Destiny of the Sky Ch 20

Chapter 20

Learning New Things

They all appeared in the middle of a field, in the middle of a battle. They had to fight their way out to a sideline. When they got out of the battle, the two sides broke away and seemed to all give each other pats on the back. Solis was nowhere in sight.

“What was that all about?” Caz asked.

“Battle training. Normal elves get it.” A cold voice came from behind him. “You all came here quickly enough.”

“Don’t you ever shut up?” Sori growled.

“Then I wouldn’t piss you off so much. And it’s just so much fun pushing your buttons.” Vague grinned. “This is my domain. I would welcome you to it, but I don’t like your faery friend so much. So I won’t.”

<He looks like he’s about to put on a hissy fit.> Jisika remarked through the link.

“Grab your weapon, little faery. Then come after me and try to kill me.” Vague stood there, his arms away from his sides and looked defenseless.

“Gladly.” Sori drew and shot an arrow at him.

He easily dodged it. “I bet you can’t even hit me once.”

She drew out the spikes in her bow and tried to hit him, but he just backed away and moved faster than she could. It wasn’t long until he slammed her into the ground and grabbed the bow. He put his foot into her back, forcing her to stay down. He drew an arrow from her quiver and knocked the bow. He shot it and it was less then an inch from her eye.

“Pathetic.” He took his foot off her, letting her get up. He threw her bow on the ground beside her as she sat up.

She had a deep gash across her forehead, along with many small cuts. Her pride hurt more than any of the cuts on her face and body. “How…?” She stood up and went opposite of her friends.

Vague looked at her with surprise that she wasn’t crying. “Because you haven’t been taught. At least you’re not bawling your eyes out.” He looked at Jisika. “You’re next, try to take me down.”

Jisika threw her blade as a distraction and tried to hit him with the staff. As the blade came back, he dodged it, but was tripped with the staff part of the scythe. He fell and Jisika slammed the staff’s length down his back. She grabbed the blade and reattached it. “I win.”

Vague brushed himself off. “Good job. You, next.” He told Cazron. “Hit me.” Cazron drew his sword and shield. He quickly tried to hit Vague with his sword. After a little bit of that, Caz threw his shield to hit him. Vague dodged it as it came towards him, but he didn’t realize that it was coming back. The shield hit him in the back.

“Done.” Caz grabbed his shield and stepped back.

“Well done. Now, you.” Vague told Cyn. Cyn came at him with a great speed. Cyn drew both his scimitars and slashed furiously at Vague. None of the marks hit. Cyn crossed his blade, releasing the two wolves behind Vague. The two wolves circled him. Vague couldn’t watch all three of them, so he took his eyes off of Cyn. Cyn took this chance and slashed Vague across the chest. The two wolves disappeared and Cyn stood there. Where he had hit, Vague’s shirt was sliced, but there was no mark on his skin.

“Congrats to you three. You all are excellent fighters. You all need to go visit the king and he will let you know what you need to do next.” Vague looked at Sori. “We’re going to work on your fighting skills, though I hate to say that I have to. The rest of you are dismissed.” He ran at Sori, a blade appearing in his hand. He was going to teach her, even if it caused her to bleed a lot more.

“Should we stay?” Cyn asked, worried about Sori.

<No. You guys seeing me not being able to fight hurt my pride. Go see the king.> Sori told them as she tried to block Vague’s attack.

“You heard her, Cyn. C’mon.” Jisika pulled him away to let Vague and Sori work.

“To the castle?” Cazron said and they disappeared.


The castle was a grand feat of wonder in the trees. Its walls were covered in moss and lichen. The roofs were made out of the treetops. Cyn, Cazron and Jisika walked through the castle gates.

Couriers recognized Cyn and carefully stepped out of his way. All around the three of them, people bowed to him.

“This is scary.” Jisika said aloud.

“I know. They seem to think Cyn is a true high blood.” Caz answered.

Cyn was getting a little annoyed. “Stop bowing. Where can we find the king?”

One of the maids pointed to the side of them, “He’s that way, Prince.”

The group turned to see a large ornamental door, covered in leaves, vines and a tree for the door itself.

“These tree people are weird.” Jisika mentioned softly.

They went inside and saw a dying light at the end of the hall. As the rest of the place, the interior was covered in leaves, vines, pictures of animals and plants, as well as something different. Along the walls of the hall, Cazron noticed the story of the prophecy. It was written up and down the walls.

“Cyn? Is this the prophecy?” Caz pointed to a particular section of the story.

Cyn read it and nodded. “Yeah, that’s it.”

Jisika came over and looked at it. “Well, that sucks.”

“What does?” Caz looked at her.

“Our destiny was preordained. We had no choice from the beginning. Also, it doesn’t say if we’re supposed to live or not.” She explained.

Cyn went up to the throne area. He saw a wizened old king sitting in the seat. The king looked up and Cyn noticed that he was blind.

But the king wasn’t deaf. “Who goes there!?” He shouted.

Jisika and Cazron stopped talking about the story. They looked at Cyn who answered. “I am just an elf. I have two friends with me. They are Jisika and Cazron.” His voice was clear.

“Just an elf? I don’t recognize your voice.” The king stood up and beckoned Cyn forward. “Please come forward.”

Cyn went towards the old king. He stopped just before the king. “Are you really the king, old man?” He couldn’t help but ask.

“Call me old man again, and I’ll smack you upside the head.” The king answered. “I am King Cid. And I have one son who was taken away for the prophecy. His name was Cyn. He was supposed to befriend a demon, a faery and an angel. Then bring peace to our troubled land by marrying an elf princess named Melody.”

Cyn almost started cracking up, but kept his voice steady. “I am Cyn. And I refuse to marry anyone unless I love them.”

“Cyn? Come closer.” Cid asked quietly. Cyn obliged and stepped up to the king. Cid set his hand on Cyn’s forehead and closed his blind eyes. “You are truly my son. Where have you been? And did you meet the chosen ones?”

“Yes, I have. Jisika is the demon. Cazron is the angel. And my little sister is the faery-” Cyn was cut off.

“Little sister? You don’t have one.” Cid knew that much.

“She is. I’ve known her my whole life, from the day she was born. I was born into a human family, and I have a little sister.” Cyn explained.

“My son, why do you deny your birth right to marry the princess? You will be succeeding me and becoming king.” Cid asked.

“Because I don’t know her enough to fall in love.” Cyn told his father.

“Then go and meet her. You never know. You might fall in love.” The king hoped.

“I’ve met her. But she’s in love with someone else.” Cyn tried to tell the old man.

“I’ll set you two up on a date. Then you can make your decision.” Cid announced.

“But-” Cyn was trying to get out of the date. “I gotta train to fight against Stiller.”

“Nonsense. Vague sent you up, meaning you passed his test. The date will be tonight on the seventh hour.” Cid sat down, ending the matter.

Cyn sighed. “I guess, I will.” He stalked back to the others and explained to them what just happened.

They just looked at each other and started cracking up. “Notice how it’s the brother and sister who are being forced to marry?” Cazron was laughing his ass off.

“I guess it must be in their genes.” Jisika snickered.

“Guys, I can’t get married. What if we don’t come back?” Cyn brought it up.

That got the other two to stop laughing. “Good point. The marriage between CJ and Sori would be ruined.” Jisika thought out loud.

“That would make two lost marriages if Cyn is forced to go through with it.” Caz wondered. “But they would understand and find new loves, won’t they?”

“I don’t know. We better find Sori and get a plan of action together.” Cyn told them. The other two nodded and they set off to find the youngest of them.


It didn’t take them long to find Sori. She was still fighting Vague, but she was getting better. She was landing hits on him and blocking a lot of his attacks. They weren’t using weapons, but were doing hand-to-hand combat.

Cyn looked at Jisika and Cazron, “Think she sees us?”

“No. But look at her. I’ve never seen her this determined or anything.” Jisika mumbled.

“Look at all her wounds.” Cazron remarked.

Cyn looked at his little sister and noticed all the scratches, scrapes and bruises. The gash across her forehead had stopped bleeding, but dirt was in it. Around the two fighters, a ring of elves came to see what was going on.

He then looked at Vague. Cuts of various sizes as well as scrapes were all over his body. Sometime during their little battle, his shirt came off. Red lines were everywhere on his body, where Sori had hit him with a spike.

He taunted Sori ever so often. “My grandmother can hit harder than you. And she’s dead.”

Sori didn’t retaliate in anger, but instead tried to hit him harder. She landed a good hit to Vague’s stomach. He doubled over and she took this chance to slam his chin with an uppercut.

Vague hit the ground, but stood back up. “That was the best hit I’ve seen you do.”

Sori didn’t let her guard down. She stood, ready to try to block and counter his next attacks. But he didn’t attack her anymore.

“Go to a healer. You passed my test. Congratulations.” He put his hand forward to be shaken.

Sori grinned and shook his hand. “You aren’t so much of a pain in the arse as I thought.” She quickly withdrew her hand, just in case he was going to try and hurt her.

“And you’re not so much of a brat.” He answered, then drew her in for a slight hug. He then let go of her, a little ashamed of himself. “Go to a healer then get going on your way.”

Sori turned and saw the others. She blushed slightly and walked over to them. “He said that I passed and stuff.”

Cyn checked the gash on her forehead. “You ok?”

“Yup. Just need to see a healer.” She answered, smiling.

Solis appeared out of nowhere and told them. “Melody is a healer. Go see her. I heard that all of you passed Vague’s test.”

“I have a question.” Sori wanted to ask this for a while. “Why was he meaner and harder on me than everybody else?”

“I’ll tell you guys later. He doesn’t like it told around him.” He told her.

“Hey Sori, your brother has to go and get married to Melody.” Jisika grinned.

“What?!” Sori yelled and Solis vanished them to the healer’s hut, and Melody.

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