Twilight Dawn Ch 11

Within the tick, we were back at the castle in a place I recognized as the old musty room I would escape to away from the royalty when I could not leave the castle. I ran to the door, “We have to go!” We heard fighting outside the castle as I threw the door open. “Dawn, take your Angels to Hiku and the other Lords. If you see any Devils, destroy them.”

She nodded and the Angels followed her out into the hallway. She led them to the outside, where I knew the races were fighting. Lumin came close to me, “Where are the Demons?”

“They are with the Elfin, Dwarves and Faeyri.” I tried to quickly gave him a kiss, but he stopped me. “What?”

He hugged me, holding me close to him, “I cannot say I love you yet. I should say the same to you, risking your life for someone you did not even love in the first place.” He let me go, “Twilight, I am sorry… But I cannot love anyone without knowing the full extent of their feelings for me. I do not have the feelings that I should towards you.”

“I did everything I could to save you. How can you not know?!” I felt fury fill me up.

He turned away from me, “I am sorry.” He ran down the hallway and left us behind.

There has to be another reason why. Mari’Anya growled. I heard her howl as we heard Lord Masa’Kall and Erac’Laun roar loudly. I have to help them! She ran down the hallway towards her people.

I looked to HellFire, “Go help Lumin.”

He neighed loudly and I felt him answer, “Good luck.” He galloped down the hallway towards Lumin and the Demons.

I took a deep breath and felt my fury towards the King slowly fall. “I best be finding the Prince.” I ran into the Ladies’ room, finding them tending to the wounded.

The youngest one was awake and fine. She ran over to me, carrying my blades and a set of clothes, “Take him out forever, Twilight.”

I nodded to her and the other Ladies, “Do not worry, after today, he will be gone.”

I quickly put the clothes on and I noticed the sun and moon embroidery on the left side of the chest of the pure black shirt. I noticed that there were no sleeves and the back of the shirt was open enough for my rose tattoo to be consistently showing, along with room for my one wing and stub to fit. I put on the lightweight leggings and then my blades.

I thanked them and left the room. I knew my job, it was simple, it was hard and for some reason, I had a feeling I did not want to be mad at Lumin. I walked down the hallway, my boots clunking against the stone floor. “Maybe… It just was not meant to be… Maybe I am not supposed to have my own happily ever after.” I passed by the Demon army and I saw Kell and Lumin talking.

She seemed happy that he was alive and I could not blame her. I felt despair when I watched him give something to her. She was smiling from ear to ear as he leaned in and kissed her cheek. He pulled back and she nodded to him, before spotting me. She smiled to me, trying to give me confidence. HellFire looked at me and hit his hooves against the ground, understanding what I was thinking.

She must have seen the look in my eye, because she hit Lumin in the arm. He looked over at me and I turned away. I saw him look down at the ground, as I walked away from the two lovers. I heard him yell after me, but I did not turn to face him. Instead I ran towards the castle gates and to what I hoped would be my Death.

I felt the tears fly off my face as I passed by the angels and I heard them speak after me, “May the Elders have mercy…” I would not stop running, even though I passed by Mari’Anya and Erac’Laun. Erac’Laun roared as I passed, giving my feet flight. I heard Mari’Anya speak directly to me, Please, be careful. You were the only mother I knew for the longest time. Even if he does not love you, please come home to me.

I passed by the human army, who all raised their fists in the air and shouted, adding their voices to the Skae roars. I ran passed the Dwarves, Elfin, Apocalypha and the Faeyri, as their voices rose in chorus with the other voices of the world.

I reached the gates of the castle and I turned back to see all of the Lords looking at me. They each put their fist to their chests, showing me I had their support. They spoke a prayer to the Lord and Lady for my mission to be a success.

“Tis be one hell of a family… And I will never get to se them again… Forgive me for what I must do…” I turned back to the gates and the open air. “May the Lord and Lady have mercy on my soul…” I stepped through the gates, only to hear them come crashing down behind me.

I found nothing outside the gates where I stood. No Devils, none of our soldiers, no fighting, nothing. Nothing moved, silence suffocating the air. I thought maybe I was hearing things, but I knew better than that. “Prince!” I shouted in the dead silence.

He appeared in front of me, “So, you have come out to play.” I noticed he had no humanity left in him. “Where is your army?” I watched as his army appeared behind him.

“No army. This fight has and always will be between you and I.” I spoke calmly, though on the inside, I was terrified.

“So brave, yet you still do not understand what I have become.” He took a step towards me.

I had to fight the urge not to move, “Let us finish this. No armies. Just you and I.”

He turned to his general, “You heard the Lady.” I saw a wicked grin stretch across his face. “Tear the castle apart.”

“No!” I yelled and took a step towards him. “I will make you a deal.”

His ears perked up, as he turned back to me. He circled around me, as he asked, “What kind of deal?”

“A simple one.” I made sure not to let him out of my sight, though I knew I could not keep an eye on both the army and the Prince.

“What happens when I win our little match?”

If you win,” I emphasized the ‘if’, “Then you can do whatever you wish. If you do not kill me, and I am unable to fight, you can have me.”

I saw him lick his lips at the thought of it. “And if by some far off chance you win?”

“Your army will be sent back to the Depths.” I did not add that he would be cast past the ninth gate of Death, never to return to the land of the living.

“You have a deal.” He stopped circling me, as he was in front of his army, and put his hand out.

I kept one hand on a blade hilt, as I placed my hand into his. I regretted doing it the tick I set my hand in his. I felt the surge of his magick course through me. I felt my magick well up in me, fighting back against his influence. I was able to draw my Moon blade and I cut across in front of me.

He let me go and took a step back. He grabbed the nearest Devil to him and drove his hand into the back of the Devil’s skull. He gripped onto the spinal column, ripping it from the Devil’s back. I heard the Devil shriek with the sound of a thousand crows, as he fell dead onto the dirt.

I felt sick, but I knew if I tried to throw up, I would lose. I drew upon the knowledge Dyne had taught me when we were helping Hiku train. I knew that the Prince never paid attention learning how to fight, instead only learning how to bed females.

He was using his magick to keep the spinal column intact. He used the spine as a whip, cracking it on the ground as we circled each other. He charged at me, the spine held high. He swung it above his head, before swinging it at my head.

I pulled out my Sun blade from its sheath and blocked it. The blade sliced right through the spine, without a single trouble. Part of the spine fell on the ground beside me, as he whipped the rest of it back towards him. “How?” He was astounded.

I smiled, “Silver.” My one word answer gave him all the information he needed to understand why I was able to slice the spine so easily.

I watched the wheels in his head start to turn as he became aware that he could not beat me with brute force. He grinned as he reached towards me, his palm flat towards me.

I felt watched the dust kick up, as the sky darkened with thunderclouds. I crossed my blades in front of my face, as a whirlwind of magick hit me with enough force to shoot me back a few yards. I knew that if this became a battle of magick, I would lose because I did not have the endless well of it, like he did. This battle was going to have to be won by using my brain.

I shielded my eyes against the flying dirt that clouded the area between him and I. I took this chance to run towards his army of Devils. The general blocked my path, and I knew it was going to be a risk, but I had to try.

I stood in front of the general and smiled, as the Prince came up behind me. He drew a sword from his sheath and slammed it into the general, as I grabbed onto the general’s shoulders and flipped over him to behind the general. He just barely missed me, but he got the general with a full force. I saw the fury in his eyes, as he ripped the sword out of the general’s gut.

I saw that the sword was made from pure silver as well. The Devils around me tried to get me with their swords, but I was able to dodge them all, as I felt the world around the Prince and I slow down. I knew I was not the one doing it, considering I had not called upon my magick as of yet.

I turned to see the Prince point a single finger at me. I did not know what was going to happen, but I had to get out of there. I jumped between various frozen Devils, trying to get as far away from the Prince as possible.

I felt the magick blow through me, as he released his rage onto the frozen army of Devils. I flew forward into another Devil, but I noticed they were all disintegrating into dust. Whatever he was hit me with was destroying his army and I knew what I had to do.

I saw him point at me again, and I ran perpendicular to him. I felt the wave hit all of the Devils behind me, as he swept his finger across the army. I tripped and fell onto the ground, losing my blades, his magick swept over me, cutting at my skin.

I knew I had to finish this or he would win. I just laid there and a quick thought came into my head. “…be a Lady…” It was a simple plan and I could very easily pull it of from all the training I had been given.

I sat up and saw the Prince standing over me. I licked the top of my lip, an invitation for him, as I laid back down on the ground. I was going to lose everything if I messed up this dance and could not get near my blades.

He was interested in what I had to offer, as I knew he would. He backed away from me as I slowly sat up. I kicked one foot up and over my other leg, before turning onto my stomach. I used my toes to slide my body up into a stretch, as I looked up into the sky. I kicked my legs into the air, only holding myself up on my hands. I spread my legs open and slid my body down, still only holding myself on my hands.

He was entranced by the dance and I knew he took the bait. I let myself drop to the ground, before rolling onto my back. He knew what he was supposed to do at this point. He bent down low to me, squatting over one of my hands. I know my Sun blade was within reach and I closed my eyes, moving my body in a sexual way, as I grabbed onto the blade. He smiled and whispered in my ear, “Nice try.” He slammed his sword into my stomach. “It is time to end this.”

“My thoughts exactly.” I slammed my Sun blade up through where he was squatting, through his crotch and into his body. I grabbed the Moon blade that was right next to me and stabbed him in the heart. I smiled as he coughed up blood, “I cast your soul past the ninth gate.”

He just smiled at me, as he leaned in close to my face, “You have nothing to sacrifice.” He thought he won and there was nothing I could do about it.

I grinned at him as I twisted my blades while they were still in him. “I give myself as a sacrifice. Sirium Novae!”

His eyes widened, as he tried to get away, but he was trapped on the silver on my blades. The world burst in a bright light as all of the magick that was trapped in me exploded out, taking both him and I out. I knew this was going to be painless for me, but I regretted that he would not feel the pain.

I watched the two blades explode while within his body, tearing him apart. He did not have time to contact his magick, before he exploded in a flurry of blood, bone and thicker things. I felt the sword vanish, as he died, and the light vanished around me. Blood loss and exhaustion took over as I fell into darkness one last time.

Chapter 12

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