Destiny of the Sky Ch 22

Chapter 22

The Stories are True

Solis took them to a small café and sat them down in the back. There were two elves already sitting at the table. Jisika recognized them as two elves that were on the battlefield when they were all forced into training with Vague.

Solis introduced them, “This is Manic and this is Zephyr.”

Manic glared at the newcomers. “Solis, who are these… Things?” The hatred in his voice gave Cazron the shivers.

Sori looked at Manic. <He doesn’t look all that tough.> She was right. He wasn’t built like a fighter. She would have thought of him more as a model. His hair was cut short and dyed a red from his natural black. His skin was a memory of a human from the Philippians. But Sori couldn’t look into his eyes. They seemed to burn with a seething hatred.

“I don’t trust them. Especially the demon.” Manic said it plainly.

“I don’t really trust you either.” Jisika snapped back.

Zephyr looked at them. “Will you two stop it?” He was as tall as Cyn and had the same build as all the other elves in this place. His hair was cut short, just as Manic’s was, but it was a light brown instead of the dyed red. His skin was closer to Cazron’s than it was to Manic’s. His light green eyes reflected intelligence.

“Don’t tell Jisika to shut up. It was Manic’s fault.” Sori growled.

Solis held up a plate as a barrier between the two groups. “Play nice. There’s a reason I brought all of you here.”

This got the two sides to stop from yelling. Cazron asked the question that was on everyone’s mind. “What’s going on?”

“Sori wanted to know why Vague was being a pain in the arse. Zephyr wanted to know more about his vision.” Solis stopped, once he saw the look on the champions’ faces. “Zephyr is a seer. He can see the future.” The group of champions nodded, understanding. “Also, Manic wanted to know why the elders gave you three reprieves even after the atrocities that happened.”

“What happened?” Jisika asked, curiously.

The waiter came over and the elves ordered elven wine. The others looked at each other. They ordered the same, not knowing what else to get. When the waiter asked what kind of food they wanted, the champions had no clue what to get because they were given a menu that was written in elven.

“I’ll have a hot off the tree.” Solis ordered.

“I’ll take the chef special.” Manic told the waiter.

“I’ll just take a pine tree in a lake.” Zephyr asked politely.

<I wish they served meat.> Sori’s thought grumbled. She saw Cyn across the café. “I’ll have what the elven prince is having.” She saw that it was a salad type food and it couldn’t be too bad.

“I’ll have the same.” Jisika thought the same thing as Sori.

“So will I.” Cazron ordered. The waiter turned and left.

Everyone looked at Solis to begin his story. He started, “I’ll start on the treaty to give some background. Way back when the races were feuding over who gets what planes, it was decided by the leaders to try and figure out a compromise. That’s the meeting that took place when the prophecy was told. I assume you all know the prophecy?”

Jisika and Caz nodded, they had read it in the castle. Sori shrugged. She knew the basic part of it. Zephyr and Manic, being elves, knew the full thing by memory. Solis thought, “What’s today?” he was horrible at remembering what day it was.

“The sixth of the half month.” Manic answered.

“Then it was exactly six hundred and sixty-six years ago when the prophecy was first told. It’s also sixty-six years since the attack happened.” The two groups were silent.

“There had always been trouble at the borders of the planes, since the beginning of time. There was a war brewing and nothing we could do, would stop it. Humans were somehow getting into the faeries’ plane. Vampire got into the human’s plane. Angels and demons crossed into each other’s planes. But there was something weird. The elven plane was never entered. We thought that there was something with all the other people’s defenses. Then we were attacked. The other races were jealous of our peace. They broke through our defenses along the cardinal directions. Vampires from the south. Faeries from the west. Angels from the north. And demons from the east.”

Jisika couldn’t help but ask, “No humans?”

“They have no magic. And those who do were already being killed. One thing you have to remember about the different planes. They all have different time scales. Sixty-six years for us who put humans during the early 1400’s.” Zephyr explained. He had studied human history as a hobby, thinking humans strange creatures.

Cazron thought for a second. “That would make it during the dark ages. So the ones who did cross over, probably thought themselves as bewitched.”

“Exactly.” Manic was starting to feel better about these outsiders being here. They didn’t seem to know anything about what had happened.

“Ya know, I think Solis wants to continue.” Sori pointed out.

The others stopped talking and looked at Solis, urging him on. So, he continued, “They attacked from all sides. There were too many of them for the elves to fight without help. The men were being killed left and right. The women and children were able to make it to the human plane and survive.”

Sori rose her hand. She found a loophole. “How is it that this place is thriving if the men were dying? Unless…” She blinked.

Solis knew what she meant. “No. We didn’t mix ourselves with the humans. Instead, we met with the mythical king, King Arthur. By that time, he was only a young boy, just pulling the sword from the stone. Merlin explained to him who we were and why we needed his help. The young king understood and had knights come with us, along with Merlin. With their help, we were able to push back the forces long enough to do a diplomatic meeting.”

“But we didn’t get that chance. Another fight broke out. During that fight, while we were gone, Lord Vague’s entire family was wiped out. His wife and daughter were some of the first killed.” He looked at Sori. “You look a lot like his daughter. That’s probably why he was harsh on you. I think he wanted to be absolutely sure that you could take care of yourself.” Sori felt bad about what had happened and decided that the next time she saw him, she would apologize for being a brat.

“Well, come to find out. This entire ruckus was started by Stiller. He had somehow found a way to get the races to feud. The other leaders didn’t send their armies to us. They didn’t even want to fight in the first place. But someone sent their armies into battle against each other.” His voice trailed.

Manic picked up the story. “In the same fight that Lord Vague’s family was killed, the same happened to mine. My parents, my brothers and sisters, were killed by a demon.” As he said it, he glared at Jisika.

Cazron then thought of something. “Zephyr, what happens when we defeat Stiller?”

Zephyr shrugged. “I’ll check.” His eyes dulled, sending him to find out the answer. Sori watched him; she was curious on how he could do that. He’s eyes refocused quickly. “I’ll tell you after we eat.”

The waiter came and gave them their food and wine. The elves immediately dug into their plates. The champions, though hungry, looked at their plates.

<A salad?> Jisika sent across. She had a plate full of leaves and herbs with a side bowl full of a dressing.

<Don’t know. Sori, taste test it.> Cazron poked at it with his fork.

<Great thanks.> Sori used her fingers to take a leaf and dip it into the dressing. She ate it. <Not bad.> She took a drink from the glass the waiter gave her. <Wow. That’s good wine.>

Caz and Jisika looked at each other, shrugged then began eating.

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