Moroian Star Prologue


War once ravaged the world of Ada, tempting the Gods to destroy their creation to start anew. The four kingdoms were tearing the world apart and nowhere was safe from the destruction. Eons of hatred and fighting were finally stopped when the Gods intervened, hoping to have one last chance to save their creation. The Gods created the Desican Star, a crystal that settled the wars and ended the blights. Upon touching the earth, the Star shattered, bringing light and peace to weary hearts and damaged minds.

Three of the nations, the Nevarra Desert, the Foriner Sea, and the Nakara Forest, created a truce to stop the fighting between their nations. A city-state was born; the Histrek was evenly divided between the nations and served as the center council. The three rulers of these nations were born and died in the central Citadel of Histrek.

Histrek was where the nobles had their homes and where the rulers held the peace between their nations. Each of these nations held their traditions, as well as shared them. The Foriners held strength and crafting high, making them the masters of metals, woods and stones. The Nakarans spoke the words of priests and magicks, allowing them to be the masters of mystic power. The Nevarrians kept wisdom and knowledge, allowing them to adapt to changes and held intelligence in the highest favor. Centuries of peace passed between these three nations.

… But what of the fourth nation…?

The Aki Caverns were ruled by a monster, which had started the war that almost destroyed the world. Sinkta, the ruler, sought to bring his people wealth and power by forcing the other nations into slavery and by turning them against one another. When the Desican Star fell from the Heavens, Sinkta sent out his best warriors to catch the falling Star.

Anthros, the General as Sinkta’s army brought a shard of the Star to his lord. Sinkta could not gaze into Its core, but when he touched It, a blinding light erupted from the shard before It shattered, killing Sinkta, his generals and his army. Aki fell into ruins, until only whispers in the darkness spoke of the Caverns. All thought the Akiti were destroyed, though none of the other nations attempted to enter the Caverns, for fear of death.

As the war became legend, so did the Descican Star and the demons of Aki. The land has reached peace and the Gods smile down upon Ada. They each started to grow tired of their existence and chose to bless the nations with a second Star, the Morokian Star.

After searching for the Star, the nations decided that it would become legend and still kept to the peace the Desican Star provided. The Gods knew one day, someone would find the Morokian Star when it was needed.

It is the twelfth year of the Light Eon, one year before the change to the Darkness Eon. The two Kings of Foriner and Nakara, each had an heir to the throne. Foriner’s prince was sun-touched in his skin and light glittered from his short blonde-fire hair. He was burly with strong muscles and usually used these muscles to feel on top of the world. He spent most of his days chasing ladies and annoying the Dark Prince. The Nakaran’s prince was kissed by the moon and his long hair held the darkness of the night. He was toned, but not overly muscled. He spent his time learning new spells and keeping the Light Prince from trouble.

The Nevarrian rulers left Histrek five years before start of the Light Eon, in order to investigate claims of fighting on their borders. They had one girl-child, and no one had heard from the rulers since they left. The other two kingdoms wished to send spies into Nevarra to find out what had happened to the King and Queen, but the peace treaty prevented them from intruding without permission.

Though the Nevarrian rulers were nowhere to be found, Ada was still at peace…

Chapter 1

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