Destiny of the Sky Ch 25

Chapter 25

The Exeo Plane

The group appeared where the golden light ended. “Where’s my sword and shield?!” Caz shouted. All of them looked around. None of their weapons were with them

“Guess that means that weapons aren’t allowed here.” Cyn mumbled. He felt naked without his scimitars.

Jisika took a good look around. “It’s white.” She was right, though. All around was a feeling of purity and cleanliness. There wasn’t an ounce of darkness anywhere in sight.

That was true, until they saw a dark figure appear before them. Stiller had reached the Exeo Plane. “I must thank you, Champions. Without you, I would have never been able to make it here.” A wall appeared behind the Champions. He was already making the Plane into his own creation. “You are all worthless humans.” He said, causing the Champions to return to their human state, unable to fight back.

“You won’t win!” Cyn yelled. Stiller grinned, and with just a look of power, he slammed Cyn into the wall. Shackles appeared and held his wrists, ankles and waist against the wall.

“My power is magnified here.” Stiller sounded amazed. He pointed his index finger at Cazron and bird-like cage appeared around him. He tried to get out of it, but the bars were too strong. The cage moved back and melded into the wall, trapping him by Cyn. Jisika and Sori were the only ones left.

“Leave them alone.” Jisika’s voice dropped to a tenor low.

“That’s not possible.” Stiller waved her off, adding power in the wave. His motion sent her flying back until she hit the same wall, where her friends were trapped. As soon as she hit it, chains wrapped themselves around her whole body, making it unable for her to move.

“Let them go!” Sori yelled. She was the only left free.

Stiller used a speed faster than light to run a sword through Sori’s midsection. Her dark blood hit the ground, tainting the purity. She gasped for breath, but she couldn’t get any. He twisted the sword and pulled it out. She started to fall, but he caught her.

Jisika screamed, “LEAVE HER ALONE!” She didn’t want to see her friend killed.

“You’re the first of many to die.” He whispered into Sori’s ear. He pressed his mouth to hers, stealing the last breath, just as Night had to Melody. He dropped her onto the ground. He stepped over her, leaving her corpse.

“No…” A tear rolled down Cyn’s cheek. He couldn’t protect his little sister when she needed him most.

CJ helped Sori’s spirit out of her dead body. He lifted her out, though her spirit was unconscious from the shock of being killed. He held onto her as the other spirits were forced to watch the Champions be killed.

Stiller released Cazron from the wall. “How dare you…” Cazron’s voice was becoming a deep growl.

“Because you all were never meant to win!” Stiller closed the distance between the two of them, his sword raised high. He swung it low, using the flattest part of the blade to try and hurt Caz.

Cazron tried to block the blade, but as soon as it hit his skin, it burned his heart. He didn’t realize how much damage it caused until he heard Stiller’s evil chuckle. “The Tainted Blade will kill you easier than thought.” The Vampire King’s laugh penetrated Caz’s mind. Stiller stepped back, far enough away, that the Blade wouldn’t touch Cazron.

Cazron then felt a burn worse than before. He heard a sizzling before he felt it. The Tainted Blade, as Stiller called the sword, was going to kill him from the inside out. Stiller pushed the point of the blade forward.

Cazron collapsed onto the ground. He was feeling every movement the blade made, inside of his body. “How?” was the only word Cazron could say before Stiller made a swiping motion with the Blade. Blood appeared on his shirt, as a huge gash appeared.

Caz clutched his chest, where the blood started to spurt from an opened artery. Stiller took this chance to do the same to Caz, as he had to Sori. He held Cazron’s dying body, pressed his lips to Cazron’s and drank in the last dying breath.

“CAZRON!” Jisika screamed as she tried to think of a way to get out of the chains that bound her.

Stiller threw Caz onto the ground. “Just two left. Then nothing will stand in my way.” He stepped on Caz as he went over to Cyn.

Lucracious lifted Cazron’s spirit out of the dead body. He was unconscious, along with Sori. The spirits knew they couldn’t help the Champions unless they were all dead, but this was a painful for them to watch.

Stiller walked up to Cyn, not letting him off the wall. “I know you too well. You’re the brains behind all of them. How fast do you think I could kill you?”

Cyn spat on the Vampire King’s face. “Bite me.”

Stiller grinned. “Good idea.” He grabbed Cyn around the throat. The shackles let their prisoner go, allowing the Vampire King to take his prey. After he got Cyn off the wall, he used his other hand to move the elf’s head to the side. Stiller’s fangs extended as he bit down into Cyn’s neck.

Cyn screamed in pain, as he tried to get the Vampire King away, but it was useless. Stiller had him and did not want to let go. The vampire drank the blood deeply, hoping to drain the elf as well as he could. After a minute, Cyn’s body quit thrashing. Stiller tilted the Elf’s head, right before he died, and breathed in Cyn’s last breath. He threw the elf next to the other two.

Melody and Solis pulled Cyn out of his body. When will they awaken? Melody asked, looking at all three of the dead Champions’ unconscious souls.

Kia Cat answered, When Jisika dies. Her answer was simple, yet it was a strong sense of foreboding. All the spirits turned to Jisika, knowing they were the last hope, when Jisika dies.

Stiller sauntered over to Jisika. He let the wall disappear, leaving just him and her, though she was still bound. “You remind me of my lovely Bella.”

“Get the hell away from me, you monster.” Jisika tried to get away, but the Vampire King’s magic held her tight.

“Too bad you weren’t like her. You might have lived.” He gave her a deep kiss. As the kiss grew, Jisika felt her life start to wane. He was stealing her life through the kiss. She felt his tongue try to invade her mouth. As soon as he forced it through, she bit down hard.

Stiller broke the kiss, as he hissed in pain. “You stupid Demon! I was going to kill you painlessly. After that…” Blood started to well up against his lips, from the bite on his tongue. He took his sword and rammed it into her heart. Jisika screamed in pain as it pierced through the heart. Stiller kissed her one last time before she died.

“I win.” He drew his blade from her heart and spat on her. He looked around, changing the Exeo Plane into his own personal home.

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