On October 30, 1961, Tsar Bomba, the 60,000 pound bomb that the Soviets dropped, became the largest nuclear weapon ever detonated in the past. It created a 50 megaton blast, which was over 1300 times the combined power of both the United States’ created nuclear weapons dropped on Japan during the Second World War. It was seen from 99 miles away and the mushroom cloud grew to 35 miles high. People felt the heat of the fireball from over 170 miles away, despite the blast wave keeping the fireball contained in itself, as well as shatter windows 430 miles from ground zero.

It was half the size that they has originally planned, because they feared that if it was the original size, then it would have cracked the world. The nuclear fallout would have accounted for 25% of all nuclear fallout created from all nuclear weapons.

Most people did not forget the destructive power the Nuclear weapons carried. After the blast and the fireball, came the radiation and the fallout. The fear drove people to build fallout shelters, schools had drills and the governments continued to grow their arsenal, hoping to deter the threat of destruction from their enemies.

Years later, the Soviet Union was shattered into its various countries and the nuclear arms race died with it. Countries still carried their aging Nuclear arsenals, but deterred other countries that would create their own stockpile. The larger countries would add sanctions to these countries to put them into line. Nuclear weapons were too dangerous in the hands of those who would actually use them.

Then in 2030, North Korea attacked the South Koreans. Millions of North Koreans scrambled into the South, before their leader took his time to strike. He launched a Nuclear weapon the size of Tsar Bomba, which no one in the world was expecting. The bomb detonated over Seoul, killing many of the South Koreans as well as many of the North Koreans who had surged into the city to capture it.

The United States tried to stop the massacre, but they had their own issues to deal with. China hacked into the US’s Nuclear storage silos and programmed the missiles to fly into the major cities. New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington DC, Seattle, Phoenix and Houston were destroyed, as well as some of the missiles impacting London, Berlin, Jerusalem, Sydney and New Delhi. The rest of the missiles landed haphazardly wherever they just happened to land when they finished off their fuel and propellant. The power vacuum in the US was filled by a war mongering Senator, who pulled together the last of the US military forces from all over the world and launched an all-out attack on the Chinese.

The various countries created a coalition to exact revenge onto the Chinese. They were prepared for the onslaught of Western countries into their borders. The ambushes of the Chinese in their native terrain wiped out the coalition. The senator begged Russia for help, but instead of helping anyone, they used the war to their advantage. Russia launched their Nuclear warheads into China, obliterating Beijing, Hong Kong and Shanghai. The US retaliated by reactivating a single missile silo that was offline during the hack. They launched it at Moscow, destroying the Russian capital.

With China reeling from the attacks, the Middle East descended into further chaos. Without anyone to help them, Israel fell to the Arabic world, but not before they attacked Iran’s Nuclear plants. Iran had hidden their stockpile in a school that exploded when Israel attacked in its last stand.

The world was at war, but none of them were prepared for the danger that truly lurked with their use of these deadly weapons. The radiation poisoned the water and the earth. The smoke, dust and ash from the blasts of the weapons started to take its toll on the environment. Within a few years of North Korea’s arrogance in using a weapon it could no truly understand, the Earth was dying. The skies were bleak, the sun’s rays not being able to penetrate through to light the Earth. It grew colder and colder, the plants and animals dying off from starvation.

Those who were not prepared for it and those in the poorer countries perished first. The world’s population dropped into the millions, before the people started to notice changes. Those who survived became something different, something more. They fed off the radioactive plants for substance and drank the radioactive water for life. When the sunlight finally came back, the basic core of their DNA and genes changed, morphed, mutated.

From these new humans and the blood-line of the war mongering senator, a Dictator arose. He decided that all should follow him as a God and some people joined with him, others rebelled. Those who rebelled were killed, exiled or became slaves. Centuries later, 2348 to be precise, our society changed and became something more and less than what it had been before 2030.

How did we change? From the mutations in the bodies of our ancestors, we gained power, magic if you will. Some powers are more common than others, such as the power of teleportation, telepathy and telekinesis. Then there are rare powers, such as control over the elements. The Dictator wants to find these rare and special gifts and use them for his purpose.

Fire is his ally, as there is only one Fire-Bearer, Ethon, in the world and he was captured quickly after birth. The Wind-Bearer, Era, is the leader of the rebellion, those who want to rise up against the Dictator to finally find peace that the world needs. The Earth-Bearer, Enki, is a scholar with no sides chosen. He has chosen his place on a mountain that is too treacherous for ordinary magic users to climb. He lives in isolation, studying the times of old, ignoring the outside world.

Water… Well, Ice would be more appropriate for the final Elemental. That would be myself, Eirlys. I was supposed to be the Elemental of Water, but somehow, the mutation changed and I control Ice and Snow. I was told that I can learn how to create Water if I practice, but Water is weak. Fire has devastating effects on everything it touches, Wind can destroy by its sheer might and Earth can be used for great causalities. Water is weak because it has to be pure before I would be able to use it and the water is too irradiated for use. But Ice… Ice can be a force to be reckoned with and I accept that I am its Bearer.

The land is still not growing crops like it did in the history books. The sky is full of ash, soot and dust, though each day, the sun penetrates a little bit further. The water is irradiated and the food is ground up meal distributed by the Rebellion, stolen from the Dictator. There are few animals that run about the landscape, though I have heard that there have been sightings of animals from the long ago past.

I walk the road as a mercenary, helping those who need it, but more importantly, those who can pay me. If there is a treasure to be had, I have to be there to enjoy it before the rest of the world even knows about it. I have done things I regret by being a mercenary, but the reward pushes down that nagging voice that tells me I did something that tells me about this remorse feeling. It is a skill that I pride myself on, as well as being very good at pissing off both the Rebellion as well as those who follow the Dictator. But that is just good fun. I promise…


Chapter 01

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