Morokian Star Epilogue

“Princess, you should not be walking at this time.” The handmaid sounded exasperated as she followed me through the gardens.

“I have been cooped up too long, Mirri. I just want to walk around the gardens.” I looked out onto the gardens that had just started to grow. The Akiti were destroyed by the Morokian Star, their kingdom no longer flourished. Desu have started to search out for other Akiti, but the Star wiped the entire race out of existence.

“Princess, you are almost ready for childbirth, you should not be walking around so close to your time.” Mirri started to pull me towards the palace.

I looked out across the Desert, “Mirri, there are horses coming.” I saw the dust clouds being kicked up by four horses.

“Your mother, father and cousin thought it would be a great way to spend time with the other rulers.” Mirri explained.

My jaw dropped, “They are not allowed in the birthing room.”

Mirri smiled, “Then we better get you back inside, or else I will have to tell the rulers that you requested the birthing room to become a public affair.”

I gawked at the handmaid, “You would not…” She just smiled sweetly and I knew she was not lying. I closed my mouth, “Fine then.” I let her pull me into the parlor.

I felt kicks as the whelps started to move around. “Bloody hell, these two are active.” Mirri sat me into a chair, before bowing out as Lumin walked in. “If anyone is in the birthing room, I will throw things.”

Lumin just grinned, “Then I am glad Mirri has a way of getting you back inside, where the sun might not burn your children.”

“My children…” My eyes glazed, “I still cannot remember who the father is.” I felt depressed as a mood took over, “What kind of a slut am I that I was tainted and cannot remember who did it? I am about to have twins and I do not even know who the father is!”

Lumin walked over and hugged me, “Do not worry cousin. I am sure you will remember when it counts.” He sounded hopeful, just as he sounded like he knew something.

“You know something.” I accused.

He grinned, “Of course I know something. I am Nevarrian, we tend to know things.”

I punched him in the arm, before the twins kicked again. I clutched my womb, trying to calm the children, “The midwife says this should end any day now.” I mumbled, then I looked up to Lumin, “Why are the Foriner and Nakaran kings here?”

“I invited them.” He sounded smug.

“Why so close to my birthing?” I winced as the kids kicked again.

“I heard the Princes are handsome and we need more camaraderie between the nations. As the Princess, you should have been making these arrangements.”

I stuck my tongue out at him, “I was doing great trying to heal our land after Estein was destroyed.”

Lumin cocked his ear to the door, “Here, do you want to meet them now or later?”

I felt a cramp run through my body, as the chair became wet. “Oh no…” I doubled over as the cramps became worse. “Birthing room.” Lumin looked at me shocked, before he reacted. He helped me out of the chair and led the way to the birthing room as fast as I could move.

We passed by my parents, who were greeting the other Kings. Lumin shouted, “Auntie, Uncle!”

My parents looked at me, before they realized. My mother shouted, “Get her there now!”

I was lifted off the ground by magick and thankfully there was no one there to kick. I heard the Nakaran king tell my parents, “This will be faster.” I felt grateful to not have to move as the contractions moved through me again.

The birthing room was already set up for me, as the Nakaran king set me down. “Thank yo-” I grit my teeth as another contraction swept through my body.

I heard voices behind me, and I knew that everyone was staying for the birthing. I tried to protest, but someone gripped my hands. I looked up to see someone with golden skin and blonde hair holding my left hand and a male with pure white skin and midnight black hair grip my right hand.

“I am glad we could make it.” The sun smiled.

“We would not have missed this for anything.” The moon kissed my hand.

I was about to say a pithy remark, when another well timed contraction shook me. I gripped their hands tightly as the midwife and her assistant settled down in front of me. “Princess, we need you to push.”

“Push?” I sounded weak, but the two males standing on each side of me lightly squeezed my hands. I grit my teeth and pushed as hard as I could.


“Twin little girls.” The midwife smiled as she lifted the two little girls. She handed them to me and the two Princes looked at my daughters. I smiled as I looked at the girls, then to the two males who let me use them to relieve pain. I then noticed the head of red-blue-black hair on a much paler version of the Nevarrian dual-colored. The little girl opened her eyes and I saw the gray tint to her hazel eyes. I looked to the Nakaran Prince and noticed that he saw the same things I did.

I looked to the other little girl, her red-blonde hair matched her darker Nevarrian dual-colored skin. The Foriner Prince tickled the little girl and we saw the blue eyes ringed with copper and green.

The two Princes stood next to their daughters and I felt tears fall down my cheeks as I handed them off to the Princes. I listened to the cooing and coddling of the other people in the room. I felt empty, hollowed out. I am a slut who not only had premarital sex with one male, but two at the same time. That is the only way both girls would have been born.

“We will take the girls to the nursery.” My mother spoke.

I leaned against the bed, my eyes closed, as I heard the door shut behind them. I cried silently to myself, but then I felt two hands touch the sides of my face. I opened my eyes to see the two Princes looking down at me.

“It took us a while to convince our fathers to agree to our terms. If we would have known you were pregnant, we would have come sooner.” The Nakaran Prince explained.

“How did I get pregnant if I ever met you two before?”

The Foriner smiled, “My name is Erick and this is Hiku. This is going to sound odd but we have met before.”

I closed my eyes, exhaustion taking me over. “I need a bath and sleep.”

Erick lifted me out of the bed as Hiku undressed me. I kicked Erick in the arm, but he held onto me. They led me into the cleaning pool, before they stripped themselves and joined me. I tried to wash myself, but the fatigue of childbirth ate at my energy.

They both washed me before helping me dry off and setting me into bed. I buried my body under the covers, so only my eyes, forehead and hair showed. “I am a slut… I will never be able to get married and have a respectable life for my daughters.” I rolled onto my side and cried into my pillow.

I felt the blankets shuffle around me. I felt warmth behind me as I saw a golden hand wrap around my shoulder. I watched Hiku get into the bed in front of me, before he wrapped his white arm around me.

“Why?” I asked the only important question I could think of.

Hiku smiled softly, “Do you know the full story of the Morokian Star?”

I shook my head, “I lived it and I do not remember most of it. I remember going on the quest, then I remember a lily, Kitarr saying I would have to lose a memory. I do not even remember getting tainted.”

Erick nuzzled his nose into my shoulder, “You were not tainted. You were loved.”

I felt them hold me closer to their warm bodies. Hiku kissed my forehead, before they both asked at the same time, “Will the Nevarrian Princess marry us?”

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