. “Sure.”

“The one singing is named Lizzy. She is the best singer out of all of us.” Jasmine explained. Lizzy was singing with a hearty voice that made their spirits lift up and want to fly away. “The shortest one is Melly. She is the smartest one here.” Melly grinned, proud of her position. “The last one is Xylena. She is the most powerful in magic.” Xylena looked at Cazron. She blushed a tiny bit, crushing on him.

“Thank you for introducing all of you guys. I’m Sori, this is Jisika, Cyn and Cazron.” Sori returned the introduction.

“‘et up here, new com’rs.” Angel called them up.

“We must be going.” Jisika helped Sori drag the guys away. “Pleasure meeting you all.” She was being as nice as possible. They pulled Cyn and Cazron up the stairs and looked at Israel’s ship. It was a disaster. There were holes, burn marks, blood was everywhere and there were many pieces missing. The mast, surprisingly, was still ok, as was the steering tiller.

“Looks like they’re done. That was quick.” Cyn noted. He and Caz were no longer under the sirens’ spell. They went up and found the crew at the top of the ship. They had Israel at the end of a plank of wood. There was a heavy cannon holding the other side of the plank.

“Any ‘ast words, bef’re ya reach Davey Jones locker?” Nakovi asked him. They had been rivals since the dawn of the pirating era.

“Ya ‘aven’t ‘een th’ ‘ast o’ me.” Israel growled to her. He then saw the Champions. “‘hen ya ‘et th’ new com’rs?”

“Just tod’y. ‘eems Lucif’r likes me more than ya.” Nakovi blew him a kiss then moved the cannon off the plank, causing Israel to fall in. “‘ave a nice de’th!” she yelled down to him. “‘ell, e’ll give ya thar ship, so you may find this elevat’r o’ yours.”

“Won’t it sink?” Jisika just wanted to check.

“Ne’er. Ships in ‘ell don’ sink.” Duo told them. “Y’all ‘an keep th’ tr’sure in it.”

“Might as well get going.” Cazron thought out loud. He and Jisika climbed into Israel’s old ship.

“The faster I get out of these boats, the better I’ll be.” Cyn complained, he felt a little sick.

Nakovi walked over to him. “Ya ‘ee ‘ow big this thing is? This ain’t no ‘oat. She’s a ship. ‘all ‘er a ‘oat again, and I’ll thr’w ya overboard.” She warned.

Cyn changed his tune pretty quickly. “I’ll be happy to get off this ship.” He followed the other two.

“Thank you for the help and hospitality, however short lived.” Sori thanked them then went to the other ship.

They waved to the Celestial as it went away. A cannon gunner came up to Nakovi, “Why’d ya give ‘em th’ ship an’ tr’sure?”

“‘cause, ‘srael’s tr’sure is cursed. Give it to ‘em an’ we ain’t gotta worry ‘bout it.” Nakovi grinned deviously.


Sori lay on the figurehead of the ship. She was watching the ship repair itself. It was a fun thing to watch. Cyn sat beside her. “Wonder why they gave us this ship.”

“Because they were extremely nice people and wanted to help us along our way?” She hoped.

“Yeah, right.”

“I know. I just hoped so.”

“So then why did they do it?”

“Not a clue.”

Jisika yelled from the steering tiller. “Hey guys. Let’s go see what the treasure is.”

Cyn and Sori nodded to each other. They raced up to the upper deck. The siblings reached Jisika at the exact same time.

“Has anyone else noticed that we’re humans again?” Cazron asked the others.

“Yeah, but I just assumed it was a part of this level’s challenges.” Jisika answered.

“Hey, Serpent. You awake?” Cyn poked at the snake around Sori’s neck. It listed its head and flicked its tongue out at him. “It’s still alive.”

“I know.” Sori grinned. “He moves every so often to readjust himself.”

“Let’s go see this treasure.” Jisika opened up the hatch that led to the treasure area. She jumped down, followed by Sori, Cyn and Cazron bringing up the rear of the group.

There was gold everywhere. The different gold pieces glittered in the limited light. Jewels shone from all around. There were crowns, scepters, swords, knives and an all assortment of things that the uses were unknown.

Jisika yelled in delight. “With all of this, I can buy my own island and servants and not live like a orphan.”

Sori felt tears come to her eyes. “I can travel around the world in a helicopter I can buy and visit everybody.”

Cyn couldn’t help but smile in a big goofy grin, “I can challenge any government for control of a country with all of this.”

The three of them looked at each other. They all started to grab for gold and coins. They wouldn’t allow the others to take any from them.

“This is going towards my island!” Jisika yelled, collecting as much gold as she could before the others could get to it.

“No, all of this is going for me to travel all around the world!” Sori tried to gather as much as she could.

“You’re both wrong!” Cyn shouted. “This is all mine, so I can buy a country.”

Cazron looked at his friends. “And the last sin was Greed, the root of all the other sins.” He shook his head. He then saw a faint shadow of something. “Guys!? We aren’t the only ones on this ship!”

The shadow grew darker and turned in a giant crow. It cawed at them. The others stopped trying to get gold.

“We gotta kill it. It’s come to take the gold.” Sori growled. She found a bow and a quiver of arrows near her. She knocked an arrow and aimed.

Cazron stopped her before she could fire. “Let it take the gold.”

“We can’t.” She tried to aim for its heart.

He stopped her again. The crow cawed. He suddenly knew what he needed to do. Quickly, he gave Sori a kiss on the lips, breaking her from the greed.

“EW!” She spat on the ground. “What the hell was that for?!”

“You were under a greed spell. Now we just have to get the others out, they can not kill the crow.” Caz spat out the flavor of the kiss and warned her.

“Got it. Go kiss Jisika.” She spat on the gold.

“I’m going to regret this, aren’t I?” Caz kissed her squarely on the lips.

“Yeah, probably.” Sori grinned as Jisika tried to force herself to puke.

“Jisika, you gotta kiss Cyn.” Cazron told her.

“No.” Jisika stood defiantly. “Not just no, hell no.”

“This’ll never work.” Sori pushed Cyn into Jisika as Cazron pushed Jisika into Cyn. Their lips met and within the second they were both trying to blow chunks.

“Sorry we had to do that.” Caz apologized. “But you were under a spell of greed. And I know where the elevator is.”

“Where?” The others asked at the exact same time.

“You’re looking at it.” He pointed to the pile of gold. “That crow is not an ordinary bird.”

“We can tell. It’s just twelve feet high and can probably kill us with one peck.” Jisika didn’t hide the sarcasm.

“It wouldn’t eat you guys, unless you tried to hurt it. It eats gold.” Cazron explained.

“So, how do we feed it?” Sori asked. The bird bent towards her. “Nice… Birdie?” she grabbed a crown and held it out to the crow. The bird opened its mouth and she threw it in. the bird swallowed it whole.

“That works. Open wide, Birdie.” Jisika said as she gathered up as much gold as she could. She sent it all inside the crow’s mouth. It closed its mouth and swallowed all of it. They continued to feed it until there was no more gold or jewels. The crow flew off and the elevator was in the middle of the now empty cabin.

“Onto Lucifer and the last level of Hell.” Cyn said. He wasn’t sure what to expect from Satan, but knew it couldn’t be good.

Kia Cat appeared before them. “I knew that all of you would make it this far.”

“Thanks for the confidence.” Caz mumbled.

“Well, you all passed my levels, though it took a little bit of thinking and talent to get through. I am proud of all of you.” She grinned. “I can’t tell you what you will be facing next, because I myself don’t even know. But I have to ask all of you to give me your rings that let you think to each other.”

“Why?” Sori didn’t want to get rid of hers.

“I have to take them. You’ll get them back at the end, but I need them until then. I’m just following orders.” Kia Cat told them. The group looked at each other. One by one, they gave her their rings.

“Kia Cat, do you know where Stiller is?” Jisika asked. “He’s usually trying to kill us by now.”

“I won’t let him through the Gates of Hell.” Kia Cat smiled. “Don’t worry, we won’t be let in.” She looked at Sori and noticed Serpent move slightly. “I see you found him.”

“Who?” Sori forgot about the snake for a second.

“The Serpent from the Garden of Eden.” Kia Cat used his full title. “What do you think you’re doing, Serpent?”

The snake raised his head and flicked his tongue at her. <My Job.>

“You can still talk?” Cyn questioned. “You told us you couldn’t.”

<I couldn’t. Kiante gave me the power to speak when she spoke my true name.> Serpent glared at Kia Cat. <You’re going to force me to leave Posh-Posh, aren’t you?>

“Just until the trial is done. I saw how you helped them, and you may come back to the faery when they’re all done.” Kia Cat picked him up off of Sori’s neck.

<I’ll be back. Good luck to all of you.> He wrapped himself around Kia Cat’s hand.

“Now, go and good luck.” Kia Cat sent them to the last level. The elevator went down. “I truly hope they can make it through this last test.” She disappeared with Serpent.

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