Toxic Part 01

Part 01

I glared at the male and his friend who stared at me from across the bar. Both males were handsome with a feel of danger around them, but that only set me further on edge. The one eyeing me had black hair with red tips and orange eyes, from what looked like contacts. His friend looked to be his opposite, with white tips and pale ice blue eyes. They both wore leather jackets and black pants with matching boots. They could have been twins, and looking at their actual facial structure, I would bet on it.

I turned away from the two of them, hoping to be able to finish my drink and to leave this area. Maybe my next stop will have less attention drawn to me, and I could have peace for once in my life. I finished up my drink and paid the bartender, staying as far away from the two males as possible. I left the small bar and after seeing the two males following me, I gripped my purse to my chest and ran.

I ran down a few streets until I whipped down a corner and found myself in a blocked alleyway. I ran to the other side of the dumpster and ducked down as I heard their footfalls slow from a running pace to a walking one. “We know you’re in there, my sweet. I can hear your heartbeat and the rush of blood going through your veins.”

I stepped out from behind the dumpster, “Daimhin, get your vampire away from here before he succumbs to his blood-lust and does something he regrets.” I called to the blue-eyed male. “I’m toxic and if he drinks my blood, he will die!”

The blue-eyed male looked to me then to his brother, “Blaze, maybe we should leave her alone.”

“Why? Because she knows your title?” Blaze scoffed as he looked back to his brother, “Frost, you worry too much.” He looked back to me, “Cerbera is a myth and even if she was real, she wouldn’t smell this good.”

I watched as his orange eyes became their blood-lust red and braced myself. I watched as Frost launched himself towards Blaze as the fiery brother shot towards me. I pulled Blaze down on top of me, placing my feet on his pelvis and kicked back, sending him towards the interior of the alleyway. Frost flew past me as I whipped myself back onto my feet and turned to face the two brothers. Frost was trying to hold his brother back.

I watched the two of them struggle, before I knew how this was going to end. “Let him go before he hurts himself or you.”

Frost’s eyes widened, “What?!”

I set my purse on the ground, “I have something that I can use after the fact that might stop him from dying.”

Frost looked to his brother then to me, before Blaze slammed his elbow into Frost’s stomach and bolted to me. I braced myself for the vampire to crash into me, but was surprised when he slowed his pace and gently grabbed me by the arm. He pulled me into his arms and moved the hair from my neck. He breathed in the scent of my blood before he pressed his fangs into the spot between my neck and shoulder. He took one deep drink, before he stumbled away from me.

I carefully set him onto the ground and grabbed my purse. I pulled out a vial and a syringe, along with red powder and a bottle of water. Frost came up behind me, “What are you doing!?”

“Saving his life. Do you want your twin to die?” I grabbed Frost’s hand and had him press his brother’s chest towards the ground. “Hold him there; it’s about to get worse.”

Worse was an understatement. Blaze fought against his brother, forcing Frost to use his entire body to hold him down. I used the syringe and filled it with the pale blue liquid in the vial. I stabbed the syringe into Blaze’s neck, pressing the plunger, completely emptying the syringe into the vampire’s neck. Blaze stopped moving, his body paralyzed from the blue liquid. Frost moved off of his brother, allowing Blaze to breathe. I took some of the powder and mixed it into the bottle of water, shaking it up until the bottle was a deep blood red.

I tried to sit him up but he was too heavy “Help me get him to drink this.”

“What is it?”

“Help first, questions later. We don’t have a lot of time before the paralysis wears off and he starts to digest the poison.” I unscrewed the water bottle and poured it carefully into Blaze’s mouth. Once the liquid touched the back of his throat, I backed away. He threw up the single gulpful of blood and continued to throw up in the alleyway. I looked to Frost, “He still needs medical attention from a vampire specialist. I assume you know where there is one close to us.”

Frost pulled out a cellphone and dialed a number. I rubbed Blaze’s back, helping him continue to empty the contents of his stomach. “I need a med transport. Main and 7th; hurry up, I my brother ingested some poison and I don’t know how long he has.” I put the syringe, vial and powder back into my purse.

Three vampires appeared out of the darkness and walked towards us. The one in the center stepped right next to Blaze and I. I stood up and stepped away from him, giving myself ample distance from the trio, hoping that helping their comrade would dissuade them from trying to drink my blood. “What happened?” The center one asked as Blaze puked onto his shoes.

“He tried to drink my blood after I warned him not to. He needs his blood drained and replenished, before the poison has time to take over.” I grabbed my purse and put it on. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, he got blood on my shirt.”

I tried to walk past them, but the leader grabbed my arm. “You don’t have a wound.”

“Price of being Cerbera.” He immediately let go of my arm. “Do as I told you and he will live, but the longer you wait, the larger the damage the poison causes.” I walked out of the alley and back into the lit street. I felt arm wrap around me before I was swallowed by darkness.

I woke up handcuffed to a hospital bed, next to where Blaze had blood transfusions going into and out of his body. I looked at the handcuffs and snickered, “I’ve learned to get out of these decades ago.” I pulled a bobby pin from my under my hair and used it to escape the handcuffs.

“That is there for your protection, Cerbera.” I jumped as Frost spoke from behind me.

“My protection wouldn’t be a priority if I was able to go on my way.” I pulled my hand away from the cuffs, before securing the bobby pin back at the base of my hair. “Why am I here?”

“Because my master said that he wanted you here.” I looked to him, with his feet up and he was slouched down in his chair.

“I thought your brother was your master, Daimhin. I mean you’re his servant; that’s what the word ‘Daimhin’ means.”

He took his feet off of the edge of the bed and leaned towards me, “He is my master in name only. It was the only way that the both of us could live into forever. However, I would like to find out how a person like you became the vampire’s nightmare.”

I climbed out of the bed, “It’ll forever be a mystery to you because I won’t tell you.” I looked around for my purse, “Where is my stuff?”

He leaned back, “Doctor’s took it to make sure that you didn’t further try to poison my brother.”

My eyes widened, “Where’s my book?!” I searched the entire area, including flipping Frost out of his chair. He cursed as he tried to scramble his way back onto his feet.

I ran out into the hallway, trying to figure out where it could be. The white hospital hallways were dimly lit, but that did not stop me from trying to find it. I found a door labelled ‘Doctor’s Office’ and went inside. I heard Frost’s footsteps outside the door, but did not care. I needed to find that book, so I searched, tearing the office apart.

I slammed open the door, smacking Frost in the face with it, before running down the hallway further. “Come back here!” I found a heavy oak door with an ornate black handle. I pulled it open and carefully closed it behind me.

“Looking for something?” I heard a deep voice from behind me.

I whipped around and tried to compose myself. The room was a study with a roaring fireplace flanked by bookshelves, maps, and various furniture pieces. A tall male with shoulder length black hair and glowing green eyes stood against the fireplace, reading a small black leather… “That’s my book!” I launched myself at him, hoping to get the book from his grasp.

He held it above his head, completely out of my reach. I glared at him, as he door swung open. Frost entered the room, saw me trying to climb the vampire who held my book and just bowed, “I’m sorry, my lord. We did not know that she could escape handcuffs.” He ran forward and pulled me away from the vampire.

“Have a seat.” The vampire motioned to the four chairs surrounding a small table.

“I want my book back. Now.” I growled to him.

He held it up in front of me, “Sit down and you might get it back.”

“Give it back or I’ll bleed on you.” It was a valid threat and one that the two of them did not take lightly. Frost pushed me into a chair and held me down by my shoulders.

The vampire dropped the book into my lap, before sitting down in the chair opposite of me. “Frost, take a seat.” Frost sat in the chair between the door and I, keeping a close eye on my movements in case I tried to run again.

I carefully opened the book and checked that each of the pages were still intact. I breathed a sigh of relief that none were missing. Each of the pages were filled to the brim with names, locations and fingerprints. Line by line, page by page, my book was almost completely full.

“I recognize some of those names.” The vampire stated flatly.

“You probably would; it’s a long list.” I answered coldly in return.

“Cerbera…” Frost warned with his voice.

I turned onto Frost, “No, I am being held here against my will and I want to go home. Maybe, I can figure out how to get rid of this curse and get your friends to leave me the hell alone. Blaze is the third vampire to attack me this week, so apparently, I need to move again.” I stood up, “Where is the rest of my stuff?”

“Not until you answer a question of mine.” The vampire leaned back against his chair, his fingers steepled across his chest.

“Ask and then leave me be.”

“How did you become the Cerbera?”

I looked to Frost, then back to the vampire. “Cursed.” I answered curtly, “Now, give me back my stuff.”

“Frost, would you go to get her supplies and check on your brother?” The vampire motioned Frost to the door.

“Yes, my lord.” Frost stood up and grabbed my arm, “Be nice, Cerbera.” He let me go, then walked out the door, shutting it quietly.

“Would you please have a seat…” He did not know what else to call me beyond the slur that I had been given centuries ago.

“Cerbera is fine.” I sat on the arm of the chair.

“It is not your name.” He replied quickly.

“You’re right, but since I can’t remember my name, it doesn’t matter much.” I looked directly into his eyes, “Ask what you’re going to ask.”

“Fine then. I ask again, how did you become the worst nightmare for vampires, the monster that our masters teach us when we are newly turned?”

“I refused to tell your Daimhin, so why would I tell you?”

“Because I can see into your eyes and they are telling me that you are carrying a heavy burden. So, it only makes sense to let someone else help you with it.”

“I was cursed.” I plopped into the chair, my feet hanging off the side where I was just sitting. I looked through the book, gathering my memories. I took a deep breath and began to tell my tale, despite not wanting to let it out from my soul.


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