Reaper XIII Ch 8

I woke up on a pile of gold. I grabbed my head and cursed. “Mother Hell…” I looked around, my eyes adjusting to the darkness. I heard the scrambling of the claws before I bolted off the pile. I felt cold and that is when I noticed that I had been stripped. I did not even have my bag on me, nor my umbrella.

I looked at the pile of gold and saw the dark dragon clambering over the gold. I tried to run, but he caught me easily, pinning me chest first into the wall.

“Draco…” Fear welled up in me.

“You still smell like rotten meat. But at least I know that I will be fed.”

He pressed his claw into my back and I could feel warm blood dripping from the wound. “Stop!” I shouted.

He removed the claw, flipped me around then pinned me again, this time by my shoulder. “Why should I?! You abandoned me!”

I looked at his yellow eyes and saw the sadness fighting against the pain and hatred. I did not know what to say, “Draco…”

“You have no right to call me by my name!” His claw pierced my shoulder.

I wanted to scream, but could not. “Dragon… I’m sorry.”

“You’re… Sorry…?” He pressed his claw further into me. “Sorry is not going to cut it!” His eyes stopped focusing on me then onto my hand. “Rotten meat…”

He used his other claw to pin my arm down. He sniffed at my hand, “Rotten…” He looked to me. “Scream.”

I shook my head, “No…”

His claw in my shoulder buried itself deeper. The pain was overwhelming and I screamed as loud as I could. I watched as dragon became human and ripped off my ring. He shifted back to his dragon form and bit down into the ring, breaking it.

He pulled his claw out from my shoulder and released my arm. I slid to the floor as the projection of Erick appeared before us. ‘You may have destroyed the ring, but I wound myself around her life so much that she won’t be able to escape my power.’ The apparition bent down to me, blowing me a kiss, ‘It’s not like I ever loved you. You just gave me what I wanted to know. It was so easy to manipulate you into what I wanted. You think that anyone loves you?’ The apparition stood up, ‘If anyone did, then spell would be broken. It was easy to get everyone to hate you… Now you can die a slow and painful death while I take what is mine.’

The apparition vanished and I felt pressure becoming pain in my chest. My heart felt like it was being ripped in two. I screamed out, clutching my chest. I felt my heart start to actually split, only being held together by the eye of the storm that made up my power.

I watched dragon shift into his human form and lean in close to me. He sniffed, “Normal.” He lifted me up as the pain crashed into me more and threatened to tear me apart, despite my storm.

As the pain took me under with the darkness, I felt something else. I was in a comforting warmth, one that I only felt when around Draco. I opened my eyes and tried to focus on his face, “Draco… I’m… Sorry…” The darkness and pain pulled me unconscious.


I slowly opened my eyes to see the familiar ceiling of Draco’s home. I felt numb but the pain in my chest was still a pressure. I tried to sit up, but I was being held down. I felt tears fill up my eyes. “How could I have been such an idiot…?”

I tried to move, but I felt the binding that held me down. I could not see it because it was magic, as compared to my technology. I looked back on the past year, how far I fell and how far I would need to climb back. “I was so stupid!” I yelled out to myself.

“You were.” I heard from my left. I turned my head to see Draco sitting there, leaning against the back of a chair. He was sitting in it backwards, staring at me with his yellow eyes.

I saw the hatred that was still in his eyes, “Just kill me so you can eat.” I mumbled to myself.

In an instant, Draco was on top of me. His yellow eyes looked directly into my hazel ones. “You think I want to kill you after all of this?!”

I felt something snap in me, “Yes! I think you do! You hate me! Just kill me, so you don’t have to deal with me being rotten meat! I would rather die by you than by whatever Erick did to me!”

He leaned in closer and sniffed the skin on my neck, “You don’t smell like rotten meat anymore.” He licked where my shoulder and neck meet. “You taste sweet, not poisonous.” He pulled away, “That ring was causing you not to see.”

I thought about it, ‘I really did become different after he put that ring on me…’ I felt the heat radiating from Draco’s body. I then noticed that I was still nude and he was only wearing leather around his hips. “Mother Hell…” Then I thought of something, “Why didn’t you kill me when I was sleeping on the gold?”

He shrugged, “Prey is more fun when it can run.”

I said the only thing I could think of, “Lovely.” I looked at the clock, “How long have I been out?!”

“Long enough to heal. I think your Boss is about to fight against Erick.” He moved off of me.

“I need to get up!” I frantically looked around to find my umbrella. “Draco! I need to stop him!”

“What makes you think that you won’t fall under his spell again?”

I had to think about that. “He said that if anyone actually loved me, then the spell wouldn’t work. He’s confident that no one loves me. And after what I did, I would understand that… But I have to try!” The bindings released me and I sat up. “Clothes, umbrella, bag…”

Draco shook his head, “He came in here with only a stripped you.”

“You saw him!?”

“I couldn’t attack him…”

“Why not?!” I turned until my legs hung off the bed.

He turned away, his face red, “He was carrying something precious.”

“Did he have my scythe? Gold? Jewels?! What was he carrying?!”

Draco leaned in and pressed his lips to mine, effectively shutting me up. He pulled away first, “You. He was carrying you. I was so worried about you that he snuck out without me noticing.”


He smiled at me and I could feel my heart thumping against my ribcage. “I love you. I’ve loved you since a couple weeks you started to see me. You weren’t scared of me and you came back for me…”

I felt my chest hurt more. “Ach!” I tried to stop the pain, but I watched as black strings seeped from my skin, before falling to the ground. I felt clean and myself again, “Draco…” I wrapped my arms around him, “I am so sorry for how I acted. I’ll make it up to you somehow…”

“Sori!” Draco and I whipped out heads towards the door. Two childish voices called out to me. “Sooorrrrrrrriiiiiiii!”

I stood up, “It’s the kid Souls!” I started to walk towards the door, but Draco grabbed my wrist.

“You’re nude.” I looked down at myself, embarrassed that I forgot. Draco led me deeper into his little house, to where his workshop was. I saw leathers that were beautifully designed and created. He grabbed a set and threw them at me. “These are for you.”

I looked at them and felt myself tear up. I turned and put them on. The top fit snuggly against my chest, allowing me to move without a bra, yet restricting where my boobs could go. The pants were tight, a second skin against mine. I turned to face Draco and saw his mouth drop. “Not sure about this bare midriff thing.

He stepped forward and lightly touched my stomach, “You’re beautiful, even if a part of you is squishier than the rest.” He whispered in my ear, “That and so when you are ready to have kids, you don’t have to be restricted.”

“Kids?!” I yelped.

The two kids outside yelled, “We’re here! We found your umbrella and bag!”

I turned to Draco, “Thank you… This is the best thing anyone has done for me.”

I felt something drape along my neck. I touched the dragon pendant that hung on my sternum. “To remember me.”

“I don’t need to remember you. You’re coming with me.”

“I-I don’t know if I can.”

I looked at him, one hand on my hip, “I got a human into Hell… I’m sure I can get you out of the Eighth.” I grabbed his hand and dragged him with me to the door. “Kids?”

“Yeah?” I looked through the bars and saw the two kid Souls.

“Point the tip of the umbrella into the lock and press the button on the handle. It has a kick so be ready for it.”

I saw a flash of light and heard a loud thump against a nearby wall. The door swung open and I grabbed Draco’s hand. “Ready?“ He nodded, fear showing on his face. “When was the last time you saw the sun?”

“Centuries…” He mumbled as we both crossed the threshold into the Seventh.

I saw the two kids slumped against the far wall. I ran over to them and saw that they were both were dazed, dazzled and excited. “That was so cool!” They both exclaimed.

I grabbed the umbrella and the bag. I handed the bag to Draco, “There’s food in there.” I turned to the boys. “I need you to gather everyone on the Second Circle. The Ninth is going to be dangerous and I want you to make sure that everyone is safe. Got it?”

They both saluted and ran off.

I turned to see Draco devour the sandwich. “I want you at the Second as well. He can’t use them because they are new… But he knows about you.”

He grabbed me and held me close, “You’re not leaving me behind.” He grabbed my hand. “I’m going with you.”

I sighed, “I guess…” I smiled at him as he pulled me into a light kiss.

We both ran towards the Throne Room. With Draco’s help, we moved the heavy throne, revealing the door to the Ninth. The door was gone, the wood was now splinters. We both took a huge breath then stepped through the Gate.

We stepped out to see the Boss being held by the collar by Erick. “Acknowledge me!” Erick yelled.

“Stay.” I whispered to Draco as I let go of his hand and ran towards the Boss’s desk. I only had my umbrella with me, but that’s all I needed. Even under his spell, I never showed Erick the umbrella’s true form. “Hey! Let my Boss go!” I yelled to Erick.

He released the Boss and the Boss dropped into his chair hard. Erick sneered at me, “So the dragon still loved you…” I watched him step on air until he was on the ground with me. “You plan to beat me with a tattered umbrella? The best forces in Hell couldn’t stop me. What makes you think you can?”

“Simple. I know you.” I spoke clearly as Erick and I circled each other, fifty feet apart in the Ninth. “I know who you are. What you are. I even know what you want.”

“Then tell me.” Erick licked his lips, excited.

“Your name is Erick Naugct. You are the son of Olivia Naugct and the Boss. The Boss seduced your mother when she was a virgin and then gave birth to you. You started to notice you had powers at the young age and could manipulate people around you. As you continued to use your powers, they grew. You asked your mother who you were and who your father was. She told you before she died, but that didn’t satisfy you. You needed more. So you followed rumors and riddles until you found Vernon.”

We still circled one another, my Reaper powers telling me everything I needed to know. I could feel my storm brewing in my chest, preparing itself. “You overheard him talking about Cat. From there, you used them to find me. Why me, I will never know.”

He growled, a sword appearing in his hand, “You reaped my mother!” He sprinted forward and I met his sword with the umbrella. “You took my mother away from me. I remembered seeing you when Cat showed me your photo.” We pulled away from each other. “When I found you, I knew that you would lead me to my father and what I would become!”

He came at me again, slashing down at me. I used the umbrella as a sword and held his sword away from me. He spoke under our straining arms, his downward slash and my upward block, “You were just a pawn to me… On my way to becoming the new King of Hell!”

He kicked me in the stomach and knocked the wind out of me. I doubled over in pain as he walked over to me slowly. “If it makes you feel any better, I never fucked you because I didn’t want to soil myself with a pathetic Reaper.”

He was trying to make me angry and it was working. I used this anger to fuel me and to prepare for what I intended to do. Our weapons clashed several times, before he appeared behind me, his sword to my throat. I held the umbrella by its tip, letting the handle touch the floor.

“Say good bye to your King and to your lover-boy.” He hissed in my ear.

I spoke calmly and clearly, my voice echoing through the Circle. “Ask not for whom the Bell tolls… For it tolls for thee…” I swung the handle up, feeling the plastic tip become the wooden handle, my cloak billowing around me. The scythe sliced through his spine, heart then sternum, before piercing my shoulder. The blade stuck through the both of us. I closed my eyes and felt the storm surge through me, “Let the storm rage on!” Lightning came down from the dark ceiling, striking the blade of the scythe continuously. I heard Erick scream as he tried to get away, but the blade had us pinned. “The Bells have chosen thee…” I could hear, for the first time in my life, the Bells of Death pulling both myself and Erick towards Death.

The lightning continued to surge through the blade and I started to notice the smell of burnt flesh from behind me. The sword that had been at my throat fell to the ground before vanishing. I felt Erick’s body grow cold against mine, as his Soul rose up.

The lightning stopped as I fell to the ground, the scythe’s blade pushed from my shoulder. Erick cursed and swore, yet he was powerless without his body. I heard footsteps running towards me, but I surrendered to the Bells.

Chapter 9

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