Destiny of the Sky Ch 9

Chapter 9

Level One of Hell

Kia Cat took them to the first level of Hell. She explained the task to them. “You need to make it through all nine of the levels of Hell to reach Lucifer. You then must defeat him. You may use your weapons and anything you think you might need. If any of you get hurt too badly or tire out during any stage, the whole group gets sent back to the beginning. Ready, begin!” Kia Cat disappeared and about a dozen small flying demons appeared.

“We have to fight these pipsqueaks?” Cyn almost burst into laughter. “Inferno wave.” He set his magic ready to go. But nothing happened.

Kia Cat’s voice echoed through their ears. <Oh I forgot to tell you, no magic can be used.>

“Thanks for the warning.” Cazron mumbled. He was fighting off one of the demons. It spouted acid out of its mouth. Caz got a drop on his clothes and the acid burned straight through it. “Shit.” He sliced off the demon’s head. The body fell to the ground, acid spurting everywhere. “Watch out for the green ones! They have acid!” he warned the others. The body and acid disappeared.

Jisika was up against a yellow one. She used her scythe on it, trying to slice it from its shoulder to its hip. It dodged out of her way with lightning speed. It then grabbed the blade of her scythe. “Let go!” she tried to pull it out of its claws. It didn’t work as well as she had hoped. The little demon sent electricity down the blade and into Jisika. “OW! DAMN IT! THAT HURT!” She ripped the blade away from the little demon, taking its claws with it. As the demon tried to figure out what happened with its claws and hands, Jisika slashed it from shoulder through the hip, slicing it in half. It disappeared. “Yellow is electrical!”

Cyn faced off against a white one. He used his scimitars on it. He slashed towards the demon with one scimitar; it grabbed it with both claws, leaving itself vulnerable to the other one. The scimitar that the demon held started to look frosted. Cyn pulled it away and looked at the blade. It was iced up. He was pissed. He crossed the blades, and the wolves appeared. They attacked the demon, as a distraction. Cyn stabbed the demon in the torso and the blades iced up, once again, but the demon died. He withdrew his blades and yelled, “White is Ice! They’ll freeze the weapons!”

Sori looked at the copper demon. She shot an arrow and it bounced off the demon’s chest with a metallic sound. She shot an arrow into its left eye. It struck and liquid metal started to run down its face. The demon stopped and tried to rip out the arrow, but be able to leave its eye in tact. She shot the right eye. The demon scrambled to get the arrows out of its eye sockets. She ran up and pushed the arrows farther into its eye sockets. She felt a slight burn on her arm from the heat then felt no resistance behind the arrowheads. She let go of the shafts and watched the demon fall to the ground. The arrows had gone through the back of its head. “Copper is Metal! It’s liquid and burning hot!”

Jisika looked at the amount of demons left. <There’s eight left. We need to speed this up.> She started to fight a white demon. She used the blade as a boomerang and threw it to cut its head off. The demon dodged, but the boomerang hit a yellow demon in the torso, going through the stomach and coming back. The white demon lost its head on the blade’s return trip. It was dead along with the yellow one behind it.

<We’re on it.> Cazron answered, sighting a yellow one. <We need to find a way passed them, we just have to get to the elevator.> He threw his shield at it. The demon dodged, but the shield bounced off another copper demon’s neck, beheading it and reflecting back and killing the yellow one by slicing the top half of its bottom from the bottom half.

<How do you figure that?> Cyn questioned while he fought a copper one. He stabbed it through its throat with his scimitars together. He spilt them apart, ripping through the bones and arteries, but not through the skin. To add power to this, he gripped his scimitars better and moved his arms apart, ripping through the skin, and accidentally slicing a green one’s head off in the upward movement.

<Kia Cat said we just had to make it through the level. She never said we had to defeat the level.> Sori understood what Cazron was talking about. The green one she was up against opened its mouth to shoot out acid. She shot it in its open mouth, sending the acid back into its body, killing it. She shot another arrow, to make sure it was really dead, but it went through it and hit a white one in the back, where the heart would be. The arrow embedded itself into its heart, killing it.

The group looked at each other. “That wasn’t too hard.” Cyn smiled. “Let’s go the next level.” They all ran into the elevator and went down.

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