Reaper XIII Ch 1

“Are you sure this is a good idea?” Catherine asked me as we wandered through Hell. “Supervisor said that we aren’t allowed into the Eighth Circle.”

I smiled to her, placing my tattered green umbrella on my shoulder. “It’s okay, I just want to see what’s here.”

She sighed loudly, before her beeper went off. She looked at the message, “Hey, it’s Vernon. I got to go.”

I stopped, looking at my sister fully. “I’m a Reaper and you’re a Demon. We can’t be falling in love with humans. Have you even told him yet?”

“No… I want to wait until we are engaged.” She looked at the ground. Cat was the prettier of the two of us. She was my height, but a lot thinner. Her blonde hair was dyed partially black, but during work, it was tied into a messy bun. She wore a red dress that clung to her slim figure, matching her red horns and tail. She had red tattoos that matched demonic coloring, the runic flames covering her arms and legs. She had a small flame tattoo under her right eye, marking her power.

“Whatever, Cat. You need to tell him soon or else he will start to think you’re cheating on him. What DO you tell him whenever you have to leave?”

“He thinks I work for the government as a spy or something. It works!” She stuck her tongue out at me. “Anyways, I need to go.”

“Stay safe!” I grinned before she ran off. I looked ahead of me to where the stair to the Eighth Circe lay. “I just know there’s something awesome down there.”

My fascination started when Cat and I were rounding up some the souls that had wandered out of their Circle. After they left, I was the last one out of the Seventh Circle, checking for more escapees when I heard a noise. There was scratching coming out of the door that led down to the Eighth. I ran over to investigate and could hear breathing coming from the other side of the door. I called out, “Hello? Anyone in there?” I then heard scrambling away from the door and footsteps down the stairs. I tried to open the door, but it was locked.

Today, I remembered my umbrella, so I knew I could open it. I walked towards the door and passed by a large mirror. I looked at my odd clothes and smiled. I was five-eight and weighted one hundred sixty-five pounds. I had some good muscle lying under my layer of fat, but that did not bother me in the least. I wore a top hat on my long red-brown hair that was braided down my back. My black glasses did not cover my hazel eyes that change colors in different light. I wore a green button up, short sleeved shirt with a thin black vest and a Frozen Disney Princess cinch bag. I wore black shorts that went to my knees and black combat boots that came up passed my ankles. I had different tattoos, but the ones that stood out the most was the Roman numeral “XIII” under my left eye and the spiral under my right.

I heard a noise near the door and I ran over to it as quietly as I could. I tried to be stealthy as I crossed the Circle. There was a small window with bars on it high up on the heavy wooden door. I ducked under it, my back to the door. I slowly turned around and looked through the old-fashioned lock. I then took a small step back and jumped to look through the window.

I saw a pair of yellow eyes see me, before I heard footsteps running away. “Wait!” I called out. The footsteps slowed then stopped. I placed the tip of my umbrella to the keyhole and pressed the button on the handle. A spark of electricity shot into the keyhole and the door creaked open. The footsteps ran again, forcing me to give chase. “Wait! Stop! I just want to talk!” I followed the footsteps down the stairs, trying not to fall on my face as my boobs bounced from running.

I reached the bottom of the stairs but it was so dark, I could not see a foot in front of me. I heard the door at the top of the spiral staircase slam shut, locking me inside the Eighth Circle. I tapped my umbrella tip on the floor and the tip lit up as a flashlight. I looked around me, but the pencil light did not give enough light. I swung the umbrella over my head and opened it. The umbrella opened even though the fabric was tattered and a couple of the metal arms were broken. Light emanated down from the top, bathing me and a good six foot radius around me in golden light.

I walked around, trying to find the yellow eyes. “Hello?” My voice echoed through the darkness. “My name is Sori and I saw someone with yellow eyes in here. We’re not really supposed to be down here and I must ask that you follow me back up to the Seventh.”

I felt a puff of hot moist air hit me in the face. I pointed the handle towards where the air came from, lighting up a wall of black slime. I shrugged and turned, using the umbrella as my light. I saw the light glint off of something. I moved closer and found myself staring at a mountain of gold, jewels and crowns. “Mother Hell…” I closed the umbrella, picking up a small piece of gold, before tossing it back onto the pile.

I heard scratching from behind me. I whipped around and did not see anything but the slimy wall. I took a closer look and noticed the scales that made up the wall. “Oh shit!” I ran away right as the dragon opened its eyes at me. I tripped on something and landed face first into the pile of gold. “Damn it.” I heard the dragon’s claws scrape on the ground as it bolted towards me. I spun around and thwacked it on the nose with my umbrella.

It sniffed me, unfazed by the umbrella. I watched it open its mouth, saliva dripping from the roof of its mouth and top teeth. I was frozen where I sat as I saw the fire gathering in its mouth. Right as I watched it shoot towards me, I opened the umbrella again, using the fabric as a shield. The fire heated up the fabric causing me to sweat, but it protected me from most of the heat. The flames died down and I looked out from under the umbrella. “I’m sorry!” I yelled, hoping it could hear me.

It looked like it was going to shoot another blast of fire at me, but it stopped. “Who are you?” A loud male voice rumbled through the Circle.

“My name is Sori and I’m just a curious Reaper who didn’t mean to intrude.” The dragon looked at me through its yellow eyes. That reminded me of why I came down here. “I saw someone with yellow eyes at the door. Did you burn them up as well before eating them?” I gulped, hoping to buy time as I slowly inched my way off the pile and towards the stairs.

A blast of hot air hit me again, “No.”

“So, then what happened to them? If you don’t mind, maybe I can take them and myself back upstairs and not disturb you any longer.” I was finally off the pile of gold and making my way towards the stairs. Why did I have to get so far away from the damned door?

“What makes you think they would want to go with you?”

That question stopped my movement. I looked up at the dragon. “Because I’m awesome?” I tried to find the arrogance that I kept with me during times like this, but I could not quite find it. “Better question, why would they want to stay down here?”

This caused the dragon to stop and think. “Because they know that there is no escape until they bring the food for me.”

“Wait, what? Who brings you food?” Curiosity got the better of me.

“Someone named Naoribi.”

“Supervisor brings you food?” No wonder she didn’t want me coming anywhere near this Circle. “But I’ve never seen her bring food down here. When does she take time out of her busy schedule to do it?”

The dragon looked on the wall near the stairs. There were dates about forty-five moons apart and I recognized Naoribi’s handwriting. “Every forty-fives days?!” I shouted at the wall, feeling my anger rise. “You’re a living breathing creature! You should be getting food every day!” I hung my umbrella on the crook of my arm as I took off my cinch bag. I riffled through it until I found what I was looking for. I pulled out a container of random meat. “It’s not much.”

I watched the dragon sniff the container, “But you would be a better meal.” I watched him lick his lips.

“If you eat me, then I can’t bring you more food tomorrow.”

That thought stopped him. “You’re lying to me just to get away.”

I shook my head, “Love, I don’t lie. It’s too much of a pain in the arse to make sure I keep doing it.” I set the container on the ground, before running up the stairs to the door. I used my umbrella to open the lock again, “I’ll be back tomorrow!” I yelled down to the dragon. I walked out of the door and heard it slam behind me. I whispered to myself, “I promise…”

Chapter 2

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