Reaper XIII Ch 9

I squinted against the bright lights above me. “Mother Hell…”

“No, you’re not there yet.” I heard a snarky male voice next to me. “Though you tried your damnedest to get there.”

“Sorry, Boss. I figured I could make up for falling for his damned spell.”

“You’re just a Reaper who went up against my son, whose mother was a seductress in her own right. You stood no chance. Now, rest, XIII. You have a lot of people who want to annoy you.” He placed his hand on my forehead and I slept a little bit longer.

I woke up again, this time, the lights were out and I could see. Cat stood there next to me with Vernon by her side. Her horns and tattoos were showing, meaning that he accepted her. “About time you showed him.”

“Well…” Vernon mumbled before I saw his wings.

“Bastard. You were an Angel all along! When were you going to tell her?!” I mumbled loudly.

“I was in the same situation as she was. I couldn’t have my cover blown if I fell in love with a human. So, after you told me what she was and ran off, I decided that when she walked through the door, I would tell her everything.” Vernon smiled.

“Thank Hell…” I looked to Cat, “Sorry, Cat.”

She shook her head, “I should be the one to apologize. I introduced you two… He had us all entranced until you pushed us away.”

“At least he’s dead. So where did they put his Soul?” I had to ask.

“He’s in the Ice.” She responded, no warmth in her voice. The Ice is where we keep the Souls of people like Hilter, Dalhmer and Khan. They are trapped there for eternity with no hope to escape.

“Lovely.” I looked around, before trying to sit up. Cat helped me sit up and I looked around the room. “Speaking of lovely, where’s Draco?”

“You mean the dragon?” She looked away, “I have some good news and some bad news. You actually pierced half your heart with your scythe and Draco gave you half of his. He healed your heart and his heart healed the speared piece we implanted in him.”

“Is he okay?!” I started to panic, my chest hurting from breathing so hard.

Draco burst into the room, “Is she okay?!”

We stared at each other before we both sighed in relief. “I was getting to that part.” Cat mumbled. “Anyways, he’s okay, you’re okay. But you have half his heart in you, meaning he is no longer full dragon.”

“Which means…?”

“I have part of your immortality, yet I can’t become a full size dragon anymore.” Draco answered me.

“So, you’re human…ish.”

“Actually, it’s more like Reaper-ish.” Cat smiled. “He’s XIV.” She started to play with her hair. “Which reminds me. You were fired this morning.”

I hung my head, “Naoribi has every right to fire me…”

Cat smiled, “But as of this afternoon, you’re hired!”

“Wait, what?”

“Naoribi fired you, but after what the Boss saw, he hired you. You’re no longer a Reaper, but instead, he created a new job for you. Pretty much, you are to protect the Souls, Demons, Reapers and Angels. And XIV will be your partner. You got a promotion!”

I looked at Draco and finally saw the XIV under his left eye. “All I care about is being with Draco.”

Draco pushed Vernon and Cat out of the room, slamming the door in their faces. He walked across the room and sat on the bed. “Sori… I’ve wanted to ask you this for a long time… But will you marry me?”

I gave him the only answer I could, “Yes!” I grabbed him and pulled him on top of me. He was bright red, contrasting to his yellow eyes. I carefully pressed my lips to his, before he flipped us over and I was on top. We kissed again and again, blissfully ignoring tomorrow and the pounding of Saoribi and Naoribi at the door.

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