Reaper XIII Ch 6

Erick came over to my house almost every night and I felt myself become more and more in love with him. I looked over at the calendar and knew Erick and I have been together for over nine months now. He accepted my job and that I was a Reaper easily. I kept encouraging Cat to tell Vernon that she was a Demon, but she still refused to.

Then Erick suggested that Cat was toxic to our relationship, because she refused to listen to my sound advice. I stopped seeing her entirely a few months ago and I stopped seeing Draco because Erick thought I was cheating on him. I last saw him on Winter Solstice, because I found some stuff that I thought he would enjoy. He said I smelled like rotten meat. What a horrible thing to say! Draco was being fed every forty-five days, so he would survive.

The ring on my finger glowed a couple times, but I ignored it. It was only when Erick asked me to do something for him. He said that Naoribi did not know what she was saying and that I should listen to him instead. It glowed when I told Naoribi that I was going to bring Erick to the Circles whether she liked it or not. She tried to stop me, but Erick was there with me and he stopped her. She stared at him, before hissing and backing away. Yet, I could not get him into the Circles. Instead, I told him how to navigate through them.

Even though we became closer, we still only kissed. It was fine with me, because I had my period of wanting nonstop sex a couple centuries ago. But I wanted to give myself fully to him, but he would stop us. He said he wanted to wait until the right moment and I accepted his choice.

There were sometimes where I could not hear what he was saying, but he laughed it off when I brought it up. He suggested that it was because I was too busy giving him what he wanted. I can understand that. I want to be perfect to him and please him. I will do whatever he asks of me and tells me to do.

It is like nothing I do is ever enough. He slaps me and says that I am not doing enough. He apologizes for it later and tells me how much he loves me and brings me flowers. I want to become better for him and maybe then he would marry me.

I have been tired lately, but he wants me to please him. I cannot stop going to work, because Naoribi and the Boss would destroy me, but that means I have to spend late nights cooking and cleaning for Erick. He says he loves me and that keeps me going.

I do not remember drinking the entire bottle of wine, but I must have, because I felt it course through my body. I leaned into Erick, “Please.”

He smiled at me, “Please what?”

“Please let me serve you.”

“You already do.” I saw his smile change, but I did not know what it meant.

“How can I make you happy?” I asked finally.

“I’ve been waiting for you to ask.” He handed me another bottle of wine. “Drink it.”

I did as he said and I finished the bottle. I was dizzy, but I kept his face in focus. “Anything else I can do?”

He lifted my chin up to meet his eyes, they looked like ice to me. He kissed me and I tasted his tongue in my mouth. I just wanted to be his and I just wanted everyone else to leave us alone. Cat and Naoribi both said that he is evil and is bad for me. ‘How can he be bad for me? Cat hooked us up and even Naoribi blushed at his picture. They must be jealous…

He pulled away, “Take me to Hell.”

I stood up and stumbled, but somehow took him to Hell. Naoribi was nowhere to be found, so the Circles opened for us. He pulled me closer to him and slammed another open bottle into my mouth. I had the choice to either drink or drown, so I chose to drink. The bottle was empty and he threw it against the wall, before setting me next to a different wall. “Go home.” He commanded me.

The ring glowed and I smiled at him. “I will go home.”

He lifted my chin to meet his icy eyes, “Good, slave.” I watched him as he walked through the Second Circle.

I walked back to the First Circle, my body moving of its own accord. I laid there, in my bed, my body refusing to move, the alcohol moving through my veins. I closed my eyes and do not see Erick. I saw Draco as I last saw him before Winter Solstice. I gave him trinkets I had found on my journey. I told him that I had to stop seeing him because Erick said so. That is when he said I smelled like soiled meat. I will never forget the hatred in his eyes before I slammed the door shut. Darkness gave me the solace I needed.

Chapter 7

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