Destiny of the Sky Ch 8

Chapter 8

Depths of Inferno

“It’s too hot.” Cyn complained loudly.

“Just shut up.” Sori answered.

“God damn it.” Jisika growled.

“Not again.” Cazron mumbled.

“Hey guys?” Sori asked while pointing up.

“What now?” Jisika answered irritably, then she looked up.

“What’s that?” Cazron looked up to where Sori pointed.

“What’s what?” Cyn looked up.

“Demons.” They all said at the same time.

All around them, fire was dancing and demons were torturing the souls who were sent down into this area. There was an elevator type thing in the middle of the floor. They were bringing in new people who belonged here.

Jisika went up to the head demon. “Excuse me. What level is this?”

The head demon looked at her. The demon was female and had a whip in her hand. Her clothes looked like they came from a sex store. She had cat ears, tail and paws. Her blood red hair matched with her green eyes, to give the look of an Irish maiden. “This is the level where perverts, pedophiles and the such, are tortured until they gain redemption.”

“How do we get to where Satan is…uh…” Jisika didn’t know the demon’s name.

“Kia Cat.” The demon answered. She was wondering where this was going.

“Kia Cat, Where is the fallen angel, Lucifer?” Jisika asked.

“Top level. It’s his job to find out where everyone goes.” Kia Cat answered. “I’ll let him know you’re on your way, Jisika.”

“Thank y-. Wait, how do you know my name?” Jisika questioned.

“Your little friends have been trying to get your attention for a while now. They are about to be taken away, as well as you are.” Kia Cat grinned evilly. “Guards. Take them to the top level. They need to find their places.”

Jisika was grabbed from behind by smaller demons. “Get off of me.” She sent water down into their throats and into their lungs. They started choking and let go of her. She did the same to the smaller demons holding onto the rest of the group’s throats. They also starting choking and let them go.

Kia Cat looked shocked. “Oh my. You’re His daughter. I’ll take you to him.”

“You tried to get rid of me and my friends.” Jisika growled.

“That’s because the last people who came down here were assassins, trying to kill Lucifer.” Kia Cat explained.

The others stood by Jisika. “Don’t try any funny stuff, or you’ll regret it.” Cazron warned.

This made Kia Cat laugh. “Funny stuff? Now I know you’re pure angel. Not like Half-and-Half. Just don’t say that I call him that. He hates that name.”

“That reminds me. Why did Lucracious call me his sis?” Jisika questioned Kia Cat.

“Because you are. All demons are brothers and sisters, because we all came from the same place. But Lucracious is only half because your father had an ‘affair’ with an angel. You’re also different because you are the heir and direct descendant of Lucifer.” Kia Cat explained.

“Can we go now?” Sori asked. This place was giving her the extreme creeps.

“Follow me.” Kia Cat led them to the elevator.

There was a small flying blue demon already in it. “Where to, Kiante?”

“To Lucifer.” Kia Cat ordered. The elevator started to move downward, into colder areas.

“Why are we going down? I thought you said top floor.” Jisika asked.

“That’s where your father is. I say the top floor because that’s where we send assassins.” Kia Cat explained.

“So what’s with Kiante?” Cyn wondered.

“That’s my true name. But I prefer Kia Cat.” She answered.

The elevator stopped. This level was icy cold in an everlasting winter. There were three guys here. Kia Cat got out of the elevator and walked right past the three men. The group followed. The men called out to be saved, but their voices were lost in a sudden wind picking up.

Kia Cat called up to the three-headed giant. “Yo, Boss! Your kid is here!”

“Tell Lucracious that he’ll have to come back later.” A voice came from behind the giant.

“I’m not Half-and-Half. I’m Jisika.” Jisika yelled up to the giant.

“Kiante!” Lucifer yelled at Kia Cat.

“They knew about that name before I ever said it!” she defended herself.

“I’ll be right down.” They heard the devil mumble.

“What’s he doing?” Cazron asked. He was feeling uncomfortable in Satan’s domain.

“He’s fixing it again. The giant isn’t alive. He uses it to torture them.” Kia Cat pointed to the three men. “They’ve been damned down here and Lucifer was supposed to torture them for eternity, but he got bored. So he built this.” She gestured to the giant. “One problem though, whenever he repairs it, something destroys another part. So he’s constantly repairing. It must be something about this chamber.”

“Kiante, aren’t you telling them too much?” Lucifer stood behind her. He was taller than Cyn, about the same height as Stiller. His eyes were a darker violet than Jisika’s mixed in with the light blue of Lucracious’s. His smile was quite evil. His hair went down to the bottom of his wings, and matching in color.

“Wings.” Cazron mumbled when he looked at Lucifer’s wings. They were made of a dark black light.

“Now,” Lucifer wiped his hands on his completely black outfit. “Daughter, pleased to see you made it home. Will you introduce to me your friends?”

“Uh… sure?” Jisika didn’t know how to react to this. He’s the first person to acknowledge her as his child. This felt really weird to her. “The elf is Cyn, he’s been like my older brother since as long as I can remember. His little sister, the faery, is Sori. She’s one of my best friends. And the angel is Cazron, he’s another one of my best friends.”

“Very well. Cyn, eh?” he looked at the elf. “He’s the Prince of the Elf lands.” He then glanced at Sori, “She’s the last Seelie Princess.” He last looked at Cazron, “He’s the next Savior. So, these, along with my daughter, are the Champions. We’re all doomed.” He said with a little hint of amusement at the end. “Come with me.” He teleported the whole group to a fancy manor-like house.


“Welcome to my home.” Satan announced. “Take a seat.” The group sat down into a huge plush couch.

“Would have never thought Satan would be like this.” Cyn mumbled under his breath.

“That’s because of the stupid people had written the Bible. God and I are actually twins. Didn’t you know? She got the wrong end of everything though. She had to be all goody-goody two shoes, while I got to party and have fun. Well, that’s all over now.”

Kia Cat spoke up, “Sire, they were sent here to learn how to fight with their weapons. Don’t you think they should start?”

“Very well. Kiante, take them and teach them all you know. They’ll need the help.” Lucifer commanded. “I’ll be fighting all of you as a test to see if you all shall be sent to the next phase.” With a swish of his hands, they were all sent to the first level of Hell.

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