Destiny of the Sky Ch 7

Chapter 7

Oath Breakers

“I think you all passed.” Kayla rubbed the back of her head.

“Here are your rewards.” Erin used her magic and teleported a small-unadorned ring made of gold and silver onto the group’s right ring fingers.

“These will enable you to read and talk through your minds.” Torin explained.

“But it will also block out any eavesdropper’s mind powers.” Ryan finished.

“Thank you all.” Sori bowed gratefully.

“This was an…” Jisika thought for a second, “informative experience” She followed suit and bowed as well.

“It kept us on our toes.” Cazron grinned. Then did as Jisika.

Cyn was now ready to pass out. “My brain hurts. You guys need to start thinking of plans.” He bowed.

“Thank you for teaching them.” CJ bowed to them as well.

“Well, we must be on our way.” The two groups said their good byes and the teachers teleported away.

Guards appeared around the remaining group. The Unseelie queen stepped from behind the guards. “Princess Solaria, you under arrest.”

“What?!” the others stood around protecting her. “Why?!”

She read from a scroll, “The grievances include but are not limited to oath breaking, treaty breaking, conspiring to kill CJ, conspiring to kill me, murder of over one hundred faeries, destruction of this area, conspiring to kill the Champions and destroying the Seelie kingdom.”

Sori was astounded. She only did one of the things on the list, and it was because they were training. “I didn’t do it.”

The queen grinned, “The people want the suspect killed in a public execution. Come with us and the trial shall begin shortly. But I suspect that you’re guilty. Guards, take her away!”

“Mother, you will not touch her.” CJ warned. He put his hand out to the side and snapped his fingers. A halberd appeared in his hand. “Mother, she couldn’t have done it. She’s been here training with me.”

“CJ, get away form her. She’ll kill you when you aren’t looking. She’s a Seelie. They aren’t to be trusted.”

He stood in a guard stance, still guarding Sori. “I don’t want to fight you, but I will defend her.”

“You don’t even love her. Why must you do this to your own mother?” she tried to sound sad and pitiful.

“Mother,” he didn’t know what to do.

<CJ, I have an idea.> Cyn brought up and sent to CJ.

<We’re listening.> Jisika told him in the telepathy path.

<Let Sori get captured. She said that they await a public execution. Maybe we can give them one.> He suggested.

<And get Sori killed. Great plan, Cyn.> Cazron was skeptical.

<Sounds like what we did for that one movie assignment Jisika had for her drama class. Think we can pull it off?> Sori thought to everyone else. “I’ll go, your majesty.” She bowed deeply and allowed guards to bind her hands.

<CJ, how do they execute people here?> Cazron thought quietly

<Hanging. Can she get out of it?> CJ answered.

“If Houdini can’t get out of it, I can.” Sori grinned.<Jisika, get the disguises ready to do your part. Cazron, get the getaway ready. Cyn, be ready to take care of the guards.> She walked passed CJ. “You’re majesty, may I give my husband a kiss good bye?”

“A quick one.” Teresa gave her the opportunity.

Sori went up and kissed CJ on the lips. She sent into him a small surge of magic. <I’ll be fine.> The guards yanked her away from him. “Wish me luck.”

“Good luck, honey.” CJ waved good-bye to her as she was taken away.


“Princess Solaria, do you know why you are here?” The judge asked Sori.

She was in a courtroom and the judge, lawyers and jury were all Unseelie faeries. She answered it as honestly as she could, “Not really.”

“The Seelie court was destroyed. You are being held responsible, princess.” The judge explained.

“What?!” Sori was in shock. “Mother?!” she shrieked and was in tears.

“How do you plead?” The prosecutor asked calmly.

“Innocent. She’s my mother, I would never hurt her.” Sori told them.

“Jury, I show you exhibit piece ‘A’.” The prosecutor brought the courtroom’s attention to the first exhibit. It was Sori’s dress from the ceremony. There was blood all over the front of it. “It is proven that this blood was in fact Sakura’s and her husband’s.”

The crowd gasped. “Sori, did you do it?” The judge asked.

“No. I would never hurt them.” She tried to plead.

“Exhibit ‘B’.” the prosecutor continued. It was a tape recorder. The prosecutor pressed play and it started.

It was Sori’s voice coming out of it. “Mother, I hate you. Because you forced me to marry, you signed your death warrant.”

“No, Don’t!” Sakura’s voice started screaming, and then was replaced by a gargling sound.

“Solaria! You killed her…” it was the king’s voice.

“I hate you too!”

“As you heard, Princess Solaria killed her mother and father. She is guilty. ”

The jury said in a monotonous voice. “We say that Princess Solaria is guilty. She shall be sentenced to death by hanging.”

“Solaria, you shall be killed in ten minutes. Bailiff, take her away.” The judge banged the gavel as Sori was taken away.

“That was an unfair trial.” CJ grumbled to the others. They were in the audience during the short trial.

“Don’t worry. Just be ready.” Jisika answered. They got up and went to get front row seats to the lunching of their friend.


Drums tapped a funeral march to the gallows. Royal guards led her along the path. People jeered and attempted to hurt her through magic, but CJ had put a shield around her. They led her to the noose.

<Ready?> She sent across the telepathy between the Champions.

<Ready when you are.> Jisika sent back. The group was split up into different areas of the crowd. CJ was under the gallows, but he was in a shield that made him invisible.

The guards put the noose onto her neck then Teresa read out Sori’s charges to the crowd. She wasn’t paying too much attention. She knew that she was innocent of all of the charges. When the Unseelie queen was finished reading, she looked at Sori. “Any last words?”

“Yeah. Ooga Booga Boo.” Sori smiled. It was what would activate the plan.

“Strange set of words.” Teresa wondered what it meant. “Good-bye, princess.” She pulled the lever to release the trapdoor.

Sori fell and pretended to be choking. She was actually standing on a solid piece of air. CJ put up an illusion to make Teresa and the crowd think she was dying. Cyn sent out a small bit of flame magic to distract the guards, by catching the top of the gallows on fire. Jisika set up an illusion that the Champions were in tears, knowing they couldn’t save their friend. She also made the disguises for everyone to fall into place.

Sori fell into the shield, becoming invisible with CJ. <Let’s go.> She thought to him.

CJ nodded then whispered. “Il teleporta Jisika.” They teleported to Jisika, who was with Cyn and Cazron. The others went into the shield.

“Il teleporta training grounds.” CJ mumbled. They disappeared to the destroyed land that they had practiced on.


“I can’t believe it worked.” CJ was surprised. “You guys have this down perfectly.”

Jisika smiled. “Yeah, it got me the best grade in the class, even without magic.”

Cazron felt a twinge behind him. He turned and found Stiller standing right behind them. “We need to get out of here.”

“I’ll send you guys.” CJ knew his job.

Stiller wouldn’t allow this to happen. He grabbed the prince around the throat. “You will not be sending them.”

CJ felt himself start to grow faint. He was suffocating. Cyn shot a fireball, hitting Stiller square in the chest. But the vampire still held CJ in his grasp.

“Love to play kiddies, but,” he sent out a wave of dark energy, pushing them back, “the prince and I have places to destroy, people to kill and an Exeo plane to take over.”

The Champions were ready for this. Do all vampires send out dark energy as a first attack? Jisika wondered aloud.

Sori grinned in an answer. <They have to. It’s the only way they could have the chance to win. But it gets predictable after a while.>

They were kneeling against the blast. Smiling, Sori and Jisika stood up against the energy. Cyn and Cazron followed.

“Cazron, shake him up.” Cyn told the angel. Cazron nodded and felt an earthquake begin to rise and the earth spilt slightly under Stiller’s feet. Stiller lost his balance,letting go of CJ.

CJ took this chance to get away. He quickly kissed Sori and said the sending spell. “To be taken away from their foe, send them to the depths of the Inferno.” The group disappeared, leaving Stiller and CJ alone. “Heh. They’re out of your reach, once again.” He gloated.

“How dare you?!” Stiller was pissed. This was the third time that they gotten away from him, because of one of the people the group met. “You’re soul is mine.” He stabbed CJ in the stomach, extracting CJ’s soul. He yelled and tried to get away, but Stiller’s knife held him there. An emerald appeared at the end of the knife. “Prince CJ. You are mine.” Stiller disappeared with CJ’s body, back to the dark throne room.

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