Morokian Star Ch 10

I awoke in the bedroom that was familiar. I looked at the gauzy ceiling, the reds, blues, purples and green mixing into a confusion of colors. I laid against the pillows, before looking at my wrists. There were two long scars running from my upper arms, down my forearms, past my wrists and into my hands. I heard whispers coming from the hallway, calling for me.


I pulled back the blue silk sheets and crawled out of the bed, wearing nothing but my skin and scars. I walked towards the hallway, the voices pulling me. I put my hand on the doorknob, and the door opened without having to turn the knob.

I walked towards the garden, but the masked person was not there. I opened the glass door and went to the fountain. I touched the water and drew a star upon my forehead, each wrist, below my belly button and on each foot. I took one last look at the garden and grabbed one of the floating lilies.

I held it to my heart, as I walked towards the rock garden. I noticed that it was meticulously kept, the lines were perfect in its circular paths. I stepped around the stones, a winding path that I felt was right. The voices and whispers kept calling to me, Solaria…

I followed the weaving path to the stone wall. I took a deep breath and pressed my hands to it. I noticed the spirals and stars carved into the smooth stone. My finger traced one of the stars, before my hand disappeared through the wall. I pressed forward and stepped into the rock.

The cavern glittered with light, the voices louder now. Sori… Princess Solaria… Princess… Solaria… Sori… Milady… A melody of voices, those I knew and those I did not. The voices meant nothing to me as I saw the altar that held the small wooden box. I walked up to the altar and set the flower before the warm wood.

I went to my knees and pressed my forehead to the rough cold stone. I clasped my hands together, “May Kitarr bless me for the tasks ahead, for I know that this battle is not over yet. Blessed be, so mote it be.” I stood up and lightly grabbed the wooden box.

“Who are they?” A male voice came from behind me

“For whom we speak?” I asked, my voice rough from Death.

“Those who are calling to you, Princess.”

I closed my eyes and listened to the voices. Princess Solaria… “That is Lumin, he is my cousin.” Solaria… “That is the Foriner Prince, Erick.” Sori! “He is the Nakaran Prince, Hiku.”

“Do you know why you can hear them?” The voice asked.

I shook my head, as I turned around, “No, Kitarr. Why can I hear them?” I opened my eyes to see the tall male. He had ankle length ruby red hair tied back in a long braid. His black clothes were Nevarrian; his tunic sleeveless, his leggings loose and he wore the face mask and jacket with its hood down. His emerald green eyes sparked in the glittering cavern.

“How do you feel about them?” He took a step towards me.

“I think they are great men that will become great rulers.” I stood my ground as my God approached.

He put his hand out, “Hand me the box and do not lie to your God.”

I handed him the box, “I do not understand.”

He lowered his mask and smiled, “I know the answer, even if you do not wish to admit it.” He opened the little box, the flash of light was too bright for me to see.

I covered my eyes and as the flash dissipated, I looked to the empty wooden box. “There is nothing there.” I mumbled, but it echoed in the cavern.

Kitarr stepped towards me, before placing his hand on my head. He tousled my short hair, before leaning closer to my face. He whispered in my ear, “You love them.”

My heart beat faster, “I cannot.”

He pressed his cheek to mine, “Do not lie to your God. You love them and they love you. That sickness you felt from before was heartache. Once you acknowledge it, the Star will reveal itself.” He pulled away, “Now, get back to your world.” He pushed my head back with the flat on his hand, pushing me down.

I fell, though the floor was no longer there. I fell into eternity, before I slammed into my body. I gasped for air as I realized I was bound with my wrists above my head.

I opened my eyes and glared at Estein sitting on his throne of bodies. “So, she finally awakens. I guess using the Nakaran to heal you was worth it.”

I growled at him, “Where are they?”

He started to play with himself. “Funny you should ask about them first.” He snapped with his other hands, as he slowly stroked himself. Hiku and Erick walked in from my left, still trying to fight the spell Estein put over them. “She wants you two. Make sure it is a good show.” It took me a moment too long to realize his meaning. He was using his magick to have them taint me.

They pulled the shortened twin blades away from my hips, before removing the two daggers that were at the small of my back. I closed my eyes, as the two Princes sliced the Lady’s clothes away from my body. They were very careful not to cut my skin, as they removed the outer tunic and leggings. I hung there from the ceiling, the chains the only thing that covered me up, even then, they just covered my wrists.

I felt their hands gently gliding on my skin, touching, teasing and caressing. I looked to Hiku, who stood in front of me. I leaned forward and kissed him, sending sparks down his spine. He jolted, but he kept his eyes on me. I felt his hands stop moving, as his eyes changed back to their beautiful gray. I whispered, “Do not stop.”

He looked uncomfortable as he continued to toy and tease. Erick turned me around to face him. I lightly brushed my lips over his, giving him the invitation. He took it, shoving his tongue in my mouth. I felt the second spark radiate through his body, as his black eyes became blue again. He looked at me confused, then he saw Hiku’s glances over my shoulder.

“Are you sure?” He whispered to me, nibbling on my ear.

“Yes… I want both of you to taint me.” I whispered back. I closed my eyes as they both rubbed me. Hiku turned me back around to face Estein, pretending to still be under spell. Erick and Hiku both paid ample attention to my chest, before Erick lifted one of my legs.

I refused to open my eyes as Erick licked, tasted and gave Estein the show he wanted. Hiku grazed his teeth over my flesh and I started to realize that I liked it. I let out a small sound, hoping that it would not be heard, as I opened my eyes.

“So, she is ready to be tainted.” Estein grinned, as he stood up, still playing with his fully erect organ.

I looked to Hiku, our eyes meeting and he nodded once, before answering to Estein, “This slut is ready for my friend and I.”

Erick stood up and licked his lips, as he faced Estein, “We would like permission to taint her for your viewing pleasure.”

Estein was torn between doing it himself and being able to watch me be tainted by two males. He nodded, as he sat back down on his throne of skeletons, “Taint her.”

The two Princes both looked at me and I saw the same worried looks. I knew my part to play in this. I leaned forward and kissed Hiku, before turning to lick Erick’s lips. That was the only permission they needed to do what they had to. Erick moved behind me, as Hiku spread my legs apart.

I watched Hiku pull his maleness out of his pants and was not sure if I was pleased or not that he was fully erect. Erick lifted my leg from behind, as Hiku inserted himself between my legs. I screamed out as he slowly pulled himself in and out of me. I tried to stop, but tears poured from my eyes, as he tainted me. I felt blood dribble down my thigh.

Hiku toyed with my breasts, as Erick rubbed his member against my lower back, pretending to take me from behind. Hiku gripped my shoulders, as he sped up, slightly. I yelped every time he pulled out and entered me, but we could not stop. He called out as I felt heated warmth fill my womb. He pulled out of me, and I felt some of that heated warmth drip down my leg.

The Princes switched spots, Erick pushing himself into me. He was bigger than Hiku, so he tore more of the bloodied hymen, tainting me some more. He kissed me, pulling me away from pain and where we were. I fell into the slight pleasure that was starting to build in me. He pulsed in and out of me faster than Hiku. He then pushed into me one last time and I felt his heated warmth flow into my womb, mixing with Hiku’s warmth.

Estein stood up, his hands moving up and down his hard shaft. “Get her down from there.”

The two Princes cut the ties around my wrists with the daggers the Lady gave me. They looked to me, but I just mumbled, “Get Lumin over here.”

They looked to Estein, “She wants her cousin.”

I could see the glee and expectation in his eyes, as he motioned for Lumin to come towards me. I hated myself, but as he came closer to me, I leapt at him, kissing him and giving him the last spark of magick from the Lady. I pulled away, before looking to Estein, “You… I want you…”

He was lying on the ground, both of his hands pumping his hard erection faster and faster. “Then come to me.” He moaned loudly.

I looked to my three males and mouthed, “Kill us.” I sat next to Estein, “If you want me to want you more,” I leaned closer to his face, “Then you and I need to be married.”

I saw several looks pass before his eyes, the most prominent was lust. He stopped toying with himself, as he started to become flaccid. He stood up and dragged me up with him. He looked to Lumin, “Get my bride a dress.”

Lumin walked over to the throne and found a short black dress hanging from one of the skulls. He handed the dress to me, and I felt four sets of eyes watching me as the tight dress stretched across my hips and chest. I ignored my males, only paying attention to Estein. I tried to give a sultry smile, but not sure if I knew how to. “Is this better?”

I watched Estein salivate as his hands roamed all over my body. “Give yourself to me and I will let your humans go.”

I looked up at Estein, before lightly touching one of the feathers of his wings. “Then take me.”

Estein pushed me to the ground as he was instantly aroused again. He buried his face between my breasts, as I felt him grow longer and harder. I closed my eyes as he pinned me under his body. I did not hear my males, until I opened my eyes and saw them standing over Estein.

Hiku and Erick were on each side of Estein and Lumin was passed my feet. I nodded once, as I felt Estein try to enter me. Erick and Hiku slammed the daggers through Estein’s wings and into the bones. Estein howled, but did not have a chance to retaliate as the two Princes slammed the twin blades through his shoulders, slicing my hips.

Estein looked up at me and I growled, “Do it.” I watched Lumin slam a pike through Estein’s neck and through my chest. Black blood spilled over me, as black tar ejaculated near my lower female parts. I squinted through the tears, feeling myself die, as Estein collapsed onto me, “I… Love… you… Erick… and … Hiku…” Cold darkness enveloped both Estein and I before a flash of fire erupted from my chest.


I woke up back in the Oblivion Dream. I tore the covers off of me, before running to the door. The door was locked, but I stepped back as the door opened, the Lady and Dante standing in front of me. I bowed to them, “My Lady, Dante. I bid you well.”

They both looked at me, before grabbing my arms. Dante had the look of amused annoyance, “Sori, this is not the time for pleasantries. How did you know?”

I answered Dante, “When I was in the Desert, there was no way I survived. Since I knew that Estein would not kill me… I had to take the chance.”

The Lady looked more worried and annoyed than amused. “I told you she was smart enough to realize. Kitarr is going to kick our arses if she does not get to the altar.”

I stopped, pulling them back towards me. I gave them a hug, “Thank you for everything, but I need to do this on my own.”

Dante and the Lady wrapped their arms around me, “We know.” Dante smiled to me, before kissing my forehead, “We will talk later; time is running out.”

They both vanished, leaving me alone in the hallway. I ran towards the rock garden, but I saw someone through the glass to the water garden. Estein and I looked at one another through the glass. I now knew why Sinkta vanished with the Desican Star.

I heard the voices calling to me, and I ran. I ignored the loud crashing of glass as Estein ran after me. I turned a corner, using my momentum to whip into the rock garden. I ran into the sand, but when I looked back, only blood marked my trail.

I saw Estein use his destroyed wings to attempt to fly at me. Tackled me to the sand, getting sand all over my wounds. He poised himself over me, pinning me to the ground. “You belong to me!”

I felt his hardness pulse near my entrance. I grabbed a handful of sand and flung it at his face. He slammed himself into me, as he used one hand to wipe the sand from him eyes.

I screamed, as he pounded into me once, twice, thrice. I slammed my head into his, before biting into his shoulder. I felt a chunk of flesh bleed into my mouth, as he pulled out of me in pain and rage. I spat out the black blood, before running again. I felt the voices pulling me towards the altar, but as I hit the rock, Estein slammed into me, pinning my chest to the wall.

He was crazed, as he pushed himself in and out of me, “You are mine, bitch.” He slammed in and out of me, pushing himself farther and farther into me. He bit into the back of my neck as he rode me.

I felt the fury of everything rise in me. “No…” I whispered at I thought of my males, “I love you, Hiku, I love you, Erick. I would have loved to have been both of your brides…”

The fiery heat that took over after the cold darkness instantly appeared again. I felt Estein push himself into me one last time, before cold black tar dripped from between my legs. He ripped himself away from me as I became the instrument of the Morokian Star. I turned around, facing my enemy. “You…” I swiped at his chest and wherever I touched, flesh flaked away.

Estein screamed in rage and pain as he tried to get away from me. “No. You could not have gotten the Star.”

I rushed towards him, my fury driving me. He backed away from me, but with each step, more of his flesh swept off his body. He then backed into the smooth stone wall of the altar, before vanishing inside. I smiled, a cold cruel sadistic grin

I entered the altar room and found him trying to find a way out. Wind picked up around us as the voices called to me, louder than ever. I felt the hatred that had been building up in me, fuel the Star. I pinned him to the wall, leaving behind only muscle revealed under the flaking flesh.

He clawed at me, but with every touch, his existence disintegrated some more. I slammed my hands into his chest, tearing his muscles as I clawed for his black heart. He screamed as I dug further into his chest, ripping out his ribcage, as it became detached from his organs and flesh.

He tried to pushed me away, but as he touched me, his hands stuck to my skin, holding him down. He tried to pull away, but I did not care what he did. I shredded his lungs with my fingers. Before me was his black heart, but as long as I left it in tact, the Oblivion Dream would keep him alive.

I went for his arms, pulling muscles and ligaments away from his bones. The arm bones fell onto the ground as I smashed my body into his, fusing his body with the Star. “Go… to… Hell!” I tore out his throat and heart at the same time.

I pulled myself away from him, as he fell to the ground. I saw the glimmer of life still in his eyes and I slammed my foot into his head, going through the skull and destroying the brain. I felt hands grab me and pull me away from the destroyed corpse.

I growled loudly as Kitarr thumped me on the forehead. “Bloody, hell, child.” He wiped the black blood from my mouth, “Stop, Solaria.”

I felt torn between my God and my hatred. “Cannot. Deserves… worse…”

Kitarr shook his head and reached into my chest and pulled out the Morokian Star. He set it back into the wooden box and closed it. The rage left me, as the wooden box was set back on the altar. Kitarr picked up the lily that I had set there and looked to me, “Did you…?”

I nodded, not trusting my voice. I looked at the thing that used to be an Akiti King. I felt satisfaction fill me up, before I turned back to Kitarr. He looked worried as he stared at the lily. “What is wrong, my God?”

“You are dead.” He said bluntly.

“I know.” He looked at me shocked. “I knew that Hiku would not be able to heal me when Lumin impaled Estein onto me. It was the only way I could be sure that Estein would be destroyed.”

Kitarr leaned against the altar, “I do not think you understand, Solaria. You are dead. The Morokian Star is a double edged sword, it kills but only if the one who wields it will never see heavens.”

I grabbed for my chest and felt the blood still dripping from the lance wound. “I will never see paradise?”

He looked to the lily, then back to me, “Where did you get this?”

“The water garden after I slashed my wrists. I cleansed myself as an anointment, and before I left the pool, the lily identified with me. So, I picked it up and set it here, before I grabbed the box. Why?”

Kitarr just laughed, as tears streamed down his face. He looked to me and just kept laughing and crying at the same time. The Lady and Dante walked into the altar room. Dante looked at the corpse behind me and I saw approval in his eyes. The Lady looked to Kitarr then to the lily, “Did she…?”

Kitarr nodded as he handed the lily to the Lady, “She did…”

Dante walked over to me, “Do you know who I am?”

I nodded, “You are the Dark, the consort to the Lady, lover of the Light.” I smiled, “More importantly, you are Dante.”

He hugged me, and I felt the tears streaming down his cheeks. I looked to the Lady and saw her cheek glistening. Dante pulled away from me, so I had to ask, “Why is everyone crying? I cannot be the only soul not going to paradise.”

The Lady walked over to me and pressed the lily into my chest, “Child, the lily…” She sniffled, “The lily is a second chance.”

I stiffened as she embraced me, “A second chance?”

Kitarr nodded, “If you had no found it, you would have been sent to Hell. The lily only blooms for a redeemed.”

“Redeemed?” I asked, not sure if I was hearing them correctly.

Dante grinned, “You have a second chance. Do not waste it.” He then looked thoughtful, “Though, there is a price. You will forget those who matter most to you. The lily chooses its heart carefully, but it demands a payment of memories.”

I thought of the two Princes, but did not feel sad, “I am sure I will meet them again one day.”

The Lady pulled away from me as Kitarr kissed my forehead. “Do not forget to pray to me. You are my only follower and even though it is now time for me to sleep, I like having the good dreams you have given me.” He pushed me back and I fell back into eternity.


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