Destiny of the Sky Ch 2

Chapter 2

Angel’s Awakening

“My head hurts.” Sori complained loudly, while rubbing her head.

“Shut up, sis.” Cyn growled below his breath.

“Where are we?” Jisika sat up; her eyes were still closed.

“God’s Right Hand.” Cazron guessed from Kaori’s wording.

“Will all of you stop speaking in three syllables?” A new male voice asked them.

“No.” Cyn answered the voice. He couldn’t quite see who this person was.

“Why?” Cazron asked quietly. The silence was growing.

“Who?” Sori rubbed her eyes. There was too much light to see.

“SHIT!” Jisika screamed after she opened her eyes. They had always been light sensitive.

“Stop it already!” The voice yelled. The light started to fade a little and they could see an outline of who owned the voice. The voice was a person, with wings. His hair went to his cheeks and was a bright yellow blonde, to emphasize his crystal blue eyes. He was a little bit taller then Cyn. He saw the group and grinned. He had a goofy smile and was kind of lanky. The light was coming from his wings. They were made of gold and silver feathers. “My name is Lucracious.” He had no halo.

“Can you turn off the light?” Sori asked, after looking at Jisika.

“Oh, only demons are affected by the light. She doesn’t have the aura of a demon, but why is it hurting her? And how did you all get here?” The angel asked, curiously.

“We were sent here by some crazy chick named Kaori. She was a witch and sent us here to get away from a Vampir-” Cazron tried to explain.

“Stiller Naught is awakened!?” Lucracious almost fell in shock.

“Yeah. Which is why we’re here. The little witch said something about him wanting to go to a place called Exeo Plane.” Sori explained. She was beside Jisika, covering her eyes.

“Come in here.” He led them into a darker area. “So. Let me guess. You’re Lucifer’s Daughter?” he asked Jisika.

“Not that I know of.” She answered. The area was darker. “Where are we?”

“Well. How do I say this?” He thought to himself. “You’re in Heaven. Which is why it’s bright out.”

“What?! We can’t be here! We aren’t dead!” Cazron exclaimed.

Cyn looked around. It was a darkened room. It seemed like an office, with Lucracious behind the desk and four chairs for each one of them. “What part? This doesn’t seem the way I would have thought of it.”

“This is the office. Heaven is not always bliss. The angels’ jobs are to make sure everyone who goes through the gates are supposed to be here.” He looked at Cazron. “Yes, you are supposed to be here. But not because you died. It’s my job, to awaken you to defeat Him.”

Sori looked dazed at him. She felt a ping in her heart. He’s not that bad looking. What am I thinking?! He’s an angel. I’m a human. It can never work out. She blushed a vivid red but was glad the room wasn’t bright enough for anyone to see it.

He looked at her. “You think too loud.”

If she was red before, she was crimson now. “Quit reading my thoughts.”

“Then quit thinking so loud.” He grinned again. “Now, is it pronounced Cazron or Caz?”

Cazron answered back, “Cazron is the normal name, but my friends call me Caz for short.”

“Come here.” said Lucracious.

“I ain’t your dog to be called.” Caz was obviously annoyed, but he walked to the angel anyways.

Lucracious whispered into Caz’s ear, “Awaken Lost Savior. So you can protect Her.”

Cazron screamed in pain and fell to the ground as Lucracious stepped away from him. Cyn ran over to help him. Jisika stood by them, just in case he couldn’t help Caz. Sori ran and slid on the ground beside his friend.

Sori glared at Lucracious. “Caz,” She tried to get his attention. “Listen to me. Where does it hurt?”

He was in tears now, though he hated the fact. “Shoulder blades. Something’s coming through th-” He cut off to scream again.

Sori had her hand on his shoulder to try and calm his. She felt something warm under her palm. She lifted his hand and saw dark blood on it. “Cyn, get his shirt off.”

“Are you crazy!? I can’t do that to him. He’s my best friend!” Cyn growled to Sori.

“He’s bleeding. The faster we get it off, the faster the things will come through and he won’t be in pain anymore.” Sori had the feeling she knew what were coming through. She pulled Cyn away, “Can you help get it off?” She had trouble holding Cyn away, so Jisika had to help hold him back.

“If you think it’ll help him, I would say to do it.” Lucracious said in a cold tone of voice. He drew a knife and cut the back of his shirt, allowing it to fall off his shoulders.

Cazron’s skin bulged slightly at the tip of the shoulder blade. He felt like he was going to die. Make the pain stop! He could feel himself going unconscious. His tears started to get worse as the pain increased dramatically.

Lucracious nodded and bent by him. “Get out of the way.” He warned them.

Sori and Jisika had more trouble holding Cyn away as Lucracious took his knife and cut where the bulges were. At first it was a small thin slice, then he dug it deeper and the slice became a gouge. They saw a feather appear through the blood.

“Get the hell away from my friend!” Cyn fought against Sori and Jisika. “Let go of me!” They held him tight.

Cazron stopped screaming in pain, as he fell into unconsciousness. He had stopped fighting whatever was in him.

Lucracious did one last cut on both sides and stepped away. A pair of wings came from Cazron’s back. Jisika and Sori let go of the thrashing Cyn. He ran to his friend and lifted him off the ground. “What happened to him?” he looked at the angel for answers. “What did you do to him?!” he demanded answers.

“I just awoke him. He was an Angel since the beginning of time, but he was put into a human body for safe keeping.” Lucracious said coolly, as if this was a well-known fact. “Go ahead and take him into the next room. But be careful of the wings. They may look beautiful, but they are dangerous.”

Cyn lifted his friend up and took him into the room that the angel designated. “Damn angel,” he grumbled to himself. “This looks like a hospital.” He set Cazron down sideways on one of the beds, to make sure he didn’t mess up his wings.

There was a chair by where he was laying. He sat down and thought things over to himself. He looked at Cazron’s wings. “He couldn’t have been an Angel the whole time. That would make Jisika the daughter of Satan, and Sori a Faery.” He left out what that would make him.

Cazron moved. He opened his eyes and sat up. “What the…?” He looked at Cyn. “What happened?”

Cyn explained what had happened to him but didn’t meet his eyes. “You’re an Angel.” He looked up and into his friend’s eyes. “Holy… Jisika! Get in here!”

“What?” she was confused.

Jisika came into the room. “He’s alive!” She hugged Cazron, careful of the wings.

“Jisika, look at his eyes.” Cyn told her, quietly. He knew that if the angel awoke Cazron, then everyone else would have to go through the same dilemma. Sori would get Faery wings and Jisika would get Demon wings.

Jisika looked at Cazron’s eye. “Oh, Goddess. They’re…” she didn’t know how to describe them. She dug into her pocket and handed Cazron a piece of a broken mirror.

Caz looked in the mirror and gasped. His eyes had changed too. They were darker, lighter and all between. The gray had changed into oncoming storm clouds then the without clouds. They changed every so often, to Caz’s dismay.

Sori came into the hospital area with the angel. “Welcome back, Jesus.” Lucracious said.

She took one look at him and asked. “Cazron? Are you still in there?”

“Yeah. It’s still me. It’s weird though. It’s like I’ve known I was always like this and this is just the true me.” He tried to explain, but it didn’t work too well. “But it doesn’t hurt anymore.”

“That’s good to hear. We were getting a little worried there.” She hugged him.

Lucracious grinned, his eyes glowing slightly. “So. Who’s next to be awakened?”

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