Destiny of the Sky Ch 18

Chapter 18

Into the Trees

“Go me.” Cyn was on the top of the pile of people.

“Oh great.” Jisika was under him.

“Damn it.” Sori was under her.

“Get off!” Caz was under all of them.

“Why don’t all of you get off of me?” A female voice came from under Cazron.

“Sure.” Cyn hopped off the top of the pile.

“Great.” Jisika came off next.

“Whoa.” Sori fell backwards, out of the pile.

“Ow.” Cazron slid off the last person.

“Finally.” The female stood up. She had blue hair and blue eyes. She was a little bit shorter than Sori. Her skin glowed with an inner light. Her hair was tied back into a ponytail and her pointed ears told of her heritage. “You all must be the Champions.”

“That’d be us.” Jisika popped her back.

“Did any of you see my lover?” The female elf practically begged for an answer.

“What’s his name?” Caz asked her.

“CJ. He’s an Unseelie faery.” She looked at Sori. “You’re a faery, you should have seen him.”

“Yeah, about that…” Sori tried to stall. “Hey what’s your name?”

“Princess Melody Moon.” The elf bowed. “Now have you seen him? I lost contact with him about a month ago. He would send a message everyday.”

“A month? Did he tell you that he was forced to get married?” Cazron asked, looking at Sori.

“Yes, he said it was to a faery named Solaria.” Melody told them tearfully.

“Well, I saw him getting married.” Sori told her, while trying to hide the ring on her left ring finger.

Melody start to cry softly. “We were supposed to runaway to the human world and be married. That was yesterday. Do you know what happened to him?”

Jisika had an idea. “I think he was killed by the vampire king, Stiller Naught.”

Cyn looked around. They were in what looked like a bedroom. They all had landed on the bed and there wasn’t a hole in the roof. “How’d we get in here?”

“You all appeared just below the ceiling then fell on top of me.” Melody told him. “Do you guys know who he is married to?” She asked them.

“Would you kill the faery who he married? Even if she was forced into it, just like he was?” Sori asked, a little anxious.

“No, I understand that she was against it from the start.” Melody sighed.

Sori held up her left hand, showing the wedding ring. “I was forced into it. I didn’t know he had a lover. I’m sorry.”

“It’s alright. You were forced. Please, may I know your names?” Melody asked them.

Cyn spoke up, having been quiet this whole time. “The faery is Sori. The demon is Jisika. The angel is Cazron. I am Cyn. Where exactly are we?”

“You’re in the elven realm of Summer Rain.” Melody led them outside. Trees were everywhere. The elves lived in the treetops. It the realm was aptly named. It rained so hard and heavy that there seemed as if there was never sunlight. The forest floor was flooded with water. But steam rose from the water. Two words came to mind being here, “Hot and Humid.”

“Cyn,” Melody looked at him. “Your friends are in danger here.”

“Why? They haven’t done anything.” Cyn told her.

“Because the pact between all the races has been breached. Faeries are supposed to be killed on sight. Angels can be dewinged if they are spotted in the wrong areas. Demons can be forced to drink holy water.” Melody shivered at the thoughts.

“Why haven’t you sounded any alarms, then?” Sori asked quietly.

“Because I was told that when the Champions come, to help get them ready to go and fight for the Exeo Plane.” Melody explained, her eyes watching for any movement. “C’mon. I need to take you to the Elders to give you immunity against any of our laws.” She led them down a staircase to a bridge.

Caz looked down and saw the water. He tried to swallow, but his throat was completely dry. “That bridge doesn’t exactly look absolutely safe.”

Jisika looked at him. “Caz, we’ll be right with you. We won’t let anything happen to you.”

He felt better. “Can you go in front of me?” He asked her.

“Sure.” She nodded and followed Cyn, Sori and Melody. The bridge swung a little, but it didn’t tip. They reached the other side. “See? It wasn’t that bad.” Jisika turned and Caz was still on the other side. “CAZRON! GET OVER HERE!” She yelled.

<I think I’ll just stay here for a while.> He sent along the link.

<No, you won’t.> Sori sent up a wind that carried him across the bridge. After he reached the other side, she stopped the wind and he hit the ground.

“Thanks, Sori.” He rubbed his head.

“You guys are weird.” Melody shook her head and continued to lead the way towards the center of all the treetops. Elves glared at the group as they passed. The Champions started to feel a little uneasy as the elves started to look hostile.

After a ten-minute walk, they reached the center. There was a giant pine tree at the end of the path. It didn’t look like there was any way inside. Melody led them straight to the tree. “Elders, I come with the Champions who shall defeat Stiller Naught.” She spoke calmly and clearly.

A hole appeared in front of the group. Sori jumped back slightly, being closest to the hole. Melody smiled. “They are awaiting you.” She led them into the room inside the pine tree.

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