Destiny of the Sky Ch 6

Chapter 6

Elemental Training

They reappeared in an empty field. The group was disoriented from not doing it a lot.

“Dizzy-ness.” Jisika spoke first.

“At least we didn’t hit the ground this time.” Sori sounded optimistic.

“Let’s get going.” CJ led them to four trainers. “Each of them controls and element that you control. Listen well, they are some of the best teachers in elementals.”

There was a red headed one, with a fiery temper. He didn’t look too old, about his twenties. He was big and buff. He wore a bright red shirt and black pants. “I will teach flame techniques to the Champion of Fire.” He pointed at Cyn. “Let’s go.” His wings matched his element. They went to another part of the field.

Next was a faery with blue hair and she sounded calm and collected. She was about the same age as Cyn’s teacher. She wore a light blue shirt and dark blue pants. She looked at Jisika. “I will teach the Champion of Water everything that needs to be known about the aqueous element. Let us go.” She motioned for Jisika to follow. They went to the area opposite of Cyn. Her wings also matched her element.

Next came another female teacher. She was the youngest of all the elementalists. She had long dark brown hair and wore a dark green shirt with dark brown pants. “As the elementalist of the world, I shall teach the Champion of the Earth. He shall learn all there needs to be known about the element of Gaia.” Her wings were different colored greens to represent her element. She led Cazron to a different part of the field, leaving Sori, CJ and the last teacher.

Sori’s teacher was the same age as Cazron’s. He had white tipped hair that had black roots. He wore all white from shirt to pants to shoes. “Well then. As the teacher of this last element, I greet you. The Champion of Air has to be able to know everything there is about this unseen element. Follow me.” Sori followed, but CJ stayed behind. He disappeared before anyone could see him.


Stiller growled. His plan to kill the Faery didn’t work out. “She didn’t have her power controlled yet. But she knows who and what she is. I almost had her blood, her power.” He threw a chair across the room. “Night!”

Night appeared in front of his dark throne. As usual, she was on one knee, in a deep bow. “Yes, Sire?” she stood up. “At your service.”

“She knows who she is. Have you found them yet?” he asked her.

“Yes, Sire. The Unseelie queen told us. We’re on our way there, sir.” She bowed. “She also told us that the ceremony was a wedding one between her son and the Seelie princess. If we get rid of the princess, her son rules both kingdoms alone.”

“Understood. Now, go! Tell Black to bring me the Unseelie prince.” he sent them on their way. She disappeared. “It’s not long now. I will reach the Gate into the Exeo Plane and control the world.” He thought about the picture of his love. “Bella, once I reach it, I’ll bring you back and we’ll rule the world together.” He cleared away the painting. “I better get ready.” He went somewhere to go and get everything ready for the arrival of the Unseelie prince, CJ.


Cyn collapsed on the field. Sori was already asleep on the ground. Cazron was nowhere in sight. He saw Jisika come over the hill. “Hey, Jisika! Can I die now?” Cyn joked.

“No. I actually had fun.” She sat down next to him.

Cyn looked up at her, he was lying down, with his head on his arms. “So did I, but it hurt.” He looked at his sister. “She’s asleep.”

Jisika grinned and poked Sori in the stomach. “Yeah. She’s out and I’m going too.” Jisika lay on the ground and felt herself drift off to sleep.

Cyn looked down at them. “One a sister born into the family. The other adopted in.” He looked up as Cazron came in from the sky. “Yo!”

Cazron landed and fell to the ground, “I’m gonna die. The teacher is young, but damn, she’s tough.” He laid back.

“At least you didn’t get a guy who’s more of a drill sergeant than any teacher I’ve ever had.” Cyn explained. He looked at Cazron. “Damn that was fast.” Caz was asleep as well. Cyn laid his head down on the ground and quickly found sleep as well.

CJ appeared out of nowhere. “Awww. They’re all asleep.” He lay by Sori, holding onto her. He didn’t fall asleep though. He was keeping watch to make sure they wouldn’t be attacked. About an hour later, though, he was asleep too and didn’t hear when the vampires arrived.


Black and Night used magic on the group, causing them to sleep as soon as their heads hit the ground. The two vampires gave a countdown until they attacked. At first they used stealth, but once they caught sight of the prince and princess, they did a full on attack. Night sent out a wave of energy towards the sleeping group, rendering them unable to defend themselves.

Black was about to grab CJ, but he was shot in the back with a fireball. “Leave the Champions alone.” Cyn’s teacher, Ryan, growled. He sent another firebomb at Black, but this time, the vampire was ready. He just hit the fire back at the group of teachers.

Jisika’s teacher, Kayla, made a shield of water to put out the flame. “You will not touch them.” She sent a pillar of water at Night, pushing the female vampire away and releasing the group from the magic. The wave of magic woke the group up and released them from the spell.

Cazron was the first one up and ready. He put his hands to the ground and felt a fissure grow under his hands. It grew and was sent towards Black. The male vampire was forced to use his wings and start to fly.

Sori was up next. She put her hands in front of her and sent out a tornado at the flying Black. He tried to block it, but it wasn’t enough to stop himself from getting pushed back. He flew back and fell from the sky.

Jisika hopped up. She put her hands above her head and created a small thunderstorm above Night. Electricity sparked and reacted through the air. Lightning struck right above Night’s head, but there was no thunder attached. The female vampire dodged to the left. She used her great speed to easily dodge the lightning. That was until Jisika predicted Night’s next move. A bolt of lightning struck Night, blasting her towards Cyn, electrified.

Cyn took this chance and created a huge fireball. It started small and grew to three feet in diameter. He sent it towards Night, blowing her away and slamming her into Black.

“How did they?” Black caught Night as she slammed into him. He then saw the fireball. It exploded on Night and the fire spread to him.

“Put it out!” Night screamed in pain. “Please put it out!”

The air around the vampires disappeared. Without any oxygen, the fire went out. A wind picked up from behind them and carried them towards the group. Sori gently set them on the ground. “Be happy I have sympathy issues.”

CJ looked around; there was no sign of the teachers. “I wanted to thank them.”

Cyn and Cazron tied the vampires’ hands behind their backs.

“We know who sent you and we know why.” Jisika told them. “Why do you work for him? You don’t have to.”

The two vampires kept their mouths shut. They were burnt so bad that they didn’t look the same.

Sori felt another ping of sympathy. “Damn this.” She healed the vampires slightly, so they still felt the pain, but they looked normal enough. She used some of the magic Torin, her teacher, taught to her to use for healing. She went back by Jisika. “Now, will you talk? We just want to help.”

“You can never help us.” Night growled.

“What she means is that you can’t help us.” Black explained.

CJ looked down at them. “What’s the worst he can do?”

Night broke into a cackling laugh. “He can take our souls at any given time. That’s how he has us.”

CJ’s eye widened. “Soul Thievery.” He looked to the others. “Soul Thievery is one of the most dangerous types of magic. Once the soul is taken, the body goes into a comatose state. I understand why these two vampires work for Stiller. But I thought the Soul Thief’s knife was lost.”

Black grinned. “You thought wrong. Now, kiddies, time for us to take our leave.” He and Night disappeared into a dark mist.

“Great. What are we going to do now?” Cyn growled.

“Soul Thief? Who was that?” Sori asked.

“Well, a long, long, long time ago, there was an ancient sorcerer who learned about the Soul Thievery. He created a knife that can extract the soul from any being. He was soon called the Soul Thief after the magic was used against a human royal. It took all the planes to send him away and hide the knife.” CJ explained.

“Well, we can’t go after them. So what do we do next?” Jisika asked.

“How about you train some more?” Cazron’s teacher, Erin, suggested.

“Not again!” Cazron fell in anguish.

Torin answered next, “You all saw them disappear. But think about it, you all gave your best to fight them this time. You need to train to make your best better to defeat them and Stiller.”

“Have fun.” CJ tried to get out of it, but Ryan grabbed the prince’s collar.

“Nice try, but you need to train too.” Kayla sent out a tidal wave to the group.

“You have a wife now, and I know she and her friends will need your help.” Ryan threw him back towards the group. He then added flames above the wave.

“Might as well get started. This is group training.” Torin added hurricane winds to the wave.

“Good luck.” Erin added sediment to the wind to make it harder to see and cause wounds. “Stop all the disasters.”

“Great. This sucks.” Cazron lifted Cyn off the ground, but was caught in the path of the hurricane winds. The others started to fly as well.

“Cyn, think of something!” Sori yelled. She knew that Cyn was the best person to think of stuff to get them out of trouble.

He looked around and got an idea. “Cazron, how high can you make the earth go?”

“As high as needed.” He passed Cyn to Jisika and concentrated. “Earth rise up and protect!” The earth rose up to try and block the hurricane. It did, for the most part, but a lot of it still tried to get through, because of the wind.

“Sori, push the wind back and Jisika, start getting water to stop that inferno. The faster that is out, the better.” Cyn told them.

The two girls nodded and Jisika passed Cyn to CJ. “Cyn, grow wings.” Sori grinned then started to concentrate. “Throw the wind back and let Jisika through.” She sent a huge amount of wind to counteract the hurricane winds. “I can’t hold it for long!” She was getting to the end of her limit.

“I’m going!” Jisika flew over to the inferno. “Cool down.” Her eyes went frosted and she sent out icicles to cool down the flames. “It’s not cooling it down fast enough!” she yelled to the others. The wind was getting worse because Sori was losing too much power.

“Get out of the way!” Sori lost control of the wind and was blown back.

Jisika tried to get out of the winds, but it didn’t work. She was blown out of the sky as well. “Get out of the sky!” She tried to warn CJ and Cazron. The warning didn’t help.

“Get behind the wall!” Cazron yelled back. He put his hands out straight. “Reinforce.” His eyes glowed.

“CJ, let me down.” Cyn told the prince. After being set down, Cyn heated up the wall, adding strength. It wasn’t enough. The wall shattered at the forces of all the elements.

“CJ!” Sori yelled as the group was being caught up in each of their elements.

“Spirit shield.” CJ’s magic worked its way around the group. They were all inside of the shield. “Good.” The waves of elements rolled over the shield and hardened. “Be glad I know protection.”

“Are you kids ready to come out now?” Erin mocked them.

“Nah, I think they’re crying now because they can’t make it out.” Ryan added.

“Guys, I have an idea.” Cyn spoke up.

“Shh. Whisper, we can’t let them hear it. They’ll just counteract before we can do anything.” Cazron warned.

Cyn nodded and drew his plan into the ground. “Got it?”

“Yeah.” Sori and Jisika nodded.

“On…” Cyn started.

“Your…” Sori said next.

“Mark…” CJ followed.

“Get…” Jisika added after.

“Set…” Cazron spoke up.

“Go!” They all said it at the same time, as the hardened earth cracked open.

CJ disabled the shield. All of them scrambled into different directions, preparing for the attack. Sori got a windstorm started up, as Jisika and Cyn added their powers. The water and fire spiraled through the wind and slammed into the teachers. Cazron sent up a wall of thick earth behind the teachers. The teachers all slammed into the wall, disabled and defeated.

“You guys won.” Kayla admitted.

“Congrats.” Torin grinned. “Can you guys let go now?”

“NO!” The Champions continued their attack, to make up for the pain of yesterday.

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