Destiny of the Sky Ch 3

Chapter 3

Trouble in Paradise

Stiller went from room to room, looking for answers. “Night!”

A female vampire appeared behind him. She was down on one knee when she spoke, “Yes, Sire?” She gracefully stood up. She was shorter than Black had been, but otherwise, they looked exactly alike. “What do you need?”

“Have you found them?” Stiller was pissed. He wanted to find them faster than this.

Night shook her head. “No, Sire. They aren’t on the Earth, anymore.” She knew that giving him this news would hurt her.

Stiller sent a wave of dark power at her. She blocked part of it, but was still hit with most of the blast. She hit the back wall and was pinned there by the power.

“Where did Kaori send them?” He asked himself. He tried to remember, but it was a blur. He then remembered that exact moment where Kaori sent them off. “Black! Get in here!”

Black appeared by Night. He helped her down then went by Stiller. “Yes…Sire?” He didn’t want to call this monster his king. “What do you want?”

“God’s Right Hand. Where is it?” Stiller requested an answer. “The witch sent them to God’s Right Hand.”

“That would be…” Black tried to remember where it was. He had heard that term before and combined it with a place. “That’s Heaven.” We can’t get in there. He thought the last part to himself.

“How do we get in?” Stiller asked.

“We can’t. We can’t even get near it.” Night explained in a pained voice. Black was holding her up. “You’d have to find a rogue angel that has yet to be caught. That’s the only way to get them from there until they leave.”

“Name a rogue angel.” Stiller demanded.

“There is one that I know of. His name is Lucracious. He’s half demon and half angel.” Black told.

“Bring him to me anyway you can.” Stiller ordered his top two generals.

“Yes, Sire.” They said and bowed at the same time. Then together, they disappeared.

“Lucracious. Where have I heard that name before?” Stiller thought to himself. “Guess I should go make sure he isn’t an old enemy.” He went into a hidden hallway.

A strange light lit up the hallway. The walls themselves seemed to glow with a soft light. At the end of a hallway he saw an old painting of a beautiful woman. The woman in it looked strangely like Jisika. “Bella… My love, I will find a way to bring you back.” He kissed the painting gently. He then brushed passed the painting, finding the hidden doorway into his room. He looked through many books to find out exactly who this Lucracious was.


Lucracious looked at the group. Jisika had bat-like wings coming out of her back. She was also darker, her skin color becoming more black than brown. Her eyes were like fire, with red in the middle, by the pupil, orange in a ring outside of that, then a ring of yellow around the edge. Someone had given her dark sunglasses. Her hair grew down to her ankles and was a midnight black. She was trying to figure out a way to braid it, so it stayed out of her way.

Cazron had his angel wings and a slight halo starting. His hair grew as well, but only to his shoulders, but he was trying to find a way to cut it short, again. His looked more muscular and ready for a battle. His eyes stayed pretty much the same, but the gray would reflect light or dark, depending on his mood.

Sori’s wings were iridescent between too many colors. They shifted colors every so often about the shape. The tops were shaped as a butterfly’s would be, but the bottoms were different. They were split from halfway down and came into two spikes. From shades of blues to tints of yellow to the brightest reds to the darkest purples, all the colors that could have been thought of were speckled throughout the iris and her wings. She still wasn’t adjusted to the rest of the change. Her skin went from a darker tan to a golden light color. She stood a little bit shorter than normal and her hair went down to her waist. It was the same color, but the color was more brilliant with flecks of gold and orange. She had tied it into two messy braids and was twisting the braids together, also trying to keep her hair out off the way.

Cyn stood away from the others. He had yet to be awakened and was weary to get it done. He had watched the others change and every time they did, Lucracious seemed to get more giddy and happy. This bothered him greatly. It was like the angel was getting a lot of pleasure out of it. He didn’t want to see how he would change, if he did.

Sori pounced on her brother from behind, hugging him. She hung onto him tightly, though he tried to get her off. “Don’t be mad, get glad.” She said the hook from the Glad© commercial. “It didn’t hurt anyone else but Cazron, and he says that he’s fine now. So I think you should awaken too. It might do you some good, pain in the arse.”

Cyn couldn’t help but smile a little, as he gave up trying to get her off his back. He then went back to thinking. “Sori, I don’t want to, nor do I need to. We should have never gone into Kaori’s house. It put you in danger. Then when we got here, I couldn’t protect you. What happens if I can’t protect you from the vampire? What if…”

“What if the world fell to pieces?” Sori interrupted. “What if you spontaneously combusted? You can ‘what if’ until forever ends. But it’s already happened. And you’re scared that you wouldn’t be able to protect me, if you’re awakened. Doesn’t it make more sense that you’d do a better job as an elf than as a human? Think about it. Humans have lot of limits. In these forms, we have the chance to win.” She was still hanging onto him.

“I guess you’re right, for once.” He threw Sori off his back. She flung forward, but caught herself, flying a bit to not hit the ground. “Brat.” He looked at the others. “I guess I’ll be awakened too.” He looked for Lucracious. “Where did he go?”

Jisika looked around but didn’t see him. “Dunno.” She couldn’t go outside because of her demonic power. She flew up to ceiling to get a bird’s eye view.

“We’ll find him.” Caz told his friend. He went outside by the gate into heaven, looking for the angel.

“Don’t worry.” Sori said. She went into the hospital area.

“Lucracious, I’m ready to be awakened.” Cyn mumbled.

The angel appeared behind Cyn. “Glad to hear it.” He grinned. “Awaken up his other side, and show him the true power locked inside.” He whispered into Cyn’s ear.

Cyn’s change wasn’t dramatic but his ears pointed themselves sharply as well as his features, just not as greatly. A little confused, he felt at his hair. It grew, a lot. The hair that used to be cut short, bleached and was spiked, was now down to his knees, it’s natural light brown color. “What the?” he felt a twinge in his bones, he was growing taller by half a foot. All of his senses were sharpened and were enhanced greatly.

Lucracious nodded. “My part is done. You are all awakened.”

Cazron looked at all his friends. “We’re… really weird people. And Lucracious, why did you call me Jesus?”

“Because you are the Savior and the son of God.” Lucracious answered back, like everybody knew that fact.

“How can I be? I am just a human and I’m Jewish. Hell, look at my closest friends. There’s no way I could be Him. It’s impossible.”

“Too bad it’s true though. Didn’t you know? Jesus was Jewish to begin with. Welcome back, Savior.” He bowed deeply. “Now, since you are Him, that makes you the Prince of Heaven and the leader of the Angels.”

“Why me?” Cazron felt himself extremely confused.

“We have a problem though.” The angel looked at the ceiling. It was a golden color. “God has gone missing.”

“What?!” Cyn, the most religious of the group, yelled. “How could God go missing?”

“We think She’s been taken. But the devil has denied ever taking Her.” Lucracious suspected something. “She couldn’t have gone too far. She’s blind, mute, deaf and in a wheelchair.”

“She?” Jisika asked.

“Yeah, God’s a chick. Didn’t you know?” he was curious.

“We’ve always been taught that God was male.” Cyn explained. “The Bible said so.”

“Yeah, right. And white supremacy freaks that hated women wrote the Bible. God is a woman for the fact that only females can give birth. And trust me on this, She gave birth to Adam and Eve.” Lucracious shuddered with the memory. He had been there when it happened, and it was something he didn’t wish to see ever again with any woman.

“Since we’re here. We’ll help ya find Her.” Cazron said.

“Thank you. Jisika, since you can’t go outside, will you be home base?” Lucracious asked.

“Sure, why not? Rather be in here than out there and be burned to a crisp.” Jisika added some contempt to her voice.

“Well, let’s go.” He led the way out of the building to begin the search. Once outside, he handed them a walkie-talkie type thing. “When you find Her, let us know. Do NOT go near Her. Trust me, if She left not to be found, She can be quite dangerous. Got it?”

The others nodded and they began their search.


God was in Her wheelchair and moved gracefully. She had wandered farther away from the office than usual. She had as much color in her hair, eyes and skin as there were people on the earth. She was old and young at the same time. Her wheelchair glowed a bright gold and silver. Her wings were made of a light that would not allow any darkness to touch. Carefully, She pictured a place in Heaven to hide in. She didn’t want to talk to the new Jesus because She thought that he might not like Her. Must find a place to go. She vanished after finding a place.

Seconds later, Cazron passed by the spot that God disappeared from. “God? Where are you? I want to talk to you.” He felt a weird feeling as he disappeared too.

He reappeared beside an elderly lady in a wheelchair. She had gray hair and no wings. Her eyes held wisdom and a lot of past memories. <Would you please help me? I’m lost.> the old lady asked, tearfully, into his mind. This was a test to see if her son was truly the new Savior.

<Where do you need to go?> Cazron asked politely.

<There was a building, filled with small rooms blocked off by short walls.> The lady told him.

<That’s the office. Sure, I’ll help ya.> Cazron smiled sweetly, giving the old woman hope. <Hold onto my hand.> He reached for the old lady’s hand, but she drew it back.

<I’m sorry, my son. But I had to test you to be sure that you were still you.> She became her normal form. She was beautiful.

<God.> He bowed to Her. <Why would I have changed?>

<Please don’t.> She didn’t want Her son bowing. <I have to talk to you like this, because I am blind, deaf and mute. I didn’t want to find out if you hated me.>

<Why are you like this? I had heard that you were perfect. I could never hate you.> He felt a swelling in his heart, as if he found something that had been missing most of his life.

<Perfection is relative, my son. But this is the normal state of me.> She felt tired.

“Caz?” Sori and Cyn saw the two pieces of family there. “That’s Her?”

“Yeah.” Cazron answered.

“She’s… amazing.” Cyn and Sori bowed.

<Get away from here! Can’t you tell that I don’t want to be found?!> God’s eyes went orange and a bright light energy sent Sori and Cyn back, giving them bruises and scrapes.

<God, please stop! They didn’t mean to.> Caz thought quickly.

The light energy left, showing that Cyn and Sori were on the ground of the clouds, unable to move. They soon went unconscious.

<I am…sorry. I didn’t mean to. Please forgive me.> She was sorrowful. <It’s the humans. They are turning into evil creatures. There is too little innocence left.> She was truly sad. <They kill in my name. They hurt each other as if there will always be redemption for them. It’s killing me.> A tear fell from Her eyes.

<How can this be happening? You’re God, you can’t die. There are people who need you.> Cazron begged.

<No. They need you. I did my part by bringing you into this world. Christians, Catholics, Muslims, Wiccans, Hindus, Buddhists, Jewish… they all await their Savior. I no longer have strength from their faith. I get prayers everyday, but though they have my name in them, they aren’t for me.>More tears fell from Her eyes. She knew She was dying.

<Please. How can I keep you alive? Without you, none of this could have ever been started. The people know this.> Caz didn’t want God to die. He may not have been the biggest believer, but he still loved Her.

<If people could force their differences aside, learn to love each other again. Then I will live, again.> She gave one last thought, before She vanished in a blinding light. Cazron watched through the light, no matter how blinding. He saw Her do as a supernova star does. She burned up in the light and fell to the Earth in ashes.

“No. God, you can’t die!” Cazron felt himself crying, despite himself.

Sori felt herself filled with grief as she woke up. “Why am I crying? I’m not of any religion.”

Cyn woke up as well. “You just felt all the good of Earth disappear.”

“We need to finish this quest and bring her back.” Cazron was determined as they vanished back to home base.


They went back inside of the office area. “God is dead.” Cazron broke the news to Lucracious and Jisika. There were tears down their faces.

“I can’t have you guys remember what has happened. It will kill you on the inside.” Lucracious told them. He lifted his hands above his head and said, “Forget this now, until you need to know. Forget this now, so you can continue to grow.” The spell was set over the group. They looked at each other.

“Why are we crying?” Jisika asked.

“I don’t know. But I do know that finding Her really hurt. God can put up a tough fight when She doesn’t want to be found.” Sori looked at all her new bruises and scratches.

“Hey, Lucracious? I have a question. If God is female and the mother of all things, doesn’t that mean that she had incest and lesbian sex with my mother?” Cazron asked curiously.

“Exactly. And that is why pink is the best color in the universe and God’s favorite color. All the good things in life are pink, all because of that incident.” Lucracious grinned. He had to pretend that nothing happened.

Cyn heard something. “What’s that noise?” The sound got louder.

“Vampires.” Lucracious knew what they were as soon as he heard the noise too. “You guys need to go to the next area. I’ll take care of them.” His shape shifted a little, giving him armor and a weapon. “Before I go, I need to tell Sori something.” He came over and whispered into her ear, “I’m half demon. Be careful. Also,” he gave her a quick kiss, “I have someone I love, and never forget that you’ll find your twin star somewhere. Just be careful about who you trust.” He then went up to Jisika and gave her one too. “See ya, Sis.”

Sori blushed and nodded. She was completely speechless. Cyn was pissed that Lucracious had the nerve to kiss her. He was about to go and punch the angel out, when two vampires burst through the door.

“Sis?” Jisika questioned. “How am I-”

Lucracious grinned, cutting her off. “Now to send you on your way. Send them to the land of the Fae.”

The group of four awakened faded into light, to a place of Faery tales.

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