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A dark midnight blue royal carriage being pulled by pure black stallions appeared beside a girl of only sixteen. The girl, not paying much attention to the carriage, kept walking in the dark forest. The front horse neighed in a wolf’s growl. The girl looked up, saw the blood red eyes of the horses, and then began to run for life.

A tall pale man dressed in finery came out of the carriage, carrying ropes with him. His eyes matching the same bloody color as his horses’. He grinned as he disappeared into a puff of violet mist.

The girl, thinking she lost the stranger, slowed her pace. She spoke to herself, “Well, you all, I think we lost him.” She awaited an answer.

She heard a male voice in her mind, I think so too, Lavender.

The voice comforted her greatly. “Is everyone okay in there?” She heard    a multitude of voices answer her.

Lavender, thinking she was safe, began to continue walking towards her home. The mist appeared behind her, silent as the plague, it came closer until the last second. She did not hear him coming until he had her in his grasp.

He breathed in the scent of wild rosemary on her skin, as he bound her with the ropes. He knocked her out with a sharp pain to her mind then whistled, calling his carriage.



The Devil tied Lavender down onto an elongated oak table. Feeling drowsy, she woke up to the sweet and acidic smells of the combined scents of honeysuckle and decay. After a brief moment of confusion, she remembered what had happened, so she refused to look directly into the Devil’s eyes. She would have screamed, but she seemed to have lost her voice against the ice cold of the worn, well-used table.

The Devil cut away her clothes, marveling at her beauty. With lightly tanned skin, a hard, well-developed body, forest green eyes, and golden blonde hair, she was perfect in his eyes and mind. He drank in the sight before undressing himself.

Lavender tried to look away as he undressed, but his vampiric power was too much against her will, so she looked. His pure moon white body contrasted against his midnight black hair, but accented his eyes, making them seem brighter.

She felt tears fall as he set his cold muscular body on top of hers. She found her voice as he began to pulse inside of her; she screamed in panic. She was feeling hot with an inferno of rage welling up inside of her core, as he broke her. She felt him pulse in heartbeats inside of body her. Pain flickered in her eyes, her worst nightmares coming true all at once.

Then, another nightmare broke loose, but this time, the nightmare came from inside Lavender’s mind. Her eyes became a fiery orange, an unknown rage taking over her mind and body. She felt a burning from her soul, forcing herself to scream bloody murder. A manifestation of her anger flew from her screams. An inhumanly low voice came from its mouth, “You really should not have done that. Awakening a demon ’twas not wise on your part, Dante…”

The Devil recognized the voice immediately, “Hiku…” He growled, while he quit raping the girl’s body. He stood up and got off the table in one smooth, quick movement.

With a flash of black power, Hiku, as Dante called the voice, broke the binds the held the Lavender. She had quit screaming, as she fell into an unconscious slumber, the other voices in her mind trying to calm her spirit.

Hiku tackled the rapist to the ground, pinning the Devil under his power. “This girl is mine. Do not ever touch her again.” His deep guttural voice gave a dire warning.

“Tis too late, Hiku. She belongs to me. My seed has been planted.” Dante grinned devilishly. “Also, what do you want with the girl that kept you locked inside? She did not even want you in the first place. Just walk away now.”

Hiku looked at Lavender’s body, where he had slept. I should not care much. She kept me far away from her mind, refusing to let me out. He tried to think it all through. But she did save my life by hiding me. He made up his mind. “She is mine since the day she took me into her mind. So, I will repay my debt. Her and the spirits in her mind are the only friends I have ever had.” An energy sword made of the light of Heaven appeared into his hand. He stood ready to defeat the Devil.

Dante shook his head, stretched his arm to the side, palm turned up. A sword made of the fiery souls that reside in hell appeared in his upturned palm. “Prepare to pay for your insolence!”

Hiku could not help but think of the girl beside the table. He spoke directly into her mind, to the voices that comforted her. Keep her safe. With that said, he sprinted towards Dante, slashing the sword down when he was within range.

The Devil was hit, screaming in a fury of pain. The voice reverberated off the dungeon’s walls. But the simple attack did not do enough damage to destroy him. He kept slashing at Hiku, pushing him towards a wall. Hiku blocked every blow that the Devil did. From diagonal slashing to an almost beheading, Hiku blocked them all. Then the unspeakable happened, he was backed against a wall beside the table.

Hiku slashed again, this time hitting Dante square in the chest. The Devil retaliated with a strike of his own, stepping forward and stabbing in a downward stroke. “Good bye!” He pushed most of his weight into the stab.

Hiku closed his eyes to not see the blow coming, but it never came. He blinked his eyes open, and found Lavender in front of him, having took the blow. She fell to the ground, the sword going through her chest, but not killing her just yet; the voices in her head keeping her alive with their energy. She tried to take a breath, and was almost unable to, but she succeeded.

The Devil could not believe it; Lavender had taken the blow and was still living. Then she spoke softly but clearly with labored breathing, “I… bind… thee… to… me…” The Devil knew these words by heart; he had used them multiple times on fallen angels and souls.

The sword disappeared from sight, going back into the fires of hell from whence it had come. He screamed more as he began to disappear, being absorbed into Lavender’s body and mind. As he was being absorbed, she started to fall. Hiku ran forward and catching her just in time, before she hit the ground. Dante was completely gone, only his echoing screams were left.

Lavender sadly looked up into Hiku’s eyes, her body slowing dying. “Hiku… I am… glad you… are okay…”

Hiku felt a tear fall from his eyes. “Why am I crying?” He was curious about this. “I am damned to hell. And the damned cannot cry.” He let the comment drop, just holding onto Lavender, already knowing the answer.

“You saved me… You are no… longer damned…” She answered quietly. “Take care… of yourself…”

Hiku felt her body go limp in his arms. He cried silently in the lonely dungeon, until he felt a soft touch on his shoulder. He looked behind and saw a light purple light shining brightly. He smiled for her, knowing she was saved. “I will never forget you, Lady Lavender of the Light.” The light rose up and disappeared.

He felt a tug at the edge of his consciousness. He stood up grinning and looking at her dead body. “Well, brother, I am proud to send you.” He made a triangle with his hands followed by two circles and a finally pressing his palms together. The tug disappeared, sending Dante back to hell.

He pointed a finger at the body, and felt at true peace as a flicker of flame flew from his finger and to the body, starting a small fire. He bowed to the girl’s body, “So, your soul will be safe.” With that, he vanished in a cloud of white smoke.

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