Destiny of the Sky Ch 4

Chapter 4

Once Upon a Time

“Hey, anyone else get grass in their mouth?” Sori was the first to talk.

“At least you landed in grass. I hit rock.” Cyn grumbled.

“One good thing, at least it’s not bright outside.” Jisika was grateful for that.

“Are we done laying here? Can we go now?” Cazron sat up.

“You guys are truly strange.” Another male voice spoke up.

“Not again.” Cyn mumbled annoyed.

“This again?” Jisika didn’t want to believe it.

“Damn voices.” Cazron growled

“Who’re you?” Sori rubbed her eyes to try and open them.

“I now understand why Lucracious warned me that you guys liked to talk in the small amount of syllables.” The voice said happily. “I am Cecil, but people call me CJ.” He helped Jisika and Sori up, letting Cyn and Cazron get up on their own.

CJ looked at the new arrivals, double-checking all the details. “You are all as the prophecy had said. Glad to see that the Half-and-Half did his job right.”

Jisika looked at CJ weirdly. “Half-and-Half? Is that a racist comment?”

“Oh no. Lucracious is… really different. I think he’s related to you, Daughter of Lucifer.” He used Jisika’s title. “Now, may I know your names so I don’t have to call you by your titles?”

Cyn introduced everyone, “The demon is Jisika, the angel Cazron, I am Cyn and the Faery brat is my little sister, Sori.”

Sori took a good look at CJ. He was a faery, but was darker and paler. He reminded her of a full moon and night. His hair was dark brown, with specks of white in random spots. His eyes were dark with specks of the darker versions of the colors in Sori’s eyes. His wings were the same way.

“Opposites.” She noted to herself.

“Yes. I am the exact opposite of you. It’s because you belong to the Seelie court and I belong to the Unseelie.” He dropped down to one knee in front of Sori. “Welcome to the world of Darkness, the Unseelie court sends a courier to escort you, Princess.”

“Hold up!” Cyn pushed CJ away from Sori. “She can’t be a princess. She’s… just Sori.”

“Yeah. Because that would mean that she could have the chance to rule a land. And that can’t happen. Because the world would end.” Jisika told the truth.

“Also, who would trust Sori to do anything that could cause a whole nation to change?” Cazron spoke up too.

“Well. It may not be the best thing, but it is the way things are.” CJ looked around. “Where’d she go?” Sori was gone.

“We gotta find her. What if a vampire gets to her?” Cyn was worried for his sister. The group split up to go and find her.


Sori wandered away from the group and the Faery. She found a tree stump and sat down. “Why?” She hated being treating like a girl and being told she was a princess, now that was hell.

She heard a rustle in the bush. She instantly reached for her bow and drew an arrow. She aimed for the bush that moved. “Who’s there?”

“CJ. Don’t shoot.” Sori saw the tip of his wings. “I need to speak with you.”

“Why don’t you just leave me alone?” She put up her bow and watched the arrow disappear from her hand. “Why don’t you just go away?” She was still a little mad that she didn’t get time to herself.

“I can’t.” CJ sat by her. “I’m sorry you had to hear it from me. But you should know.” He nudged her with his elbow. “You’re pretty sexy for a Seelie girl.”

She looked at him like he was insane. “Talking like that will get you a punch in the nose.”

“Mmm, feisty. C’mon. I am a courier and need to take you to the Unseelie court.” He hopped out of the bushes and held his hand out to her. “We’ll grab your friends and be on our way.”

She hopped off the tree stump, without his helping hand. “Why are we going to the Unseelie court, if I belong to Seelie?”

“There’s a ceremony about to happen, and it requires that both courts to be there.” He tried to hold her hand, but she evaded. “Why must you be so… unfeminine?”

“Because I am a tomboy. I hate dresses and I hate being treated like a girl.” She admitted to him.

He grabbed her from behind by the waist. Sori fought against him, but couldn’t reach her bow. “How do you expect to defeat a vampire if they catch you like this?” CJ asked her.

Growling lowly, she slammed her elbow into his face then into his stomach. “That.” He let go of her, the wind knocked out of him. Within the instant, she had her bow out and an arrow ready to go. “Don’t ever come near me like that again. Or your wings will be gone.” She sent out a wave of air, blowing him about eight feet and into a tree.

She then fell to the ground, making the wind die, “What the hell was that?” She didn’t know how to understand what she was saying. She knew that she wasn’t that mean or evil. She helped CJ off the ground. “I’m so sorry.”

“Don’t worry about it. It’s how your blood reacts to violence and being in stress.” He brushed himself off. “Let’s go.” He led her back to where the others were. “Now. Let’s get to the court before they start to wonder where she is.” He indicated Sori. He led the group to a small hill.

“Well. Let’s get digging.” Caz joked. “Where are the shovels?”

“Yeah, I keep one in my back pocket, lemme get it.” Jisika joked back.

Sori answered, “Isn’t it with the wheelbarrow?”

Cyn joined in, “Don’t forget the pickaxe. I think there’s plenty of rocks in here that would need to be taken out.”

CJ, a little confused, stayed silent. Then he tapped the ground three times and a gate appeared in the hillside. “Welcome, to the Unseelie court.”

Two guards came to the gate. “CJ, are these outsiders, them?”

“Yes. The princess is here too. Bring out Lady Katie. I think a change in clothing is in order.” CJ told the guard on the left.

The guards bowed to CJ and one went off to find the Lady. The other stood, guarding the gate. CJ turned to the other guard, “I need to go talk to the Queen. Can you show them to a room, where the Lady can find them?”

“Yes, sir.” The second guard bowed then motioned for the group to follow him.

“I’ll be seeing you guys later.” CJ told them than ran off down the hallway into the hill.

“Follow me. I will be taking you to a room to be fitted with,” he cleared his throat, “appropriate clothing.” The guard started walking down the hallway, the gate closing and disappearing behind Cyn, who was in the back of the group. The only thing to lighten the way was the guard’s wing. They glowed slightly, as did Sori’s.

“What’s wrong with the stuff we got on?” Jisika looked at herself. She thought she looked fine.

“The ceremony requires more formal clothing.” They reached a room and he opened the door. “Here you go, Angel and Elf. The Lady will meet you in here.”

He went to the room right next door and opened it. “Demon and Faery, you will be in here. See you at the ceremony.” He closed the door.

“Wonder what the ceremony is.” Jisika thought out loud. The room was bare. Nothing on the walls, nothing on the floor and no windows. “Pretty boring in here.”

“Just a little!” Cazron yelled from the other room. “Need pillows!” he added.

“I know what ya mean!” Sori yelled back.

The door opened and an elderly lady came into the room. “Demon! Get over here!” she demanded of Jisika.

“Don’t be telling me what to do, ya hag.” Jisika answered and put a hand on her hip.

“Ungrateful brat!” ropes appeared on Jisika’s wrists and ankles. “Now.” She went around Jisika, making measurements.

Sori looked at the old lady. “Uh. Madam, what are you doing?”

“Making measurements. I’ll be done in a second.” She took one last note on Jisika then let her go. “All done. Now, you.”

Sori decided to stand still and follow whatever the old lady wanted. “Just tell me if I need to do anything.”

Jisika growled at the old lady. “How dare you…” she accidentally sent out a wave of water towards the old lady.

“That won’t do.” Lady Katie easily blocked the wave, creating a shield. “Deary,” she meant Jisika, “Please hand me the shimmering piece of cloth.” She was polite about it.

“Whatever.” Jisika threw the cloth and the old lady caught it.

“That’ll do better. White shimmer cloth and in…” she did a full rotation around Sori. “a medieval style.”

“Ok?” Sori was confused. She had no clue what the hell was going on.

“I’ll have it ready after I go and measure the men.” Katie grinned.

“You’ll need more ropes and maybe some chains.” Jisika warned the woman. She knew what Sori would have to wear and thought it would be a good surprise when Katie came back with the dress.

“Thank you, Lady Demon.” Katie went into the next room.

Jisika and Sori heard yelling from Cyn refusing to do anything the old lady said. The two girls then heard a rumble and the wall between the rooms fell, as a fireball burst through it.

Cyn looked pissed and again a fireball was sent towards Katie. It just bounced off her shield and went into the ground. “Stay away from me.” Cyn growled.

“Cyn, quit being a baby.” Cazron tried to calm his friend down.

“Milady, I’ll give you his measurements.” Sori should know them. She went over and filled in the blanks in Katie’s notes.

“Now, angel, stand here and hold your arms up.” Cazron did as Katie said and his measurements were taken quickly enough.

“I’ll go make the ceremony clothing. You people need to go down this hallway, and to the left. You’re almost late.” Katie told them, then she left.

“Doom?” Jisika thought to herself.

“Well, might as well get going.” Sori went down where Katie had indicated.

There were voices in the room next to where they were supposed to go into. There were three voices from what Cyn could tell, and he had the best hearing. The others pressed their ears to the door, listening.

“Mother, I do not wish to force her to go through with it.” It was CJ’s voice.

“It’s already done. You have to go through with it.” A female voice answered back. They could guess that it was CJ’s mother.

“The Seelie have done their deal. It’s sealed and done. Now you must uphold your end.” His father scolded.

“I still don’t get it. She’s too…” CJ tried to find the word, “Human. She doesn’t know our customs. She can’t lead her own people and if this goes through, she’ll be leading our people as well.” He pleaded his case. “Her closest friends even say that.”

Jisika whispered. “Must be talking about you, Sori.”

“What ceremony?” Sori still didn’t know.

“I don’t like this. It’s too secretive.” Cyn stated his claim.

“I know how you feel. This just doesn’t feel right.” Cazron finished the thought. “We better get into the room, before we’re seen.”

The others agreed and went into the room. Katie was in there, and had a dressing area off to the side. “Who’s first to try on the clothes?”

“Might as well get it over with.” Jisika walked forward and went behind the dressing screen. The other people could see her shadow and almost everything else. Cazron was going to continue to watch.

“Turn around, Caz.” Sori told him.

“Just making sure that she doesn’t get hurt.” He tried to give an excuse but still turned around.

Jisika came out from behind the screen. “W-t-f?”

Everyone turned around. “Wow.” Cazron was the first to say something. She wore a blood red tight curve hugging dress. There weren’t any frills on it and it did not poof out at the bottom. She wore a black cloak over her bare arms, and it went down to her ankles.

“I’ll go next.” Sori tried to volunteer.

“Oh no.” Katie wouldn’t allow it. “You’re going last.” She pointed to Cazron, “You’re next.”

Cazron went behind the screen and changed, no one looking at him.

Cyn looked at Jisika, fully. “You look…” he tried to find the word, “weird. I have never seen you in a dress and with your new look. You look stunning, but it’s still weird.”

Cazron came out from behind the screen. He was now wearing a really light silver colored tunic and leggings, to match his wings. He had on a hat that looked like a black cowboy hat with a feather tucked into the hatband “Heh. Old school.”

Cyn glared at Katie and went behind the screen. He reappeared quickly, having being used to changing at quick speeds. He now wore an outfit that looked almost exactly like Cazron’s but was in the color of fire and gold.

“Everyone out.” Katie ordered. “You guys need to go to the banquet hall. She’ll meet you in there.” She pushed everyone out the door but left Sori standing there. Katie stood by Sori and began to do magic to get the result she wanted.

“I can’t believe the old hag kicked us out.” Cyn started to really hate that old woman.

“Let’s go. I’m starved.” Cazron’s stomach growled loudly.

Jisika laughed. “One of these days, I swear I’ll hear your stomach start a conversation. Cyn, can you light our way?”

“Yeah.” As he spoke, a small fireball glowed in his palm. “Follow me.” He used his hearing to find the banquet hall, but they didn’t go inside. “I’m going to wait for Sori.”

“I will too. I wanna see the look on her face when she gets here in a dress.” Jisika snickered.

“I’ll wait too. Sounds like fun.” Cazron smiled.

So, they waited for Sori.

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