Twilight Dawn Epilogue


“You are going to be late, Twilight!” I heard Erac’Laun yell to me as the Ladies finished with the last touches. I stood up and went to look into the full-length mirror. I wore a pure black dress with a dark red bodice, hidden under black lace. The dress was simple by standards but I loved the way it looked on me. My hair was up, having grown down past my shoulders within the last few weeks. It was twisted and I had to admit, it made me look pretty. There was a single small rose tucked behind my ear, under a black veil. The Ladies placed the veil over my face and handed me a bouquet with red and black roses. I looked at my one black wing and felt a bit of sadness at the fact the other was gone.

“How do I look?” I asked them and I saw them all smile.

The youngest Lady came up to me, “Like a queen.”

I turned and saw Mari’Anya at the door, waiting for me, We need to go! The Ceremony is about to start.

I picked up the front of the dress and ran out to her. “Are you sure about this?”

She gave me a side-ways glance, You keep asking that. Are you sure that you love him?

“Without a doubt.” I felt myself glowing.

Then let us go. Kell and Hiku are going first. She led the way and I followed behind her, a train of Ladies following behind me.

We reached the chapel and I saw Erac’Laun and Kell already there. “Sorry I am late.” I apologized.

“Took you bloody long enough.” Kell grinned. We assessed each other’s appearance and I nodded approvingly. She wore a dark blue dress and matching blue rose bouquet. “Never thought I would marry a human…”

“Do not worry. I never expected to marry a demon.” I smiled to her and held my hand out to her.

“Guess life happened.” She shook my hand and pulled me into a hug. “Please protect him.”

“Only if you take care of my brother from another mother.” I smiled as the music started to play. “Well, time for you to go.” I watched her turn and set herself ready.

Erac’Laun took one last look at me, “Good luck to the both of you.” She walked down the aisle before Kell and roared loudly for the crowds to stand.

Kell started to walk down the aisle, Lumin escorting her, and I saw Hiku look at her with eyes filled with love. I felt my heart lift a little as I watched the two lovers exchange vows and kiss. They were the beginning of a new era for Ancial and the rest of the world.

They turned and walked away from the altar. I watched Lumin walk up to the altar, waiting for me. I took a deep breath and I felt myself start to panic. Mari’Anya nudged me with her head, Trust me, you two belong to each other. Do not let your doubt stop you from living your life.

She went ahead of me, leading me through the door. I found Dyne waiting to escort me down the aisle. We linked our arms together and Mari’Anya smiled up at me. She led the way down the aisle and I heard Dyne whisper to me, “I am proud of both of you. Hiku, a king and you, a queen.”

“Thank you for being there for us when we were little. Why did you not tell anyone about his lineage?”

“I found you both and his mother had asked me not to tell anyone. She had a vision of the Prince and wanted him to be safe.”

“Thank you for everything.” I smiled to him and I saw a single tear fall form his eye.

We reached the end of the aisle and he let me go. I passed the bouquet to Mari’Anya and she gently held onto it with her teeth. I looked up at Lumin and I saw the emotions I felt inside reflected in his eyes. He grabbed my hands gently and lifted them up.

Lord Maadian presided over the Ceremony as a High Priest. He spoke to Lumin first, “Do you, King Illuminescentnight take Twilight Dawn to be your lawfully wedded wife? Through everything you have been through and everything you will go through?”

“I do.” He spoke without turning away from me.

I blushed a deep pink as he repeated the question to me. I answered, looking into Lumin’s eyes, “I do.”

Maadian spoke to the crowd, “Does anyone have anything to say against these two being wedded from the Depths to the Heights?” Nobody stood up or said nay to our wedding.

“Who carries the rings?” Maadian asked Lumin more than me.

He nodded and the Faeyri Lord and Lady flew up. The Lady Fero flew in front of Lumin and the Lord Glintz flitted in front of me. The Lady gave Lumin the ring and he lifted my left hand higher.

Maadian spoke quietly, “Please repeat after me.” Lumin nodded as Maadian spoke again, “I, King Illuminescentnight, take you, Twilight Dawn, to be my bride, my queen, my only love.” Lumin repeated him without a second thought. Maadian continued, “I show to the world my love for you is never-ending, Death not being an obstacle, as eternity allows our love.” Lumin repeated it to me and Maadian turned to me, as Lord Glintz gave me the ring.

I slid it on Lumin’s finger, speaking before Maadian has the chance to have me repeat him, “I, Twilight Dawn, take you, King Illuminescentnight, to be my husband, my king and my true love. I show the world my love for you is never-ending, Death not being an obstacle, as eternity adheres to our love.”

Maadian just smiled to me, “Speaking in the languages of all the lands. I now pronounce you King and Queen, husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride.”

He lifted my veil, as the two Faeyri flitted away. He leaned down and we kissed. The world around us went dark, as I only thought about him and our lives together.

And we lived Happily Ever After.

The End.

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