Destiny of the Sky Ch 26

Chapter 26

The End of the End

Sori woke up first, followed closely by the others. Where are we? She noticed that her thought became loud. She tried to speak but couldn’t. And where the hell is my voice?!

Chill. Cyn told her.

We died. So we must be somewhere else. Caz explained.

Hey guys. Jisika pointed to the spirits.

            Cyn took one look at them and grinned. Glad to see that we did something good, though we doomed the rest of the world.

You didn’t doom it. Kaori told them.

This was a part of the plan. Kia Cat explained calmly.

To destroy the world, by letting Stiller get into the Exeo Plane?! Jisika was pissed at this thought.

We failed. Sori’s voice was low, as she was in tears.

You never failed. This was all a part of the prophecy. Solis tried to comfort them.

I read the prophecy. It never said that we would die! Cazron yelled.

Listen to us. CJ mumbled.

Melody continued for him, You had to die. Now to save the planes and defeat Stiller, you have to find Bella.

What?! Jisika didn’t like the idea of finding some chick when they should be fighting.

Find her and kill Stiller. When he dies, then the planes will survive. Lucracious told the Champions.

We can’t win! He killed us! Sori shouted.

Bella can bring you all back to life. Kia Cat informed them.

You sure? If we find her, she’ll bring us back? Cyn asked the spirits.

Yes! The spirits all answered in a surround-sound unison.

How do we stop him? Jisika asked them.

Yeah, we don’t have weapons. Caz explained.

Those weapons were just training tools. Kaori smiled.

Then how? Sori asked.

When you find Bella, she’ll let you know. They will help you. Lucracious grumbled. This is taking too long. Get going to Oblivion! He sent the Champions to a place called Oblivion. The Champions lost sight of the spirits almost instantly.

We better find her fast. Sori mumbled. Oblivion was a mass of color and darkness. Everything had a contradiction.

Let’s go. Cyn told them.

How do we find her in all of this chaos? Jisika asked.

The same way Sori found her way in the maze in Hell. Cazron answered. I think Zim knew the whole prophecy, which is why he made the maze.

It’s worth a try. Sori placed her hands ahead of her. Take us to the Planar, Bella.

The masses of colors and darkness whizzed past the Champions. They reach what looked like an everlasting plain of desert landscape. They moved faster than any speed they’ve ever gone. Jisika watched the landscape pass by. Then she saw a small shape on the plain. What’s that?

Don’t know. But we’re being pulled right to it. Cyn was trying to get a good look at the shape.

It’s a tree. Cazron said, startled that there was a tree in this endless desert.

They zoomed up to the tree, stopping just short of the trunk. The tree itself was gnarled golden oak with its branches twisting every which way. There were silver leaves on almost all of the branches. Hello? Sori called up into the branches. A couple leaves fell on the other side of the tree.

I’m going up there. Cyn told the others, as he started to climb up the giant tree.

I’m coming with you. Jisika followed.

We’ll guard the bottom. Caz leaned against the trunk of the tree.

Cyn climbed the tree higher and higher. He was inside the bulk of the tree’s leaves when he saw a bare foot climb onto a higher branch. Stop! He commanded the foot, but it disappeared higher up. Quickly, he climbed higher until he reached the top of the tree and could see out. <Jisika! I found her! Go from below.>

<Aye, Aye.> Jisika answered. As she looked up, she saw a female figure. Please, stop. We just need to talk. She tried reasoning with the person.

NO! The unknown female yelled at them.

It’s about Stiller Naught! Jisika told the woman.

Stiller…Naught? The woman stopped climbing.

Yes. We need your help to defeat him. Cyn told her. He had climbed down from above to the two females.

I…please. Get me out of this tree prison. The woman begged.

Follow me. Jisika gauged the distance to the ground and jumped to the ground.

The woman nodded and followed. She touched the ground and landed gracefully. Cyn, however, fell out of the tree and landed on Cazron. Sorry Caz. He apologized as he got off of his friend.

They all took a good look at this unknown female. They knew she must have been the ‘Bella’ they were looking for. Her skin was as golden as the sunbeams glistening off the finest ring. She stood at Jisika’s height and her hair was just as long, shining a lustrous silver color. Her eyes were the most amazing things about her. They were as dark as Stiller’s had been, but they held a great warmth. A shredded, bloodied ivory wedding dress hung on her shoulders loosely. Her voice held hope. I am Bella Naught. Wife of Stiller Naught. She told them.

WIFE?! The whole group exclaimed at once.

Yes. We married the day before I was killed. Bella’s voice held remorse and sadness.

What happened? Sori asked curiously.

The Original Champions killed me. They heard the prophecy and each took their turn, trying to kill me. I was able to escape with just enough time to relay the prophecy to the Council. Then I died. Bella’s voice dropped. The words hung in the air.

Original Champions? Cyn had to ask.

Yes, they were the Planars protectors. When they heard about another set of Champions, they tried to kill me to keep it secret. The other Planars found out and saved my life. They destroyed the Champions and sent me on my way. Bella seemed relived to finally be able to tell people her story.

We’re sorry for what they had done. Caz apologized.

Don’t worry. You weren’t the ones who did it. Let me guess. You all opened up the Gate of Exeo and my husband went through. Then he killed you all. She had it right on the mark.

If we defeat him, what will happen to his soul? Sori asked, having sympathy for two lovers.

I don’t know. But I understand that you must kill him. Let me give you weapons to defeat him with. Bella’s hands went to the bark of the oak tree. She closed her eyes and opened her power into the trunk. The tree shifted and changed. It became four different items.

What the? Cyn asked as he stood up to get a better look. The others followed. They each looked at the different items.

Sori was compelled to go to a feather. It was translucent but held a shimmer when it moved. Cyn found an arrowhead a fascinating object. It was sharp and held fiery warmth. Jisika was attracted to a silver ring. It shone with an inner light. Caz went to a pair of dice. The ivory texture made the red dots seeming to stand out more.

They all grabbed their chosen objects and turned to face Bella. She smiled at them, softly. I will send you back to your bodies to stop my husband. She raised her hands to the sky and yelled, Send them back to whence they came! Send them back to their bodies same!

The Champions felt themselves lifted up and out of Oblivion. They watched as the endless desert disappeared and they were back in Exeo. The spirits grinned at the Champions and gave thumbs up, as the group went into their respective bodies.

Exeo had gone from the pure white of hope to the darkness of pain. A deep red blood, lifeblood, came up to the ankles of the lone figure. Stiller Naught found the controls to the Exeo plane, and he had made it into his personal domain.

Cyn woke up first, his body fully healed. He poked Sori, and she woke up, as well. Jisika and Cazron found themselves awake. All of their bodies were healed.

“Ready?” Cyn grinned and he jumped up. He held his arrowhead.

“Let’s kick his arse.” Sori hopped up, gripping her feather.

“And fix Exeo.” Jisika stood up, holding her silver chain.

“As well as the other planes.” Cazron sprung up, holding onto the dice.

“STILLER NAUGHT!” They all yelled at the top of their lungs.

The Vampire King appeared and looked at them, astounded. “How did you?”

“Bella helped us.” Sori growled.

“She wanted us to stop you.” Jisika added.

“So, she saved us.” Cazron continued.

“So, we could destroy you.” Cyn ended it.

All at once the Champions went to attack Stiller. They were forced to bend the plane to help them. Sori slashed her feather, diagonally, at Stiller, and a huge burst of wind came from it. She slashed again, going the opposite way, making another burst of wind appear. This second attack of air blew Stiller back and forced him to cover his eyes, against flying debris.

The Vampire King didn’t get the chance to recover from the last attack, because Cyn took this opportunity to activate the magic in his arrowhead. He made a horizontal slice, creating a crescent of fire to appear and hit Stiller square in the chest. Cyn reeled around and sent another blaze of fire at the Vampire King’s chest.

Stiller stumbled back, gasping for air from his torched and tortured lungs. “How is this happening?!” He asked, shocked.

Cazron continued the attack. He slammed the first die on the ground, created a giant crack to appear under Stiller’s feet. The crack widened, trying to make the Vampire King fall in, but he held his balance. Caz slammed the second die into the side of Stiller’s face, making a giant cracking sound, as it shattered the cheekbone. The dice both went back into Cazron’s hand.

Stiller fell to the ground. “You’re all humans. How can this be happening?”

No one answered him. Jisika held her silver ring ready to attack. They circled the Vampire King, mocking him. He tried to stand, but they would knock him right back down.

Stiller disappeared and reappeared outside the circle. He tried to get away, to bend the plane to help him, but the Champions had blocked this power from him. He drew his Tainted Blade and held it ready to strike. He slashed at Sori, getting her across the chest, but the wound was not deep enough to be death worthy. Cyn and Cazron retaliated by combining their powers. Cazron threw his dice in the air, causing the ground under Stiller’s feet to break apart from the plane. Cyn thrust his arrowhead forward, sending a massive fireball toward Stiller.

Stiller jumped off the rock at the last moment, dodging the attack. He sliced at Cazron’s neck. Cazron backed out far enough not to be decapitated, but a thin red line appeared where the blade touched. Stiller landed behind the Champions. Cyn went into a fighting stance, ready to take him on.

Jisika took this chance and flung the ring as it grew into a bigger ring that could hold anything. The ring grew until it could wrap itself around Stiller’s Tainted Blade. The ring started destroying the sword as it continued to shrink, cutting the blade in half.

Sori made a circle with her feather. A giant tornado appeared where the circle was drawn. It swept Stiller into the sky, then disappeared. The Vampire King fell from a great height, hitting the ground with a tremendous crash. Stiller, though almost dead, tried to stand back up.

Cazron threw both of his dice at Stiller’s feet, creating another giant earthquake, to shake the vampire to his knees. As the earthquake trembled, millions of cracks appeared around Stiller. The ground crumbled under the Vampire King. He fell into a deep hole.

Cyn grinned as he watched this whole scene take place. After Stiller fell, the elf went to the side of the hole and made a mark with his arrowhead. The entire hole filled with liquid fire. Stiller shrieked in pain as the hole filled up more and more with the fire.

Sori mumbled, “Poor guy…” Her sympathy was kicking in. Jisika held her back away from the hole as the shrieks died down. Sori’s sympathy disappeared.

Cazron raised the hole, as Cyn emptied the fire out of it. All that was left of Stiller Naught’s body was ashes. They all watched as his spirit lift up and out of the pile of ashes.

Bella’s spirit appeared with him. They were both dressed in finery, as if for a wedding. Bella curtsied deeply to them. Thank you Champions. You won. She held Stiller back.

Stiller growled deeply to them. You have defeated me this time… But my reincarnation will find your children’s children and tear them to pieces.

The two spirits disappeared. In their place, all of the people that helped the Champions along the way appeared. Kia Cat, Kaori, CJ, Melody, Solis and Lucracious appeared all around them. They all had their bodies back.

Sori ran up and hugged CJ. “I missed you.” She gave him a kiss on the lips. She then looked at Melody’s face. “CJ, I love you and everything.” She pulled off the wedding ring. “I know someone who deserves this more than I do.” She gave him the ring and turned around to leave.

CJ hugged her from behind. “I knew you would understand.” He went back to his fiancée.

Melody grinned and hugged Cyn. “Thank you.”

Cyn, a little taken aback, hugged her back. “You’re welcome.”

Cazron shook hands with Kia Cat. Then he turned to Lucracious. “I blame you for this.”

Lucracious grinned crookedly. “God is back, thanks to you.” Another angel appeared beside him. “Ronna, these are the Champions. Without them, none of us would be here.”

Ronna bowed deeply to them. “Thank you all.”

Jisika looked at Lucracious. “I don’t see the family resemblance, Half-and-Half.”

“Don’t call me that. Neither do I. Oh well. Good job, Sis.” He gave her a quick hug, which scared Jisika more than any of this.

“We must say our good-byes. I see some others who wish to speak to you all.” Kia Cat said in a diplomatic voice. “We’ll have a council in three hundred years. That okay with everyone?”

They all agreed and disappeared, one by one. First the angels, then the faeries, followed by Kia Cat and Kaori, then lastly by Solis and Melody.

The group turned around and saw six figures approach them. The figures varied in size and stature. There was one ahead of the rest. It was an Arabian looking girl, shorter than Jisika. She reached the group first. “I would like to personally like to thank you all. I am Judy. I am the head of the Planars.”

The Champions bowed deeply to the Planars. As they stood up, they noticed that the Planars were bowing back. The Planars stood back up and they were all smiling. Exeo went back to it’s pure white appearance, as all of the damage from the battle vanished. The Champions felt themselves change into their different forms.

A male one to the left of Judy shook hands with each one of the Champions, “My name is Pano.” He had this look of being from Greece. “I control the Earth plane. I was the one that chose you all for this mission.”

The female next to Pano grinned and hugged Cazron tightly. “I am called Riann. I am in charge of the Heaven sector.” Her face lit up brightly, as it glowed with a soft light. She had feather light and pure white wings adorning her back.

The male next to Riann shook hands with Jisika. “Damien is my name. Keeping control of Hell is my game.” He looked to be from Philippine descent. His back held two black demon wings.

One the other side of Judy, a male with faery wings hugged Sori. “I am Matthew. I take care of Tir na nOg.” He released her from the hug. His eyes glowed with great happiness.

Next to him, was a Planar that looked elven. He poked at Cyn, “I am William. I keep track of the balance for Aria.” His elven features mimicked Cyn’s almost perfectly.

The last Planar just bowed to them. “I am Niwa. I watch over Blood’s Keep, since Bella was killed.” He looked a lot like Stiller, almost like a twin.

Judy stepped forward. “You all have done well. I can send you back to Earth, or wherever you choose.”

Jisika thought for a second. “We need to go somewhere first.”

“Where?” Sori asked, curiously.

“My dream the day before we went to see Kaori. I just remembered that it was that dream that made me take you all along to Kaori’s house.” Jisika explained. “If you could take us there, then Earth, I think we’ll be happy with that.”

The other Champions agreed. “That works for us.”

Judy nodded and smiled. “Here you go.”

The Planars and the Exeo Plane disappeared, as darkness took over the group’s sight. “We’re here.” Jisika told them. She saw her human form walking towards them. “Jisika!” Her human form looked at her and walked over.

“Yes?” The human asked.

“Tomorrow, you need to go to the charred house at the end of the road. You will find out who your parents are there.” The demon Jisika told the human.

“Okay?” The human answered, as the Champions disappeared once more, their task done.

They appeared, back as humans, in Sori’s and Cyn’s house. “Home.” Cyn said quietly. It seemed like a dream of all they went through. They all stayed the night and slept thoroughly, in the living room.

Sori screamed as she woke up, “SHIT!” She ran around the room, looking for a pad of paper and a pen.

Jisika rubbed the sleep out of her eyes. “What’s wrong?”

“I forgot to write it. It’s due tomorrow! My editor is going to kill me if he found out that I forgot to write it!” Sori turned on the computer and opened up a new word document.

“What do you need to do?” Cyn went to the kitchen to get coffee.

“I have to write a story. What should I write?” She asked her friends.

“Write about what we just went through. It’d make a great story.” Caz suggested.

“What will it be called?” Jisika brought up.

“How about ‘Destiny of the Planes?’” Cyn thought.

“Nah. I got it. ‘Destiny of the Sky.’” Cazron thought aloud.

“That fits perfectly.” Jisika grinned.

“You’ll all have to help me write it.” Sori typed the title at the top of the paper. She looked at the date and time on the bottom side of the screen. “How long do you think we’ve been gone?”

Jisika looked at the clock, “No way!” The time was an hour before they had ever went to the charred house.

“Was it all a dream?” Cazron asked himself.

“Anyone wanna see a chick named Kaori?” Cyn grinned mischievously.


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