Ruins Ch 4

I landed in the time when I remembered the professor taking McCall into custody. I had to avoid everyone, or else create a time paradox that I could not fix. I slipped through the wall and into my area of the Ruins. I called out to the Guardians, “Guardians of the Aspharrium Ruins!” I felt the cobwebs brush up against me, as I saw the Guardians appear. They surrounded me, their hunger pushing against me. “I have the power to give you a final rest, but to do it requires me to seal the Ruins forever. Is this what you want?”

I felt their thoughts brush up against me, as they started to back away slightly. A single Guardian stepped forward as a single voice came to me. I recognized it as the Guardian that saved me, his voice deep and rough, We wish to continue our existence. You may keep the Ruins open, but open all of it to the world. We will protect the Ruins and not harm the visitors, but only if you give us what we want.

“What do you want?” I asked the leader of the Guardians.

Become our mistress as your mother before you and her mother before her. Visit us everyday and open our eyes to the world outside of the Ruins. No harm shall come to you or those you allow in, but we will protect those we see frequently. Before you die, we ask that you break down the wall and let the natural sunlight in.

I smiled and put my hand out to him, “May I see your claws?” He lifted his long arm and set it in my hand. I lifted his claw up and slashed it across my hand. “I make this blood oath to you. I will do as you ask.”

The leader leaned forward towards my hand and I felt a rough tongue glide across the wound, sealing it. Your blood oath is accepted. What do you wish first, mistress?

I smiled, “There is a man named McCall roaming about the known Ruins. He is to be killed at once, his blood splattered as a warning on the sacrificial dais.”

He nodded and I watched the Guardians vanish, one by one to complete their duty. I went back into the known Ruins and could not help but smile when I heard a man scream.

I looked to my watch. Four hours left… I had to be fast to get to the next step of my plan. I ran through the known Ruins, knowing they were empty at this time of night, considering I was the last one who was supposed to be here. I walked through the security section of the Necropolis, making sure the cameras saw me leave, as I knew the other me was leaving through my area of the Ruins. I grabbed one of my bots, Bot 13, as it was on my way out.

I watched the shaken professor get into his car and speed off. I grabbed a taxi and followed him to his house. I found an open window on the first floor of the giant house. I set the bot down, “Tap his phone, record everything and do not be seen. Await my next set of orders.” The bot purred in answer and I smiled to it as it wheeled through the house to a dark area, where it began its work. I saw a drawer near the window and grinned when I found three hundred dollars in it.

I smiled as my sunglasses lit up with information, as I stuffed the money into my pocket. I went back to the cab and gave him my next destination. I looked at the criminal records and the accuseds’ testimonies. “Iclia Bar.” The taxi driver nodded as I looked at my watch, “Two hours left…” I looked up to the taxi driver, “Please hurry.” I handed him one of the hundreds and I noticed an increase in speed.

I sat back, thinking to what needed to happen next. I should have killed the professor too… I thought to myself, but knew I would not have had the guts to do it. The man gave me what none would, someone who listened and did help when my parents vanished. He helped the librarian get me set up and even gave me a job, thought he would regret it later.

The taxi stopped at the bar. “Thank you.” I looked at the fare and saw I had only used about twenty-five of the hundred. “Keep the change and have a nice night.” The cabbie bid me a good night. I yawned and thought about when the last time I was slept was. Oh well, when this is over, I will either be killed, have my soul ripped apart or sleeping. I wished and hoped that I would survive long enough to be able to get some sleep.

I walked into the Iclia Bar and sat down at a booth. A waitress walked up to me and explained that as long as I did not order anything alcoholic, they would allow me to stay. I pulled a twenty out of my pocket, “Just water please and some quiet.” The waitress nodded and went to get my drink.

I looked around the Bar and saw Chris sitting at the counter. He looked so damn sexy and I just wanted to run up and kiss him. Of course, I did not though. He did not know me at this time and he would not do as I asked if I did something like that. I saw James walk in, Alex sit at one of the tables and Marcus sitting in a booth like mine. “He made the call…” I spoke softly, “Bot 13, get all of the recently dialed numbers from the last week, then shut down the power in that house. Then find a way out without being seen, if I remember correctly, he has a dog. Meet the male with the second pair of sunglasses at the crime scene in an hour.”

I watched the bot give a visual affirmative as it went to finish its work. I looked to the men and they had all gathered at a table. I took a deep breath in and stood up, leaving the waitress the twenty. I walked over to them and tapped Chris on the shoulder, “May I talk to you guys for a second outside?”

He looked to his comrades, who all shrugged, “Eh, we were about to leave anyways.”

I held the folders tight in my hands, not wanting anything to fall out. James noticed them when we were outside. “Accountant?”

I shook my head, “Nope, scientist. My name is Sori and I have something very important to talk to you about. This is going to sound crazy.”

Alex spoke, “About as crazy as a woman wearing sunglasses in the dark.”

I pulled them off and was glad the neon Bar sign stopped the moonlight from hitting my skin. I handed them each a folder, “There is trouble up ahead for you all if you don’t listen to what I have to say.”

Chris shouted, “Is this some kind of joke?!” He dropped the folder on the ground.

I shook my head again, “It’s not. I know about the phone calls you each received from an anonymous man. I know who it is and I know why he did it. He wants to frame you for the crimes that are written before you. I know how to prevent this, but I need your cooperation for it.”

Chris looked directly into my eyes, searing my soul, “What are you talking about?”

“Up ahead there will be a crime that take place. A woman inside the house will be raped and killed and all of you framed for her murder and other crimes. James, I think that some of them will bash their friend’s heads into the walls to make your crime possible. I can’t tell you not to go in, but I want you to be prepared for it.”

“Why don’t you call the police on them?” Marcus asked.

“This is going to sound bad, but it’s because you were already the chosen targets. The one who orchestrated this is a scientist that planted your prints everywhere already. The police will get you either way, unless you do exactly what I ask.” I was desperate for them to listen and understand.

Chris looked to his new friends, “What do you need to do?”

James scoffed, “I can’t believe you’re doing it.”

“If she is right, then we will be safe. If she’s wrong, then it can’t be something that bad to try. Something is telling me to believe her, so I’m going to.” Chris looked directly into my eyes.

I pulled the second pair of sunglasses out of my pocket. “These sunglasses have a built in camera that will record everything you see and hear. There will also be a little roaming bot, which will meet you there, that has the evidence against the main guy. With these, you should be able to stay out of jail and put the real bad guys in it.” I held out the sunglasses to Chris.

He took them and put them on, as the computer kicked up. “What the?”

“I made these myself, they are linked to my home computer as well as have a chip inside with a terabyte of memory to capture all the evidence you need. Even if the glasses are destroyed, the uplink will make sure I get the video.”

He nodded, “Thank you…” He turned away from me and started walking away. The others followed him, already selected him their leader.

“Good luck…” I mumbled as I looked at my watch. “Five minutes.” I put my sunglasses back on, “All video for the secondary pair is to be routed to the police station in when they see the crime scene.”

The computer purred as it whirled at my command, before I took them off, setting them down on the sidewalk. I sat down on the sidewalk when I felt myself being ripped apart. I wrapped my arms around my body, but the pain increased immensely as I fell into the darkness.

Chapter 5

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