Destiny of the Sky Prologue


Kaori Shiinto ran as fast as she could. They were right behind her. She knew that her pursuers were relentless and would chase her into forever, if they could. She wasn’t tall, but her petite size made her faster. But then again, the things that chased her had wings and magic. She wore a black fifties poodle skirt with a dark midnight blue shirt. Her clothes helped her blend into the surrounding area’s darkness. Her short dark brown hair was grabbed at by what looked like a bat claw. Vampires, strong ones, were following her.

She swerved to the left, barely dodging the vampire’s grasp. Her green eyes were looking anywhere possible to find her sanctuary. Finally finding it, she veered to the right and sprinted faster. Don’t let them catch up. She looked behind for a second, as her eyes started to glow, softly.

“Inferno wave…” A wave of fire was sent back towards the vampires. It wouldn’t kill all of them but it would at least slow them down. She grinned as she heard some of the younger and lesser vampires shriek in pain before turning into ash. She used the time bought by the wave to reach her home and sanctuary.

She reached her front lawn, as a vampire passed to make a grab for her. She ducked and rolled across the grass. The vampire didn’t wheel around and make another attempt for her. She reached her door and tried to pull it open. She heard the deadbolt snap with too much strain. Hurriedly, she jumped inside and slammed the door shut behind her.

There were crashes as the vampires ran into the door. She grinned. “They won’t be getting in here.”She said to herself. She lived alone and added many protection and shield spells to try and make it impenetrable. “I need to renew those spells tomorrow.” She heard a couple lightning strikes hit the door. “Shit. Don’t let them come in here…”

<What if there’s one of us already in here?> A voice came into her mind.

She wheeled around and met a tall vampire. He was pale as the moon, with hair color the color of the dark night sky. He stood at least seven feet tall. The darkness blurred his shape, making it seem to change every so often. He was the Vampire King, Stiller Naught.

“Shit.” She tried to find a way out, but Stiller blocked the way out of the front hallway and there were the vampires that were right outside the door, trying to get in.

<Tell me where they are.> He knew that she was the guardian of the secret to the prophecy. In a flash of speed, he had glided over to her. He gripped her throat and lifted her small body off the ground, to his eye level. <Tell me where the souls of the Daughter of Lucifer, the Faery Guardian, the Lost Prince and the Fallen Savior are. I know you know where they are.>

Kaori grinned. He can’t find them. Good. “Kill me and the secret goes with.”

He dropped her on the ground. He knew that it was true. He drew a knife from a hidden sheath. “Then your soul will belong to me…” The knife was plain looking with a silver blade and a golden hilt. There was a place for a jewel to be set at the bottom, but it was empty.

“No. My soul will never belong to you. See you in Hell.” She drew a knife from her pocket and sliced her throat, taking the secret with her into Death.

Stiller roared in rage. “DAMN HER!” He set the corpse on fire, in pure hatred and spite for the witch. He watched until she had turned to ashes. He put her ashes into a jar. “You will pay for this in Death, witch.” He disappeared in a black mist, taking the ashes with him. He left the fire to destroy the house and anything else that it would touch.


Back in his throne room, he threw the jar of ashes into a room full of many other bodies, many in the same state as the day they died. He would make her body whole again and use it to try to bring her soul back. He knew that she wouldn’t come without some coaxing and threatening from the spirit world.

He climbed into his throne and watched the fire blaze from a crystal globe. The fire department was having problems putting out the fire wave in the road, before they could even get to the house. “Stupid mortals.”

He smirked a little and then felt a ping of something. “What’s this feeling?” It was the tiniest bit of sympathy. He sort of felt a tiny bit of sympathy for them. He put the fires out and was instantly annoyed. He got up and went away from the throne room.

“Damn them for these feelings. I thought I got rid of them a long time ago, when Bella died.” He went outside; the sun was about to come over the horizon. “I will find them, and they will be mine. Their power separate is nice, but together, it’s a beautiful nova that could open the Gate into the Exeo Plane.”

He felt the breeze giving warning to all night stalkers to go back to the darkness, before the sun goes up. He heeded the warning and went into his room. “I shall not wake until the souls I search, find Kaori and become awake. ” He climbed in his coffin and fell into a long deep sleep.

 Chapter 1

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