Destiny of the Sky Ch 21

Chapter 21

Date With Melody

They arrived in the healer’s hut, without Solis. Somehow he had disappeared, again. A healer woman, Spook, took one look at Sori and exclaimed, “Vague got another one!” She rushed over and grabbed Sori to start healing. “Melody! Tend to the others, they don’t look as hurt.”

Melody looked up and saw who it was and smiled. “You all don’t look too bad.”

Cazron answered, “That’s because he was trying to hurt Sori to make her learn. We’re all fine.”

Jisika grinned and nudged Cyn in the ribs. “Cyn has something to ask you.”

Cyn glared evilly at Jisika. “Melody, would you like to…” He never asked a girl out before. “Go to dinner with me, tonight?”

“Let me guess. You met your father.” Melody knew.

“Yeah. He wants me to get to know you and maybe fall in love. It’s weird.” He responded.

“Sure. At the seventh hour?” She smiled sweetly.

“Yeah. Wait. What time is it?” He looked around for a clock.

“It’s half past the sixth hour.” She told him.

“How about we leave now and you can show me where the best place to go is?” He requested.

“Give me a second. I need to change out of these healer’s robes.” She went into another room and after about five minutes, she reemerged in the clothes she had when the group first met her.

Cyn wrapped her arm around his and the two royals left to go on their get-to-know-you-date.

Solis reappeared and sat with Jisika and Cazron, while they waited for Sori to get out of the healer’s room. “How long has she been in there?”

The clock chimed outside. Caz answered, “About half an hour.”

Sori came out of the healer’s room with a bandage across her forehead. “Hi.” She grinned, feeling better.

“What’s with the gauze wrapped around your head?” Jisika poked at the wound.

“It wouldn’t heal completely, so she had to wrap it.” Sori shrugged. She looked at Solis. “So…?”

“Let’s go eat and we’ll discuss things there.” Solis was trying to put off what he had to tell them. “There’s a nice little café that I’ll take you guys to.” He led the way out of the healer’s hut and towards the café.


Cyn looked at Melody from across the table. He didn’t know things to ask about her to get to know her a little more. But he tried his best, “Why did you want to marry CJ and how did you two meet?”

Melody thought about this question. “We both were trying to get away from the royal lifestyle for a while. Somehow, we both ended up in the human world, though I still don’t understand how that happened. We met in a human city called Las Vegas. And it was love as first sight. Since then, we were planning on marrying. One problem with that plan, though. Our parents wouldn’t allow it. So we decided to elope and be married in the place we met. Then I hear that he is now married to your sister and dead.”

“I’m sorry to hear that. Anything you want to ask me?” Cyn was a little curious about her, but didn’t want to ruin the moment by asking.

“Yeah, I have two questions. The first one, how did you all get started being the Champions?” She asked.

“Jisika said that she had a dream that if she went to a charred house in our little God-fearing home town, the ghost there would tell her who her parents were. Of course we couldn’t allow her to go alone, so the rest of us followed. We met Kaori and she told us who we were and what we were supposed to do. She then sent us along our way. The rest is history.” He told her as the waiter came.

Melody ordered first, “I’ll have the tree salad with honey for a dressing and a glass of your darkest elven wine.”

The waiter turned to Cyn. Not knowing what else to order, “I’ll have the same.” The waiter walked off to go and get their food.

Melody looked back at her date. She blinked and started to notice that he didn’t look half bad. “What are your ambitions in life?”

Cyn had to really think about this question. “I want to protect the people I know and care about. That was my main goal in life before all this happened. But I guess things change quickly. Now, the main goal is to just stay alive long enough to defeat Stiller.” He just started to realize that Melody was actually kind of pretty. “What about you?”

“I have to become queen. It’s a part of my destiny, just as being a champion is yours. I wish I didn’t have to though. Then I would be able to have a normal life and friends. I wish I was like you.” She told him.

“No, you don’t. You have an influence on people. You can make a difference in people’s lives. I don’t get that chance.” He answered.

Their food came, and the two thanked the waiter.

Melody then asked him, “What’s it like in the human plane?”

He took a deep breath, “Do you want the good, bad or all of it?”

“All of it, starting with the bad.” She replied.

“Well, the humans are stupid. They start petty wars over things that could be avoided. They kill in the name of a savior named Jesus, even though he sacrificed his life to make them better. There are people dying every day because of hatred and jealousy. They don’t care who they hurt to get what they want. Like I said, humans are stupid creatures.”

Melody felt a tear fall, “How can they be like that? They are cousins to the elves…”

“Seems like the humans have forgotten their roots. But there are good things.” Cyn couldn’t stand seeing her cry. “Then you have the millions of lovers who would die for each other. You have the innocent children who are the hope for the future. Humans may be stupid, but they start off smart when they are younger. You have people who fight for freedom and peace. They strive to get it, not hurting a soul in the process. Humans may have their problems, but they also have their good qualities.”

Melody had stopped crying. She was looking at him, with a slight amount to love. “You sound like you idolize the children.”

“Life was simple when you are a child. Everything is either right or wrong. There is no gray area in between. Everything is in you imagination.” He smiled. “Things are easier to figure out.”

“Better than us, elves.” Her voice dropped.

“What do you mean?” He asked.

“As children, we are given our tasks in life. We don’t get a choice in the matter. Everything is hard. It’s even worse as a royal. We don’t get any freedom and can’t interact with people our own age. I’m lucky to know Solis. He’s the only friend I have had throughout the years.” She admitted to him.

“Well, I have officially ran out of things to say.” Cyn told her.

“So have I. I don’t think we’ll be getting married.” She grinned. “Well, might as well, not waste the meal.”

Cyn agreed, and they both started eating in silence.

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