Destiny of the Sky Ch 17

Chapter 17

Nothing to Fear

Cyn appeared in the middle of darkness. He couldn’t feel any parts of his body. Weightlessness. That’s what he felt like. He tried to speak, but something blocked his voice from coming out. He tried to move, but his body wasn’t working. What’s going on? He thought to himself.

What happened? He tried to remember what happened. We were all on the elevator. Kia Cat waved us off and we went down to the next level. There was a flash of multicolored light and then darkness. Pure darkness. He was starting to feel a little scared for his friends. Where are they?

He tried to send out a message across the mental link, <Guys?> there was no answer. He remembered that Kia Cat took their rings away, making them unable to contact each other.

He started to feel helpless against whatever bound him. The darkness was getting thicker. He could tell. I gotta find a way out of here. He tried to look around, but only his eyes could move. He saw no light, only eternal darkness. How do I know I’m even still alive? He felt himself being pulled towards something.

He stopped. Looking straight up, he started to see different scenes. At first they were a blur, but the images started to grow sharper and clearer. He was watching a demon tear Cazron apart. The demon ripped off his wings, causing Caz to scream at the top of his lungs, and then went towards other body parts.

Cazron! No! He was helpless to his friend. He felt a fear start to grow inside of him. He continued to watch his friend being torn limb from limb. The demon was doing it painstakingly slow, causing agonizing pain to Cazron.

Next the demon ripped out both of Caz’s arms at the exact same time. Cyn heard his friend scream in pain. I can’t…I’m helpless to get him out of there. He hated this feeling. It scared him more than anything could. The demon seemed to look up and Cyn saw his face looking at him. I can’t do this to him. He watched at the demon that looked like him tore Cazron’s body in half.

The scene blurred and changed. Cyn could still hear the screams in the back of his mind. No more.

Next he saw Jisika. No, not her, not Jisika. He watched her run through the woods, but her pursuers caught her. The humans that caught her tied her to a stake, her back showing. She was facing the sun, causing her eyes to burn and blinding her. The main human took a whip and lashed her. Cyn couldn’t see the human’s face.

Jisika bite her lip, trying not to scream. The human lashed her again and again. She screamed in pain, her back burning as blood welled up and streamed down her back. The human continued to lash her.

Don’t hurt her anymore! Cyn tried to yell, but his voice was still frozen. He was getting a lot more fearful. He was forced to watch Jisika’s torment. After being lashed ninety-nine times, she was untied from the stake. The humans put her on the rack and tried to stretch her and break her bones. She screamed until they stopped for a second. Then they continued, stopping every so often.

LEAVE HER ALONE! He tried to yell. His fear was growing. The humans undid her from the rack and tied her limbs to four different horses. They’re going to draw and quarter her. He was in shock. He knew he wouldn’t be able to stand it. There was a human at each of the horses. The main human gave her a deep kiss and looked up at where Cyn was. Once again, he saw his own face staring up at him. The human gave the command and the horse leaped, tearing Jisika apart into four pieces.

The scene changed. No, not Sori. Please not Sori. He begged. Tears were running down his face. Don’t let her be hurt too. The scene cleared and he saw his sister, tied down and blindfolded to a bed. She was in the nude and a guy looked like he was about to have sex with her. This time, he didn’t see his face on the rapist.

Sori screamed as much as she could, as the guy began to rape her. She continued screaming for someone to help her, but no one was going to come. Cyn tried to look away, but he couldn’t. The darkness that surrounded him, held him in its grasp.

After the rapist was finished, he slashed at Sori, causing deep cuts. She kept screaming and crying. Once the guy was done, he took a sword from behind him and beheaded her.

The scene blurred and was about to shift to something else. He saw a blue light glide over to where he was. “You ok?” It was Jisika’s voice. The light changed and Jisika appeared.

How can I?! I just watched all of you get killed. His mind screamed.

“It wasn’t real. None of this is. Its an illusion of your greatest fear.” She grabbed his hand and lifted him up.

Cyn was still crying silently. “How did you make it out?” his voice was back, as was the feeling of his whole body.

“My greatest fear was not knowing who my parents were. But I know who they are, so that fear was eliminated.” She explained. She saw Cyn’s tears and gave him a hug. “It’s ok. Just think, without you, none of us would have made it this far. Let’s go find the others. You’re not powerless to help the ones you love.” She let go of Cyn. The two of them became balls of light. Jisika was back to being her blue, as Cyn became red. They went off to go find the others.


Cazron woke up from a deep sleep. He sat up and looked around. He was absolutely alone. Guys? He tried to call out, but his voice quit working. He tried to see what was going on around him, but the darkness was too thick. He felt like it was trying to crush him.

I need to find a way out of here. He tried to move his legs, but they were immobile. Damn it. He felt a skittle going across his foot. The feeling granted him to be about to move his whole body. He stood up, wanting to make a good use of this chance. He took one step forward and discovered that there was nothing under that foot.

He plunged down into icy cold water. His body froze up, trying to get used to the temperature, before he would drown. His body got used to the temperature quite quickly. He forced himself to float. He was lying on the water, floating and trying to think. Where am I? He still couldn’t see or hear anything.

After a while, he decided to start swimming. He had to reach somewhere. He started doing a backstroke, hoping to find anywhere where there’s land. He felt tired after a few minutes. There was something about this water that made him want to fall asleep or scream.

He still hadn’t reached land by what he felt like hours. He stopped swimming and just floated for a little bit. Where am I? Why haven’t I found land yet? He tried to think, but his body had other ideas.

He felt something touch his foot. Hurriedly, he looked around. he couldn’t see anything. He could see that he was in an everlasting ocean. He suddenly felt another bump against his foot. He started to feel a little scared now. It didn’t feel like a shark or any sea creature that he knew.

Something surfaced by him. It looked like a giant silverfish. Cazron yelled and tried to get away. He hated silverfish and felt a little scared being by a giant one. He noticed skittering all around him. Somehow the ocean changed from water to millions upon millions of silverfish.

HELP! His mind screamed. He couldn’t move. Fear was stopping his body from trying to swim. He kicked all he could. But it didn’t help. Caz was slowly sinking beneath the waves of bugs.

As his head went below the surface, he gagged on water, trying to breathe. Water? He was confused at he fell below the surface. He knew he was drowning. Where did the silverfish go? He asked himself.

Then it hit him. Oh shit! I’m going to drown! He tried to bring his head back up to the surface of the water. But no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t do it. It was like he wasn’t even swimming at all. His arms flailed above his head.

He felt a warm sensation in his hand. He then felt a hand holding onto his. He tried to reach up, but something in the water was pulling him down. The hand holding onto him slipped and he fell beneath the surface. He looked up and saw two balls of light. One was red and the other was blue.

Water filled his throat and his eyes began to go dark again. Cyn became his normal form and jumped into the water. Jisika did the same and followed Cyn into the dark icy cold ocean.

Caz felt the water burning into his lungs. Please, help me. He mind asked ass it began to get darker. He felt two hands holding onto him. He tried to see who it was, but he only saw darkness all around him.

Jisika and Cyn grabbed onto his arms, getting his head above the water so he could breathe. Cazron coughed as soon as he tried to take a breath. Jisika looked at Cyn. “We need to get him out of this water and give him CPR.”

Cyn nodded and thought for a second. “How do we get him out? I don’t even know where the land is.” He held Cazron in a fireman’s hold.

“How well can you swim with him on you?” She asked. She could tell where the land was, and it wasn’t too far away from them.

“Be happy I was on the swim team. Lead the way.” Cyn started to swim towards Jisika. She started to swim off ahead of her. She did a backstroke, leading the way towards where she felt the land.

After about a quarter of an hour, they reached an island. But there were things skittering across the beach. They ignored the little creatures and Jisika tried to revive Caz. She knew CPR from school and did her best to give his lungs air. She tried about four times before Caz coughed and took a breath.

Jisika poked him in the stomach. “You alive?”

“Of course not. I’m never alive.” Caz joked. “Thanks for saving me.”

“No problem, but Cyn is the one who got you out of the water.” She told him.

Cyn looked at his friend. “Lemme guess, you’re greatest fear is drowning.”

“Yeah. That and silverfish. They skitter.” Caz shivered at the thought.

Jisika looked around. “Then you don’t want to see what’s around you.”

Cazron looked and about screamed. “SILVERFISH!” They moved all around him.

Jisika hugged and held him against her chest. “They can’t hurt you. This is just your fear. They can’t hurt you.”

“Jisika, I really hate to say this, but I’m scared. Not scared… Terrified.” He shuddered against her.

“Shh.” She tried to calm him. “They aren’t real. Repeat it. They are not real.

He didn’t believe it. “But I can feel them. I can feel them move all around me.”

“Caz,” Cyn tried to help his friend. “Listen to me. They aren’t real. It’s Lucifer. He’s using your greatest fear against you.” He picked one up and put it Caz’s skin.

“Cyn!” Caz screamed in fear. “Get it off!”

“Caz, keep saying it isn’t real.” Jisika encouraged.

“They aren’t real. They aren’t real. They aren’t real.” He tried to convince himself. The silverfish disappeared.

“See? They aren’t real. Just keep thinking that they aren’t real and they’ll all go away.” Jisika still held him against her chest.

He got braver. “They are not real. They were never real. They were just in my head.” All of the silverfish disappeared.

“Thank you.” He hugged Jisika, gratefully. “Thank you so much.”

She grinned happily. “Glad I could help. Now can you get your wet head away from my boobs?”

“Of course not.” He grinned and got away from her. “Where’s Sori?”

Cyn shrugged. “We hoped you would know. Or have her with you.”

“We’ll have to go find her, then.” Jisika concluded. She touched Caz on the forehead, turning him into a ball of green light. She nodded to Cyn and they both became balls of light. Cyn led, starting the search for Sori.


Sori wore the clothes she normally would. She walked around the school where she went. She looked for someone she knew, but didn’t find anyone. After searching for about five minutes, she found Cyn, walking around with other guys his age.

“Cyn-Cyn!” She yelled for her big brother. She ran over to him. “Cyn, I’ve been looking all over for you. What are you wearing?”

Cyn looked at her strangely. “And you are?” He was dressed as a football player.

One of his teammates looked at Cyn, “Who’s she?”

“I have no clue, Shawn. I guess when you’re captain of the football team, you get fans that you don’t even know about.” He guessed to his friend.

“I don’t know, she’s got that little sister cute-ness. And she kinda looks like ya.” Another of Cyn’s teammates mentioned.

“Sorry, kid. I am not your big bro. Go look elsewhere.” Cyn shooed her off.

“But…” She was confused and a little sad. “He doesn’t remember me…” She went off to look for anyone else she knew.

She looked and found Jisika with the cheerleaders. She ran over, “Jisika, where’s Cazron?”

Jisika looked at her. “Who are you? I don’t know you. Get away.” A couple of the cheerleaders next to her snickered.

“Who’s the twerp?” A male cheerleader next to her asked Jisika.

“I don’t know, HongMing. She just came up to me and acted like she knew me.” She explained.

“Jisika, I do know you. We’ve known each other since the seventh grade.” Sori tried to state her case.

“I haven’t known anyone for that long. Run along, twerp.” Jisika pushed Sori away and went back to talking with the band geeks.

Why don’t they remember me? Sori’s fear was growing stronger. She went to go and find Cazron, hoping he would remember her.

She found him with a group of robotics people. He was driving their robot around, testing it out. She went up behind him to wait until he was done. When the robot hit a tree, the others robotics people went to help it.

Sori took this chance to talk to him. “Cazron?” She tapped him on the shoulder.

“Excuse me, do I know you?” He looked at her as if she was insane to talk to him.

“I was afraid of that.” She sighed. “So, you don’t remember anyone by the name of Sori?” She hoped he would, despite all odds.

“Can’t say I do.” He felt sorry for her.

“Do you remember Cyn and Jisika?” She hoped that it would ring a bell.

“Cyn? As in the captain of the football team? And Jisika? As in the cheerleading captain?” He now thought she was truly insane. “You can’t talk to them unless you’re a jock or a cheerleader. Why would I know them?”

“Never mind. Thanks.” She ran off, in tears.

Cazron yelled after her, “Good Luck!”

She ran until she couldn’t see the school anymore. There was only darkness. There seemed to be no light anywhere in sight. It was getting harder and harder to breathe.

She suddenly felt an icy cold touch going down her back. She jumped and turned around. There was nothing there. She felt it again and she had the same reaction. “What the…?”

The voices of her inner demons went through her mind. You’re all alone. You’re a lost memory. No one cares enough to remember you.

Sori fell to the ground. She was crying. “That’s not true. I am cared for.” Tears wouldn’t stop streaming. She stood up to watch a blue robed figure pass by. She yelled, “Zim!”

He stopped, “Who’s calling me?”

She ran over to him, “Zim, it’s me, Sori.”

“Sori? That’s a strange name. But I don’t know anyone by that name. Where is this Sori-person?” He couldn’t see her.

“I’m right in front of you. Can’t you see me?” She begged.

“No, sorry. Good-bye, lost soul.” Zim disappeared.

“Wait!” he tried to stop him, but she wasn’t fast enough. She saw another person she knew. “CJ!” She went to go give him a hug but passed right through him. He just kept on walking, as if he didn’t even notice her.

Sori collapsed on the ground, crying. None of them see me, nor do they remember me. I’m truly alone.

The different voices continued to run through her head, You’re all alone. You’re a lost memory. No one cares enough to remember you. Maybe you should give up living. The last voice was new but the idea was sounding good to her.

“Maybe I should. I haven’t done anything in my life to help those around me. Maybe I should stop living.” She looked at the ground and saw a knife. “Since no one remembers me, no one would miss me.” She had herself convinced. She got up and walked over to the knife.

Her inner demons urged her on. You know that it’s the only way you can ever die. Sori picked up the knife and put it to the artery in her throat.

“Sori, don’t.” Cyn commanded of his little sister. He was behind her, with Jisika and Cazron.

She turned around. “Cyn?” Her eyes were blurred with tears. “Jisika? Caz?” She dropped the knife and cleared her eyes to make sure it was them and not an illusion. “Is it really you guys?”

“Of course it is.” Cyn answered.

Sori wanted to make sure. “Spell ‘fish’.” She used Jisika’s check.

“G-H-O-T-I.” Cyn answered.

“And the letters come from ‘enough’, ‘women’, and ‘fiction’.” Jisika made funny faces with each of the words.

“We asked you that back on the Lust level.” Caz told her.

Sori ran up and hugged Cyn. “I almost…”

Cyn felt her tears soak into his shirt. “I know. But I’m glad you didn’t.”

“Sori, we heard your inner demons urging you on.” Jisika explained.

“How? Kia Cat has our rings.” Sori dried her eyes on her sleeve.

“Sori, do you remember the day we met Caz and how we met him?” Cyn asked her.

“Not really.” She answered.

“Want me to remind you?”


“We were in the old house and I was six and you were five. Well, you were playing in the yard and I was supposed to keep an eye on you.” He smiled at that memory. “Well, I decided not to do it, because you ruined my life at that point. You wandered out into the street and a car couldn’t see you. Cazron was moving in across the street. He saw you and ran out in front of the car, pulling you out of its way. You are the reason Caz and I became friends in the first place.” He looked down at his sister.

“Yeah, Sori, you’ve done a lot of stupid things in your life. Like when we first met.” Jisika brought up. “We first met because you got into a fight during the seventh grade. There was an eighth grader picking on a little sixth grader and you defended the little kid.” She grinned. “That eighth grade punched at you as hard as he could, but you didn’t waver. I watched as he continued to hurt you. He stopped and stalked off, and you saved the little sixth grader. After school though, more eighth graders joined in. You tried to block everything, but were too weak from the first fight. I was there and I helped ya out. We fought well against them and won. I remember Cyn and Cazron helping us up after chasing away any other eighth graders who might have wanted to hurt us. We went to your house and your mother treated me with the utmost kindness. After that, you became one of my best friends. And we’ve been inseparable ever since.”

“Sori, you’re demons were wrong. You helped us all meet and become good friends. You’re the reason that we’re all together. Because we’ve been friends since that day you and Jisika fought side by side, we’ve created a tight bond with each other. So, all we had to do was listen for you.” Cazron mussed Sori’s hair.

“Yeah, brat. I blame you for all the trouble we all got into together.” Cyn let her out of his hug.

“Well, I feel a lot better. Thank you guys.” She looked at all of them drying the remnants of her tears. “I guess my fears got the best of me.”

“You weren’t the only one.” Jisika grinned. “Cyn is afraid of being helpless and Caz is scared of drowning and silverfish.”

“You mean the little bug?” Sori was a little bit shocked.

“They’re hella scary. They skittle.” Caz shuddered.

“Let’s go find Lucifer. Jisika, because of you… We won.” Cyn gave her a hug.

“I didn’t help that much.” Jisika blushed a little.

“Jisika, we made it through the levels with ya, but here, you won. Without you here, Sori and I would be dead and Cyn stuck forever. You pulled through for us.” Cazron shook her hand.

“Now let’s get out of this Hell hole.” Sori grinned.

<I couldn’t have said it better myself.> A familiar voice came from behind them.

The group wheeled around and saw Serpent in his anaconda form. <I’m proud of all of you. You passed Satan’s test. Follow me and I’ll lead you to the way out. Kia Cat told me to come and get you guys.>

Sori, Caz and Jisika followed. Cyn grabbed the knife that was on the ground. He hid it in the small of his back and followed the others.


They reached the elevator and climbed on. Serpent took his place with Sori and the elevator went upward. They were silent as they passed all the levels they had just endured. They stopped at the top level and climbed out. The elevator disappeared, but none of them cared.

Kia Cat gave them back their weapons, rings and their magic. “I’m proud of all of you guys. Lucifer couldn’t be here to see this.” They all put on the rings.

“Where’s dad?” Jisika asked.

“He’s working on his giant again. It seems the head fell off.” Kia Cat explained. “Now to send you on your way.” She took a breath to send them off.

Zim appeared to wave them off. He was still proud that they passed his level.

“Hello, Ziminar.” Kia Cat smiled. “I see you’re met our champions.”

“Yes, and after watching them go through all the different levels that I made, I must say that I am proud.” He grinned, but no one could see it in the shadow of his hood.

“You see, kids, Zim here is the greatest wizard of all time. He made the planes, as we know them. He is known through all of the races. Humans have known him as the prophet, Nostradamus. You should all feel great and humble that he decided to help you.”

“Why are you in hell, Zim? I mean, can’t you be anywhere?” Sori asked.

“Because, I like it here. It’s too boring in heaven. The elves don’t like outsiders. Faeries have too much politics. Humans are too short lived. Vampires are too weird. So, hell is the best place to be.” Ziminar answered happily. “Good luck to all of you.” He bowed to the champions and disappeared into a cloud of blue smoke.

“I guess I’ll send you all on your way.” She took a deep breath.

<You won’t be doing that, Kiante.> Serpent hissed at her.

“And why not?” She looked at the snake with a weary eye.

“Because I won’t let you.” Stiller appeared behind her. He grabbed her arms, making it so she couldn’t move.

“How’d you get through the gate?!” Kia Cat asked with great surprise.

“A little snake helped me.” He drew his knife and sliced her across her throat. Her soul came out and he stabbed into it. Kia Cat’s soul was engulfed into the knife, making a blood red ruby. Her body turned to ash. He withdrew the jewel and looked at it. He placed the jewel in his pocket. “She always had a bleeding heart.” He looked at the group. “So, you all are the Champions. I can finally get a look before someone sends you off.” He looked at Jisika. “Bella, my love? I’ve been waiting for you to return to me.” He took a step towards Jisika, but Serpent stopped him.

<I kept my part of the deal, now you keep yours.> Serpent demanded. <You leave the faery alone. She’s mine.>

“Well, you did help me.” Stiller thought about it. “But I can’t. You see, I need all of them to get to Exeo and go through the Gate.”

<Cyn, we need an idea.> Jisika sent across the link.

<I’m trying.> Cyn sent back.

<Maybe Serpent can help.> Sori thought.

<He’s part of the bad guys, Sori.> Caz sent.

<No, listen for a sec. He’s not getting his end of the deal, maybe I can use this Posh-Posh thing as leverage.> She explained.

<Go for it. We have nothing else.> Cyn told her.

“Serpent,” Sori started.

<Yes?> Serpent answered.

“I think that you know how to send us along. Kia Cat trusted you, right? She would have told you the spell. You can come with us and get your freedom.” She tried to get him to agree.

<Well, he’s not giving you up. I agree.> Serpent hurriedly slithered to Sori and wrapped his tail around her ankle.

“You will not be sending them!” Stiller yelled and tried to grab Serpent and kill him.

<Send them now to the land of elves. So they may learn how to defend themselves!> Serpent said the spell and in a flash of light, the Champions were gone. But the snake was still there. <What?!> He had been tricked.

Stiller growled at the snake and stabbed him with the knife. The snake turned to ash and a jewel appeared at the end of the knife. “It was her. Bella is now my enemy.” He thrust the jewel into his other pocket. “I will get her back from that body.” He promised himself as he disappeared back to his lair.

 Chapter 18

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