Destiny of the Sky Ch 23

Chapter 23

Final Sendings

Cyn heard a familiar giggle. He looked to the source of it and saw the others. Sori had an empty glass of what looked like a wine. “Oh God, she’s almost drunk.” He turned to Melody. “I gotta go get my sister.” He stood up.

“She can’t hold her wine?” Melody asked, standing too.

“She can’t hold dark wines. Anything else is no problem.” He walks over to the group, with Melody following behind. They reached the other group’s table. “Let me guess, she saw what I had and ordered it too.”

Jisika answered. “Yeah. We didn’t know you got the darkest wine, or we wouldn’t have let her drink it.”

Cazron had Sori’s mouth covered, to keep her from saying anything stupid. “Let me guess, you don’t have anything that can get her back to normal, do you?”

Solis mumbled. “You can take her outside, before you guys get in trouble.”

Cyn nodded. “C’mon, Sori.” He made a small flame in his hand.

Sori’s eyes lit up. “Pweety.” Cyn led her out the door, with Cazron, Jisika and Melody following, making sure Sori didn’t fall. Once they hit the rain, the flame went out. She sat down, leaning against the wall.

“Melody, do you have any bread?” Jisika asked.

“I’ll ask the cooks inside the café to let me have some. I need to pay our bill anyways.” Melody went inside.

“What were you guys doing in there?” Cyn asked them.

“Solis said he wanted to tell us stuff. So, he took us here.” Caz answered.

“What did you guys learn?” Cyn asked them.

Jisika and Caz explained the best they could about what they were told. From the introductions to the battles between the planes, to King Arthur, to the final battle. “Then Cazron asked one of Solis’s companions, Zephyr, what would happened to us when we defeat Stiller. His eyes went dull then came back and then Sori got drunk.” Jisika told him.

Melody came back out and gave Cyn the bread. He tore it up into little pieces and told Sori to eat them. She did and felt almost instantly better. She smiled. “Hi, Cyn!” She stood up.

“How did?” Melody tried to ask.

“The bread soaks up alcohol, causing her not to be drunk.” Cyn answered.

“How did you know?” She was curious.

“Last time Sori got drunk, was after she broke up with a kid named Vince. We found her on the floor, in tears with an empty bottle of dark wine.” Jisika explained.

“Since Cyn’s and Sori’s parents drink a lot, we learned from them that bread and greasy food are good for getting rid of alcohol in someone’s system.” Caz continued.

Solis ran outside to them. “Zephyr’s ready to tell you what he saw.” Behind him, Manic and Zephyr stepped out of the café.

“I saw what will happen to all of you…” Zephyr’s voice sounded distant. “… If you defeat Stiller.”

Manic stood away from the rest of them. He was the first to see them. Vampires had crossed into the elven plane. “Champions, get down!”

The vampires swooped over, trying to knock the group off of the platform and into the dark depths below. The champions hit the floor, dodging the vampire’s grasps. The vampires didn’t reach for them though. They grabbed Zephyr and Solis.

“Jisika, we’re above your element.” Cyn told her.

“I’m on it.” Jisika stood up, closed her eyes and felt the icy cold-water magic flowing below. A stream of water rose up and formed a whip in her hand. She opened her eyes and used the whip to hit the vampire holding Solis. It attached itself to the vampire’s entire wing. “Sori, drop the temperature around the water.”

Sori nodded and pointed her index finger to the water on the vampire’s wing. Her eyes turned to a light blue, almost white color. The temperature all around the vampire dropped to below freezing. The water on its wing became ice and froze the wing.

The vampire dropped Solis, not being able to fly with a frozen wing. Cazron knew it was his turn. He sent up a column of rock to break Solis’s fall. He caught Solis. The other vampire dropped Zephyr, to retrieve its fallen comrade. Sori quickly made a bed of air and caught the seer. Jisika made the rain stop. Cyn grinned and made a fire on the underside of the vampires. The vampires burned until they became fully ash. Sori sent up air to get Solis off the rock, while bringing Zephyr to the platform.

Manic watched the group work together. They really want to help us. They aren’t like the ones who attacked us. Zephyr touched the ground, just as Manic came to this realization. Solis followed right afterwards.

“How did they break through the barrier?” Solis demanded to know. “We have to call an Elder’s meeting. All of you come with me. We need to hurry.”

“Then why don’t we fly?” Cazron suggested.

“Can you carry people?” Solis asked the angel. “All of us need to be there.”

“Of course.” Caz grabbed Solis’s shoulders and lifted him off the ground. “See?”

“I can get there by teleportation, with Melody.” Solis told Caz, hopping out of his grasp.

Cazron nodded and grabbed Zephyr’s shoulders. “Got him.”

Sori lifted up Cyn. “I got big bro.”

Jisika closed her eyes and made a cloud appear. “There’s no way I’m carrying him if he hates me.”

“I’d rather you take me, than that cloud.” Manic mumbled.

Jisika sighed and lifted him up. They all took flight and started towards the giant pine tree, where the Elder’s would meet.


Solis was the first to touch the ground by the entrance of the Elders’ Chamber. He ran and rang a giant bell, calling an emergency meeting. The other Elders, upon hearing the bell, all appeared inside the chamber.

Cyn and Sori arrived, followed by the others, just as Solis and Melody went inside the chamber. Cazron and Zephyr arrived just after. Manic was having problems trusting Jisika, but they both made it to the platform. After they all arrived, they ran into the giant pine, to get to the chamber.

They could all hear Solis’s voice, loud and clear, “Vampires have gotten through our defenses. We have to act fast and send the champions on their way!”

They reached the chamber, just to see the other Elders talking amongst themselves, trying to decide a solution. Cid stood up and looked at the group. He asked, “Zephyr, what have your visions told you?”

Zephyr bowed to the council, “The faster you send them, the better. There’s four of us who will die, but the rest of our lands will live.” He told them. He looked back at the Champions. “I also saw what happens if you defeated Stiller. If you win, you die and the world lives. If you lose, you watch the world die before you do.”

The weight of his words set down on their hearts. They finally knew the outcome of their battle, win or lose. Cid sat back in his chair. “Send them. They are our last and only hope, now.”

Solis nodded and the Elders left. He formulated the spell in his mind. He didn’t even get the first verse made when a huge dark black vortex appeared from the wall. Stiller, along with his top two minions, Night and Black came out of the vortex. They were followed by another, newer vampire. “This is the end of the line, brats.” He was pissed. “Night, Black, tear the elves apart. Dooug,” he pointed to a vampire with dark black hair and yellow eyes. “We’re taking out the Champions.”

The Champions were busy trying to stay out of Stiller’s reach. Sori was the first to fall into the dark vortex. She could see the others, but it was deathly silent. She tried to run and help her friends but ran into a barrier.

She watched Jisika get punched in the stomach. Dooug lifted her up and threw her into the vortex. He grinned at Sori then pointed to Cazron. He lifted the angel up, with just sheer magic. He threw Caz into the vortex, with the others. They were useless to help their friends. Cyn was the only one left, and Stiller wanted to take care of him.

Stiller grinned as he slammed Cyn into the ground, for the forth time. “You know, this is getting quite boring for me.” He picked Cyn up and threw him into the vortex with the others. He noticed the other Champions glaring at him, and Jisika looked like she was shouting obscenities at him. He just waved his hand in front of the vortex, and it became black, sending the Champions to his lair. He turned to his minions. “Finish them.” He disappeared.

Black went to face off against Manic. But Manic was ready. He had been waiting to exact revenge against a vampire since his family was killed. A blade appeared in his hand.

Black just grinned. “You look just like the last elf I saw, last time I was here.” He knew Manic, from when he killed the elf’s family. They both lunged, hoping to take out the other before too much damage could be ensued. Their swords clashed, in a wave of fury.

Night disappeared and reappeared, invisible, behind Solis She had the Soul Thief’s knife. Solis heard her behind him, so he whipped around. He couldn’t see her. “What the…?” No one saw her as she stabbed Solis through the heart. She quickly took the jewel from the hilt and disappeared once more.

Melody ran over to help her friend, but he was too far-gone. Night took this chance to try and kill Melody. Melody tried to block the knife. She blocked the blade, but she still got slashed. Night still tried to attack her. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Dooug create four copies of himself.

Two of Dooug’s copies held Melody as Night stabbed the female elf in the stomach. “Sorry, hon.” Night kissed Melody on the lips, as the elf died. “Dying breaths are always better than anything else.” She explained to one of Dooug’s copies, as they dropped Melody’s body.

Zephyr squared off against the beastly Dooug. The elf couldn’t figure out why the vampires were winning so easily. Something isn’t right. He then knew. It was an unfair fight. Four more Doougs appeared behind him. Each of the copies tried to hit him, but speed was Zephyr’s specialty.

He easily dodged the attacks, but he was taken by surprise, when the real Dooug came up behind him and stabbed through his upper torso. The sword blade missed the heart, but Zephyr fell to the ground. Dooug withdrew his blade and kicked Zephyr to the ground. After the elf died, Dooug pulled out a vial and caught the soul. He spat on the elf’s corpse. “You should have never helped them.”

Two copies of Dooug tried to grab Manic, but he wouldn’t allow them to touch him. He ran his sword through Black’s heart. He twisted the blade, ripped it out and then decapitated the vampire. “That’s for my family.”

Night, in her rage, went after Manic. She used the knife to try and stab him, but he was one of the top fighters of the whole elven plane. He swung his foot low and tripped Night. She fell and Manic stabbed his sword into her neck. He twisted the blade, causing her head to decapitate, killing her. “That’s for my friends.”

All of Dooug’s copies grabbed and lifted him off the ground. “Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. You shouldn’t go around killing my friends like that.” Dooug muttered as he picked up the Soul Thief’s knife. “Now do you wish to die painlessly or painfully?”

“Sadistic monster!” Manic yelled. His eyes went to a dull white color as he started formulating a spell.

“Yell all you want. When Stiller arrived, he set up a sound barrier, so no one would hear any or you scream.” Dooug quickly slashed Manic’s neck.

Manic yelled in pain. But he still had his sword. As Dooug started to push the knife into him, he finished his spell and stabbed his sword into the vampire. “Holy Blade!” The final words of his incantation shifted the blade.

Dooug let out a shriek, but he stabbed Manic right into the sternum. As both the vampire and elf died, the Soul Thief’s knife vanished, along with the newly acquired jewels and bodies. The vial that held Zephyr shattered and his soul fled into the night.

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