Twilight Dawn Ch 12

“Am I actually dead this time?” I was trapped in darkness and I knew this was not Oblivion. Nothing answered me, but I heard my mental voice echo throughout the darkness.

I saw a glimmer in the distance and I saw it get closer to me. The light got bigger and brighter the closer I got to the light. I felt no pain, no sense of time or anything else for that matter. I was just there, feeling the only light warm me.

“My child…” I heard my mother’s voice, more beautiful than when I heard her at Dante’s lab.


“Yes, child.” I saw her floating in front of me.

I glided to her, hugging her when I reached her. “It is you!”

She ran her fingers through my hair. “Yes… Your father is here too…”

We turned towards the light and I saw a tall, handsome Angel dressed in armor. “Father?”

He nodded and came over to where mother and I were. He looked into my eyes and I saw the happiness in his eyes. “My daughter.”

I reached over and hugged him too, “You daughter has been through hell. First she was a blacksmith, then a storyteller, then a Lady, then a bride, and I died a knight and hero.”

He held me close to him, “I am proud of you. No matter what you became…”

I pulled away from them for a tick, “I have a question for the both of you…”

“Anything, love.” Mother smiled to me.

“How do you know someone loves you?” I asked them both.

They looked at each other, hesitating, “We cannot really explain that, honey. It is something you would have had to learn when you were alive.”

I looked back at the blinding darkness. “What if they do not love you in return?”

Mother held me close, “Who was it, love?”

I cried into her shoulder, “The Demon King…”

My father pulled me away from her and looked me straight in the eye, “What!?”

I glared at him, “I loved him.”

“But did he love you?” He asked.

I felt the pain rise up, “No…”

My mother held onto me, “Turals, leave her be.”

“Demons do not have the capacity to love, Twilight. If your mother and I lived, you would have never been sent off to his kingdom.”

“It was my choice, father.”

My mother shook her head, “Stop fighting you two.” She looked to him, “She is your only daughter and we need to show her to the light.” She then looked at me, “I am sorry for him, love, but we do need to go back and we need to get you settled in.”

I felt a pull of magick pulling me back from the light. “No! I will not lose you again!” I reached for my mother and father, who were holding onto me. I slipped from their grip and was pulled back into the darkness. “Mother! Father!”

I watched as they disappeared into the light, their voices yelling for me, “Twilight!”


Please… Help…

I heard his voice and I knew what had happened. I saw Lumin sinking to the bottom of the lake. I thought quickly to myself, He said he did not love me… Why should I help him anymore? I knew what I needed to do but I could not leave him there, dying for a second time.

I swam down and grabbed him in my arms. I held onto him, close to my body, as I swam up towards the surface. I broke through and swam towards the stairs. I got to the part where I could stand and I paused. I looked down at Lumin’s face and I could not decide whether to drop him or to take him to shore.

I bent down to his face, listened for his breathing and did not hear anything. I knew what I needed to do and it required me to give the kiss of life. I waded as fast as I could to the shore. Even if he does not love me, his people need him. I thought to myself.

I laid him down on the ground and pressing my lips to his. I took a deep breath and exhaled into his body. I listened for breathing, but once again, nothing was there. I pressed btween his ribs a few times, before adding more breath into his lungs. I felt a small amount of magick coursing through me. I kissed him again, this time adding what was left of my magick into him.

I felt him inhale and pull me closer to his lips. I closed my eyes and fell into his kiss. He pulled me on top of him, and held me in place. He pulled away form my lips and smiled up at me, “Hello.”

I about hit him. “Trying to die?”

He leaned up and kissed me softly, just barely brushing his lips against mine, “Always.” He moved me to the side and sat up. “Please stand.”

I stood up and he stood up with me. “You could have still told me…”

He put a finger to my lips, silencing me. “Twilight…”

“No…” I took a step back, “You love Kell and I know you two are meant to be together…”

He leaned into my, pressing his forehead to mine, “Please listen.”

I shut up, allowing him to speak, though my mind was fluttering across every thought I had. He does not love me… Demons cannot love humans truly…

He looked at me straight in the eyes, before leaning close to my ear, whispering, “Twilight, I love you more than anything else in this world. I want to spend the rest of our lives together.” He pulled away before going down onto one knee. He pulled out a silver ring with a clear stone resting atop it. “Twilight Dawn, you saved this world from the Prince and allied all of the races of the world into a single council. I know you are not all human, but I do not care if the curse takes over.” He grabbed onto my hand and I felt tears stream down my face as he asked, “I would be proud to have you as my wife. Will you marry me?”

I did not know what to say, I know I loved him and he loved me. I opened my mouth to answer, but nothing came out. I tried it again and in a small whisper, I answered him, “I would be honored…”

He slid the ring onto my finger, as he stood up. “I love you.” He leaned in, kissed me and I felt his soul touching mine. The world melted away around us and I knew this was where I belonged all along.

I belong in the arms of this Demon King.


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