Destiny of the Sky Ch 5

Chapter 5

Sori’s Hell

Stiller looked at Lucracious. “Why did you help them?”

“Because I did what I was supposed to do. Awaken them and send them to learn to use their powers.” The half angel answered. He was tied to a rack and upside down.

“Where are they?” Stiller growled. He was getting impatient with this half-and-half. “Where did you send them?”

“I will never tell. They trusted me, and I will uphold that trust.” Lucracious held his ground.

“Why is it everyone who helps them will defend them?!” Stiller threw his knife at Lucracious. It missed his head by an inch. Stiller retrieved the knife. “Tell me where they are or you’re little friend’s soul will be mine.” He stepped to the side to reveal another angel. She was hanging by her wrists, her wings fading. She had dark brown hair with red streaks and she wore a punk like outfit.

Lucracious’s eyes widened. “You can’t do that. Let Ronna go!” he knew that if any pure angel is kept out of the sun for too long, they lose their glow and can die.

“It’s either you tell me where they are, or her soul stays with me.” Stiller knew he had all the cards in his hands.

They trusted me. But so did Ronna. Lucracious sighed. They trusted me; I must trust them to do their job. “Fae. They are in the land of Fae. Just leave Ronna out of this.” He knew that he had betrayed them, but hoped that they could defend themselves.

“Good.” Stiller stabbed Ronna in the side. “That’s for waiting so long to answer.” Ronna’s cries pierced Lucracious’s mind and soul, more than anything else could. The screaming stopped, as Stiller withdrew the knife. A clear jewel appeared at the end of the knife.

“No! Ronna! I’m so-” Lucracious’s words were cut short. Stiller stabbed him with the knife.

“Now. Night! Black! Find them!” Stiller yelled for his minions. He used magic to teleport the two angelic bodies to the same place Kaori’s ashes were.

“Yes, Sire.” The two vampires yelled back.

“Hmm. I remember hearing about a ceremony happening in Fae. Maybe they’ll crash it.” Stiller shrugged and went to go put the jewels away.


“Sori… you’re…” Cazron started to say.

“Idiotic looking? Disgusting?” Sori hoped. She was stuck in a long gown made of white see-through shimmering fabric above the ivory main dress. The upper part was tight fitting and right below the chest, the top layer split to reveal the ivory silk. Her hair was French braided and a circlet was placed right above her eyebrows.

“Beautiful. Where have you been hiding that all this time?” Caz joked.

“I kept it hidden in Jisika’s pocket. Didn’t you know?” She didn’t hide the sarcasm. “Have you figured out what the ceremony thing is, yet?”

“Nope.” Cyn answered.

“Might as well get in there. The Katie person would probably hurt us if we’re late.” Jisika stated.

The doors opened into a wondrous ballroom. There were people dancing everywhere. Some were flying and some were on the ground. There was a throne covered in bright jewels and precious metals. It was the Seelie throne. On the other side, there was another throne. It was the exact opposite of the Seelie one. The jewels and metals were darker and some were paler, bringing out the darkness. Both sides had males sitting in the chairs.

CJ stood by the door. He was wearing a dark midnight blue suit. If Sori represented the day, he was the night. He greeted the group at the door. “Hello. Glad to see you finally arrived.” He grabbed Sori’s hand. Bowing, he kissed it gently.

She was thoroughly disgusted at this gesture. “What the? Let go of me.” She warned.

“It’s custom. I shall take you before the two queens.” He motioned to opposite of the door. There were two more thrones. The Seelie one was on the same side as the Unseelie and vice versa. “You shall be told of the ceremony.”

He led Sori towards the thrones. She looked back. “C’mon!” She did not want to be there alone.

Cyn grabbed her other hand, more for protection than anything else. “I won’t let them hurt ya, sis.”

Caz and Jisika followed from behind. They had their weapons ready, just in case of anything.

The two queens stood up. Everyone in the room, but the group and CJ bowed gracefully.

“Creepy.” Jisika noted to herself.

“I know what ya mean.” Cazron answered.

CJ brought Sori before the queens. He looked at Cyn. “You’ll have to let go. I promise not to let her get hurt, and you’ll be right behind her.”

Cyn looked at his sister. “We’ll be ready, just in case.” He let go of Sori and stood beside Jisika and Cazron.

The Seelie queen came off her throne first. “My daughter.” She squeezed Sori tightly. “I missed you.”

Confused, Sori had to ask. “And you are?” she tried not to sound rude or anything.

“I am your mother, Sakura. I understand that you don’t remember. But that shall change soon enough.” Sakura gave Sori one last hug and went back to her throne, back into business.

CJ grabbed Sori’s hand. “I think we’re ready.”

The Unseelie queen looked down. “Then let the wedding begin. CJ the Prince of the Unseelie to marry Sori of the Seelie. This will unite our kingdoms once and for all.”

“What!?” The group exclaimed at the same time.

“Marry?!” This was hell enough with the dress. And now a wedding?! Sori thought to herself.This truly was her hell.

“She can’t marry him. She doesn’t even know him.” Cyn tried to help.

“She has to. This will unite the kingdoms and you can’t stop it. The treaty must be finished.” Both the queens said at the exact same time.

“CJ, tell them that this can’t go through.” Sori pleaded.

CJ sighed. “I can’t. I’m bound to it, as you are.”

“She doesn’t even know anything about what goes on here.” Cazron helped the defense.

“That’s why CJ is here. He will be king and will help her rule.” The Unseelie king, CJ’s father, stepped up and explained.

“If you try and ruin the treaty, you will be killed.” Sakura warned them. Archers were throughout the crowd, ready to shoot Jisika, Cazron and Cyn on command.

“I…” Sori started to speak. “I’m sorry. But I have to.” She looked at her friends and brother. “I will do it. So you guys can live. We were sent here for a reason. This might be one of them, but we also will probably learn something off these people. Chances need to be taken to defeat Stiller Naught.” She turned back to the queens. “Go on.”

The Unseelie queen, Teresa, continued. “We are here to intertwine the lives of the Prince of my court, with the Princess of my sister’s court. These two will be married. If anyone has any reason why these two shouldn’t be married, state your case or forever hold your peace.” She glared at the group. “Then the ceremony shall start.” With that, CJ and Sori disappeared.

“Where’d you take them!?” Cyn demanded. “That’s my sister!”

“Actually. She isn’t. You don’t have a sister.” Sakura told him, angry for him thinking that her daughter was related to him. “Now. Take them to the training ground. They may be outsiders, but they are the chosen ones.” Guards came from all sides to take them away.


“Cyn!” Sori tried to find away to get to her brother. “Jisika! Cazron! CJ!” She was alone in a stone room. She punched a wall, but it didn’t help. She held her hand to her chest, not noticing that it was bleeding.

“They can’t hear you, princess.” The voice was familiar.

“Lucracious?” she thought that’s who it was.

“No. He’s too angelic for my tastes. Try again.” She didn’t like that voice. It felt like knives going across her skin.

“Stiller Naught.” She growled, knowing whom it was.

“Very good.” The voice took shape of the vampire. “Now, you’re bleeding, little princess. I’ll take care of that.”

“Get the hell away from me.” She growled.

“Well, what if I don’t want to?” he disappeared and reappeared behind her. “This is better.” He grabbed her from behind.

“Let go of me!” She thrashed against his grip. She elbowed him in the face and the stomach. She dropped to the ground, out of his grip. “Get out of here!”

“No.” he sent out a wave of power towards her. “You’re mine, now. And I would feel sorry for those poor queens. They thought they sent you to be married. Instead, you’re in my domain.”

Sori slammed against the wall, hitting her head hard. “Let go of me.” She felt bindings slip onto her wrists and ankles.

“But I’m having so much fun.” Stiller smiled a toothy grin. “Now to drink.” He glided over to her and bent her head to the side, exposing her neck. “Beautiful skin. It just makes me hungry. Bon appetit.” He bit into her neck but didn’t get the chance to drink. He screamed in pain before disappearing.

CJ was standing there with a sword in his hand. The tip was dark with blood “You ok?”

Sori was relieved but also cynical. “Just got my arse kicked and almost became lunch. I’m all good.”

“Great. I’m getting married to a sarcastic Faery.” He let her down. “Well. The test has been passed.”

“Test? You mean Stiller trying to drink my blood was a test?” she was astounded.

“If I could kill the one who was harming you, then that means we were meant to be.” He explained. “And we passed.”

Candles lit up around him. They were in a place full of plants. “What is this place?” Sori was amazed of all the glowing plants.

“This is… how did humans put it?” he found the word. “A greenhouse. Come here.” He led her to a bench in the middle. There was a fountain in an alcove somewhere. “Please sit.” She did, still trying to see everything. “Princess Solaria, would you do me the honor of being my wife?” he was down on one knee with a ring in his hand. It didn’t have any precious stone in it, but it was carved with the image of a vine.

Sori shook her head. “I can’t. I don’t know you enough.”

“Then I have no choice.” He came up to her neck and carefully licked the blood, taking her will to fight him away. “You will marry me.”

She almost fell under. “No.” she tried to stop him, but it didn’t work. His magic was filling her mind and was forcing her to his will.

“Marry me?” he asked one last time.

She spoke softly, “…Yes…” she lost her will to fight against the magic.

“Good.” He cut his wrist slightly, letting the blood well up. “Drink.” He put the blood to her lips.

Without her will to fight there, she drank the blood off his moon colored skin.

“Then it is done, wife.” He withdrew his magic, giving her will back. He then slipped the ring on her finger, to finish the binding between them.

“My head hurts.” She rubbed her temple. “Shit. We’re married, aren’t we?”

“Yup. C’mon, your friends are probably worried. Il teleporta Sori’s friends.” They vanished to where the others were.


Jisika and Cazron had problems containing Cyn. “We have to find her.” They were all back into their normal t-shirt and jeans, except for Caz, who was in shorts.

Sori fell out of the sky on him. She was back into her t-shirt and shorts, and her hair in a loose braid. “Find who?”

“Sori!” he hugged her. “Did they hurt you?” he inspected his little sister. Nothing seemed wrong.

“Not that I know of. Then again, I can’t remember half of it.” She admitted.

“Sori, next time you find out you have to marry someone, let me tear them apart.” Jisika grinned.

Cazron saw the ring first. “You didn’t… did you?”

“I had to. I don’t know why, but I did.” She couldn’t explain it.

CJ appeared behind her. Cyn jumped him, giving him a good punch in the faery prince’s face. “That’s for marrying my sister!”

“I had to! I had no choice.” He had a bandage on his wrist. “I was forced into it as much as she was. And it can’t be undone. We’re stuck as husband and wife.” He didn’t sound too sad. “But I do have to admit. I’m starting to like her.”

Sori pretended to puke, “Blah. Let’s go.” She really wanted to go and use her weapons on something, anything, to get her mind off of what had happened.

“Good idea.” Jisika pulled Cyn away from CJ. “You stay at least three feet away from him.”

“I’ll lead the way to the grounds.” By leading the way, CJ meant teleport to. “Il teleporta power training.” They teleported to the training grounds.

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